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One of the main criteria when we started looking into new homes way back when was a decent kitchen. Seemingly simple and yet? Very, very hard. Our last place had what one might call a kitchenette with zero counter space, (I used the ironing board for chopping. Not fabulous.) so when we walked into our new place with its blue Spanish tile and heaps of windows...
a view from a room

...Not to mention the arched doorways and built-in cabinets, I threw up my hands and sang hallelujah.
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We had to buy us a new table to furnish the breakfast nook, which has become more of a breakfast, lunch and dinner nook on the days when the dining room table has been turned into a Legoverse. I found the table at my favorite prop/junk store on La Brea, a place I have purchased more furniture than perhaps anywhere else.
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I love retro dining spaces - they charm me like crazy. The table is a bit lopsided, yes, but also happy-making. A cozy little family retreat.
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original light-fixture, above
good morning, bird!
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Fable rocks a Rayanne Graff 'do. Behind her = the original 1920s mailbox

Unfortunately, our kitchen did NOT come with a refrigerator so we would have to purchase our own, or so I thought, until some friendly folks at Kenmore contacted me through twitter amidst my flurry of inquiring tweets re: fridge recommendations and consumer reports.

"We have a pretty cool fridge," they emailed me. "Wanna check it out?"

"Uh... yes." I responded. "Yes, yes, YES!" So? Kenmore hooked it up.

And hooked it up they done did. I've never been an appliance person at all. Maybe because I've always rented property and have never taken much of an interest in stove/fridge/washer/whatevers because they didn't *really* belong to me, and come on, now, let's be clear, I'd rather spend my money on clothes and/or cool furniture than state-of-the-art equipment but this fridge = the awesome. Quiet, energy efficient with tons of fridge and freezer space and a million compartments for quinoa.
Fridge also has magnetic areas, rare for stainless steel/important to me because to-do lists are my co-pilots and family portraits must always be on display:
family portrait
"my family" by: Archer
Hal as a baby = aw.
So thank you, Kenmore. Thanks for the fridge and the memories and this amazing sexy-red stand mixer I get to give away to one lucky reader because you guys rule.


Want it*? Just tell me your must-have kitchen gadget**. Besides my spankin' new state-of-art mega-fridge from space, these days I swear by the Citrusmate juicer. Twas a gift from my mom last year when I was struggling to get Archer to eat his fruits and veggies. Fresh-squeezed orange juice has since become a daily must in our house. Yum slash relief.

What are you cookin' with in the kitchen?


*This is the first of several "Hooray for summer!" giveaways I'll be hosting this week. Stay tuned!
**One winner will be chosen via and announced Thursday evening. Good luck!

Updated: Congratulations comment #361, Ashley 8:03pm! Thank you all so much for participating!!!


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Amanda C. | 4:45 AM

I want your house! I am coming to kick you out someday and take over ;)

Besides my fridge as well, I think I use our measuring spoons and cups the most. Which is funny because they have no markings on them anymore!

Althea | 4:50 AM

I am so jealous of your fridge! My favorite kitchen gadget/appliance would have to be the dishwasher, yes, but also my apple slicer/corer. The satisfaction os slicing an entire apple with one firm downward push (or slam)...LOVES IT.

SweeT | 5:10 AM

My must have gadget - the Magic Bullet! Couldn't live without it!

Brianne | 5:11 AM

My stovetop espresso maker (we got ours in Italy but I've seen them at Ikea) that I use to make one perfect cup of regular ground coffee a day. I will never go back to coffee pots!

Great kitchen!

Ann Lienemann | 5:16 AM

I must have a garlic press, spanish mediterranean sea salt & my blender for smoothies. i use all of these on a daily basis...OH and my veggie steamer. delish!

Sarah | 5:21 AM

Our favorite appliance is by far our dishwasher- we lived without one for years and appreciate it so much!!

Melissa | 5:39 AM

A good fridge is essential to a kitchen. To all purchasing a fridge-tip to you-let the company you purchase it from deliver it and install it. My hubs installed ours and never got it leveled right and our main door sags something awful to this day (7 years later)leaving a gap where all the good cold air leaks constantly. I am sure it is a giant energy waster in our home, but can't afford a new one.

Ok-gadget can't live without-got to say microwave. With kids who want it NOW, got to go with that. Although I do also love my Pampered Chef apple slicer (but I don't use it every day like the microwave).

Sarah | 5:46 AM

My Bullet Blender. I know the infomercials are awful, but I love to make frozen drinks in the summer! Smoothies for the kids and daiquiris for me! I can make everyone their favorite flavor.

Anonymous | 5:46 AM

My coffee grinder.

Kelly | 5:50 AM

I LOVE my blender, which I use to make salsas, baby food, tequila-based beverages, and other fabulous things. Unfortunately, my husband hates washing it for me!!

Anonymous | 5:56 AM

LOVE the kitchen! The windows in the nook rock. We just renovated the kitchen, but even with all the new stuff, the best appliance is the coffee maker! Couldn't live without it!

Jen Compton

Julia | 5:57 AM

Love love my immersion blender for soups, sauces and baby food!

Missy the Butterfly and Garden Freak | 5:59 AM

I would definitely have to say that a must have for me is a SALAD SPINNER!!! Boy does that come in handy... there is nothing worse then putting dressing on a salad that is still wet from being rinsed.. it is a MUST HAVE... plus, you can use it for ANY other veggie or fruit... love it.. Congrats on that fridge.. it's a beaute!!!

