Gone Style: 'Jam on it! (Sponsored)

*updated with winners, below!*
When it comes to pajamas and babes, there are two types of jams in our household: the one-piece-feety and the two-piece-footy. I am undecided on which is preferable because on one hand I like very much to nibble toes whilst reading Olivia books, but at the same time? There is nothing quite so delightful as a child running full speed down the hall in a pair of feety pajamas.

Behold, the one-piece feety...
accessorized with boots. (She loves boots.)
and a wooden "milk carton"

Pros: No cold feet during bedtime and/or during morning pajama-fests.
Cons: Sometimes a bit of a leg tangle occurs and the foot ends up in the knee or the ankle which can be a no-bueno-nuisance-to-the-max.
And then we have, of course, another family favorite:

The two-piece Footy
Pros: Edible toes exposed for eating
Cons: Edible toes exposed to cold morning floors and massive amounts of dog hair
Ah, but pajamas are just like life, yes? Even the most comfortable things can be annoying. Legs tangled and feet cold and, well, eventually everyone has to get dressed and go outside.

In the meantime, though ....
... we like to 'jam.

Once again, I get to give away (another!) $150 Old Navy gift card. (Winners to be chosen September 22nd. For contest rules and regs, go here.)

To win? Tell me in the comments, what's your 'jam? I happen to 'jam in sweats and tee-shirts, mainly. Currently rocking an adorable Zero Skateboards tee from 1998 and a pair of Old Navy sweatpants with paint-stains (to make me feel arty) circa even earlier. Annnnnd a towel in my hair. I'm fancy like that.
...Your turn!


Many thanks to the folks at Old Navy for sponsoring this post + contest and for giving me a much needed fun-with-fashion reprieve this week. To shop and/or browse Old Navy's Baby Sale, go here. Thanks!

Updated: congrats to Adventures with Addison, Cora D and JWhite for winning the threeOld Navy drawings! And thanks to all of you for participating! xo!


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Danyelle | 7:03 PM

Generally I wear an old souvenir t-shirt and either old navy pj pants or boxer shorts depending on the weather.

divrchk | 7:05 PM

I'm loving some really old Old Navy lounge pants and whatever t-shirt I can find.

Unknown | 7:07 PM
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Unknown | 7:07 PM

My 'jam lately is one of hubby's old tees.

ellecee123 at gmail dot com

Barb | 7:12 PM

I love pj's and Old Navy at my house. Seriously. I like the one piece zip-up footy pajamas for my baby but he grows out of them quickly. I straight up sleep in my undies except on frigid nights.

Unknown | 7:28 PM

VS pink bottoms....and usually whatever shirt or undershirt I wore that day.

Amelia Sprout | 7:29 PM

Yoga pants or workout pants, and the softest t-shirt I can find. Not oddly both from Old Navy. Mmmm... soft.
M fell in love with nightgowns this last year, she wears the two pieces (too tall for anything else already) but it is somewhat reluctantly.

Pam | 7:30 PM

tshirts and soft pajama pants for me. for the babe its easier with the separates to change a diaper, but the footie pjs are so much warmer!

alissa | 7:32 PM

boxers and a big tshirt!

Brooke | 7:37 PM

My pj's are an old pair of sweatpants and one of my boyfriends tagless v-neck undershirts. First thing I do when i get home after a long day is put these on!

alanna_migliacci | 7:43 PM

Always old, stained clothes - still in good condition, but too stained to wear in public any more...Sadly, my jammie drawer is pretty large due to me lack of grace. Depending on the season, there are pants, shorts, tanks, tees, long sleeves - always socks and always slippers. I have jammies in every color and level of softness and warmth - like I said, not exactly graceful.


Melt Momma's Heart | 7:54 PM

A one piece night-gown.

nra | 7:56 PM

sweatpants and a tank top with some those hideous slipper socks and some kind of sweater or hoodie over top.

Stephanie | 7:57 PM

My jam = Old Navy yoga capri pants and a long sleeved tee that says "[my last name] University" that my dad made for everyone in the family.

And if they made adult one piece footies, I would DEFINITELY wear them.

Leslie | 7:57 PM

Currently, I'm wearing scrub bottoms and t-shirt. My favorite, though, is when it gets cold enough in the winter (Boston gets very chilly!) to wear flannel pjs. I have a lovely pair with moons and stars on them, in addition to one with sheeps! SHEEP!

