Gone Style: 'Jam on it! (Sponsored)

*updated with winners, below!*
When it comes to pajamas and babes, there are two types of jams in our household: the one-piece-feety and the two-piece-footy. I am undecided on which is preferable because on one hand I like very much to nibble toes whilst reading Olivia books, but at the same time? There is nothing quite so delightful as a child running full speed down the hall in a pair of feety pajamas.

Behold, the one-piece feety...
accessorized with boots. (She loves boots.)
and a wooden "milk carton"

Pros: No cold feet during bedtime and/or during morning pajama-fests.
Cons: Sometimes a bit of a leg tangle occurs and the foot ends up in the knee or the ankle which can be a no-bueno-nuisance-to-the-max.
And then we have, of course, another family favorite:

The two-piece Footy
Pros: Edible toes exposed for eating
Cons: Edible toes exposed to cold morning floors and massive amounts of dog hair
Ah, but pajamas are just like life, yes? Even the most comfortable things can be annoying. Legs tangled and feet cold and, well, eventually everyone has to get dressed and go outside.

In the meantime, though ....
... we like to 'jam.

Once again, I get to give away (another!) $150 Old Navy gift card. (Winners to be chosen September 22nd. For contest rules and regs, go here.)

To win? Tell me in the comments, what's your 'jam? I happen to 'jam in sweats and tee-shirts, mainly. Currently rocking an adorable Zero Skateboards tee from 1998 and a pair of Old Navy sweatpants with paint-stains (to make me feel arty) circa even earlier. Annnnnd a towel in my hair. I'm fancy like that.
...Your turn!


Many thanks to the folks at Old Navy for sponsoring this post + contest and for giving me a much needed fun-with-fashion reprieve this week. To shop and/or browse Old Navy's Baby Sale, go here. Thanks!

Updated: congrats to Adventures with Addison, Cora D and JWhite for winning the threeOld Navy drawings! And thanks to all of you for participating! xo!


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TheGirl | 2:23 PM

Ah we have the same debates about jammies in our house, so hard to decide on what to love most.

my jam, always Old Navy yoga pants and a nursing tank top, since I am still breast feeding. Socks or not...depending on the temp. :)

dosrgirl at gmail dot com


Layla | 2:24 PM

T-shirts and sweat pants. I also own the same exact sweats that you are sporting. They are my favorite.

robyn | 2:25 PM

ah, the feety pajama - my brothers and i all LOVED these as kids!

currently, i rock a pair of target capri sweats and whatever tee shirt i happen to be wearing - i'm double-duty like that!

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 2:25 PM

I have these Olian (maternity) gauchos that feel like HEAVEN and a Lijit tee by american apparel that I got at a blog conference many moons ago- my favorite bedtime wear!

Would love to win!


Julia G | 2:25 PM

boxer shorts and an old t-shirt!

Anonymous | 2:26 PM

Wild print cotton bottoms (sushi. big florals) with whatever t-shirt is nearby. Terribly sexy;)

Stef | 2:26 PM

Dude, I'm pregnant. In Texas... during the summer... it's hot so, as little as possible.

Lindsay | 2:26 PM

Hmmm... Currently, my jams consist of a clearance Old Navy tshirt that I bought like 8 years ago and what I call my "Frankenpants", which are also clearance pajama pants that have been worn through and sewn up so many times that there's practically nothing left to sew up.

Elizabeth | 2:27 PM

I almost always wear giant t shirts to bed. The holier the better. Also bonus points if I've stolen them from my husband.

Tiffany | 2:28 PM

That baby wears foot jammises (what they are called at our house because of an older niece). I wear my husband's athletic shorts and whatever old coaching shirt is at the top of the pile.

Marisa | 2:28 PM

I'm having that internal debate now as we head into fall/winter. There don't seem to be enough "footy pj" options out there for kids older than 18 months :( I'll check Old Navy though to see :-D

Love the fashion posts!

Ashley | 2:29 PM

I absolutely have to have pants or shorts on to sleep comfortably. I'm a never-nude. :)I usually rock a wife-beater and light-weight pants with an elastic waistband.

Anonymous | 2:30 PM

I love to come home from work, change out of my teaching clothes, and into my 'jams. Typically shorts or sweats and a speg strap tank... love.

mrs dot schwartz at me dot com

Dena | 2:30 PM

Usually shorts and a t-shirt or tank top, unless it's super cold, and then pj pants.

My Bottle's Up! | 2:30 PM

fable... the pic in front of the bathroom with her bent to her knees and smiling to big that her cheeks ache... OMG!!!!!!!

my jam... white v-neck tshirt a la my husband... sweats in an assortment of colors. some i cut to sweat capris and others are full length.

Amanda | 2:30 PM

Big old t shirts!

Linden | 2:30 PM

For the kids, I go for the fleece one-piece variety - except when the toddler insists on the two-piece one. For myself? PJ bottoms, nursing bra, and t-shirt.

Kathleen | 2:30 PM

Tank top and jammie bottoms or leggings for me. It's what my boys call "The Mom Uniform".

