Gone Style: 'Jam on it! (Sponsored)

*updated with winners, below!*
When it comes to pajamas and babes, there are two types of jams in our household: the one-piece-feety and the two-piece-footy. I am undecided on which is preferable because on one hand I like very much to nibble toes whilst reading Olivia books, but at the same time? There is nothing quite so delightful as a child running full speed down the hall in a pair of feety pajamas.

Behold, the one-piece feety...
accessorized with boots. (She loves boots.)
and a wooden "milk carton"

Pros: No cold feet during bedtime and/or during morning pajama-fests.
Cons: Sometimes a bit of a leg tangle occurs and the foot ends up in the knee or the ankle which can be a no-bueno-nuisance-to-the-max.
And then we have, of course, another family favorite:

The two-piece Footy
Pros: Edible toes exposed for eating
Cons: Edible toes exposed to cold morning floors and massive amounts of dog hair
Ah, but pajamas are just like life, yes? Even the most comfortable things can be annoying. Legs tangled and feet cold and, well, eventually everyone has to get dressed and go outside.

In the meantime, though ....
... we like to 'jam.

Once again, I get to give away (another!) $150 Old Navy gift card. (Winners to be chosen September 22nd. For contest rules and regs, go here.)

To win? Tell me in the comments, what's your 'jam? I happen to 'jam in sweats and tee-shirts, mainly. Currently rocking an adorable Zero Skateboards tee from 1998 and a pair of Old Navy sweatpants with paint-stains (to make me feel arty) circa even earlier. Annnnnd a towel in my hair. I'm fancy like that.
...Your turn!


Many thanks to the folks at Old Navy for sponsoring this post + contest and for giving me a much needed fun-with-fashion reprieve this week. To shop and/or browse Old Navy's Baby Sale, go here. Thanks!

Updated: congrats to Adventures with Addison, Cora D and JWhite for winning the threeOld Navy drawings! And thanks to all of you for participating! xo!


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nikki | 12:51 PM

I'm a hard core sweat pants jammer. And one of the husband's old t-shirts. Simply the best.

Cristin | 12:54 PM

my favorite pj's are a green/purple/yellow striped pants from lands end with a baggy, miss-matched long sleeve t shirt that says "acadia" down the sleeve. so comfy!

Sass | 12:55 PM

As Peaches declared to all at nursery I sleep in the nuddy. Peaches however likes cute Jim jams topped off with a big white and turquoise woolly bobble hat.

I like to imagine it's her safety helmet for when she falls off to sleep.

Anonymous | 1:00 PM

My comment just got eaten *grumble*

We have the same jammies...I LOVE the stretchies from Children's Place, but we usually end up rocking the two piece jams due to ease of diaper changes. They need to make footie jams in a two piece variety!

I totally jam out to capri sweats and tanks myself (usually ones found at Maurice's), but one a cold day I can be seen wearing a hoodie and yoga pants. But it can be 20 below 0 and you'll rarely see me in socks :-P

Hespyhesp | 1:00 PM

I'm all about the sweat pants and tank top and my little guy has the cutest little shorts and t-shirt sets. I love the footie jams, but can only do those in the winter bc the kid sweats like crazy and it's FL!

Home Sweet Sarah | 1:07 PM

Oh no. I don't 'jam in anything! Scandalous!

The Hojo Family | 1:17 PM

I usually jam in yoga pants and an old tshirt - nothing fancy, but VERY comfy!!

duchessbelle | 1:20 PM

Yoga pants (usually old navy!), tank, ll bean fitness fleece. ah, can't wait to get home from work and change!

Sarah | 1:24 PM

My go to is an oversized Nationals t-shirt and shorts.

Megan Stuke | 1:53 PM

I like yoga pants and a ribbed tank. Truthfully, most of my 'jams come from old Navy!

samantha | 1:54 PM

my 'jam is always pajama pants and old tee shirts (summer it's boxers). i will NEVER EVER understand people who wear nightgowns. too cold on the legs! possible clausterphobic situation in the middle of the night! sigh.

samanthajocampen at gmail

Janice | 2:05 PM

I wear an old Perperdine volleyball shirt or a t-shirt from my pregnancy that reads "my pod has two peas". Sooo comfy. PJ pants if it's cool enough. The 18mo old babes wear footy PJs! They love em!
I have just been introduced to your blog and LOVE what I have read so far. I'm posting a link on my blog MommaWords.com
Thanks so much!

