Gone Style: Play + Clothes = Sponsored

*updated with winners, below!*
If it was a plausible career option, I would pursue a profession in children's styling. This is insane, I realize. Even somewhere like Los Angeles where people hire personal shoppers to buy their kids birthday presents and it's totally a thing. So is nail-polish on dogs and cat strollers. But fashion is always in fashion no matter the age group and dressing one's daughter is more fun than dressing one's self. Er, to me it is. Arguably my favorite part of the day is the "getting Fable dressed" part. Thinking, "Hm. What's appropriate for the day's events? Hm." I get to play Rachel Zoe to my favorite client-- she who attends fabulous events on the daily that include, "drawing in the kitchen" and "pointing at stink bugs at the children's museum!"

Ah, the life. Some of my favorite "red carpet" "stained carpet" fashion + fun moments include:

Stripes + Polka dots + Pigtails + Park =
trick-or-treat buckets double as sand buckets 'round these here parts

Leggings + Jumper + Cardi + Sneakers + Dancing =

Vanilla Ice Cream + Strawberry Dress + Red Shoes =
and speaking of ice cream...

Ice Cream Dress + Bow + Legos =

Tiny Tee + Leggings + Sneakers + Flower + Drawing =

Floral + Denim jacket + Sandals + Toy chest =
And for the finale... dunt dunt duuuuuunt....

couture dress + pool hair + fuel efficient vehicle =
This dress is the product of Fable + WWW + GGC.
(Fable chose the sunglass print fabric. I chose the floral/birds. My mom sewed.)


Want to win an $150 Old Navy gift card? Awesome. Just tell me about your favorite play clothes + activity pairing in the comments below. (ED: This is the first of three posts + giveaways I'll be doing with Old Navy in coming days.) My pairing = Vintage dress + leggings + boots + pulling the kids around town in the Radio Flyer.

Fable + Me + Sandbox = close enough.

...Winner to be chosen at random via random.org on September 22nd. For contest rules and regs, go here. Good luck and happy pairing!


ED: This post + giveaway brought to you by the lovely folks at Old Navy. Thanks, Old Navy! Shop and/or browse Old Navy's Baby Sale, here.

Updated: congrats to Adventures with Addison, Cora D and JWhite for winning the threeOld Navy drawings! And thanks to all of you for participating! xo!


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Barb | 7:04 PM

I love my trouser jeans because they are high(er) waisted which means I'm not constantly tugging them up when I'm chasing my toddler around the playground, leaning over to pick him up, crouching in the sandbox, etc.

Anonymous | 7:05 PM

my son in a plain white Carter's onesie and navy H&M sweatpants, on the carpeted floor in our basement rolling around on the activity mat, squealing and lots of hugs/kisses.

Andrea | 7:05 PM

Pajamas and movies with my boyfriend at home. Preferably with ice cream.

divrchk | 7:06 PM

Loving a tunic with leggings lately. Comfy is the way to go!

Leslie @ Body Won't Break | 7:12 PM

distressed jeans + tank top + cardigan + rope sandals

Cara | 7:17 PM

Fable = adorable
For my also adorable two month old... kimono t-shirt+soft short pants+a stroller walk through downtown = happy baby and Mama

Mary | 7:19 PM

I love the jeans that I stole from my sister (SO comfy!), the vintage yellow spelling bee shirt that is made of that oh-so-soft stretchy cotton, rainbow socks, and converse low-tops. It's perfect for running around in the park with my babysitting kids, leaping through the sprinklers, zinging down the zip line (yes, my park has one!), playing frisbee, or jumping and leaping our way through a game of hopscotch.

Jessica | 7:21 PM

I love Old Navy, I love your blog, and I love that you got paid for that post because it was adorable! I also love my girl (14 months) in any dress + leggings + squeaky shoes in her playhouse on our deck. Too cute for words.

elderbug | 7:22 PM

Definitely sweats and a racerback tank. Though not the most fashionable, there is nothing comfier to get down and play with my 10-month-old daughter.

Anonymous | 7:22 PM

Knit toque + fleece jacket + jean dress + white/grey stripe leggings + knit boots = perfect day at the cabin

Julie | 7:23 PM

For my busy boys, jeans and a t-shirt are best!

Unknown | 7:30 PM

blue billabong dress+gray knitted knee highs+brown buckle "cowboy" boots+ gray bandana+the swings and my son = perfection.

The Hojo Family | 7:37 PM

I have two different favorites for play clothes for my daughter. 1.) Comfy cotton dresses (usually from GAP) with matching leggings under. 2.) gouchos (really one of my favorites!!!) with a cute tshirt.

For my son, GAP and GYMBOREE jeans are my favorite with usually a Hurley, Volcom, Quicksilver, etc. tshirt.

Meghan Elaine | 7:44 PM

I have twin boy/girl 18 month olds and I have to admit, I always love to dress Ella first, and her brother Maxwell ends up in... whatever. I love Ella in cute tunic/short dress with leggings for play. For Max I like (not making this up) his old navy cargos and a white onesie- because, at 18 months, if I don't put him in a onesie, he pulls his weenie out and pees on everything. Literally.

Jen | 7:50 PM

On my 3 year old daughter...Leggings+Purple Tutu skirt+hipster tee= pizza night at Grandma's.

Jamie | 7:54 PM

I buy a lot of my kids clothes at Old Navy/Baby Gap. Good jeans are a must for our whole family.

