Fleetwood Mac's Landslide has been my favorite song since 8th grade when I had the words "I've been afraid of changin' cause I built my life around you/But time makes you bolder, children get older, I'm getting older, too." written on the insert of my school binder - in reference to the boy I loved since I was seven. It sounds funny, even ridiculous to think that those words helped alleviate some of the pain I was going through in those days, wrestling the demons of unrequited love...

I used to think Landslide was about moving on from a broken heart. These days I hear the song a little differently.

Kleenex warning in five, four, three...

64. Landslide by Fleetwood Mac, covered by PS22 Chorus.



Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 10:06 PM

OMG, must go hug Little Miss Kickboxer NOW before she grows another millimeter in her sleep!

Alexa Joy Sherman | 10:15 PM

Ha. Just posted on Suck Du Jour about how much change sucks...but how necessary it can be. Then saw this Tweet and post. Love and miss you! XOXO

brightredcrayon | 11:03 PM

I think I like this cover of Landslide almost as much as I love Archer's Paul Frank backpack. Almost.

GingerB | 11:20 PM

That song has been making cry since I went through puberty, and it does even more so now that I am a mom. This season is so full of flux and growth, I am tired just being around my kids. Thanks!

Emmie Bee | 11:34 PM

So, I totally just cried. What an amazing version of a beautiful song that I have loved since I was a kid! Happy first day to Archer. I cannot imagine what it must feel like to see your oldest off to kindergarten! I have a few years- but I know I will be a mess. Your post about reading Dr. Seuss is banked in my mind when it is time for my kids first days. What a wonderful thought.

A.E. | 2:07 AM

Cried. Blaming BCPs.

Jess | 2:57 AM

Sweet post -- and great picture. Love how your shadow (with Fable on your hip) is in it.

Very cool.

Jessica | 3:42 AM

What a super awesome song. I forget about the good stuff sometimes in the midst of all this crap on the radio. Maybe NPR will add some Fleetwood Mac to the rotation... :-)

Mary Beth | 4:43 AM

Thank you for sharing this vid! Always one of my favorite songs, it has a new meaning for me these days, too. Good luck on the first day and all the days--enjoy!

cassie boorn | 5:11 AM

This was my favorite song as well. And now I must go sop up my tears.


SpillingOutBeautiful | 6:00 AM

OMG. PS22 Chorus makes me ball. I can't even watch. They are way too spectacular.

p.s Archer (and his backpack) are super awesome. I hope he (and you) enjoy kindergarten!

Michelle | 6:11 AM

Oh, it is just too much. My boy started Kindergarten last week and I am an emotional wreck. Bursting with pride one minute and sobbing and mourning the loss of my baby the next. I think this is my favorite version of this song, just perfect. Beautiful.

Lisa B. | 6:20 AM

Did you make all your pictures on flickr private? I used to enjoy looking at them! I hope Archer had a great first day. I have the same monkey on my pajamas!

Kendra | 6:32 AM

I'm going to say that I need to keep up with the antidepressants, not that the song just ripped my heart in two. My oldest just walked to school by himself for the very first time--so excited to see them grow up and get independent, so scared of being left behind.

Adrianne | 6:49 AM

I love kids singing. My favorite line from that song has always been the one you quoted, and I've always thought of it in the same way you did. Thanks for sharing a new perspective. Beautiful song, beautiful kids.

Marie-Ève | 6:57 AM

Seriously Rebecca were you trying to make me cry on purpose? Landslide has always been one one my favorites as well, exactly because of these lyrics. My favorite version is the one sung by Billy Corgan.

Hope Archer's first day of school went well!

Melody | 7:11 AM

I love that song, and thank you for the new perspective on it.

My daughter is 19 months and has suffered some developmental delays because of congenital heart defects, so whenever she hits a milestone, I feel like I get to enjoy it more than some parents because I know what it took to get her there. I'm not mourning as much as other parents because her taking on new skills is such a DOUBLE win. But. Lately as things are beginning to even out for her, I'm starting to feel just a little of that sad nostalgia other parents talk about.

Kathleen | 7:47 AM

I hope Archer had a great day at school!


Hey Lisa - I did make them private, only because I've been using flickr as a way to upload to my blog. Will be making pictures public again soon - just not as many.

And, Kathleen, thank you! I'm slowly composing a post about Archer's first day of school I'll likely post at week's end. It's a hard post to write because it's also sort of my "farewell to blogging about Archer" post (It's always been the plan to privatize Archer's life once school started) so I keep sitting down to write it and bursting into tears. Ha!

But I do think it's an important ending to the story I've been telling for the last five years - even if it isn't REALLY an ending. So. Yes. Long-winded response this is, yes? Phew.

leel | 8:20 AM

this was the song my dad and I danced to at my wedding. we both cried. it was more than just symbolic to me; i knew something was wrong in my family at the time. my father left my mother for someone else 10 days after my wedding. i can't listen to it any more. one day, maybe. it is such a powerful song. thanks for sharing. (hugs)


Wow, Leel. I'm so so sorry.

leel | 8:25 AM

sorry for sorta hiding that drama in your blog, in response to your sweet post. i felt moved to share, was all. thanks for that :)

Anonymous | 8:29 AM

started balling on the first note. thanks for posting this. my 3-yr-old started preschool two weeks ago, and i'm still having a hard time with is.