Courtney | 2:30 PM

I also rock the t-shirts and sweats most often, sometimes t-shirts and athletic shorts.

LouEffie | 2:30 PM

Rainbow striped VS pajama pants with an old soft t-shirt of my hubbys.

Milou's Mama | 2:31 PM

Definitely have to go with boxers or sweatpants and an old t-shirt. While I was on vacation I wore fancy matching jams, but at home we keep things casual. For the kidlings, we (or my friend rather since technically she's her babe) go one piece feeties and content ourselves with nibbling on fingers.

Emmie Bee | 2:32 PM

My favorite jammies for the kids are the two piece fotless ones made of the t-shirt cotton. SO CUTE. And funny enough I only put the kids in the Old Navy or Baby Gap variety! So, I could really stock up with a $150 GC!

For me, jammies consist of yoga pants or knee length cut off sweats and a ribbed cotton tank top. In fact- I'm still wearing mine. At 2:30 PM


Kristin | 2:34 PM

We wear THERMALS. Because it is really cold in Minnesota at night.

guiltybones | 2:35 PM

Sadly, I have yet to put my little one in cute pjs =(

My baby daughter never gets cold. Like, ever. She sleeps in a diaper only and STILL sweats all night. I on the other hand, will be in bed in my t-shirt and men's oversized plaid pj pants shivering in my blankets =( She gets it from her father - he would leave the bedroom windows open while it was snowing outside! argggg

Amber | 2:35 PM

I usually wear a pair of Old Navy fleece pajama pants that have rainbow colored reindeer all over them, along with the most comfortable t-shirt ever, a 2007 USC Rose Bowl t-shirt. :)

Sarah Ry | 2:37 PM

It's currently still very hot here, so cotton shorts and a comfy tee--usually one of my husband's hand me downs. If not shorts, definitely comfy old yoga pants. :-)

Anne | 2:38 PM

I may attempt to solve this dilemma by cutting off one foot of my son's feety pajamas - thus I will have constant access to one sweet little baby foot at all times.

My Jam is cropped yoga pants and a tank top. (Add a sweatshirt if it's October thru March.) Dead sexy, no?


wonderchris | 2:39 PM

I usually prefer invisible jams, but I soooo love footy jams on a crisp fall night as winter is rapidly approaching.

Lisa C. | 2:40 PM

PJs and chilling with family

lcrum at nova dot edu

Lisa C. | 2:41 PM

T-shirt and shorts and watching a family movie

pharmstudent01 at yahoo dot com

Traci | 2:42 PM

I jam in a pair of sky blue whale capri bottoms and my xl way to large for me t-shirt of the moment. It currently is my Holland vs. Spain World Cup t-shirt I got in Holland this summer.

Emily | 2:42 PM

I'm a fan of yoga pants or crops and a good cami. Anything modal is a plus. So soft!

KGS | 2:43 PM

Yoga pants and an oversized t-shirt from my husband's dresser.

karenmsams at gmail dot com.

Erica | 2:43 PM

my 'jam is a t-shirt, OVERSIZED sweatpants and socks. Must. Have. Socks. Summer, spring, winter, fall; it doesn't matter. Cold toes and this girl is guaranteed to wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

Carrie | 2:44 PM

I love flannels in the winter, and oversized t-shirt in the summer.


team stephens | 2:45 PM

my favorite is a comfy shirt & an old pair of my husbands army sweats... um, definitely NOT his favorite. he prefers the yoga pants, lol.

3 year old daughter has some sweet monster pjs... & she will NOT GO TO BED IN ANYTHIG ELSE!

6 month old daughter is going for the one piece footie pjs... my favorites have elephants all over.

husband opts for gym shorts & a t shirt. fancy schmancy.

Lindsay | 2:47 PM

Yoga pants or big sweats and a $3 tank from forever 21. Love those tanks!

Erica | 2:48 PM

For the wee man: feety jams, of course.
For the preschool girl: Buzz Lightyear footy jams when I can get her to wear them at all. She prefers to sleep in her tiny underpants.
For moi: matching jammy pants and t-shirt from Target.

Em | 2:48 PM

jammies = undies + tank. nursing tank, specifically, for easy access to the snack bar by my 4 week old.

Jenny | 2:48 PM

I jam in boxers (girly ones) and tanks! During winter I love my dorky flannels with penguins all over!

Alexia | 2:49 PM

A tank top and panties!

SkittleSkattle | 2:49 PM

I jam in old navy pants and a tee, but when I go to bed, they all come off. too constricting! ;)

Anonymous | 2:51 PM

I love footed jammies on my oldest, Meredith, who's almost 4. My little man of 7 months, Dexter, rocks his little toes out. How else can he nibble on his toes while teething? (No, really. It's...interesting.)

Me? A really worn tshirt paired with men's boxer briefs. Old Navy has some great printed ones that are uber comfy.

Sandra Pree | 2:51 PM

I love wearing either my boxer shorts and tank top or one of my husband's long t-shirts!!!! They are both so comfy!