Sarah, The Ohana Mama | 2:13 PM

so funny, it was pajama day at my son's school yesterday. It caused a dilemma...he sleep in just undies (gotta love Hawaii weather) and that wasn't goign to fly for pj day at school.

BUT, I was able to find some pjs I bought last time were were on the mainland and Cam needed to be a bit more clothed while snoozing. They were old navy short sleeve and shorts set, actually!

I'm a light dress kind of a pj girl. or shorts and a tank.

Cave Momma | 2:18 PM

I live in yoga pants and tank tops. Sooo comfy!

I loved my kids in one-piece pj's but they started getting annoyed by the whole foot-caught-at-the-knee thing so we have moved completely to 2-piece pj's. Especially now since my 3 yr old is potty trained. Makes it much easier on all of us.

Love those pictures. She is such a cutie!

Tanna | 2:41 PM

I choose the ratty old t-shirt with boxers or sweats. The boys in the fam choose underwear and optional two piece jams. As the boys get older they want to be more and more like Dad, just underwear.

Carrie | 3:01 PM

My fuschia "pure silk" according to the tag thrifted jammie pants with a Target olive green tank, hot cha cha!

mommymae | 3:02 PM

i wear tees or tanks to bed. all the kids, but the boy, love what we call zip-zips (the ones with feet.) and the baby doll wears her brothers jimmies, too. god, she loves him.

Mrs. Owens | 3:12 PM

I totally live for pajamas! Seriously, they put me in a happy mood! My current favorite is a supersoft hoodie from Target and a pair of old gap body supersoft pants...and flip flops. Delicious!!!

Andi | 3:25 PM

I longed for all in one jammies. So much so, that my fiance bought them for me. And then I tried them on and realized that, like so many things from childhood, they're good to remember but bad to recreate.

Anyway. My pjs are ratty underwear and a tshirt. But why the ratty underwear? Well, I like that they'er comfy. And I like that I can get up in teh morning and put on cute undies to start my day. Just one little thing that makes me feel girly, even if I have graham cracker grit in my hair and my legs haven't been shaved in a week.

Jodi | 3:34 PM

I have an old pair of yoga pants I wear with a tshirt or sweatshirt for jammies (depending on the weather or time of year!) :)

Thanks so much!

Tammy | 3:46 PM

Tees and sweats is the only way I am comfortable!

I love the feet jammies but my daughter hated them. She's like me and can't stand to have her feet covered when she sleeps.

MissMolly | 3:51 PM

A long shirt unless its cold then add some soft PJ pants and I am all set! Molly

Miss M | 4:39 PM

It's hot in the desert, so as little as possible!

Melissa | 4:52 PM

I prefer a t-shirt or tank top with undies.

emily bilbrey | 5:07 PM

oh my WORD - the 5th pic of fable from the bottom - where she's laughing & leaning forward?

me = DEAD

how did i miss the cuteness that is this post?

and oh how i would love to win some old navy bucks. there's one 5 mins down the street from my house and if it weren't for them i fear my child would have to run around nekkid!

my jams are just like your jams: husband's band tees, yoga pants or men's flannel pj pants. i get super cold at night, so i also rock socks & a cardigan. omg SEXY!

kiss, kiss.


Anonymous | 5:33 PM

right now since it's so hot i am sleeping in my skivies, but when it's cooler out I rock my college t shirt that is so worn you can no longer tell what college, and my ginormous mustard yellow pregnancy sweats. Marvelously comfy...

Anne-Marie | 5:34 PM

At the moment, whatever fits :) (Baby due in about six weeks). Usually yoga pants and a t-shirt; fleece pants and tops pretty soon.

Rebekah Wolf | 5:46 PM

While I fantasize about having nice PJs to snuggle into, I keep it real with old T-shirts and soft, stretchy pants.