A | 8:07 PM

Aqua leggings+ heather grey leopard print dress = grabbing an after-school cupcake. :D My absolute fave.

Shilo | 8:18 PM

SO CUTE that my ovaries crawled out and just punched me in the face.

I vote you do a daily/weekly/howeveroftenly "fable fashion" post with just one or two photos and a rundown of what she's wearing.

Easy post for you, awesome eye candy for those of us like you, who love to squee over little girls cute-ass getups.

Rowenna | 8:27 PM

Yoga pants + knee high socks + comfy old tee + lounging around the house in the cool fall weather reading blogs that offer awesome giveaways = awesome!!!

Jessica | 8:27 PM

Denim skirt, sandals and t-shirt. I'm not a big fan of my legs and rarely show them, but there's just something about this skirt that I absolutely love.

Claire | 8:30 PM

silk pajamas and watching movies with my man... jeez, maybe I'm really the Hef

Cave Momma | 8:30 PM

I go simple and boring in jeans and a comfy but somewhat stylish tee/tank top and my flip flops.

I have so much more fun with my kids clothes. Olivia is in leggings and some type of long-ish tee/tank or sometimes shorter dress with her choice of shoes and hair style (pig tails or not). Myles is usually in shorts with a tee of some kind and his go-to sandals. Not quite as fun but still super cute.

Activity equals one of the 100's of parks in Long Beach plus snacks in the morning and usually some painting later and/or lots of reading/tickling/giggling in the afternoon.

dgurl7 | 8:31 PM

so far, my fav has been an outfit my 2 year old picked out. butterfly embroidered jeans with teal and navy flower shirt (from old navy nonetheless), topped with a purple flirty, twirly skirt, finished off with a pair of my patton leather RED high heels. for shopping with her toddler shopping cart, of course!

Leslie | 8:31 PM

I'm pregnant, so...

me = naked whenever possible at home. in public, maternity shorts or jeans, a comfy T-shirt, and flip flops. yes, i am stylin'.

As for my son (15 months), he's often dressed in some kind of T-shirt (Paul Frank, perhaps) with some shorts and his Stride Rites.

Heather | 8:38 PM

Fable is the best model! Love the action shots. Current fave = slouchy jersey top + good jeans + circle scarf + funky jewelry + flat sandals. My go-to uniform for the changing seasons.

Mama Bee | 8:44 PM

The dressing up part is why (and only why) I would ever want a girl child instead of my boy child. My play outfit is shirt dress + leggings + blue/silver flats = Saturday market.

h | 8:49 PM

I'm 5 werks postpartum after baby #2 so for me: tanktop+ shorts + sleeping, my son: something clean + sleeping, my two year old daughter: her sunshine yellow shirt with blue capris + playing with her brother. :)

SJ | 8:51 PM

soft stretchy one-piece with the footies + outdoor tummy time

{katrina} | 8:57 PM

Loving my daughter in a tunic + leggings + boots while running through the park chasing butterflies!

Love your blog. Love Fable. Love Old Navy! Woot!

Kim | 9:11 PM

My go-to outfit for, um, everything, is some variation on jeans and a t-shirt. I also own about eleventy hundred cardigans and pairs of ballet flats. I'm trying to get into the whole "dress over leggings with ballet flats or boots" situation, but haven't had luck finding more than one dress that works for this. Too bad, because it is so crazy comfortable.

Stephanie | 9:11 PM

My boys in their swim trunks + hose or kid pool = all of us cooling off during the hot arizona summer months.

Suzie | 9:11 PM

Comfy t-shirt + shorts and soccer in the yard with her big brothers for my littlest one!

beyond | 9:23 PM

old yoga pants + comfy tee + my sister on the phone = happiness.

nmg915 | 9:29 PM

Jeans and a sweater for me, the weather is turning here already. Leggings and a little jumper for the 9 month old.

LiciaLee | 9:29 PM

I'm loving my LO in any onesie in her bouncer right now (she's 1 month) and me in yoga pants and a nursing tank.we're pretty laid back.

Manda | 9:32 PM

I should be ashamed to say so, but I frequent local play areas, etc. in black yoga pants (and/or leggings) and either my husband's XL t-shirt or a layering of a stretchy tank top and a too-small maternity top (but hey! give me a break! I'm 8 mos pregnant!). And we mustnt forget my black plastic flip flops! HOT!

KK | 9:34 PM

I love tunic + jeans + playground. No more worrying about my bum hanging out!

Jenn | 9:41 PM

Dressing my daughter is SO much better than dressing myself! Her belly is much more socially acceptable, since she's one and all. And around here, it's all about the jeggings + short-sleeved dress + toenail polish + pirate face. Ar.

Alexis | 9:42 PM

sparkly silver leggings + Star Wars tunic tshirt + shoes I'm in the mood to wear = going dancing with friends at our favorite bar

I love that Star Wars shirt.

OR horizontal stripe v-neck + cut off shorts + favorite Vans flip-flops = walking the coolest pup of all time, Lola, around the block

Lola has clothes too, but it's usually too hot here for her to wear them.

mommymae | 9:45 PM

i don't get to pick out clothes for the little miss...sigh. she raids her brother's clothes (that still fit him) & shuns the closet-full of hand-me-downs from her twin sisters. double sigh. for me, however, its leggings & a knit dress with flip flops. gotta keep my pigs freeeee!

p.s. i totally love the echino fabric in that last dress & think fabes looks just like you in the 2nd pick of the toybox set.