Rachel | 2:52 PM

I frakkin love kids in footy PJs. Myself, I rock the nighty (that my hubs got me) with sweats underneath. Very classy. ;)

Charisa | 2:52 PM

I jam in many different things, but socks are always involved. Always.

Claire | 2:53 PM

big t-shirt FTW + Junior Mints-print flannel shorts for fashion moment

Amanda | 2:54 PM

I like to jam in old t-shirts or tank tops paired with sweats or old soffe shorts.

Wish adults could get away with the adorable one piece jammers!

Leslie @ Body Won't Break | 2:54 PM

boxer shorts and a tee-shirt. or VS pink sweatpants and a tee-shirt.

lepisosteidae | 2:56 PM

I like leggings and a long sleeved t-shirt - it's starting to get cold here!

Amber | 2:56 PM

I jam in panties and a tee-shirt. It's the only way to go!

Mama Bub | 2:56 PM

I have just rediscovered the night gown, which I guess means that I've become my mother.

Unknown | 2:57 PM

My husband's old tee shirts and super soft sweatpants are the best.

Jaime | 2:58 PM

A pair of Old Navy (coincidentally) sweat-shorts, and whatever tank top is available.

Jess Youngsma | 2:59 PM

Nursing tank top, scrunchie (yeah, I said SCRUNCHIE) and my husband's band mech guy made booty shorts that have F.T.W. on the ass ... I'm a complete class act.

Jess @ http://thedoeorthedeer.blogspot.com/

Lisa | 2:59 PM

The oldest articles of clothing I own are my absolute favorite things to wear to bed!

A pair of my dad's old sweatpants that he gave me to wear a splatter painting project 16 years ago, and a T-shirt I have had since 1989. Who knows how many hundreds of times I have worn these!

Nothing can beat the comfort of properly worn out clothing. :)

Kristie | 3:00 PM

Gotta be the Gilly Hicks anything. That store was MADE for sleeping in.

Heather Tull | 3:01 PM

I love to jam in something cute but since getting knocked up again I'm finding that every cute little nightie ends with exposed tatas of which I am not a fan. So I'll be switching to shelf-bra tanks and short-shorts for the next many many months. Also, Sept 22nd is totally my birthday that is getting ignored due to not having a money tree so it would rock my world to have a little shopping spree at ON!

Melissa | 3:02 PM

Mix and Match. Right now it's an old T-Shirt of my husband's. Holes in the arm, wear and tear around the neck, but so comfy.

Katie Jane | 3:02 PM

I usually wear stripey pajama pants and one of my fiance's giant tshirts!


Emily | 3:03 PM

Decade-old Delia's yoga pants. Beater in the summer, hoodie in the other 3/4 of the year, soon to be hood-up all night. It gets cold here.

Lol, love the "Frankenpants"

MrsMIner | 3:04 PM

Tank tops and shorts. We cosleep and my baby still nurses, so tank tops and nursing bras are a must. and it's like a million degrees in our apartment at all times so shorts, or i have a few workout skorts too that i wear around the house to stay cool and unexposed while running around with a small child.
My kid hates anything constricting so she won't wear the footie PJs which breaks my heart because they are SOOO cute!!!!, but a baby in little yoga pants and cute t-shirts is super cute too, so that's how we roll.

Ariel L | 3:05 PM

I jam in sweats cut off at various lengths with a thin camisole or super-soft husband-T. My 20 month old daughter seems to prefer the two piece cotton pj's, she hates having her feet covered!

ariel_johnson at hotmail dot com

Mary O | 3:05 PM

Old workout clothes for me! Stretched out tanks, sweats with holes... so pretty.

Manda | 3:05 PM

I love me some pj pants and giant t-shirts personally (and as for our daughter? I love footies but we had to retire them when she started unzipping them in the morning, stripping nekkid and PEEING IN HER BED. uhm yeah).

Jill | 3:06 PM

Old navy yoga shorts and a favorite old T.

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian | 3:07 PM

Much like you I am all about yoga pants/sweats and a tshirt. In the summer I DO mix it up with a tshirt dress to bed.

tara | 3:08 PM

My jams are 4 year old Old Navy pj bottoms. They hold up so well. A tank top in the summer and a T in the fall/winter.

Faith | 3:11 PM

I'm rockin' a Powell's books tshirt and some awful leopard print pj pants.

Leah Y | 3:12 PM

i jam in the boy's tees and ladies boxer shorts. so snuggly!

Lindsay Schultz | 3:15 PM

my jam is always my husband's shorts and t-shirts! that seems to be a popular one here!

Lacey Jane | 3:15 PM

I generally go to bed wearing tiny boxers but inevitably I wake up wearing nothing but my skin. This was dangerous in college but now it's not so bad :)

elderbug | 3:16 PM

Definitely a tank and undies. Minimally covered and comfy.

Anonymous | 3:16 PM

Pajamas... It depends on the time of year. During the summer I will wear just a night gown. But during the winter I will mix it up with some PJ pants. Though lately I've been rocking some Sponge Bob sleep boxers and a t-shirt. I have to say Fable is totally edible. Her brown eyes are gorgeous!