Maria | 6:00 AM

I have always wanted that mixer. I don't really cook much, but I would definitely bake more if I won the mixer.

Sarah J. | 6:11 AM

Hmm... definitely my knives. I have a set of Calphalon knives that I got as a graduation gift from my parents a few years ago. They're not the absolute best knives out there, but they're far and away better than what I was used to and my roommates love them too!

renee | 6:19 AM

I still have my grandma's Kitchenaid mixer from her house in Alhambra, but I lost the turntable thingy, so yours would help! I'm a kitchen gadget maven: the stick blender, the garlic peeler, the strawberry huller, the lemon zester...but I just bought my husband a seltzer maker for his birthday and it's a big hit. The burps I could live without, however--somehow homemade seltzer burps are a lot worse than Poland Spring.

raj gorham | 6:22 AM

Your house is so cozy. I love the blue tile in the kitchen. My coffee maker is the one appliance I can't live without. I only have a hand mixer so it would be great to win a real one.

PrincessMax | 6:23 AM

I have always been a toaster girl. Toaster oven, thankyouverymuch.

Sarah | 6:28 AM

I love my mandoline slicer. It's not super gadget-y, but making delicious ratatouille is very difficult without one!

Simon Kay | 6:30 AM

I LOVE your kitchen table! It's definitely charming me. And my favorite kitchen gadget? Non-electric is definitely my vegetable peeler, because we eat a ton of veggies in my house, or of course, my fridge! Where would many of my veggies be without it?

r | 6:31 AM

After my Spydeco knife, i would say my go to gadget is my cuisinart..

Lin | 6:40 AM

my latest must-have is my food processor. even though i don't use it as often as i'd like, i feel such a sense of accomplishment when i make my own salsa, guacamole, etc. :)

Luann | 6:41 AM

I cannot live without a garlic press. I never had one until a couple years ago and now I have no idea how I got by without it.

Jewel | 6:45 AM

Gotta have my coffee maker to give me energy with which to cook.

Tasha | 6:49 AM

WOW. They gave you a fridge! My food processor is my must have...but it's funny, I had it for 3 years before I started using it and now I can't live without it.

Alexa | 6:50 AM

What a pretty home you have! I love my food processor and use it for everything. I need a good zester though...and a new blender. I broke mine this weekend. :(

Meg @sleepynewmommy | 6:53 AM

I don't have a lot of fancy appliances, but I love my blender. Not only does it make yummy frozen alcoholic beverages, but it serves as a food processor as well.

I love baking and would love to have that mixer! I'll admit I had a bit of appliance envy when I saw it.

kelly | 6:55 AM

i can't live without my dishwasher. but because we rent it is the WORST dishwasher! can't wait to own a place to get our own :)

Anonymous | 6:55 AM

Rebecca, I love your kitchen. It is lovely and because most families spend a good deal of time in theirs it should be a special setting. My favorite kitchen appliances would be my black cast iron skillets. I guess those are appliances, but they come from both my mother's side and my father's and they still continue to make the most fantastic skillet cornbread. Note: I can attest to the mixer's wonder, I bought my best friend a pink one that I believe was a limited edition. They are easy to use and can mix anything to just the right consistency.

Kwiksatik | 7:05 AM

Amazong kitchen! I understand your love of vintage kitchen tables - I inherited my great aunt's who got it from her dad - a fabulous red thing with drawers for silverware *built in* and expandable side panels that slide in and out... Addictive. Not to mention it's an awfully similar shade of red to that mixer... :)

Carrie | 7:07 AM

My must have kitchen gadget? A stand mixer!! I have one now that sucks. It's pretty much the same as a hand held mixer with a bowl on a lazy susan. It stops turning after the batter/dough gets too thick. Rendering it useless. I love to bake and am actually trying to get into the bakery business. I have a sit behind a computer from 8-5 job right now and I hate it. 6 more months here and hopefully I can quit and start making awesome things. But I need a stand mixer!

I absolutely adore your house. It's beautiful and quirky and has so much character. I love seeing pictures!

Mami Dearest | 7:10 AM

My must have in the kitchen is my coffee and espresso machine! The mixer would complete my kitchen!

Trish | 7:13 AM

My Magic Bullet! I've had it for years now and we still use it at least three times a week. I can make home made whip cream, smoothies, or use the food processing attachment and make fresh ground pepper, or other spice mixes. Gotta say, without it my cooking would take more time and/or untensils.

Melody | 7:13 AM

Fave kitchen gadget is my handheld citrus squeezer. We make a lot of mojitos in the summer, man. And I crave limes in everything.

Abbey McGrew | 7:14 AM

what a gorgeous kitchen!

Mama Cas | 7:17 AM

Kitchen must have = my microplane which I use for zesting lemons or grating pecorino cheese (MMmmmmmm...pecorino).

Hal as a baby = A total carbon copy of Fable as a baby! And that family drawing? Love it!

SarahS | 7:18 AM

I love my small KitchenAid food processor. I use it so much more than I ever thought I would... making guacamole, fresh bread crumbs, chopping onion... it's great!

carolasamom | 7:24 AM

This is destiny because the one kitchen gadget I want/need is the Stand mixer and I have yet to get one yet because theyre so out of my price range!

megan | 7:26 AM

Dishwasher of course! Who wouldn't give this as an answer?