Linley | 9:45 PM

A comfy, worn in pair of jeans and a colorful fitted tee and I'm ready to play with my ponies! It's such a gift that they don't care at all what I look like.

cbe | 9:49 PM

tshirts,shorts and high soccer socks= the two cutest little preschool soccer players. She chases the ball and he points out the planes flying overhead.

Catherine | 10:02 PM

for my 22m/o: thrifted baby dresses for summer--makes summer in the south much more bearable!

caitlin | 10:06 PM

my twin boys in their slick James Dean get-ups (dark jeans, white tees, chucks) rolling in the grass at the park. But even better is the boys in their homemade cloth diapers for pre-bedtime dance parties!

Liliana G | 10:49 PM

Fleece jammies + rain coat + boots = quick puddle splashing on patio

-liliana :-)

Bailey | 11:03 PM

Boyfriend jeans + layering tanks + looped scarf + windows-down-music-blaring-cruising-with-the-girls = bliss

Rashel | 11:05 PM

daughter scout+dress up princess dress+brown boots+plex(yo gabba gabba) hat AND mittens=perfect dancing outfit while listening to home by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros. pure perfection =)

Rachael | 11:07 PM

Tunic, leggings and boots for me everyday in my studio. My daughter likes anything with a skull or ruffles on it. And we both like fingerless gloves.

alissa | 11:13 PM

casual is key here so its usually skinny jeans or shorts, and a comfy v-neck shirt.

Megan | 11:15 PM

My son (who looks just like Archer as a baby, it's freaky) = birthday suit + potty training
My baby just learning to walk= homemade Japanese linen dress + striped shirt + legging + baby moccasins
The moccasins are so cute they hurt your ovaries.

L.L. | 11:35 PM

My Old Navy fold over pants (cropped and yoga) + hauling my son around and running errands. They are so versatile, soft and stretchy. I can pull them up for a more, no fuss "mom" look or scrunch them down around my hips for a sexier look. Complete the look with my Stila 5 minute face, Gucci sunglasses and Old Navy black wedge flipflops. TX glamour!

Jamilisa | 11:45 PM

We currently (for summer) love any sun dress, flip flops and the zoo or water fountain park. Fall is for the pumpkin patch w/ jeans, t-shirts, sneakers and hoodies. All preferably from Old Navy...totally our favorite place to shop!

Anonymous | 11:54 PM

Oooh, this is fun! Mine would be: dark skinny jeans + long james frye tank + borrowed boyfriend's cardi + Frye harness boots + walking around the city (philly) on a fall afternoon!

msmiaelizabeth [at] gmail [dot] [com]

Cassie | 12:19 AM

Definitely "king of the wild things" shirt + homemade pants + homemade cloth diaper = I'm obviously too broke to buy clothes for baby, but I act like it's cuz I'm all eco-friendly.

LL | 2:28 AM

Once my girls were old enough to point, I've let them pick out their own clothes. They come up with the best stuff. Now the oldest is 12 and I let her put outfits together for me.

Anna from Rhode Island | 4:25 AM

Whatever I'm schlepping around in + a sexy, sassy apron from Anthropologie + baking delicious and nutritious treats with my toddler = bliss!

Catherine McNeur | 4:43 AM

For my three-month old: striped or polka-dot leggings and a colorful onesie or tee. Can't be cuter!

Myssie | 4:51 AM

My favorite pair of jeans, black tank top and striped cardi. Hanging in the backyard with my family waiting for the stars to appear.

Lindsay | 5:06 AM

I've been watching way too much Rachel Zoe and buying way too many clothes for my baby girl! I totally agree that styling her is the best part of the day. We just moved to Miami so we've been trying to rock the sweaty chic look...tank tops, skirts, headbands...yeah, looking forward to February!

Jen L. | 5:07 AM

ALWAYS a tank/tee and leggings, and usually my girl will wear a similar combo. I love a putting her in a jumper and leggings. Our favorite activity is the bounce house. We both get to bounce around and have fun together for hours.

racher | 5:16 AM

Skinny jeans/leggings and a tunic top and flats. Love Fable's outfits.

Anna Marie | 5:37 AM

My favorite pairing for my daughter is a comfy dress, leggings and her merrell clogs. I love Fable's clothes!

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 5:39 AM

Ah! I love the strawberry dress! I am so far just a knitter but keep saving up awesome fabrics I find for someday maybe turning them into something else! Anyway- we had the best time at the apple orchard yesterday- picking apples, riding the tractor, Ivy wearing Tea Collection & Misha Lulu- our absolute favorite play clothes.


Laura | 5:49 AM

Love a denim shirt over a skirt and Converse tennies for me. My daughter does not like to wear jeans, so for her it's leggings and a t-shirt with a hoodie.

Itskellerific | 5:53 AM

Cardigan + shirt dress + leggings + ballet flats + walking downtown and tea time.

adam and andrea | 6:01 AM

yoga pants+cute tank+hoodie+latte=comfy mom ready to take on the park

adorable little boy jeans+owl shirt+hoodie=one ready to play little boy!

Elaine | 6:02 AM

Jacob in his jammies are my favorite, because they're all tight & he's all soft & squishy and because one day he won't get anywhere near his snuggly soft & squishy jammies! My favorites have a glow in the dark skeleton on the front!