Karen | 3:18 PM

Cotton pj pants and a nursing tank top...sometimes that's just not my jams but my all day clothes too. Life with a newborn!!

Mary | 3:18 PM

I wear green boxers with tiny blue and grey elephants on them and a tank top. Yep, I wear this even in the winter when it's below zero and my room is 60 degrees...I REALLY like to be cold when I sleep :-P

Mary | 3:18 PM

I wear green boxers with tiny blue and grey elephants on them and a tank top. Yep, I wear this even in the winter when it's below zero and my room is 60 degrees...I REALLY like to be cold when I sleep :-P

Anonymous | 3:18 PM

my husband's t-shirt for me - footed pj's for my 7 month old.


Andrea | 3:19 PM

Comfortable shorts and a tank top!

JB | 3:20 PM

Oh I cannot stand "footie pajamas" for that very reason, they get so incredibly tangled.

My favorite "jam" is actually Nick & Nora PJ's - comfortable and the patterns kind of have a sense of humor ("Monkeys at Christmas" scenes, etc, lol....).

Annie: | 3:21 PM

Love your sleeping outfit! Usually my fave Old Navy (coincidentally...) men's snowflake pajama pants and an old worn tee shirt

Mrs. Melberry | 3:23 PM
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Tiff | 3:23 PM

My jam is comfy old shirt and comfy shorts, I get too hot when I sleep!

Mrs. Melberry | 3:24 PM

My fav jam is an old Ramones tee of my husband's and one of a million pairs of capri sweats.

I <3 Old Navy!

robin | 3:25 PM

I'm with you. Give me sweat/fleece pants and an old t-shirt, and I'm good to go. I shed the pants when I hit the sheets. My kids have the two styles of jams, too, and I have always loved the footy pajamas, but as my children are GIANTS, esp my oldest, who is shaped like spaghetti-long and skinny- I have been known to cut the feet off the jammies to help them last longer.

Anonymous | 3:25 PM

I "jam" naked. When running around the house I wear a 20+ year old (former) terry cloth robe that was pink the day I bought it (for $20.00 on sale). My husband says it sheds threads so much one day when I open the dryer it won't be there - it'll all be in the lint screen.


Megan | 3:25 PM

I'm really big on traditional jams, and nerdy ones at that. so, in the winter I wear a pair of black flannel jammies with coffee cups and all kinds of corny coffe-themed catch phrases like "afternoon pick me up". I know. Super lame.

And in the summer, I wear a pair of organic cotton blue jammies that say something about...saving the Earth or some shit.

I like footless jammies for my daughter because she seems to always be hot. and I can always throw a pair of cocks on her, if need be.


Christina | 3:25 PM

My jam?

black leggings and an old oversized DC skate shirt (from the pro-hoe days!) ahaha

kelli | 3:26 PM

In 1994 my best friend worked at a grocery store and got a T-shirt that she gave me. It said "It's the greatest sale ever, just ask" Best sleep shirt ever! Holes and all.

Jos | 3:26 PM

yoga pants and a tee shirt, all the way!

Meagan | 3:29 PM

I always seem to wear the same yoga pants/boyfriend's white Hanes t-shirt combo. Nothing beats comfort at bedtime. But honestly in the middle of a sweltering summer in Atlanta, I sometimes wear nothing ;)

Rhiannon | 3:30 PM

Before baby it was birthday suit, after baby, either my Pantera or Megadeth t-shirt from high school about 14 years ago.
The kiddo likes thomas the train jammies

Jessica | 3:31 PM

Hey, you look just like me in my jammies! Gotta love a big t-shirt. My 14-month-old has branched out to Nick and Nora nightgowns from Target. Totally precious.

Rachel | 3:31 PM

My husband prefers I wear nothing. LOL. Having tried that I can say, I'm not a fan. Especially with little ones waking in the middle of the night. So lately it's usually just a t-shirt (My JMU has been the most recent) or whatever lounge shirt I'm wearing or is on the floor at that moment.

Anonymous | 3:34 PM

I'm always too hot or too cold so I either wear cute undies w/ tshirt that matches or sweatpants from old navy and a tshirt that matches. Matching is a must. Although I have a punky brewsterish sense of matching

love footed Jammies for little one, but he can't stand having his feet covered.


Catherine McNeur | 3:36 PM

I have been wearing Old navy shorts or yoga pants and a over-sized tank from American Apparel--which is great for breastfeeding in the middle of the night.

Red Stethoscope | 3:38 PM

Boxers and t-shirts for sure!

Sara | 3:42 PM

I sleep in a ridiculously large tee shirt. They are very comfy. Although if feety PJs were big enough I might just wear them still.

Alexis | 3:43 PM

I jam in stolen hospital scrub pants and whatever T or Tank I can land my hands on. Kids jam in a variety of Disney adorned nightgowns scored on clearance at Target.

cora d | 3:43 PM

T-shirt for me. I used to sleep au natural until I got pregnant last year and my breasts required a layer of protection.