Ashley Parker, 2008 Class Reporter | 7:31 AM

That rocks! Woo hoo Kenmore! My must-have kitchen gadget is going to sound so lame, but I have to share my delight with someone, so it's gonna have to be you. :) My boyfriend and I moved into an adorable 1940s house a few months ago, and like you had mentioned regarding your previous houses, we have a teensy, tiny little galley kitchen with no counter space. We got a table set-up rigged so I could actually do prep work, but we were lacking a microwave the last two months because the house did not come with one and we did not own one. Since we're so poor (hooray for young, poor love!), we only just got a microwave this weekend. I kid you not, when I reheated something the other day, I nearly dropped to my knees to praise some god, any god, for this miraculous invention that reheats things in under 30 minutes. I'm all about old school, real cooking, but ladies, there is nothing more damaging to morale when you have to get home at 7:30 p.m. after battling hellish DC rush hour traffic to spend an hour just reheating leftovers or trying to bake yourself a potato in a stove. Yeesh.

Also, I have been lusting after one of those mixers FOREVER.

katie | 7:33 AM

Love the kitchen. I can't live without my Cuisinart miniprep - it's the smaller, counter-friendly version of the food processor!

char | 7:35 AM

Amazing kitchen!! Color me jealous, I have a small, rented kitchen, but my fave gadget is a hand-me-down hand mixer from my grandmother - it is awesome and olive green.

Elizabeth | 7:36 AM

Our house came with a glass cooktop stove, which I love. No more having to clean the spilled/burned goop from underneath the coil burners of a regular stove. A little baking soda and warm water and any spills come right off. It's a miracle!

Laura | 7:41 AM

Great giveaway! Good knives are top priority in my kitchen. You never realize how crappy your knives are until you get really good ones!

Shelley Senai | 7:44 AM

OMG, what a cool giveaway. And what a lucky you!

I am increasingly loving my immersion blender that was a wedding shower gift, but I am longing for a mandoline and a cast iron pot and pan.

Daisy | 7:46 AM

My "must have" kitchen gadget is the crockpot. I have three and have hinted to the family that I'd love a fourth in a different size. This blender looks wonderful; I love to bake! Count me in!

elizabeth | 7:47 AM

A really sharp chopping knife. I love your kitchen, the blue tiles are great!

Julie | 8:01 AM

My coffee maker!

Meredith | 8:16 AM

My KitchenAid 7 C food processor .. I make a weekly batch of quinoa taboulleh for lunch at work and that food processor saves SO MUCH TIME in cutting up all those veggies. Carrots? .. boom, shredded!
I LOVE the stand mixers, especially in RED!
My parents have that same fridge in their kitchen and, agreed, it is pretty slick!

Rachel | 8:22 AM

It isn't really a gadget per se, but a good a really GOOD a lifesaver.

Kiki | 8:23 AM

Awesome!! Your kitchen is gorgeous :) love it!

My must have gadget? A blender. Oh & a dishwasher. I don't know what I'd do without it!!

I've always wanted a stand mixer and the red would go fabulous in my kitchen!!

Much love dear!

EricaLynn | 8:37 AM

I love my sandwich maker - with the interchangeable plates so I can use it as a griddle or grill press too!

CourtneyLyn | 8:42 AM

My favorite kitchen toy... my burr coffee grinder. I love grinding my own coffee, so fresh, so fragrant. Just delicious.

faetra | 8:44 AM

Great kitchen! I love love love the retro yet modern look your whole house has. We recently moved too and have been loving reading your blog for decorating tips. In terms of our kitchen, I have to say the must have is a hella large wok/skillet. I think one of the best veggie things to make is a mean stir fry and there are about a thousand different variations to make and they are all delicious! The runner up would be the blender.

Amy B. | 8:45 AM

I absolutely cannot live without a dishwasher. I have to take clean bottles into the daycare every day for the munchkin, and I REFUSE to hand wash all those little parts daily. The dishwasher gets run every single day. Fortunately for the environment, it has an upper rack only setting, so I can still run it if it's not full.

Jennifer M. | 8:48 AM

I love it! My "go to" was my Kitchen Aid mixer, until I broke it! Now I have to use my moms or my mother in laws.

Jennifer M | 8:53 AM

Mine was my kitchen aid mixer, until I broke it! Now I have to use my mom's or mother in laws.

Katie | 8:54 AM

I LOVE chicken and waffles!! So my favorite gadget would have to be my waffle maker! Plus, waffles are good even without the fried chicken :)

Hadewych | 8:54 AM

I would have to say our coffee maker. My boyfriend was spending $5 on a latte every day, and now he spends $10/week on a bag of coffee. It paid for itself in less than 2 months!

Meredith | 8:55 AM

My must have is my KitchenAid 7C food processor. I make a weekly batch of quinoa taboulleh and it saves SO MUCH TIME in cutting up all those veggies. Carrots? BAM .. shredded! Amazing.
My parents have that same fridge and agreed .. it's pretty slick! But so is a stand mixer, especially in RED!

Dani | 9:01 AM

your new house is absolutely gorgeous! I'm a little jealous! I can't live without my trusty super sharp knives. They make preparing anything so much easier than fighting with dull ones!

Tatiana | 9:04 AM

favorite kitchen gadget? My favorite kitchen gear isn't really a gadget: my perfectly seasoned cast iron skillets.

MissMolly | 9:14 AM

Right now its the toaster oven for me! PS LOVE your new house!