SpillingOutBeautiful | 6:09 AM

My fav strapless dress + leggings + cardigan + classy flip flops = me chasing my three little cousins around the yard/park/wherever.

Mama Cas | 6:22 AM

Oh! The pigtails! I can't even take all the cuteness!!

We have an older house that gets pretty chilly in the winter, so my favorite fashion equation for my kids would be this:

Turtleneck + sweatpants + fuzzy slippers = movie time, complete with popcorn and hot chocolate.

corrin | 6:23 AM

I'm 30 years old and I still have "play clothes." My favorite this entire summer has been Old Navy cap sleeve cotton sundresses with leggings and funky sandals. I've worn this combo ever where from the zoo to fashion week.

Teresa | 6:36 AM

My son's yellow beach van tshirt and khank "Hawaiian" print shorts, my baby in any cute onsie that shows off his thighs as they get chunkier by the day. I lived in jean shorts and cute maternity tops this summer, preferably of the tank top kind since Atlanta had a record hot summer this year!

Anonymous | 6:48 AM

Leopard print tunic dress over black cigarette pants, black ballet flats, long string of pearls, doubled.


Marianne | 6:49 AM

With fall coming it's straight leg jeans + leopard flats that feel like slippers + scarf + soft t-shirt + oversized thin cardigan = farmer's market and walk downtown with my little girl

Jenn | 6:50 AM

my nine month old daughter in a striped zutano romper, barefoot, pulling all of her books one by one out of a large basket. i'm usually wearing my most worn-in jeans, a nursing tank top and a cardigan.

Andi | 7:01 AM

When I was younger, I used to get teased on the playground. Now I like to send my 1 year old son to the playground in denim and a leather biker jacket. Who would dare tease a boy dressed up like that!?!

He means business. :)

Melissa | 7:05 AM

Anything with strawberries and ladybugs I HAVE to get for my daughter. My favorite is to layer, so it's a perfect fit to go see Concerts in the Park + layers

Nicole | 7:06 AM

Dress from last season now worn as shirt + striped tights + worn in dress shoes + fancy sweater + neighborhood walk = bliss.

Anonymous | 7:07 AM

One of my faves is Baby O in a mama-knit pilot cap + handed down puffy vest from baby gap + rocker t-shirt + mama-sewn pants + bare feet + picking tomatoes in the garden = adorable!

Karen Cordano | 7:11 AM

Sweats, nursing bra, tank top. Hanging in the back yard with my boys. The baby in a Star Wars T and shorts.

Animeeyez | 7:25 AM

Purple plaid dress + kicking brown belt + sweater like black tights = Fun times pumpkin picking and hay rides with the lil guy! ( I can't wait for fall!)

Jen | 7:34 AM

curvy jeans from the gap, boat neck T from old navy, cute ballet flats from nordstrom rack - then dragging the little one's swing out onto the patio and sitting next to hear while she babbles away and points to the birds and the leaves...

Lis | 7:45 AM

Lucky jeans, flats and a tee for me.

Two girls= double the fun. Both just received little ballerina outfits and look A-DOR-A-BLE in them. One of my more favorite (toddler) outfits is a lucky denim skirt with baby leggs, uggs and a warm sweatshirt.

Taryn | 7:51 AM

Jeans + Long sleeve henley + Dallas Stars shirt over it + gloves + ice skates = hockey lessons with the 5 year old I nanny.

Courtney | 7:56 AM

Jeans+cute wedge sandals+black t-shirt+green cardigan I knit myself+ tailgating for a college football game

Jo | 7:58 AM

My little bean has these awesome bright green pants that I pair with colorful t-shirts and his orange and white Naturinos. I love taking him to the park in that outfit, I can spot him in a heartbeat!

Kacy L | 8:00 AM

My little boys best play clothes are his plaid patchwork shorts, his gap grey pocket t-shirt and blue croc shoes he has worn all summer! He is a summer lovin boy!!

kjlpharris@yahoo.com | 8:00 AM

Organic cotton skirt + mom belly camouflaging skirt + leather flats = I'm ready for anything.

Kacy L | 8:00 AM

My little boys best play clothes are his plaid patchwork shorts, his gap grey pocket t-shirt and blue croc shoes he has worn all summer! He is a summer lovin boy!!

Lisa | 8:02 AM

onesie + homemade baby legs + fab hair bow + made-with-love blankie = cute little Lily!

Kelda | 8:04 AM

Kids' creativity + their closet = anything better than I would've picked myself (though I do enjoy doing it on occasion). Their clothes concoctions bring a smile to my face every time.

Jennifer Ruden | 8:09 AM

I too love dressing the kiddo. One of my favs is a brown and white stripe shirt with pink linen pants for her and pink nikes. I have found lots of cute dresses at Old Navy. Pairing them with leggings or (once they become too small) as flowy tops with jeans. So fun. For me? Rolled up jeans with a tight cotton dress on top. Perfect for tons of different activities!

Adrianne | 8:19 AM

yoga pants + t-shirt + a good book or college football= Saturday.

Ashley | 8:20 AM

A floral romper + leggings + a cardigan in case it gets cold = a day at the park with the babe who's scared of the slides. (But I'm sure won't be for long).

Rebecca | 8:23 AM

For my 7 yr old, Boden skirt, graphic tee from Gap and cropped leggings with high top tennis shoes (sequined) and headband with silk flower. Activity = reading. She's always reading!