Jen L. | 3:43 PM

I usually fall asleep in a plain ol' white haines tee and some old yoga pants. I have never invested in conventional pjs.

Melissa | 3:47 PM

Jammies are serious business round these parts. The minute we walk through the door, the day clothes come off and the jammies come on.

Current rotation includes various plaid jammie pants, random tanks with sports bra underneath, cotton head band and the occasional bandanna (you know, to class it up a bit)

likeitsgolden | 3:48 PM

i sleep in my undies and whatever shirt I wore for the day unless it was a fancy top than ill just sleep topless

Unknown | 3:49 PM

My son rocks the two-piece-footy jams every night. He doesn't like stuff on his feet. I prefer flannel PJ pants and either a tank top or an old t-shirt. Comfort is number one!

Heidi | 3:50 PM

I 'jam in a t-shirt and either skivvies or a pair of light weight pajama pants. Shirt of the moment is from our local Red Cross' recent fund raiser.

MJ | 3:52 PM

Hospital scrub pants and an old boyfriend's teeshirt. As a kid my mom dressed me in nighties - floor length with high necklines in the winter and sleeveless in the summer. I should invest in a grown-up nighty.

Anonymous | 3:54 PM

I usually sleep in a nightgown LOL

kelli(q) | 3:54 PM

I usually get jammin' in leggings or yoga pants plus a loose tee of some sort. And in the winter I have these gloriously warm fleecy classic-matching-button-up jams.

Lauren E. E. | 3:57 PM

Lulu Lemon yoga pants and one of those ultra-soft cotton tees that are too thin to really wear in public.

Lane | 3:57 PM

A mumu inherited from my husband's late grandmother! Not as creepy as it sounds! :)

Ashley | 3:58 PM

I enjoy stealing my husbands shirts. When we were dating I would take them home with me and he had a "No taking clothes home that are mine when you are my girl friend" policy. But I did it anyway. Now I enjoy jamming out in his V necks (that happen to be Old Navy, coincidence?). Sometimes sweatpants are included on a special occasion.

Anonymous | 4:00 PM

Old tshirt paired with old flannel pyjama pants .. sexy!

Stefanie | 4:04 PM

My favorites are comfortable old t-shirts with yoga pants. When it's cold I love sporting my incredibly comfortable although hideously ugly clog-like shoes.

Amy E. | 4:04 PM

I rock old gaucho pants and free t-shirts from college most nights. Stylish, I know.

Unknown | 4:05 PM

I'm a fan of flannel pj pants and old high school tees. Some days I do pull out the chemises that make my husband's eyeballs jump out of his head.

Dawn | 4:05 PM

Oversized t-shirts and pajama pants This post has inspired me to get cuter PJs. ;)

Anonymous | 4:06 PM

I am in my pjs right now, cooking dinner. Gap sweatpants and my old college community service fraternity Greek letters t-shirt. Gap + geek = sleep ;)

Andygirl | 4:07 PM

well it depends. if I'm sick (like now) or on my period, I like cozy cozy sweats and a T shirt. if it's hot out, maybe just a T and undies. and if someone is sleeping over, I skip jammies altogether.

Liesel | 4:07 PM

I like to jam in whatever is handy and comfy. Shorts and a T, pants and a T..whatever. Ironically I'm in a pair of old navy yoga capris right now. So comfy.

Bringing Up Ben | 4:08 PM

I'm a feety-lover as well! Although Ben has shot up recently so I have take scissors the feety-jammies and turned them into these weird one-piece long john looking things, straight out of Little House on the Prairie (if Buzz Lightyear was around in Laura Ingalls' time).

As for me, it's a pair of white terry cloth pants (that used to have a matching zip up hoodie - remember those days!?) and an Old Navy ribbed tank top.

Leila Gates-Wai | 4:13 PM

gaucho pants and old t-shirts or tank tops

Rebecca | 4:14 PM

I am currently wearing some capri pj bottoms from the anthro clearance paired with a matching tank. Super comfy and ya gotta love a sale!!!

My little girl has been sporting two piece footless pj's from the gap outlet. Also love the toes and don't have to worry about her slipping on the hardwoods.

abby | 4:16 PM

Hubby's tee shirt =)

Tracey | 4:17 PM

I am currently jamming in blue v-neck target tee with black (also Target, natch) capris. Other nights are variation on such until the cold northern winter sets in, then it's snowmobile suit. :)

Unknown | 4:20 PM

Currently, my favorite worn-in black pajama pants (lighter than sweatpants but still comfy) and a cotton tank top.

As it gets colder the thermal sleep shirt and leggings will come out. With big, thick socks. It is sexy, let me tell you!

Racher | 4:25 PM

Old Navy or somesuch pj pants + tank. Pretty much always. And they're almost always referred to as 'jammers' round here.

Anonymous | 4:27 PM

It's an Ani D tshirt and pj pants (from ON) for me, a nameless t and athletic shorts for B, and O totally rocks dinosaur footies!

EB | 4:29 PM

Long yoga pants and a baggy husband t-shirt are my go-to jammies.