Sarah | 9:17 AM

I can't live without my electric boil-water-in-a-minute kettle. Long live the super fast cuppa!

P.S. I love what you've done with your house - you've made it very welcoming. :-)

Steph | 9:19 AM

My favorite kitchen gadget is my Pampered Chef garlic press. I use it daily! If I had a stand mixer, THAT would probably be my favorite:)

Cheney | 9:22 AM

I think that is a lovely kitchen. I love how it looks into the little dining area, the doorways are like picture frames.

Eilidh | 9:24 AM

ooooh I just got a bad case of the 'wanties' when I saw your giveaway!!! My fave kitchen 'gadget' is my aerolatte frother in conj with my stove top espresso maker - it makes my start to the day :)

Meredith | 9:25 AM

It would have to be my coffee maker! I don't think I would survive with out it!!!

SkittleSkattle | 9:33 AM

My favorite gadget is probably my only Wustoff knife and my food processor.

Sarah | 9:37 AM

My fav kitchen gadget is our rice cooker--not really a gaget, an appliance, but I LOVE IT!

Traci | 9:40 AM

My must have kitchen gadget is this ancient peeler I found at a yard sale. It handles unlike any peeler I've ever seen and I use it constantly. Ok, feeling a little strange how giddy I get over a flippin peeler!

Eve | 9:47 AM

My favorite kitchen appliance isn't really an appliance at all. It's the little plastic gizmo we use to make coffee-by-the-cup. It sits right on top of the mug, holding the freshly ground beans in a cone filter. Pour steaming hot water in and, voila, excellent coffee!

Anonymous | 9:47 AM

Dude...a mixer is what I desperately need! In the past year I've gotten really into cooking and I'm starting to dig baking but baking is nearly impossible w/o a handy-dandy mixer :( Funfetti cupcakes are as far as I can take it b/c they simply call for a wisk :)

Erica | 9:49 AM

love love love the magnetic stainless steel fridge. a fridge wouldn't be a fridge without artwork, magnets and a grocery list plastered on the front.

my go to tool is a strainer/sifter that was my grandmother's, then my mother's now mine. I use it for everything from rinsing grains/pasta/rice to thawing shrimp. It's a multipurpose tool and is great for small portions!

Anonymous | 9:49 AM

^ Anonymous comment left at 9:47am on 7.6.10 is from MamaLen-c

Lou Lou Belle | 9:49 AM

What a NICE. Kitchen!
I would LOVE a stand mixer, something I covet when I visit my mom and my twin who each are way handier in the kitchen than I...
but my kitchen thing I can't live w/o is a molcajte - I *love* avocado and nothing beats a fresh, cool, tasty batch of homemade guac on a hot summer evening.

Kim | 9:52 AM

Definitely my Wustof knife. I love it!

Katie | 9:52 AM

Must-have kitchen gadget = Metrokane Rabbit Wine Opener Tool Kit

Erica | 9:54 AM

love love love the magnetic stainless steel fridge. a fridge wouldn't be a fridge without artwork, magnets and a grocery list plastered on the front.

my go to tool is a strainer/sifter that was my grandmother's, then my mother's now mine. I use it for everything from rinsing grains/pasta/rice to thawing shrimp. It's a multipurpose tool and is great for small portions!

kelly | 9:55 AM

Beautiful kitchen! Good for you!

Fav kitchen item? My beautiful set of Henkles knives.

Jennie | 9:56 AM

Oh my poor old hand mixer bit the dust after one too many batches of chocolate chip cookies. So I could really use a stand mixer!
Right now my go to kitchen gadget is my microwave bottle sterilizer- we use it at least 3 times a day.

Meghan Elaine | 9:57 AM

Oh I LOVE it! And truthfully, kind of just because it's cute. My must have kitchen appliance is my dishwasher. Makes my life so much easier.

Steph | 9:59 AM

Your kitchen is so gorgeous!

I'm not very kitchen saavy (renter, so I've always been stuck with crappy appliances, etc.) I'm usually just cooking with the cast iron skillet. It's our go-to item for cooking most of our meals.

Michelle | 10:01 AM

My toaster oven. So simple, but it works for everything from spinach quesadillas to tuna melts. Yum!

Beth | 10:10 AM

My dishwasher! I have a food processor on my christmas list so it might become my new favorite IF Santa can pull it off.

rachel | 10:11 AM

My Sankotu wustoff knife. It's my do it all kitchen gadget. Cannot live without it!

rachel | 10:11 AM

My Sankotu wustoff knife. It's my do it all kitchen gadget. Cannot live without it!

Amanda | 10:15 AM

Besides that awesome mixer, my must-have kitchen gadget these days is my blender. I'm not that good about eating fruit, so fruit-and-yogurt smoothies are a staple at my house. So versatile and so yummy!

Anonymous | 10:21 AM

Favorite kitchen gadget hands down is my microplane.

Veronica Vaughn | 10:26 AM

My coffee maker. I couldn't function without it!

wayne | 10:28 AM

Expresso/ cappucino machine, being a caffiene addict will do that to ya.

Bonnie | 10:39 AM

my favorite thing to use is also the thing i hand blender i use the most but its one of those things that is technically broken but still works, i wont get into it

saradickens | 10:46 AM

Gorgeous kitchen. That fridge isn't so bad either. When we bought our house 4 years ago, the owners had purchased a used (very) fridge for $30 at a yard sale. It's still kickin', so as much as I'd love a beautiful shiny new one, there's no point yet.
I cannot function without my coffee maker. And a handheld mixer for beating cream and egg whites. And my blender is used every day for smoothies and vegetable purees that I sneak into lunch and dinner so that my kids get their daily allowance.