Lauren E. E. | 8:25 AM

I love seeing my son in his swim trunks, swim shirt, and sun hat while he plays in the backyard baby pool. It's so summery and fun.

Ashley | 8:29 AM

Currently loving a boatneck longsleeve tee with skinny jeans on my toddler girl for playtime!

JZ | 8:35 AM

(Custom) Dino shirt + blue Adidas track suit + checkered Vans = sweet Jersey vibe and for mom = Skinny True Religions + really old Chucks + white t + leopard print cardi and hat + Ray Bans = park time goodness. Oh and multiply that with sunblock because we always need sunblock in Colorado.

Jen | 8:46 AM

Flannel Shirt + new great fitting jeans + casual grecian inspired sandals = car shopping with my hubby or a day at the mall

Lindsay | 8:49 AM

I don't have kids, so this is my play outfit. It's actually funny that Old Navy sponsored this post because my most recent favorite play outfit is a really soft jersey dress I got at O.N. on clearance for $4 + leggings + flip flops.

nemens | 8:54 AM

My daughter (less than 2 1/2) picks out her own outfits most days. Her favorite is a baseball jersey matched with a big pink tutu! She's the belle of the ball in that ensemble!

Beth | 9:04 AM

I'm so ashamed to day I have have tank-top/shorts drawstring orange and yellow striped set that is from 1986. I will only wear it in the house but it is by far the best play clothes I have ever owned...I might go put them on right now. ;-)

Misti | 9:10 AM

I *heart* Old Navy jeans for my son, they're the only ones that fit him well. As for his play clothes, it's usually jeans & some sort of t-shirt. For me... well, it's usually jeans & some sort of t-shirt. LOL

everyday amy | 9:15 AM

When I was a kid, my mom made me this t-shirt dress with a cut out of a lamb on the front. I don't think I ever took it off... So for me:

Childhood paring= lamb dress + coloring at my grandma's kitchen table

Sadie | 9:28 AM

For everyday stuff. . . my favorite jeans, tank top and a a cardigan. Oh and some cute sandals!

My son is almost 4 and he likes to pick out his own clothes. He likes bright colored button ups and jeans.

team stephens | 9:35 AM

one of my outfits for my almost-four-going-on-17-year-old is some cords, a purple rugby shirt, a little polka dot puffy vest & her bright pink chucks... for just about anything she gets into all day-- current fav activity is "playing spaceship with my Leigh-Leigh" (her 6 mmonth old sister Lauren Leigh :) )

Kate | 9:48 AM

Jean + flip flops + layered tank and tee

Coco | 10:01 AM

jeans, long white cotton shirt, scarf and flip flops... my play time is blog writing!

Katrina Dula | 10:03 AM

On Max--my old ALF t-shirt and camo pants+watercolor painting in the backyard....for me--black leggings (old navy) with a tunic and my awesome cowboy belt with the sailboat buckle+over-seeing said watercolor painting!

Linden | 10:09 AM

Lately, I'm loving my baby girl in Baby Legs and a long-sleeve onesie. Great comfy outfit for rolling practice, sitting practice, and whatever else is on the agenda...

Rebekah | 10:14 AM

I love putting my baby son in his blue or brown shoes (which i know they are unnecessary-but they are just so dang cute!) paired with his brown plaid shorts and a matching onesie. I usually like to also include his english styled hat. Very cute.

Kayla | 10:19 AM

dark wash jeans + totally snazzy old t-shirt + vest + black chucks + headband + ginormo ray-ban glasses for my crazy visually impaired eyes = movie date with friends! (We love The Byrd in Richmond, VA it's this crazy gorgeous old theatre that shows movies that are "second release" for only two dollars.)

Kelly B. | 10:34 AM

Leggings + Shirt dress/tunic = comfortably playing w/my 15 month old and my baby belly. :-)

My name is Katie | 10:34 AM

My favorite pairing for a 9 hour day of classes is a long tunic + leggings + ballet flats = comfy.

Brandi G. | 10:50 AM

Hello! Love this. Love, love dressing up my girls. Right now my 4 year old is way into tutus (old navy!) paired w/leggings, t-shirt, hoodie, and her twinkle toe sketchers. My 16 mo old is in hand-me down, worn (more so now) old navy blue jeans (the clothes last!), any type of T, and mixmatched shoes that she picked out. For me, jeans and soft, fitted t's.

Steph | 10:50 AM

for my son little jeans+black onsie+ me in mind shoe socks

speaking of childrens styling, I would LOVE if you did a post on little boys! it seems like its so much harder to find baby boy things, a few ideas would be awesome:)

Jaimie | 11:03 AM

skinny jeans + flirty top that doesn't fall down + huge bag + photoshoot in a field : )

Catherine | 11:11 AM

For my daughter:

soft, comfy onesie or dress + leggings + hair clip + swings

Tammy | 11:13 AM

For my son:

Flannel shirt + jeans + running around outside in the leaves.

taamy.cody [at] gmail.com

leaner | 11:13 AM

Me= straight legged jeans + a t-shirt + keen flip-flops
her= t-shirt with horse on it + shorts + pink cowboy boots

Heather Bauer | 11:24 AM

floral long sleeve onesie + plum corduroy jumper + tights + pink Chucks + iPhone = the perfect outfit to make my look like a "together" mom at the grocery store!