Abby | 6:04 PM

old navy pajama pants and nursing tank top! so comfy!

trista | 6:06 PM

I have a gi-nourmous Body Shop t-shirt from back in the day. It is purple, my favorite color, and has cute cartoon endangered animals on it. I wear it as a nightgown.
tristamj (at) hotmail (dot) com

Susie | 6:10 PM

My jams right now are a nursing sleep bra and a pair of very old green sleepy shorts that survived my 42 week pregnancy.

caitlin | 6:25 PM

I like to sleep in a slip, comfortable AND it makes my husband happy!

Keara | 6:39 PM

T-shirt (probably with dessert stains on it) and some banana republic outlet sweatpants circa 2002...

But I would totally consider footies for the cold Chicago winters!

Duffy | 6:52 PM

for the kiddo...zippered one-piece "footsy" jammas fo sho!

for me? (and I am not just saying this, honest) drawstring pj pants with a funky print, from Old Navy, and a tank top.

Anonymous | 7:17 PM

Oldest wears tshirt and shorts most nights unless super cold and then he will wear long sleeve t and pajama pants. Socks are usually a no, but some nights he will suprise me. Youngest wears longsleeve t and pajama pants with socks almost year round. One hot child and one cold one.

My kids are tall/long torso so the one piece pj's don't really fit well, but I like those.

I change it up, but the best is my superman cotton boxers shorts with an old and hole ridden save the tigers t. We go for comfort around these parts.

Myssie | 7:33 PM

PJ Jammers. I Jam in bright pink yoga pants and a cotton tee (long or short sleeve).

Mrs. Brightful | 7:35 PM

Brown wide legged sweats and an India Arie concert tee. Love.

anabrightful at yahoo dot com

Katie | 8:38 PM

I'm a minimalist when it comes to bedtime. I'd rather the blankets and my husband keep me warm than binding jams (I'm glad you call them that, because that's what they are in this house). However, if for modesty's sake, I need to wear them, I prefer yoga pants and a fitted tee. My jams need to move with me, not around me as I toss and turn. On my babe, though, it's all about the two-piece-footies, nice and tight to show off her sweet baby belly and diaper booty.

Kelda | 8:57 PM

Nursing tank and cool cotton cropped funky pj pants - currently white, green and pink stripes with pink ribbons at the cuffs.

Kristen | 9:10 PM

Oh, I do love you, pjs.

I go all the way...matching top and bottom "men's style" pajamas in the most ridiculous patterns, just because I can. Pink polka-dots. Nordic print. Absurdly awful prints in ridiculously cozy fabrics.

Kalen | 9:48 PM

My jam is usually some form of yoga/sweat pants or capris & hubby's t-shirt. In the winter, I looove Old Navy fleece (not just sucking up - I really do) and sweat pants. Though I think I'd look super cute with a pair of footed pajamas, personally!

Haley | 10:02 PM

Total coincidence, but i'm wearing old navy yoga pants (which were BOGO : D) and a long sleeved gray shirt from there, as well. I usually wear whatever I have available that's comfy. Boxers, shorts, leggings, yoga, or work out pants and a tank, tee or long sleeved shirt depending on the weather.

Kelli | 10:38 PM

I definitely go for comfort, with the old navy fleece pj pants, and a comfy t shirt. Kids are usually in 2 piece outfits or a footie style for the baby.

whatthekel at comcast dot net

A.E. | 12:05 AM

Mens boxer-briefs (preferably old ones of my bf's or a pair from bf's past) and, honestly, whatever shirt I wore that day. I am a lazy one.

My name is Katie | 5:47 AM

I usually rock my gray yoga pants and my favorite woot! tee, the "yay taco!". I like to keep things classy.

Laura K | 6:29 AM

Cotton/spandex shorts and a tank top!

Dia | 7:30 AM

Pajama pants and Old Navy Tees for me!

whitney | 7:37 AM

my 'jam is to be barefoot as much as humanly possible. wood floors+winter+ohio only let that happen about 6 months out of the year. i'm not a robe fan so if i get out of the shower and am feeling particularly cozy, i always opt for my husband's worn-in j. crew sweat pants. i think he's had them since highschool. they're all sorts of paintstained and ripped, etc. but perfect for lounging.

about kids 'jams (which we refer to around here as "jambones" and i have no idea why) we give the footed jams so much love in the winter. those tootsies would be icecubes by the end of breakfast, if we didn't.