Leslie | 4:31 PM

Honestly? I sleep naked most of the time, pregnant or not.

Liz | 4:35 PM

These days, a nursing tank and pretty floral pj pants, both courtesy of the Tar-jay. The pants were specifically purchased for postpartum recovery where I didn't feel like putting real clothes on but wanted to avoid looking like ass.

Unknown | 4:36 PM

I cannot sleep in socks. They make me twitchy. I jam in shorts and a tank, usually, and will make the progression to sweats as the weather gets colder.

Rashel | 4:42 PM

I jam in old navy cotton shorts and an old ass CKY t-shirt or something ridiculous like that. Comfy is my #1 priority in the sleep dept. My daughter is following in my footsteps as well, shorts and silly shirts! We keep it classy!

Marianne | 4:42 PM

For me, Old Navy knit pants that feel like they are made of the softest t-shirts, and a tank top. Easy peasy.

Anonymous | 4:42 PM

I'm a T-Shirt and Panties girl!! My 23month old son wears the 2 piece pjs, he's not so keen on the footies!

LindaB | 4:43 PM

BIG t-shirt and sweats over here! I'm addicted to buying pj pants in all fabrics and patterns, the crazier the better. I buy two sizes too big men's Hanes v-neck white tees and they are the bomb. Oooooh, I want to win that gift card so I can buy tons of Halloween print pj pants!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Carrot Flowers | 4:49 PM

jammies have to be easy to pull up and down in the middle of the night when holding teething twins and trying to pee. shirt can't be too clingy due to post pregnancy boobs and refusal to wear a bra indoors since i won't do anything that makes me too uncomfy these days (getting up at all hours is enough) even when i stay in my jammies until 4pm (sadly, yes, that happens quite often).

currently rotating several old navy and gap thin yoga pants from pregnancy days, and om girl drawstring yoga pants, along with any comfy thin tshirt i happen upon in my drawer. if i'm feeling fancy i wear a stretchy thin silky camisole thing over my yoga pants.

(rebecca i say you are due for a "hair towel" as seeing you with that big hefty towel on your head makes my neck hurt! super absorbent so hair dries fast, thin and compact, and even tucks your hair up neatly when you shower on the days you aren't shampooing. my fav is aquis microfiber and i get them at the beauty supply store).

Anna from Rhode Island | 4:51 PM

Most of the time, I 'jam' it in the nude... seriously. But when it gets too cold here in New England and I must bundle in layers, I'm all about comfort sleepwear!

I used to sleep in old sweat pants that went through pregnancy with me and were way too big and fell down my bum-bum when I walked around, so for Christmas my sister got me a lovely comfy cozy pair of Life is Good pj pants. Love them! And to complete the look, I find the biggest, comfiest t-shirt I own. That does it for me!

Emily (ekeech at gmail) | 4:53 PM

I sleep in a simple cotton nightie - basically an extra long tank top looking thing. I got a few of them from Gap Body a few years ago and they're perfect - flattering enough that I don't feel like a total mom after the lights go out, and simple and modest enough so as not to horribly embarrass my children come morning! Win, win, win.

Laura | 4:53 PM

I'm a t-shirt and sweats or pajama pants girl. In the winter, I'll throw on a big sweatshirt, too.


angela | 4:58 PM

As soon as i get home...yoga pants and a tank. So comfy.

Ashley | 5:02 PM

I love baby sweatpants and baby tanks for my daughters "jammies" and my boys always wear t-shirts and sweatpants with the occaisional footie pajama thrown in for good measure.

Me? I love the yoga pants and tank option as well.

Althea | 5:04 PM

My jams usually consist of the tank top I wore that day and a pair of workout shorts. You know, so I don't have to change when I work out in the morning.
Its DEAD SEXY, I tell you...

MadEnoughWorld | 5:05 PM

My faves are thermals. Yes, not in the winter, but if I had to pick one. They have to be 1) loose or loose-ish and 2) (prob most important) they have to be BREATHABLE, so cotton is preferable and polyester (like usual) is a def no-no. I can not! do the closed toe thing, I have to allow my feet to breathe, otherwise I can't sleep
For the summer, I prefer silk, since it is cool and light and I always have to use blanket regardless of the temp. It's a big hug!

Marie | 5:05 PM

I love fable's pjs! I tend to sleep in old t-shirts, especially t-shirts I've had for a long time & are too ratty or unstylish to leave the house in, but that I still can't get rid of. With pajama pants added on when it's cold outside!

Dea | 5:06 PM

I love a tank top and jammie pants. My favorite ones are Old Navy! They are very worn though...time for new ones! ;)

Sadie | 5:06 PM

Usually yoga pants and a tank. Old, stretched out, faded tank tops. :)

Donna | 5:10 PM

Definitely a t-shirt and yoga pants/sweat pants kinda girl. And I LOOOOVE slippers.

Kerry | 5:16 PM

It's all about the yoga pants for me. LOVE that sh*t. Whenever I'm at home it's yoga pants, a singlet top and an old Jack Johnson concert hoodie.