Here's the outfit

SinginMo | 11:32 AM

Vintage dress + goldenrod tights + conservative work place = delightfully uncomfortable co-workers

Jesse K | 11:39 AM

My gap yoga capris and old navy t-shirt or tank top with my hiking sneakers to hike in the woods behind the house with the kids and dog

Jessi | 11:44 AM

Sweats+my dad is a geek t-shirt+ tennis shoes+preschool

My little geek-in-training can do it all with minimal fuss that way!

Tress | 11:47 AM

Leggings+tank+cardigan, for a lazy weekend day.

lauren | 12:47 PM

turtleneck + grandpa cardigan + skinny jeans + boots = favorite fall racetrack outfit! cozy and comfy!! *

Allison the Meep | 1:04 PM

Favorite playclothes for me: Lucky jeans and a girl shirt

faves for muh' babies: sundresses with little cardigans for my baby girl, and skater boy shorts from Target and a band t-shirt for my 6 year old boy.

Madison | 1:22 PM

I'm a fan of jeans with a cute top for heading to class or just hanging out with my friends around campus. It's starting to get colder, so I'll be able to break out my scarves soon, which I'm excited about!

Rose | 1:59 PM

I adore dressing my 14 month old daughter in a soft tunic top along with a cute pair of leggings and her favorite pink high-tops.

seekingclarav | 2:10 PM

My pairing for my girl = grey & white polka dot leggings with pink & multi color swirls racerback dress topped off with a green "every day is a tonka day" boys t-shirt and red crocs on our first day of mommy & me pre-school.

mathilda Dunn | 2:15 PM

I love Fable in pigtails! So adorable.
My favorite play outfit as of late is stripey preppy sweater in primary colors (I have scads...thank you thriftstores in fancy neighborhoods for practically new finds from J Crew, Gap, Banana...), boyfriend style jeans and Toms shoes. I am hanging on to sockless feet through September when Seattle weather will shut down my favorite activity -- bike rides with my nephews!

Glenda | 2:20 PM

the best part of a lil girl = dressing her girly girl and it's so much less expensive than dressing ourselves :D

i'm rocking a pair of 7's cut offs w/ a coral tank w/ stars and flip flops = lounging around the house on a saturday afternoon.

Sarah C. | 2:23 PM

For my 13 month old son, it's all about letting Daddy live out his childhood fun. He's currently sporting an R2D2 t-shirt with madras shorts. Fetchin'. Cute t-shirts with plaid or camo shorts is the go-to for play clothes! And really... aren't all 13 month old boy's clothes play clothes?

Unknown | 2:25 PM

This morning was all about black yoga pants, colorful layered tanks, my trusty camera backpack for photographing Fall @ the local grower's market. Oh, the colors! How I love Fall

Melissa | 2:34 PM

weekend wear
cut off sweat shorts
random white cotton tank
= living room dance party with the kids

Melissa | 2:35 PM

weekend wear
cut off sweat shorts
random white cotton tank
= living room dance party with the kids

Kristen | 3:05 PM

Oooh, what a fun game...even if there wasn't a gift card to win.

For Mama: stretchy dark jeans + brown converse + v neck t + colorful scarf
For 4 year old Lily: flowery dress + striped pants+ gold sandals (Is it weird that I am sad that she now dresses herself and I have lost my "turn" at girl-dressing?)
For 2 year old Colin: tan cargo shorts + hand-me-down overpriced vintage tshirt + adidas

At the park, at the beach, walking around town.

Anonymous | 3:06 PM

I love to dress my almost two year old son in khakis and a modern plaid shirt. So unoriginal, I know, but I still love it! It looks especially cute going to a Friday night football game-something I can imagine him doing in 15 years in the same sort of outfit!

Mama Bub | 3:22 PM

She's not doing much actual "playing" yet, but I'm loving a plain white onesie with some baby legs for drooling and tummy time.

Marie | 3:41 PM

short dress + leggings + scarf + (this week) grandpa sweater + SPARKLY PURPLE SEQUINED FLATS!

Anonymous | 3:47 PM

my current favorite = skinny jeans + leopard print toms shoes + flowy t + open cardi

Hannah V | 3:48 PM

I like the floral dress and denim jacket! cute!

cochran | 3:53 PM

For my 16 month old daughter Maeve:
cuffed jeans + puppy polka dot shirt + dirty/muddy/sticky/west from having an adventure outside = perfect!

angela | 4:24 PM

yoga pants + tie-dye onsie + stroller = a happy baby rolling around town with mom

Rhiannon | 4:40 PM

Tiny toddler undies+stretchy waist pants+naked tummy=YAY!! potty trained... Finally

mrs. q. | 4:53 PM

Daughter = dress over leggings + sneaks + bug spray = monkey bars

Son = T-shirt + shorts + crocs + baseball hat = monkeying around

Me = jeans + flip flops + T-shirt + sun hat = going bananas

Bekah | 4:56 PM

My favorite Jack outfit to date was a seersucker jacket, blue polo, and khaki shorts...for my little sisters wedding. He hammed it up there, of course

jessicaj75@aol.com | 5:10 PM

cargo pants for me with a crew neck tshirt, otherwise my boobs hang out. and by hang, i mean, low.

my daughter is a skirts or shorts over leggings kind of gal. mismatched socks and conflicting patterns. she loves it, i think it's great she picks out her own clothes. it's a win/win!

robin | 5:22 PM

Fable and her outfits are the cutest. I have a 2.5 year old, and I, too, love choosing her outfits. BUT...she is also very strong willed, and if I choose anything other than a dress+leggings+all things kitty, she will throw a huge fit and it just won't be worth it. Then she'll do something spiteful like pee her pants or dump a bowl of spaghetti on her lap and force me to change her clothes. Here's hoping Fable keeps letting you choose, for many years to come! Either that or you guys better get going on baby number 3, and hope for another girl!