Unknown | 8:00 AM

Gavin tends to wear the 2-piece getups. Hubby and I have started wearing our "smurfs" since the weather is getting colder here in MA. Smurfs are the sweats they issue you in Navy bootcamp! Not terribly cute, but wicked comfy

Erin | 8:16 AM

PJs!!! Stripped Gap bottoms and whatever t-shirt in my drawer that doesn't have spit up on it. Usually an old concert t-shirt from my rockin' youth.

And when its cold my husband comes in and puts some fuzzy socks on my feet for me. Love him. :)

Steph | 8:25 AM

I have lots of fun flannel jammies, but I only wear them before bed. I can't sleep in anything but a t-shirt and undies. For my little bit, I like nomable two piece footys, and for the hubs I prefer a nice pair of boxer briefs.

AutumH | 9:19 AM

Normally my boys "jam" in shorts and a t-shirt if they cannot find their regular Pj's which is pretty much a constant.


Jena Nicole | 9:31 AM

We're an underwear family... Baby in a diaper, Mommy and Daddy in underwear and teeshirts.
I think it's because our daughter had reflux until a month or so ago... And it's easier to wipe spit up off a bare leg than it is to change your clothes every 2 minutes.

Rochelle | 10:19 AM

Tank and yoga pants! Super cozy.

Katie | 10:41 AM

A maternity tee (not currently pregnant, but it's so darn comfy!) and Old Navy capri sweats.

Jess Flanigan | 10:54 AM

usually an old cotton dress or slip...

jess | 11:14 AM

my jams are my old roommates former sorority t-shirts and boyfriends boxers!

Liz | 11:19 AM

Usually a giant t-shirt. It varies depending on temperature, though

karma dot points at yahoo dot com

NHmommy | 11:23 AM

wow..hmm. both here. mostly the two piece though. but the footies work better for the cloth diapered baby!

melissa | 11:28 AM

We had the same debates in our house, until my daughter settled it after a summer in shorts & tees to bed by REFUSING to wear footies ... so we're wearing 2 piece cotton footless pj's ... we switch between long sleeve and short sleeve tops. Winter will probably be flannel or fleece.

I wear the OLDEST pair of Old Navy Yoga Pant/Pajama bottoms (circa maybe late 1990's?) and either a tank top or old comfy tee shirt... Flannel pj's during the winter.

Ericka | 11:35 AM

I love my cotton man pj bottoms and tshirts.

Kim T | 11:40 AM

We're pretty much a soft shorts or sweats and T shirt househould. As soon as my girls were old enough to pick their own PJs that's what they've gone with. Like mother like daughter. ;)

Jillian | 11:43 AM

oversized tees and boxers!

Erin S. | 11:48 AM

I'm a gym shorts and husband's white t-shirt kind of gal. Though I am occasionally jealous of my daughter's footie pjs. . .

This Scientist | 12:44 PM

The husband's boxers and a men's tank top undershirt!

Emily | 12:57 PM

an old tshirt that says "machinist union" on the back, and pj shorts my mom got me, probably part of a set, from years ago at Macys.

chisparoja | 1:11 PM

my daughter and I both prefer tank tops and girl's boxers - the little short ones.

Brandy G | 2:26 PM

Well, I personally would prefer nothing but panties, but since we now have kiddos in the house, it tends to swing between long, oversized t-shirts (no guests) or whatever cute jammy set I recently picked up (guests).

HeatherABC | 2:58 PM

favorite jammies of mine? Batman pajama pants cutoff into shorts and any concert t-shirt from pre-prgnancy or hello kitty flannel pants with my hubbys work undershirt or my old softball jersey

K Foxman | 3:44 PM

aw, love the jammie jams! my fave jammies are an old ratty t-shirt of my husband's that he screenprinted in high school paired with a pair of yoga pants or (in the winter) flannel pajama pants.

