65, 66/100

The following videos aren't (technically) music videos, not in the traditional sense, anyway, but they're amazing, both of them and they pair together like wine and cheese. Two different stories (one fact, one fiction) that share the same moral:

Sometimes I struggle with what it means to be generous - to offer kindness to those I feel are undeserving, whose ideas oppose my own. This was such a reminder to me that we're all struggling and lonely and scared no matter what side of the tracks we stand waiting for the train. Division is a line we draw out of fear in order to protect ideas that (for the most part) weren't even ours to begin with. If only every boy and girl was given a trumpet at birth and taught a handful of songs.


I'm going to be including more than music videos in my mix-tape from here on out. I receive so many incredible videos from friends and readers. (Thank you!) Many of which blow my mind and deserve to be shared with everyone. Thanks to Hal and Michael for sharing the above clips with me so that I could share them with you.