Nutmeg | 5:22 PM

We generally prefer the footy versions. The Three and a half year old begs for them, but it's far too hot for them in the summer. Then we go with shorts and t-shirts. We live in an old drafty house and the boy won't sleep with blankets so, cold feet prevention requires footy jamas in cool weather.

I'm an undies and a t-shirt to bed type (usually the shirt I was wearing during the day unless it was nice!

If it's really cold, then I wear flannel pajama pants that belong to my man, but he never wears them.

laura | 5:22 PM

I jam in a tank top and shorts!

beyond | 5:23 PM

undies and an old t-shirt...

lauren | 5:30 PM

my current jams are capri length pj pants and an old band t-shirt. comfy to the max! :)

Shelley Senai | 5:30 PM

I need an Old Navy gift card like I need air so here goes...

Rocking 1) my husband's old pajama pants from college. The waistband is about as loose as it can be while still staying up when I walk which means the ultimate in comfort. They're Izod. Plaid.

And, 2) my Dad's old old old Cape Cod "It's the Real Thing" red t-shirt (meant to look like the Coca Cola logo) that is almost completely threadbare in the armpits.

Miraculously, I did get laid tonight.

Kim | 5:32 PM

I jam in sheets alone...but when I venture outside the bed, it's flannel pants and a sweatshirt with the neck cut out or college shorts and a tshirt with the neck cut out, depending on the weather.

{katrina} | 5:38 PM

My jams are almost always a cami tank and boxer shorts in the summer and in the winter they get swapped out for some comfy jammy pants.

adventureswithaddison at gmail dot com

Stephanie | 5:41 PM

I love the feety pajamas on my kids, but my oldest boy (4 years old now) hated them.

My jam style is to wear one of my old thin shirts with any comfortable, stretchy waistband shorts (some that my husband hates to see me in).

I opt for comfort!

leta joy | 5:43 PM

Jammie pants and a super old, super soft t-shirt.

Monica | 5:47 PM

I usually just wear an old, soft t-shirt (long or short sleeved, depending on the temp) and a pair of knee-length pajama shorts that I got from Target.

My 3 year old son very cutely wears those Carters fleece one piece footie pjs most of the time. We live in the SF Bay area, and my house is usually cool/cold. He sleeps on top of his blanket, so he basically wears a blanket!

Susanlee | 5:48 PM

This is a fun post! LOVING footie pajamas! I jam in pink spotted pajama pants and a white tank top this week. Sometimes it's Edwardian cotton cami and bloomers though. But only when it's warm and I'm feeling fancy.

Bekah | 5:49 PM

husbands boxers, old nursing top! What can I say...Im pretty sexy

Molly | 5:50 PM

My jammers are always a short nightgown. And I've got kind of an obsession with them. Pants make me feel too hot and my legs get all twisted up. But I do like to throw a pair of jammer pants (courtesy of Old Navy) on underneath my shortie gown when I get up in the morning. Viva la shortie gown!

SpillingOutBeautiful | 5:51 PM

Truthfully my jam is usually my birthday suit.

Though, if I'm lounging around my house it's in my favorite (oh so old) white cami and the plaid pajama pants I stole from my grandpa. Which (I swear) still smells like him even thought I've washed them a kazillion times.

maresi | 5:52 PM

Oh man, do I love little ones in footie pjs! I usually wear a nightshirt or shorts and t-shirt. Occasionally I bust out a (terribly old) black nightgown that the hubs seems to like for some strange reason.

rosiewiklund | 5:57 PM

Ahhh.. jammies. We usually just wear our underpants. This is really funny because I own many pajama type pants. I always pull those on when I need comfort, to clean the house, or for yoga. :)

Tress | 5:57 PM

sweats! without a doubt.

Catherine | 5:58 PM

I'm a pajama pants and t-shirt girl, preferably one of my husband's worn-in t-shirts. Perfect:)

Celina | 5:59 PM

I call them jammie jams for the kiddo. I love him in some fitted cotton pjs. Then you get to see how silly skinny he is and it makes us all laugh.
My jam is usually just a tank top since I'm pregnant and believe that we live in a volcano most of the time. I prefer my son to wear his jammies with toes exposed so his cold feet can touch my belly. It's delightful!

Lucy Freedman | 6:00 PM

I've been reading for a while but have never commented. This is funny because my daughter has the exact same yellow "animal fair" feet jammies that Fable has. She also has the same rain boots! Weird.

Me, I wear my husband's old Shades Apart long sleeve t-shirt or my Dinosaur Jr. tee and nasty old sweatpants. I feel bad for my husband and I can't believe he ever wants to sleep with me when I'm wearing that!

Btw, love your blog. You're a great writer.

Rina | 6:00 PM

I like tanks and pj pants. I usually start with socks and somehow they end up off my feet and on the floor in the middle of the night.

stephanie | 6:01 PM

Tanks and pj pants! Sometimes night gowns, sometimes noooothing at all! ;)

Bekka Ross Russell | 6:06 PM
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LindaB | 6:06 PM

Yikes! Forgot to leave my email addy in case I win...it's lindalee7777 at hotmail.