Haley | 3:59 PM

I wear a t-shirt and yoga pants or shorts, depending on the weather. On nights that I sleep with socks, I always start with two socks, and most mornings wake up with just one - earning me the nickname "one sock." :)

Ashley | 4:56 PM

My mom bought me jammies for Xmas one year. I think they are Lands End. Long sleeve tops and pants with elastic waist - cotton. For some strange reason, my husband thinks the red ones are the sexiest thing I own (even counting my few negliges). I also wear a tank with elastic near the bra line -> 'cause I'm of the large boob brigade.

Brittany Cox | 6:10 PM

nike yoga pants, and a big grey sweatshirt. when it's raining outside, i add tea with some heated milk in my right hand.

Misha | 7:30 PM

I am a t-shirt and flannel bottoms girl (never like the flannel tops that come with). My two boys weat ts and pants or footed jams. My 3 year old loves these big furry Grover socks which are hilarious yet cozy warm.

One Toothbrush | 7:41 PM

Flannel boxers from Gap (Yes, I wear them even in the summer) and a cotton tank by J.Crew (softest tee IN.THE.WORLD.

jessicaj75@aol.com | 8:06 PM

Wow what a timely post!!! i wear sweats with paint on them OR my old navy lounge pants that I bought to wear as outdoor pants when i was pregnant 8 years ago. i usually wear a tshirt from the preschool where i work. the other day my hubby said i wear the funniest stuff to bed and i thought hmmm, we're going on 10 yrs and maybe i'm too comfy? so i went to old navy and bought a bunch of vneck tees on sale for six bucks! i can't wear them out cuz i have big tattas and can't bend down in a vneck without the girls jumping out.

and the funny thing is, i wear old navy pajama pants to work in the summer. i have capris and roll up pants in all different patterns and nothing dries quicker in the summer heat. LOVE THEM!

Janine | 8:26 PM

I wear sweatpants and a t-shirt. I wish it were more exciting than that. Maybe someday....

kelly | 8:59 PM

blue target capris with multicolor hearts - very mid 1980s. mondo soft gray tshirt. i could probably grocery shop in this get up.


Unknown | 9:43 PM

I'm a tank top sleeper, my husband is a boxer shorts sleeper. What can I say? We're hot sleepers. (That sounds sexy, but it's really not. It's really, really not.)

Katy L | 4:52 AM

I rock old, as-big-as-possible t-shirts and a pair of boxer shorts. If it's cold, I had a hoodie that has the hood chopped off. And for my babe, it's always footie!

Unknown | 7:59 AM

I have a pair of XXL men's pajama pants that I bought during pregnancy and enjoy how much baggier they are getting :-)
That rotates with my Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hoops & YoYo (love those little guys) and my new AIDS walk T-shirts.
Sometimes I feel the need to change the MOMENT I step in the door from work at 6 p.m. As my friend says, "Gotta get the work funk off you."
Feety pajamas for my babe these days as he's almost 1, but I like how much of a 'big boy' he looks in two-pieces from Old Navy, actually!

AutumH | 8:09 AM

My jammies usually consist of shorts and a tank top.


Stephanie | 9:46 AM

Ooh, I looove pajamas! aka jim jams!
My current favourites are a black tank top and black-with-polka-dots satin pajama pants (top tip: the satin is brilliant for minimizing twisting/tangling under the covers, and also somehow feels more sexy, less frumpy). Also, the tank top has a built in bra thingy because I like the girls to have at least a little support at all times.

Bethany Bassett | 11:48 AM

I'm a cami-n-undies kinda gal, though the yoga pants go on when we have house guests. I haven't tried the towel in the hair though -- it looks like a winner!

katie | 12:45 PM

We jam at breakfast in our jammies and dinner wearing our finest t-shirts accessorized with spaghetti sauce, ketchup, sour cream or dip dip du jour!

Sarah | 5:36 PM

I usually wear a t shirt and on of many pairs of pajama pants.


Dia | 6:13 PM

I jam in Old Navy Sweat and hoodies, gotta be comfy!

Anonymous | 6:15 PM

We all jam in short and graphic tees.

Anonymous | 9:01 PM

Some kind of pajama bottoms on the top, and whatever shirt I wore that day...sad, I know.