Lindsay | 10:46 AM

My best kitchen gadgets are my real, grown-up, chopping knives. My husband and I lived for two years with two very dull knives that sucked. For some reason we just never got around to purchasing a real set. Our awesome friend Cliff bought us the real deal for a wedding gift two years later, and they make my day. Every day.

Anonymous | 10:51 AM

Mmmm, as simple as it sounds, I can't live without my hand mixer. I've always wanted a better kitchen mixer, but, poor student budget = hand mixing everything! So my hand mixer, and my coffee maker. That's the one thing I spent a little money on, can't live without it.

p.s. have been loving your quick quinoa recipes. Eat it almost every day!

Chelsea | 10:52 AM

I really love your kitchen! it's pretty awesome.

My fav kitchen gadget would be my knives. we purchased some good ones and I use them all the time. Oh, and my coffee press. I never knew how amazing coffee was until I owned a coffee press and a good coffee grinder. Our coffee maker sits in our bathroom closet now.


This is how it is | 10:56 AM
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Emily | 10:57 AM

Amazing!! That fridge is to die for!
And my favorite kitchen appliance, while I'm not sure you'd even call it an APPLIANCE, is my lovely french-press. There is NOTHING like a cup of coffee from that sweet thing <3

Say Good Morning to Your Body | 10:59 AM

I just love my mini chop food processor. It always holds more than I think it will and is super easy to clean and store!

Marlo | 11:00 AM

My new favorite kitchen appliance is our dishwasher. We just moved into our first non-rental house and it's amazing. A nice stand mixer would look fantastic next to it =)

Brittany H | 11:01 AM

I love our electric griddle...perfect for weekend breakfasts!

eva | 11:04 AM

Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful. I love the breakfast nook.

And my must-have kitchen gadget... I absolutely cannot live without my silicon egg poaching pods!

Morgan & Geoff | 11:12 AM

A really good knife...and a really great mixer...and a really awesome stack of recipes.

Casey W | 11:15 AM

My coffee grinder! We have a regular type coffee maker, but we grind whole coffee beans each morning. Tastes 1000 times better than the pre-ground stuff.

jas | 11:33 AM

i love my veggie steamer/rice cooker! It makes eating better so much easier

Candi | 11:37 AM

I love my garlic press as I somehow always find a way to use garlic!
Thank you for sharing your life here...I love your new house & the way you take pictures. I enjoy reading your posts. And please keep the recipes coming!! Love them!

Mary | 11:38 AM

Such an awesome kitchen!

We sold pretty much everything we owned last year to move in with my parents when the economy hit us hard. We hope to move in the next year and this would be great to start off our collection of new household appliances for a fresh start.

I really love my steaming pan (is that what it's called?)! We love fresh, steamed veggies in my house!

Sara | 11:39 AM

We just bought a new "french door" fridge and I am IN LOVE. It's my must-have, now. :)

cj | 11:42 AM

Imersion blender!

Kara | 11:47 AM

My go-to kitchen gadget is my as-seen-on-t.v. juicer.

Janell | 11:52 AM

I have one of those wand mixer thingies... I use that all the time for soups and hummus and dips :)

Karissa | 11:59 AM

Definitely my bread maker. I don't bust it out often, but winters in Montana can be freezing, and there's nothing like warm, fresh baked bread to toast the tummy!

Dena | 12:00 PM

Honestly? I can't live without my microplane. It's not electric, but it's genius!!!

Russell | 12:10 PM

Gotta go with my wonderful Cuisinart food processor. I don't know how I ever got along without it!

Marcela | 12:15 PM

The electric can opener...who knew...I would love this thing so much!

boosmom10 | 12:17 PM


carra | 12:17 PM

My favorite kitchen tool is a sharp knife. Makes veggie cutting so much more enjoyable

mrs.notouching | 12:20 PM

a microwave... of course. You know, for all the cooking I do around here.

Joann | 12:22 PM

Your new house is just wonderful. I like everything you have shown us. We just got an LG French door stainless refrig....without door water which we found eliminated the energy tax credit..don't know if that applies to Kenmore, but check. Enjoy seeing your home and your two lovely children. Thanks for sharing

Jody | 12:22 PM

Love your arched windows. That alone makes the kitchen!!

I am so lame. I use a plastic round thing to cut everything - pizza, quesadillas, cheese, lettuce, turkey dogs...I don't know what's it called but i use it everyday.

Andrea | 12:27 PM

A good blender! I make smoothies every morning; my blender is my best friend.

courtney | 12:40 PM

I would have to say my smoothie-maker. It's just the right size for 1 tasty smoothie and I use it everyday! Next to that, it's definitely my husband. He's my dishwasher! hehe.

And just like many of other folks on here, I registered for the Kitchenaid blender as well, but sadly, no one got it for us. I've been dreaming of it for all of my adult life.

By the way, I LOVE your entire house. It's gorgeous.

Michelle Davis | 12:41 PM

Kitchenaid Chef Mate is my friend. I love him to death! ;)

Fabs | 12:47 PM

I would have to say my pizza cutter, we use it for more than just pizza!

L.L. | 12:53 PM

My Paula Deen 5qt skillet - I make everything in it. Out of neccesity since I eloped and so didn't get the big haul of bridal registry kitchen gadgets.