Thanks! Love the pics of Fable too, btw.

nmg915 | 6:07 PM

Scrub bottoms (the kind with the drawsting waist) and an old tank top that has seen better days but is oh so comfy.

Bekka | 6:07 PM

Yoga pants and/or flannel pj pants w/ a tank top in the winter, some variety of comfy cotton shorts or just underwear in the summer, again with the tank top. I'm, erm, extraordinarily well endowed on top and so can pretty much only get away with just a tank top within the walls of my own house.

TexasBobbi | 6:10 PM

I rock one of Casey's tshirts and some underpants. Now if I am longe a pair of sweats is added.

Anonymous | 6:17 PM

betsy johson nighty and boy shorts. i live in new orleans. it's hot!

Zee | 6:18 PM

I jam in a nursing tank and yoga pants. Gotta love the nursing mama look! (For the really cold days I also have my own footie pajamas -- minus the butt flap!)

Unknown | 6:25 PM

T-shirt & sweats for me. For the kids, it depends on the season - feeties all the way in the winter, 2 piece shorts or pants in the summer (it is why too hot here for feeties). Fall & Spring - depends how hot/cold and how things fit!

For the person who said they can't find feetie pjs over 2T, try Carters, Lands End, LL Bean, & Target (my five year old loves and warm, soft pair of feetie pjs on a cold night!)

Bless with a Boy | 6:26 PM

As soon as I get home I putt hte girls out of the holster and let them free... welll I have a tshirt on and shorts.... no socks or shoes.. just chillin with the family!


Linley | 6:28 PM

Feeties were always on the prowl at our house when I was little. My pink Barbie ones rocked. Anyways, now I'm all for a big worn in flannel shirt. So cozy!

Anna | 6:30 PM

T-shirts and sweat pants, the 'jams of Champions!

Abbey | 6:32 PM

Mostly yoga pants and old college tees even though college is now many years past.

Karen Chatters | 6:35 PM

I'm 8+ months pregnant so I sport the hubs t-shirts, the really, really big ones. Although, when I'm not pregnant, I sport the same shirts and PJ bottoms if I'm cold. I love pajama bottoms, they're so cute now!

Diana | 6:35 PM

I love to wear Old Navy yoga pants to bed (and all the time!) and a T-shirt. My daughter's PJ's are pretty cute, but mine are not!

Laura | 6:36 PM

During the winter, yoga pants and an oversized t-shirt with fleecy socks in the morning. During the summer, I prefer to sleep in my underwear.

I love footy jammies for my baby, but my older 2 wear something similar to me.

ste | 6:39 PM

I wear red plaid flannel pj pants with a red tshirt. My daughter wears the fleece one piece footy because she kicks off her blankets and it keeps her cozy!

Jess | 6:46 PM

Bed time jam in the house has recently been just underwear! eek! That's what you get for no air conditioning in the bedroom for the hot summer of the east coast. Usually though - shorts and a t shirt, or comfy pants and a t-shirt.

AnnieM | 6:48 PM

I've worn that same thing since jr. high, a men's white v-neck tee and either boxers or light jam pants. Far from sexy. I buy nice things every once in a while and keep going back to the grubby stuff.

Kila Bell | 6:49 PM

Winter fleece and summer boxers!

jill (smyth) | 6:49 PM

I jam nekked.

But when le babe is around, I wear yoga pants. sometimes a cotton tee. sometimes not.

katie d | 6:51 PM
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Candace | 6:52 PM

Yoga pants and a t-shirt. I pull on a sports bra and I'm ready to work out the next morning.

katie d | 6:53 PM

Every night is the same. Me - yoga pants & camisole with shelf bra. He - Tee shirt from the day and underwear. Basically just takes off jeans & passes out. They - boys jammies from Target or Old Navy. They are the mini Boden knock offs which I <3

Jess | 6:56 PM

Yoga pants, a tank, and an old cardi. Cardi comes off for sleep. Because really-how twisty would that be at 3 in the morning?

dgurl7 | 6:59 PM

jam my 3/4 plaid cargo sweats, gap tank and slippers :) i will say...i was just at gap body last night checkin' out some new jams to rock!

Cara | 6:59 PM

A nightgown with an easy to pull down strap so the baby can find her target without Mama having to stay awake. Not nearly as cute as Fable in her PJs, though the baby styles the adorable long nightgowns with elastic at the bottom.

Regan | 7:00 PM

We are a feetie pj family for the kid and I'm a yoga pants as pajamas type of woman.

sawyer | 7:00 PM

I love wearing pajama bottoms (thin in summer, then for the winter I switch to sweats) with whatever shirt I was wearing for the day.

MK | 7:01 PM

Gauchos are the BEST for jams. I usually pair it with a husband-sized tee for MAXIMUM comfort.

Jen | 7:02 PM

I'm wearing yoga pants from the gap, a simple wishes hands free pumping bra and a medela freestyle. Sigh. Breast feeding leaves me pretty torn. I'm happy I'm able to do it, but damn if the boobs don't hurt.

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