Jamilisa | 10:22 PM

I can't believe more readers didn't cop to jammin nakie! That's the best! After sleeping tho, I jam in whatever old yoga pants and tank top are closest :)

Andrea | 7:19 AM

Boxers and a tank top every single night. My kids, besides the fact that they both have a drawer full of adorable jammies, have both decided that undies are the only acceptable thing to sleep in. I'm mourning the footie jammies over here.

Dia | 7:39 AM

My fav jam is Old Navy sweats and graphic tees. I'm all about comfort.

Gini | 7:49 AM

Usually tank top from Old Navy, they have fab prices and also some skimpy shorts. Its hot in Texas, so the less on, the better!

MEINIA | 8:07 AM

I'm currently 'jammin' in a pair of girlie pink boxers and a very faded pink tank top, courtesy of my mother six or seven birthdays ago.

Mrs. Owens | 8:45 AM

I have this silky robe that a friend gave me years ago...super soft and luxurious!

chyenne | 9:10 AM

I'm a night gown kind of girl, I know not many of us left...

Cinny | 9:10 AM

I jam in pj bottoms and tank and my soft fuzzy robe.

cenicienta_one at hotmail dot com

AutumH | 10:06 AM

As far as Pj's go for my hubby he sticks to what's comfortable but he definitely is in need of some new sweats or flannel pj bottoms.


AmandaJo | 10:18 AM

Our baby boy usually jams in just a t-shirt. When he wears actual jimmies, we have the no-footies. The footie ones make him scream like he's being burned with acid, so.

Barb Mowery | 2:31 PM

My jammies are usually flannel pants from the men's department and a Jockey tank top. But I used a birthday giftcard to purchase a cotton grannie-style nightgown this spring. Totally on a whim. And for some reason my husband really digs it. I always crack up when he makes a move on me when I'm in the grannie nightgown. Good times!

Anonymous | 3:38 PM

What's my jam? Always pants of some type, be they capris, shorts or full out jammie bottoms. Must be some cute print in bright fun colors. Add a tee or tank in the summer, and a hoodie or cardi in the winter for added warmness. You can say you like snow as much as you want, but when it hits -60 it loses it's sparkle entirely, believe you me.

L.L. | 5:31 PM

My son is only 4 months old so his 'jam is still the Sleep Sack. My 'jam is no jam. We are a naked house :) and I am still wondering what I am gonna do when my son gets older and its no longer OK for me and my husband to walk around naked willy nilly.

Sarah | 7:04 PM

Currently my son and I sport cotton pants and a t-shirt and my hubby a t-shirt and boxers (the hubby and I are typically mismatched, but our son has cute matching sets). But as the weather turns cooler my son will sport the 2-piece footy jammies, and the hubby and I will continue to wear mismatched pants, boxers and t-shirts to bed :) I have a no socks to bed rule for the hubby and I. Not sure why, but it creeps my out to slide my feet over near my hubby's and feel socks. My son does wear socks in the winter if his jammies happen to not have feet.

Ida Mae | 7:36 PM

jamming with a pair of old navy jammies pant bottoms.. and a tank of sorts. Sam is sporting a Jammie set of his own, but is quickly showing me we need a couple new sets...as the new breakfast routine is a little messy :)

Bryna | 1:17 AM

I'm a tank top, pajama bottom girl. In the winter I add a "pajama sweater"; something comfy, maybe not fashionable with a pocket. Especially nice for keeping warm while breastfeeding in the middle of the night!

brynalovig at yahoo dot com

Bailey | 5:04 AM

Am I too late to play? I usually rock girly boxers and tank tops to bed, no matter the season. That's what blankets are for, right? As for the kiddle, she is a two-piece footy girl all the way.

Anonymous | 6:48 AM

Haha, much to the disappointment of my husband, I wear a large t and either sweatpants or shorts. Never socks.

Jen C
jdmcompton at yahoo dot com

Mary | 6:49 AM

I'm a sweatpant/capri and t-shirt kind of girl. My 2 year old likes to rock out the two piece jams. I love the footies, but his feet are just way too big! :)

The Lungos | 8:53 AM

The baby wears a onsie, baby legs and socks. The kiddo wears Tinkerbell short/shirt jammies.

I wead Old Navy terry cloth boy shorts from 2002 and any tank cami I can find.