Kayla | 8:01 PM

I'm totally in to the dude pajamas they sell for like, five or ten dollars at wal-mart, because they have the super neat, non-pastel/color accurate versions of all the superhero pajamas (DC foreva.) Up top I go super baggy, sports team or college T-shirts. Currently loving my HS football one.

Kelly O'Keefe | 8:02 PM

Old flannel bottoms with exposed elastic. Yes, I catch my toe every time. Wrecked thermal on top - even in the summer --Berkeley weather.
Darling 11 y/o daughter wear something she calls her "silken" pajama bottoms (are they clean? Are they clean?) and her gran's old t-shirt on top.

GreerAnn | 8:04 PM

Yoga pants (I don't even know how many pairs I have... they have their own drawer) and an over-sized T-shirt (usually stolen from the husband).

Jack's Mama | 8:10 PM

Some days when I get home from work, I put on my maternity dresses, that way I am still kind of dressed, but in a super comfy cotton dress. My husband hates that I still wear my maternity clothes on occasion but the dresses still work in my opinion!
As for Jack's pjs...he used to always be in the one piece feety pajamas because he was a baby and it was winter time. Once summer time hit he was in anything clean and comfy, t-shirt and diaper, just a onesie, or t-shirt + cotton shorts. We don't have central air so I thought he would be hot in the one piece feety pjs.
I recently broke back out the feety pjs because I realized he had some he was about to outgrown. I forgot how cute he looking in them! Plus now he can walk now, even cuter!
The best plus has been that he sleeps an hour later in the morning!!! I think the pjs keep him snug and warm! I feel like a dohdoh head having sleep in a t-shirt and diaper this summer! He always kicks the blankets off no matter how many times i put them back on before I go to sleep.

Bedtime for me usually is a big t shirt and panties. My husbands begs for something less dumpy looking, and I've tried but I don't sleep as well. For his sake I've at least thrown out the most of my granny panties or hid them in case of a laundry emergency. The t-shirts are big and dumpy, I hope to compensate with some sexy panties underneath.

I love you blog!

Jack's Mama | 8:12 PM

Ugh sorry for my typos, my life has been full of typos recently!

kieferscousin | 8:12 PM

I have a 3 month old, so I jam in Old Navy shorts that I've had for several years (have them in baby blue, gray, and black) and a nursing sleep bra. I wish I had footie pajamas, though ;)

sarahbauer4 at gmail dot com

Meagan | 8:17 PM

Love to Jam around with my babes in Old Navy yoga sweats and a Boston sports Tee!!

Jenn | 8:19 PM

Capri sweats and an old lady zip up housecoat. I'm so advanced, I'm wearing the housecoat decades before I should!

Lisa | 8:20 PM

I like to wear big comfy shirts and my hub's b-ball shorts. I love my little guy in the two piece jammies from Old Navy. They are so cute!

Rowenna | 8:30 PM

I'm also a sweats-and-tee sleeper, or a shorts-and-tank in hot weather!

Katey | 8:35 PM

I am wearing my absolute all-time favorite pajama pants right now -- I call them my Mr. Bubble pants. Why you may ask? Well, of course, because Mr. Bubble is ALL OVER THEM. They were my roommate's in college. I borrowed them from her one night and I never gave them back. Most comfy pants ever. Usually worn with a camisole. And that? That is what heaven feels like at the end of the day.

Meghan Elaine | 8:37 PM

My favorite jams are old sweats and any of my long layering tanks. LOVE to put them on as soon as possible every afternoon-I mean, night :)

Bridget | 8:37 PM

whatever has the least amount of stains that I can quickly pick up from the floor

BubbleTeaResa | 8:39 PM

Tank top/T-shirt depending on the season and just underwear. Too many layers and I get hot and sweaty.

Stef | 8:40 PM

I usually wear some old t-shirt that has been removed from, or never was in, the daytime-wear rotation, like that team-building exercise shirt I got from my old work a few years ago. :-) Sometimes I wear pants too. Always socks.