Leslie | 1:02 PM

My iced tea maker, except I make iced coffee with it. In this heat it's the perfect get-up-and-go for me!

alissa | 1:30 PM

im kinda just getting into all this yummy cooking business so this would be perfect! and our blender just broke so i this would be awesome!

Sharon | 1:33 PM

I'd have to say my stove! Not really a gadget - but definitely a must have (also a Kenmore by the way).

AndreaO | 1:43 PM

I've been asking my husband for a mixer for over a year now since all I have is my handheld which makes baking not so fun! My favorite appliance right now is our blender - yum smoothies!

Terra | 1:52 PM

I love my crockpot!

M.B.Walker | 1:56 PM

w/o a doubt I couldn't live w/o my food processor. I probably use it at least once a day more if we're closer to the holidays and there is waaayyyy too much baking going on. it kneads dough and blends some fine hummus. I don't have a mixer and use my hands/big wooden sppon for everything- but I do covet one so I an make marshmallows.

joan | 1:59 PM

what a great surprise to see a Mixer give-away!! My favorite gadget is my "artichoke steamer" thingy. I have loved steamed /stuffed artichokes since I was a kid and could not figure out how to cook them like my grandma w/out burning them. Voila.. the artichoke steamer.

joan | 2:01 PM

This mixer would be fantastic to win! My favorite kitchen gadget is my artichoke steamer! I have loved steamed/stuffed artichokes since my Sicilian nana made them for me as a child.

joan | 2:02 PM

my favorite is my artichoke steamer. That mixer is awesome... would be grateful to own it :)

angela | 2:04 PM

I need to have a really good knife. For cooking.

Chantelle {fat mum slim} | 2:12 PM

I can't enter being in Oz. But just wanted to say Fable is super cute {and teeny} in her all-in-one suit. x

Lyzzette | 2:15 PM

the miracle chopper!! we've had it for over 10 years and get the most use in the summer!! we have fresh salsa everyday(and it literally takes less than 5 min)!! and making omelets or mixing is a cinch too and if you get it with alll the attachments slicing is a cinch as well and but watch your fingers the blades are extremely sharp!!
Looks like this :

ikke ikke | 2:31 PM

Ooooh you got a fridge! Good for you! I make soup all year round and i love a hand held blender.

Rebecca | 2:31 PM

Our family could not get by without the George Forman gill! Bought the newest one with the removable dishwashable plates - awesome!

Irene | 2:40 PM

My microplane!! I've had mine forever and would be lost without it. A mixer is something I haven't yet been able to add to my kitchen gadget aresenal- so I'll be crossing my fingers Extra hard. lol...oh, and for those of us that are local, would you be able to provide the name of the shop the nook dinning set is from???

Anonymous | 3:08 PM

I <3 my new stove/oven. I use to live in apartments my whole life and grew up using electric stoves and ovens, but once i bought my 1st home i got me a new gas stove and oh all the cooking and baking i have done. oh how i heart thee!!

ruth | 3:09 PM

couldnt live without my toaster oven :)

Lindserannie | 3:11 PM

My apple slicer/corer! 5 seconds and I am ready to dip my perfectly sliced apple pieces into my yummy organic peanut butter. My favorite snack!

Charlie | 3:28 PM

My favorite cooking tool is the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook
I've had it since 1992 and its the 80's edition.
I just made the best peanut butter cookies this weekend.

Irene | 3:58 PM

A stand up mixer is my dream gadget. My friend and I say that we will know we are adults when we have a stand mixer AND a dishwasher. I'm halfway there!

scoutfitz | 4:01 PM

My juicer! Nothing tastes better than a glass of fresh orange juice in the morning.

Tammy | 4:14 PM

Bizzarely, it is my George Foreman grill. Grilled chicken in 10 minutes without firing up the grill or turning on a stove. Fabulous!

LeeAnn | 4:29 PM

Awesome kitchen, love the nook! My must have is my rice/veggie steamer that I got at GoodWill for $4!

Scout798 | 4:41 PM

Um... my have to have kitchen gadget ... this mixer!! My husband is the baker and his brownies are to DIE for ... this mixer would be the PERFECT birthday present for him (and me)!

But the one I can't live without these days ... my Microplane Grater. Its over 100 degrees outside and fresh lemon and orange zest is refreshing on everything!

Btw - love your kitchen ... and have pics of my step son taking over my kitchen table with legos at his age too!

That Nora Girl | 4:51 PM

My electric hand mixer has changed my life and my baking... but those stand mixers sure are purty.

Katie | 5:07 PM

Ummm, must have kitchen gadget is my griddle. I make pancakes every weekend and it takes 5 minutes on my griddle and the clean up is a breeze.

Celeste & Scott | 5:29 PM

It's perhaps too simple to be a true gadget, but I swear by my 8" Victorinox Fibrox kitchen knife. The best part is that I got it for $25 on Amazon. Works like a charm despite heavy everyday use, even better than the $120 Santoku blade my mom gave me. (Shh, don't tell!)

Katie | 5:33 PM

I'm moving into my first ever apartment in a few weeks, so I'd say that ANY appliance is my must-have. However, if I had to pick one, it would actually be a mixer, so I can continue the baking spree I've been on lately. I've bought a cheap hand mixer, but...a stand mixer would be amazing! Although, I'm hoping I don't go all Maggie Gyllenhaal in Stranger Than Fiction and drop out of grad school to open a bakery. Fingers crossed. Love the new house, congrats Rebecca!