Sarah | 9:37 AM

I usually jam in old tanktops (retired after acquiring stains, holes, etc), and yoga pants, though I much prefer my winter jammies which are flannel with super tacky patterns (penguins in snowglobes anyone?).

AutumH | 9:52 AM

I would have to say my favorite pjs to jam out in are an awesome pair of sweats that aren't too stained and a tank top. Thanks for the opportunity!


Janelle Halverson | 9:54 AM

Oversize Steelers shirt that has memories-wonderful and sad at the same time. It is short enough that I don't look quite like a grandma but long enough I can sneak out on the porch and water my flowers without being entirely indecent.

Elizabeth | 10:13 AM

I'm all about the shirt my husband wore that day and Old Navy yoga pants.

SJM | 11:32 AM

If I could I would 'jam' all day every day and never get dressed up in adult clothes. The minute I get home I take off my acceptable/respectable-member-of-society outfit - whatever it is for that day - and get into my sweats and tees. In winter I drive my husband crazy by refusing to wear anything other than my Free City sweatpants which, although expensive, are soooo thick and comfy, or my Target sweats. I don't think it means 'I've given up' to quote George Costanza, because with a 5 month old and a 4 year old, I've got to be comfortable, ready to horse around, get down and play Thomas trains, or be spit up upon....at a moments notice. And I have to add, footie vs. non-footie is such a hard choice. And with an infant, there's also the gowns or sleep sacks which make the babes look like Sweetpea from Popeye or Little Cindy Loo Hoo. Too cute TOO!

Dia | 12:18 PM

I jam in Old Navy Flirt Jeans and graphic tees.

ange | 2:49 PM

Husband's tee shirt.

Jacki | 3:29 PM

We're all about the nightgowns for my girls and cotton capris and tees for me.
jackidaley at gmail dot com

Unknown | 5:21 PM

In the summer, those little soffe shorts and a giant ugly teeshirt- reminds me of college:) Now that it's getting chillier, I've shifted to ankle length yoga pants- if I try to do full-length they just get encrusted in cat hair. Always have to balance soft and stretchy on the bottom with soft and floppy up top though!

The Jorgensen's | 5:28 PM

Capri sweats from Target(which also double as my "lounge wear" until we leave the house that day) and whatever shirt I had on that day, I'm lazy like that.

Cassie | 6:06 PM

My favorite pajamas are grey old navy sweat pants and an old harley shirt I found at a thrift store 6 years ago. Pajamas are something I never think to buy for myself, and I only receive new ones on Christmas from my mother (the only matching pj's I own).

aprilmae | 8:04 PM

My fave 'jams are tank tops and girl boxer shorts. Can't have too many - just got a new pair at Old Navy's Clearance Sale.

Amanda | 8:25 PM

Since I'm preggers the jam has been plain black capri leggings and a liz lange target maternity tank

Sarah | 8:42 PM

My pajamas: Blue gym shorts and a yellow t-shirt that my husband gave me as a gift for Christmas when we had about 15 bucks to spend on each other.

My daughter is a fan of both the footy and the feeties. Depends on the weather. :)

mssarahbella at hotmail dot com

katie! | 10:41 PM

I'm enjoying the summer weather and I sleep naked! It is FABULOUS!!

-A | 10:59 PM

I typically wear some tank top or t-shirt and either short or yoga pants. I'm all about comfy.

ttsc | 5:27 AM

Gap fleece pajama pants from about 5 years ago and a really old Washington DC tshirt, I think from 8th grade or something like that (1993).

Jamie Elizabeth | 5:33 AM

My husband's black sweat pants (that he hasn't worn since college) and a very long grey maternity tank top. Consequently, this was my daily uniform throughout my 3 month maternity leave.

Trisaratops | 6:09 AM

I jam in a tank and some shorts from Target!

Rebecca is Fabulous | 6:15 AM

i wear flannel pants and a tank...my youngest wears anything she can't remove a diaper from, and my 4-year-old wears whatever she wants...last night was a tutu and my t-shirt.

Robin | 6:17 AM

Jammies are my favorite attire. For me and for the kiddo's. Feety pj's are the best and my favorites are character ones, hello kitty being top of the list.

