Gone Style: Picks for Fall

Today on Momversation we're talking about fashion! And style! Specifically Fall picks via shopopensky.com, a new shopping website we momversation(alists?) were given the option to be a part of.

(ED: No, I was not paid to be involved, nor is this a sponsored post. My Fall pick is indeed my *actual* pick and I happen to really dig Opensky and am stoked to support the site as well as the small designers featured there. Let's see... what else can I include in this little fine-print area.... Oh, yes. Sorry about the blue eye-shadow in the vid. I got a little excited for Fall, and can see now that it was a terrible call. That rhymed. I also seem to be channeling Rachel Zoe's vocal stylings as I draw. Out. My vooowels. But that's because I watched, like, three Rachel Zoe eps in a row last week and I got confused. Still. Apologies for that. You should also know that although I was not paid by Opensky to be involved in this video, I was gifted the necklace (after I chose it as my pick) care of the designer which was very kind of her, indeed.)

If you love my gold/silver Dragonfly wing necklace (featured below and in the momvo vid) it's available in my OpenSky shop, here. Use discount code "rebecca15" for 15% discount on the necklace. (If you loved Giyen's tote, her 15% discount code = Giyen10 and/or for Mindy's pearl necklace, discount code = Mindy25. Produx also available to order, here.)

You can also browse my newly opened Girl's Gone Child virtual shop, which I hope to update regularly with my favorite picks. In the meantime, behold my dragonfly necklace in all its professional close-up glory. It is goddamn gorgeous, I tell you:

More on Julia Failey (who is AMAZING, by the way) here. Adore her work, philosophy and person.

I'm hoping more small businesses (yours?) will get in on the Opensky thing. For now it's miniature in nature but has huge potential to empower the marketplace of online shopping, specifically for those of us who blog about fashion, style, products that excite us, et al. I'm way stoked on my little online boutique and hope to expand it as Opensky matures into puberty. (In brief: anyone can become a "seller" by signing up, clicking "become a seller" and then stocking your virtual shelves with things you love and or want to recommend to users. It's like becoming virtual shopkeeper to your own boutique, an empowering way for you and me to bring in some extra cash (in sales commissions, very similar to Amazon's Affiliate program) by supporting small business(es). It's sort of Amazon Affiliate meets Etsy.

Sound neat? Go, here. And tell them GGC sent you. Just kidding. They will have no idea what you're talking about if you say that.

Moving on.... Let us all for a moment forget the fact that it's still a zillion degrees outside and talk fall must-haves. What are your eyeballs salivating over this season? Anything you're coveting? Besides my pretty necklace for everyday I'm pretty much obsessed with Pixie Market's entire moment right now. Especially this little number. And these are pretty amazing, too. And this? I mean... You know I love me a gold charmeuse jumpsuit. Just ask Rodge.



Unknown | 1:59 PM

Super pretty necklace! I definitely need more jewelry and accessories in my fall wardrobe and it's always great to find new indie designers.

My fall pick would have to be wedge boots and wedges in general. I saw some beautiful Jeffrey Campbell wedges in today's The Zoe Report!

Jen @ dietplaid | 2:34 PM

Great necklace! It's funny. I make and sell jewelry but rarely wear it. I need to work on that.

Anyway, I lust over pretty much any scarf in the fall. I loves scarves sooo much. And slouchy hats too. My first fall purchase was a headband from urban outfitters though because it was shinyyyyy.

Jen @ dietplaid | 2:42 PM

P.S. totally signing up for open sky.

Anonymous | 2:55 PM

I bought the Lady's Choice cardigan the moment it went on sale at Anthropologie . Forget about the fact that I have to wait until December to get any wear out of it here in New Orleans. But it looks ADORABLE with the Maryam tank.




Jen - you should totally get in on Opensky and then send me the link when you're up so I can stock my little shop with your stuff!

Shiny headbands are a win. My only fall purchase so far has been an Alexander Wang tee that I wore every day for a week and then somehow tore a hole in the front. I mean... I suck.

And Cynthia, I'm in LOVE with that cardi. It's perfection.

Kerry | 4:20 PM

So I like your necklace, but I couldn't stop looking at your eyeshadow seeing as you mentioned it before the video. Definitely not a fail. I always think blue is great on people with brown eyes. However, I think it would look even better with a darker colour smudged in the outer "V" and along the bottom lashes. Like a navy, or black or even dark brown. Give it a shot!

KH | 7:21 PM

I happen to think your eye shadow looks great!

GingerB | 10:12 PM

Chiming in as pro your eye shadow. Definitely.

My fall purchase was yet another pair of Dansko Clogs, sort of Mary Janes but Dansko and Cloggy. Now I want the weather to cool down so I can stand to leave my sandals behind.

Best fall purchase: everything out of Gymboree's horse line in green and purple and brown for my little girls! With tights! Purple cowboy hats! Jeans with horses stitched on. And brown shoes. I need fall to get here so I can dress my girls. Arrrrggghh!

Thilie | 6:41 AM

I`ll look into becoming a supplier at open sky, I`ve never heard of it.. but "amazon meets etsy" sounds a very good idea!! do you think they`d care for handmade millinery flowers?