Amy | 5:48 PM

My Cuisinart food processor. We use it all the time!

Mar | 5:55 PM

The Immersion blender, CANT LIVE WITHOUT IT!!!

Ashley | 6:04 PM

Hooray for a real mixer! My fav kitchen "gadget" is our toaster. We got it as a wedding gift b/c my husband swore we needed one. I just rolled my eyes BUT we use it all the time so I guess he was right and I was wrong. But that will stay between us :)

Amy | 6:09 PM

My Cuisinart food processor. We use it all the time!

Greg, Kasey, and Cillian | 6:15 PM

Appliance: Dishwasher. May these hands never wash another dish again.

Rebecca | 6:22 PM

Thing I cannot live without ... my waffle iron. For making beautiful fluffy homemade pecan waffles for the grownups and chocolate chip ones for the munchkins.

Super Hero Girl | 6:37 PM

My cookie scoop! There's nothing I love more than a container full of perfectly rounded, perfectly shaped, all-the-same-size chocolate chip cookies. Well, I probably love my son more, but the cookies are close, very close.

Trisha | 6:41 PM

Gadgets... hmmm... to think outside of the normal (and sanity saving) fridge/dishwasher/stove set... I'd have to say the seemingly useless (or so I thought when it was given to me) masher from Pampered chef. It's round and I thought it would simply be a toddler toy, but OH BOY does it make a mean guacamole (so much cooler than using a fork)! It does also double as a nice kitchen microphone and said toddler toy. ;)

*Love your site!!

Sallie | 6:46 PM

My must have kitchen gadget is my immersion blender. Veggie purees are so easy! I also desperately need a stand mixer...

Red Stethoscope | 6:57 PM

My food processor! I was also vegetarian for several years, and it's indispensible for processing tofu and grinding nuts to a smooth consistency. I had a Hamilton Beach that I loved, but now I have a Black and Decker, which I'm so-so about. The power is great, but the cup tends to leak when processing liquidy items (although not enough to compel me to spend money for a new one).

I'm also obsessed with mixers (love baking!) and almost jumped out of my chair when I saw your giveaway. Pick me! Pick me!

Jaimie | 7:26 PM

Most of what I think might be my fave kitchen gadgets one day, I do not yet own. BUT, i can't live without wooden spoons!

Aaron & Cassie | 7:31 PM

Love your new fridge! I'm drooling over it but it's not in the budget anytime soon. My must-have is my blender. I make up a mean frappacino and milkshakes (healthy ones) for the kiddos.

Andrea | 7:33 PM

I am loving that fridge. My landlord provided a fridge after I'd signed my lease, and it's tiny, and runs very oddly.

But, that said, my favorite equipment in my kitchen is my stick blender, with attachments. It works as a small 2 cup food processor, a mixer, and it's great for soups.

Dana | 7:41 PM

What a gorgeous kitchen! I'm currently house shopping, and awesome kitchen is the number one requirement for me! The Mister keeps talking about finished basements, but we both know that the kitchen is what matters to me.

The best kitchen gadgets I have are: a good chef's knife (mine's the peasant chef's knife. Not too big but well balanced) and a big ol' pile of cookbooks. With a chef's knife and inspiration you can make almost anything. (Though a mixer would help with all the other things almost doesn't cover).

Noura | 8:40 PM

sharp knives! after years of cheap knives, good ones are a relief.

Leanne | 8:53 PM

My fav? An apple core-er / slicer that a friend bought for me years ago when I was complaining about how much I love apples but didn't eat as many as I would like because it's too much of a pain to core and slice them. Yes, I am exactly that pathetic. But now I eat a couple apples a day. THat gadget has changed my life.

wv: supidist This post is one of the supidist confessions I have made non-anonymously.

Anonymous | 9:00 PM

My garlic press, because there's no such thing as "too much garlic."
(BIG fan, solidified by the pics of your new home which I LOVELOVELOVE. Congrats on your sunshine palace!)

eric and deanna | 9:21 PM

Vegetable peeler! Secondly, love the cuisinart grill.

susan | 9:33 PM

My favorite kitchen gadget is the little electric chopper that we have. It has been replaced at least once b/c we use it so often. It's great for salsa or guacamole and I use it to chop nuts or make cookie crumbs for cheesecake crusts. It's awesome!

Anonymous | 9:39 PM

I'm simple and a recent college grad. I am pretty in tune with the microwave. Would LOVE a stand mixer!

Brianne | 9:59 PM

My must have kitchen gadget is definetly my dishwasher :) I don't have a mixer so I do everything by hand its takes alot of dishes!

Amy | 11:25 PM

Oh my gosh - I want to win that mixer so badly! My mother-in-law gave me hers a few years back and then it promptly died weeks later.

My fave kitchen appliance? I can't narrow it down. I have so many. Coffee maker because it provides me with my life force in the mornings after a long night with the kiddos. My dishwasher is fab because I had to hand wash dishes for so long before we moved to our new place. And my new food processor to make great bread crumbs and all kinds of yum.

Mahasin | 12:32 AM

Hi! My favorite kitchen appliance is actually my husband! Okay, so he's not an appliance, but he is the man in the kitchen and keeps us all eating. Without him, we'd only eat Trader Joes ready-to-eat meals. After him, I'd say that my favorite appliance is my microwave...:( He'd love the mixer and could teach me how to use it!