Dia | 7:06 AM

I jam in sweats and a tee shirt.

Whitney | 8:35 AM

I don't like sleeping in pants, so I wear long tank tops or sleep shirts. For the winter I have some sleep shirts that are long sleeved and go down to my mid thigh. They're sort of fitted meets moo-moo meets awesome.

meghanb | 10:03 AM

love me some jammies!

right now i wear the most comfortable Alfani shortie-shorts with either a soft chemise or a tank top. is it still hot in KY. we sleep upstairs with just a AC window unit and too many doggies and kitties :)

MommyTopics.com | 10:17 AM

I jam in leftover maternity garb or hubby's old T's. It's hard for me to commit to spending any money on my own lazy clothes that are actually new and cute, such as all the adorable mothers at my church sport when dropping off their children to activities before hitting the gym. Pinks and blacks and stripes and fitted... me... gray, holes, paint stains, baggy, old... it's how I role.

Elisabeth@YCCII | 11:05 AM

His T-shirt and floral pajama bottoms for me.

I can't wait for Old Navy to come out with new PJ patterns this fall! They're sold out of everything in my daughters' sizes, but we already swiped two this season, so--

Anne-Marie C. | 11:45 AM

Target capri comfy jammie pants and a tshirt!

Amber | 11:45 AM

My jam, cotton shorts and super hero t-shirts or a tank top depending on the weather.

Anonymous | 12:20 PM

I tend to wear t-shirts and exercise shorts lately. Or my boyfriend's oversized shirts and some of his sweatpants. So comfy.

W | 1:21 PM

On top? Sometimes, a tank top. Sometimes, a satin pajama shirt that I stole form my mother. Sometimes, nothing.

On bottom? Sometimes, my husband's boxers. Sometimes, a velour pair of pants (so comfy). Sometimes, satin pajama bottoms. Sometimes, nothing.

It totally depends on the weather, my (or my husband's) mood, and the state of my skin (if I'm really itchy, satin helps me not itch)

Unknown | 8:03 PM

An old cotton dress that is all stretched out from when I was pregnant is the current jam. For some reason I cannot put it in the pregnancy box.

Keri | 8:27 PM

my fave jams are old tees and comfy stretchy yoga pants for me, jams from Hatley for my boys which have none of that nasty flame-resistant stuff on it.

Another Chance to Get It Right | 8:27 PM

Old Navy plaid pajamas, circa Christmas 2008, and some sort of cami. Suitable for TV watching and baking. But not usually for sleeping. :)

Chelcie | 9:18 PM

i love pjs because they're so comfy, but regardless of how many "sets" i get, my old stand bys are tanks or old t-shirts and a pair of old fleece pants.

My Name Is Jonas | 9:25 PM

I totally rock the nude sleep... but love flannel pants and my hubbys tshirts when it comes to lounge wear.

Ray | 10:50 PM

Since it’s not yet winter my jam is: guy’s boxers (just because I love them. And they consist of SpongeBob, Popeye, A Christmas Story, etc...) and a random shirt. When it gets cold of course: I alternate my boxers to long pajama pants. My favorite pajama pants would have to be these cute turquoise ones with owls on them, that I got from (where else) “Old Navy.” ;o)

amy rogers | 11:26 PM

With my pregnant belly i rock my husbands boxers

bethiecow | 6:03 AM

Hand-me-down Target pj pants from my sister, and any old t-shirt or tank top that's not quite daily-wear-worthy anymore.

I'm super-sexy, yo.

Amy | 2:54 PM

You can't go wrong for Old Navy and bedtime. I currently rock some of their stripey light yellow yoga-ish pajama bottoms with a tank. I love them because you can get them in tall sizes. And for us ladies over 5'10" a lot of designers rock on the jeans and what not, but completely forget that we would like our sleeping attire to also be the correct length!

CeCe | 6:53 PM

My jammies are usually a t-shirt or tank and some pajama pants

cholden76 at yahoo dot com

Pam | 9:09 PM

I have been sans jammies since about the age of 25. Don't know why. Sleeping in the buff, under a down in the winter or sheet in the summer. The 2 boys wear the organic cotton 2 pieces from Alphabet Moon or even Costco when they carry them!

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