Unknown | 8:57 AM

I'm new to PS22 Chorus but have long been a fan of Landslide -- thanks for introducing me to this cover, dang!

PS. My husband's name is Julius and so we have Paul Frank everything which is totally cheesy and just fine by me.


Love Paul Frank. (Archer's socks are Paul Frank, too.) An old friend was one of Paul's first designers and I used to hang at the attic they all worked out of in Costa Mesa a squillion years ago when they were making tee-shirts and the occasional pajama. Crazy how much they've grown. And massively well deserved.

Anonymous | 9:27 AM

Thinking of you. It is always hardest on the mommy!
- Missy

Mars | 9:52 AM

good lord girl. sometimes the similarities between us are just eery. Landslide was my absolute favorite song ages 15-20 . My favorite lyric was "I've been afraid of changin' cause I built my life around you/But time makes you bolder, children get older, I'm getting older, too" as well. Of course I related it to the crippling relationship I had to heroin at that time and the small glimmer of hope that it wouldn't always be so. I actually recorded an entire cassette tape with about 20 copies of landslide back to back so I could listen to it for hours in my car while doing something that I liked to refer to as the "drive and cry." Well I have gotten older and bolder and am no longer addicted to heroin but I have also not listened to landslide in a long time.Major mistake. Gonna pop it on the old ipod (it is 4th generation *so old* but at least it's not a tape!) on my way home from my dream job (teaching little heroin addicts how to heal through creative writing). May the "child" in all our hearts "rise above" so that we can be our best selves and live our authentic purpose with radical amazement.


Mars, you're my hero.

Kristin | 10:11 AM

So CRAZY! I had the same words tattooed in my broken heart in college....& now I'm a Mama & you're right. Totally different meaning.....

MichelleS | 10:16 AM

WHY YOU GOTTA MAKE ME CRY AT WORK? Unforgettable. Thanks for posting.

Hadey | 11:07 AM

Wow, that was amazing. I just dropped my baby girl off at preschool this morning for the first time and was holding it together until I saw this. Now I'm sitting at working crying... happy tears of course. Just beautiful.

Ashley | 12:15 PM

Awww! I don't even have kids and I'm about to bawl. Gosh, GGC, GOSH! :)

Rhiannon | 12:22 PM

I love Fleetwood Mac, of course that's where my mom got my name. Landslide has always made me cry.

Kate | 12:26 PM

what an awesome family portrait. Fable on your hip is the icing on the cake there.

Unknown | 12:37 PM

First off, I'm in love with every one of those PS22 Chorus kids. I never get tired of them. Thank you for sharing this great cover!

Oh yes, totally different meaning to me now. And I can't even imagine sending my guy to kindergarten. Wow, what a big day. Hugs to you.

My Bottle's Up! | 12:46 PM


L.A. Stylist Mom | 12:48 PM

Note even clicking on it. I walked down the aisle at my Vegas wedding to Songbird...once again, more kismet. Loving you...xoxox

Adrianne | 12:56 PM

@Mars, thanks for sharing your story! So touching and inspiring and you ARE a hero. Substance abuse breaks my heart as I watched my brother struggle with it for over 10 years. Thank you for the incredible work that you do.

Monkey Toes | 1:01 PM

Awe, that was beautiful! I love how passionate those kiddos are...And yes, it brought tears to my eyes.

Amanda | 1:22 PM

This was also one of my favorite Fleetwood songs. I loved it since about 14 to now and to be honest I couldn't watch this yesterday because I knew I'd bawl. I still haven't watched it because it's just too timely for me to not turn into a blubbering mess.

Good call.

Megan Stuke | 1:22 PM

Landslide is MY favorite song, too!

Jules | 1:28 PM

That video is so touching. It really captures the innocence of kids (their facial expressions, body movements etc.). Something happens between childhood and adulthood and we lose that essence. I guess what happens is life, with all of it's joys and sorrows and we harden somehow. I'm dripping with cliches here cuz I can't even express adequately what I'm trying to get at. Kids have something special about them that adults no longer possess. I see it in this video.

mrs. q. | 1:47 PM

ACK! Love that song. My sister and my dad danced to that song at her wedding, as my dad always loved Fleetwood Mac. Since he died, I can't even hear Steve Nicks without welling up.

My little guy started kindergarten last week and off he went with a Paul Frank moon monkeys backpack, too! Boys Rock!!

Cydney | 1:58 PM

AHHHHHH, why am I SOBBING! Stinkin Mom Perspective. Thanks for sharing- its always been a favorite of mine, too.

Living Treasures | 2:10 PM

Love it!!!

Elizabeth | 3:58 PM

I love how passionate some of the kids were. They were FEELING that song. Very cool. And how cute was their instructor? Eh? Eh? :)

freshmom | 7:30 PM

I love how all of the children were so happy & involved in the song!! What a great video!

Overflowing Brain | 7:30 PM

That song? Had me sobbing. It's one that my dad first played for me as a child and hearing those kids sing it just killed me, in a good way.

Thanks for sharing.

meredyth | 9:19 AM

serious goosebumps on that video. Love it.

My odd 8th grade self found comfort in Led Zeppelin's "That's the Way" about a free spirited boy and the neighbor who isn't allowed to play with him anymore because he's strange.

Glenda | 11:34 AM

love love landslide