Jen | 6:10 PM

Pajama pants and a tank top for me, leggings and a tunic for my 1 year old.

Miranda | 6:12 PM

yoga pants + nursing bra + putting a tired 15 month old to bed.

Love that end of the day snuggly nursing time!

Katie Monti | 6:18 PM

broken in seven jeans + grey urban outfitters tee for me and jeans + volcom t-shirt + vans for my little sidekick Aidan (15 months).....perfect.

Tiff | 6:37 PM

For my 18 months old twin girls is cock-eyed pigtails + capri length overalls + cute tanks + outdoor sneaks paired with our back yard + slide + dirt area full of shovels and pails. Makes me smile just thinking about it.

Loonstruck | 6:41 PM

Overalls + Tie Dye T-shirt = an awesome day exploring the woods as the leaves change.

Unknown | 6:50 PM

You can style my son anytime! Our current play clothes are whatever we happen to have on at the time...usually jeans and a "fun" t-shirt.

stephanie | 6:58 PM

Mine is definitely leggings + tunic + sandels = biking around a nearby college campus (with Jasper in his bike seat!)

Maggie | 7:14 PM

Today was a pretty good outfit day. My favorite, softest, most very used jeans + white cotton tee + moccs + the very first scarf of the season (hooray for fall coming!) = mixing my friend a cocktail while she stresses over her wedding seating chart!

Aaron & Cassie | 8:09 PM

My daughter's current most adorable outfit is a dress in the same pattern as Fable's (got the pattern off the link on your site!). It's a bright pink and a bright green, along with bright pink cowboy boots and a pink and green hairbow. Love, love, love it!

Lora | 8:21 PM

My daughter wore her first pair of jeans today. She is 2.5 years old and previously all jeans were too small in the tush area to contain her huge cloth diapers. Now it's fall, and she's potty trained. She rocked those jeans by a campfire at a friend's house, though she ate her marshmallow "raw" instead of roasting it.

Mary O | 8:30 PM

yoga pants + kid wrangling!

Pamela | 9:05 PM

Two busy boys ages 5 and 2 + at least 2 outfits by the end of each day + laundry up the ying yang by the end of the week = tired, but happy mama and boys every night. Peace!

Anonymous | 9:15 PM

red mini shift dress + cherry and turquoise rain boots + loaf of bread = day in the park feeding ducks

Right Salmon | 9:43 PM

I would have to say: hand-me-down super cute silver/grey dress that's too short + inexpensive target black leggings + vintage red and orange pashmina + tj maxx awesome find black ballet flats = really comfy, but super stylish travel outfit! Love all of Fable's couture dresses and outfits. You are one of the best mom stylists I've seen! I hope your day is as great as your blog is!! :0)

Lola | 9:50 PM

lounge pants + tee + coffee = crafty creative time!

Melt Momma's Heart | 9:55 PM

Tie-dye dress, leggings, and cuddle-time. xo

Ashleigh | 10:04 PM

I love skinny jeans + sassy tee + pink converse for my sweet girl. She will wear anything and be happy as long as she has a bag to carry around with a couple of random shoes stuffed in.

stacymichelle | 10:08 PM

I am a children's therapist (and one day *hopefully* future mommy)... :O) My favorite brown cotton layer shirt (that has gotten some tiny holes :-O and purple shirt with slightly puffy sleeves (and either flip flops or Bear Paw boots) makes my <3 happy.. I can get down on the ground and do sand tray therapy with the kiddos, or still look cute on the couch listening to my teen clients. :O)

B&B | 10:15 PM

Sundresses with worn-in reef sandals and a cute hat for me...

Misha Lulu tanks and shirts (thanks for the inspiration!) and Old Navy rolled up jeans with Keene sandals for my little girl...

We head downtown every day, check out books in the library, grab a coffee and milk, hang out on the playground, and meet new friends!

april | 10:32 PM

jeans+cute flats+comfy top+scarf=wrangling kindergartners all day long

leeshka | 10:54 PM

Brown "Rolf" hoodie + Jeans + Brown Clogs + Public Knitting (aka freaking out the squares)

*mary* | 10:59 PM

For me, a nice consignment shop dress + my fancy Mary Janes + fall weather + library or museum with my daughter. Her favorite is sweater dress + leggings + her Dr. Suess Converse (hey, she's three and can totally get away with it). Ahhh, now I need some coffee or chai tea.

Ellen | 11:38 PM

yellow sundress + red saltwater sandals + blue ribbons in pigtails = a walk on the pier.

MommyTopics.com | 12:34 AM

I'm consistent with cute kiddo jeans, never over $13 and a bright, sharp, happy top + a full day of running errands together - from store to store to lunch to library to store and home.

Thanks for the giveaway. I LOVE shopping for my kids at Old Navy... I was just there this evening checking out some hot pink glitter sneakers for my 4 year old.