Ashley | 6:12 AM

Must have kitchen appliance: George Foreman grill!

Melinda | 6:22 AM

I use my hand mixer all the time! It has different attachments so I can mix up just about anything quickly.

magsnificent | 6:54 AM

I would have to say our coffee maker. I can't function in the rest of the kitchen without it!

Heather | 6:56 AM

My can't live without tool is an stainless steel immersion blender (stick blender). I can puree like a madwoman! And the things it does for soups! gravies!

magsnificent | 6:57 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
cait | 6:58 AM

Since I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen, it's hard to pick a favorite. We received a really nice food processor for our wedding a few years ago and it's such a versatile appliance. I also really love having a quality knife set.

We've been borrowing my mother-in-law's stand mixer, so it'd be awesome to have our own!

Susana | 7:05 AM

Oh, that kitchen! And the mixer! The baby, too, but I have one of those.
Lessee, a mezzaluna isn't really a gadget, so I'll have to say immersion blender. Although I have an irrational adoration for my Atomic coffee maker: it's nowhere near as useful as a blender, and far more temperamental than it should have a right to be, but then I look at it and sigh contented ( a lot like the 18 month old, come to think of it).

Tracey | 7:12 AM

Love your new kitchen. I was reading your blog when my daughter Kitty was watching. I stopped at the photo of Fable.

Kitty: What's her name?
Me: Fable
Kitty: Is she your friend?
Me: No but her mummy is a lady who posts things about her life that i like to read.
Kitty: She's really pretty.
...can she be my friend?
Me: Maybe if she lived near us you could play with her but she lives a long long way away.
Kitty: oh. Ok. Well maybe then she'll come over for a sleepover one day.
Me : Maybe!

Funny trying to explain the blogging world to a 3 year old. But very cute.

lovestrongs | 8:17 AM

My must-have gadget? My crepe maker. I bought one off Amazon for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day and it's been such a savior when it's the end of the week and we're skimming the cabinets for food. The batter is so quick &easy and it's so versatile that we can do sweet or savory and switch it all up so we never get tired of it!

chisparoja | 8:24 AM

Ooh - a stand mixer - my dream gadget!! Right now, my favorite gadget are the all clad stainless steel measuring cups and spoons. They are amazing and you can use them on the stove stop - think melt a little chocolate right in the 1 cup measurer - I love them!

Katiedidtoo | 8:45 AM

Oddly enough the most used item in my kitchen is the potato masher and it is very rarely used for potatoes!

shannon c | 8:57 AM

Oooh~ love your kitchen, it's the heart of the house!!! My fave gadget is my waffle maker! It's made for many sat/sun breakfasts with the whole family! Have always dreamed of having a mixer~ and in red? Awesome!!!

Kelly | 8:59 AM

Love, love, love the red mixer as it would compliment my other kitchen gadgets. My kitchen consists of everything red and white.... as most of my appliances have chili peppers on them.
The gadget that comes in most handy around my kitchen is my Pampered Chef chopper. I just try to find things to chop up - I'm definitely using fresh mint, parsley, basil, cilantro, etc these days just so that I can put my chopper to work! :)

Emily | 9:19 AM

It sounds so simple and yet it's oh-so-necessary: a rubber scraper. I know, sounds very technical. But it is a must have, especially for baking. And mama loves to bake :)

Emily | 9:25 AM

I must have, need, rely on, dream about, use, abuse, covet, embrace, and celebrate my electric tea kettle. I have a stove-top one as well, but I make so much tea throughout the day, that I really use them both. I do not have an electric mixer though. It's pretty.

Rachel | 9:40 AM

I love that mixer! My current go-to kitchen gadget would have to be my electric kettle. Boiling water a minute or so, great.

Sara Cunningham | 9:50 AM

My regular old coffee maker. I love the sounds it makes and the smells that come from it in the morning while I'm getting ready. And then there's the whole making me coffee thing too that's really great.

Lim Family | 10:00 AM

Love your new fridge and would love the cute red mixer, I've been adding red accents to my kitchen and am doing a kitchen makeover this Summer so it would be PERFECTO! I love my immersion blender to make delicious soups with! No mess by having to take the soup out of the pot and blend it when you can blend it right smack in the pot! Woo hoo!

the weirdgirl | 10:02 AM

Your kitchen looks beautiful! I love older homes, all the little details. We live in our breakfast nook, too. I haven't visited in a while so belated congratulations on your new home. Hope you're doing well!

And don't enter me in your giveaway... we have all the kitchen gadgets we need.

Anonymous | 10:12 AM

My Favorite kitchen gadget is my bella blender. I love it so very much because it makes awesome fruit smoothies for me and my daughters. I would love to win this mixer though because we love to bake and right now only have a funky old hand mixer.

-Janet (

EAMCR | 10:25 AM

A hand blender - the best for soups and baby foods. Just stick it in the pot and turn on which makes for one less pot/bowl to clean.

stephanie | 10:53 AM

I love my french press. Not a gadget so much I guess. I also love my little mini-food processor thing. It is really convenient sometimes and does not take up too much counter space.

Christine | 11:13 AM

Favorite kitchen appliance: My Vita Mix!!! The BEST appliance I have ever owned hands down- freaking AMAZING!

P.S. Last night I made the quinoa rancheros, it was a hit!

Shay | 11:43 AM

Awww... You're so lucky! What a gorgeous fridge!!!!

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