Z | 4:13 AM

current fav outfit = red+white striped shirt, cut off jeans shorts, gray flip flops

current fav activity = walking the dog in the park in the finally cooler fall weather!

Woman with Kids | 4:30 AM

Jeans and t-shirts rule around here. I have boys. Anything that goes with mud works...

Anonymous | 5:45 AM

My fav pairing right now is: soccer shirt + soccer cleats + soccer field = watching my boy score THREE goals!


Tiffany | 5:53 AM

For me and That Baby cotton shorts+light weight top=surviving Texas summers.

But if the weather wasn't a factor my favorite jeans+V-neck=love for me and for That Baby jeggins+red and white pocka-dot dress=cutest baby ever.

tlr | 6:03 AM

Dressing Jillybean (22 months) is the favorite part of my day too. Fave outfit now is leggings, Converse sneaks, dress, beret and she carries a lamb stuffed animal purse and usually sunglasses.
Thanks for the inspiration - and for the chance!

Mrs. H | 6:08 AM

My son Finn, wearing his navy and gray striped Old Navy romper. It has the sweetest hood, and a pocket that, at 7 months old, he likes to stick his chubby hands in. I love it so much I bought it in every size.

sam | 6:20 AM

i love fable. she is so fiercely dressed all the time!!!

my fav : skinny jeans, boots, basic tee, red argyle cardi, and nerd glasses. perfect for every occasion.

Kait | 6:56 AM

Jammies! We're big on comfy clothing in this house. But my ultimate favorite would be everyone in pj's, snuggled up with popcorn on the couch for family movie night.

Mrs. P | 7:10 AM

skinny jeans + tank top + leopard print cardigan + long necklace + walking around downtown with my husband.

or our most recent activity. no clothes + baby making.

TMI?! sorry.

Jaime | 7:40 AM

Comfortable dress + new hand-me down jacket (oh, autumn, how I long for you!) + flats + actually getting some work done at the coffee shop for once.

carrielu | 7:46 AM

any of my 3 boys in jeans, hooded sweatshirt with a t shirt underneath, and comfy sneaks to go apple picking.

yeah, alright. | 7:51 AM

my old navy yoga pants and softball glove... playing softball.

Lindsay Q | 7:52 AM

My favorite clothes are my black "jeggings" with a black tanktop and olive green cardigan. It's so comfy and makes me feel skinny as I'm burning calories chasing my daughter across the park!

guiltybones | 7:53 AM

For my daughter, retro dress + leggings, or hippie top + jeans. For myself, band tee + tripp pants + purple converse.

Unknown | 10:15 AM

I personally love a tank top with a see-through cover with a flower print + jean capris + ballet flats + a dog on a leash. :) Can't go wrong with that!

Amanda Brown | 10:45 AM

I love my two girls in their jammies, in the middle of the afternoon, playing in our apple orchard. They are dirty little barefoot hobo babies and I love it!

Clare | 11:25 AM

Bright blue leggings + boyfriend's zip up hoodie + path on lake michigan = perfect end of the day meditation/walk

Mrs. McKenna | 12:47 PM

My memories of childhood are blurred now with those of my own children. I do, however, remember the pink terrycloth ensemble I wore every day the summer I was 5 that had strawberries all over it. My favorite memory is like a faded picture, or a movie that is being burned up by the bulb of an old-school projector, but it involves me running around the beach, trying to fly a kite at a family picnic.

The favorite outfits for my children are the ones they put together themselves. My son putting his shirt on by himself and running around pantsless; my daughter pairing stripes with patterns. The joy on their faces at their get-ups make me smile.


These are awesome. LOVE.

Jenny | 1:10 PM

My three year old daughter's wardrobe, chosen by her, of course:

Rainbow colored striped stretchy pants + aqua flower print henley + no socks + what one may call a loose side pony tail but really equates to "I just got up from my nap hair" = Her being ok, with being stuck inside on a rainy September day, because mom made homemade apple pie for her to feast on:-)

Anonymous | 1:17 PM

Now I realize how foolish I've been. Here I've been concentrating on my children's religious education and teaching them to know and love God, also teaching them their colors and numbers and how to play nicely with their friends when all along I should have have been concentration on their fashion sense and instilling in them the desire to acquire huge wardrobes and become members of our materialist society.
(Slaps forehead.)

kieferscousin | 1:19 PM

I had my baby just 3 months ago, so I'm still keeping it pretty simple with my wardrobe. Jeans + t-shirt + comfy sandals + beautiful baby girl strapped to me in our baby bjorn for a nice afternoon walk

Blair | 1:24 PM

I love my green anthro romper and flip flops + baby Ella at the park.

Blair | 1:24 PM

I love my green anthro romper and flip flops + baby Ella at the park.

erin | 1:52 PM

for harper, blue striped sundress + birdie babylegs + no shoes + rolling around on her quilt and trying to crawl.

always a great combination!

HeatherD | 2:58 PM

My current favorite for my toddler daughter is a pair of thrifted overalls made with fabric that has a thin blue and white striped pattern + a thrifted turtleneck that has brightly colored stars on a white background.

Anonymous | 3:09 PM

I just love some capri sweats, tank and comfy flip flops. Chasing my six year old requires comfy clothes! Love Fable's looks! lisaw1111@yahoo.com

Amy | 3:12 PM

Nola in dress+leggings+wild hair and bare feet running around in the backyard.

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