Anonymous | 8:50 PM

old navy pj bottoms, either flannel or capri style and a super beat up, thin, soft j.crew t-shirt.


laura h | 8:55 PM

In the summer - just a t-shirt. In the winter - a t-shirt with fun pj bottoms. Why is it that I love pj bottoms but never actually like pj tops?

wumples | 8:57 PM

I wear Batman pajamas. I was lucky enough to find BatGIRL pajamas, which are purple (my favorite color!). Apparently, girls don't like Batman, and have to have a special girl variant with licensed PJs in girl colors. Who knew?!

It doesn't matter. I bought boy Batman PJs, too. :)

leeshka | 9:02 PM

Jammies for me are always (always) "loungey" pants (think: cotton, fleece or flannel) and an elderly tee shirt. Current fave: a blue cotton drawstring affair on clearance at Old Navy.

Unknown | 9:08 PM

Old Navy PJ bottoms and tank top!

irene | 9:15 PM

sadly, my two minis (5yo and 2 yo) have sweaty feet! so no footies for us. I like to sport a pair of flannel sushi bottoms and a band t-shirt on top (current favorite an old John Spencer Blues Explosion tee from '97) tees always get better with age :)

Mia | 9:20 PM

When it comes to jammin' in our house, exposed toes is a must...I love the kiddy feets! I myself usually rock some oversized drawstring flannels with a WELL brken in T (which must include fraying or holes of some sort) c'mon, lets just keep it real. We even have days where as a fam we just stay in jammies all day and do movies and stuff around the house. Gotta love those days.

Melissa L | 9:22 PM

I have rocked the nursing tank for a couple years now but the weaning has begun...I'm in a sports bra (as to prevent the girls from heading south too soon), hubby's Sacramento State tee and definitely comfy yoga pants. oh, and socks, totally socks.

Lindsay | 9:36 PM

It's old ratty sweats and a holey band shirt all the way!

My daughter Finley, 9 months old, wears blanket sleepers... Although I can't wait for the rainboots phase.

Love the towel!

Carla | 9:37 PM

I jam in a soft t-shirt and undies!

Amy D. | 9:39 PM

I love pajama feet! I rock out in my hubby's t-shirts & boxers/sweats. So comfy.

katiepaisley | 9:56 PM

Boyfriend tank and boy shorts in the summer. Tee and sweats in the winter.
Generally some item of clothing that I wore during the day is utilized for sleeping unless a pre-bed shower was involved.

Debra E. | 10:01 PM

I am currently sporting some old yoga pants from a visit to Santa Fe's Ten Thousand Waves spa several years ago and a tank top from Old Navy. I'll switch to a t-shirt and add socks once "fall" decides to arrive here in Houston.

Rachel | 10:02 PM

I used to go without jimjams until the baby came and now I need 'em so I can slip out of bed quickly at any hour!

I LOVE my baby girl all warm and cosy in her all in one footed fleecy pjs, straight out of the bath all warm, clean and snuggly, bliss!

My jams of choice are usually a long or short sleeved t-shirt of my husbands and some pj bottoms (or yoga pants if it's near wash day!) an fluffery socks when it's darn cold :)

rachel at conky dot org

Liliana | 10:26 PM

For mama, it's yoga pants and nursing tank. For kiddos, it's one piece fleece jammies in winter and feet-free in summer. Preferably matching jammies for my boys, because I'm suddenly THAT mom.

GingerB | 10:35 PM

Do Old navy footies come in non flame retardant versions? I like fleece, I like footies for the girls to stay warm since they don't stay in blankets, but I do NOT want flame retardant checmicals on my babies all night?

What should I do???

I have to agree with your commenters - these are FOOTY jammies, not FEETY jammies of which we speak. Duh!

I like a pure cotton nightgwon from Target, the kind that wears to sheer and smooth over the years, and similar pants in the winter as well, although the sleeping is done nude.

SJ | 10:43 PM

kids jammies are the best, thats why my girl has like 10,000. for me its undies and my blankie.

Kristen | 10:45 PM

Depends on the weather! In summer, shorts and old shirts. Little slip/nightgowns are good - cute but comfy, and not hot. Once it cools down I'll go to sweats and shirts, or slips with leggings (cheapy old ones that have stretched out) - and SOCKS! I get such cold feet once the weather cools.

janie | 10:49 PM

my husband's t-shirts...dull but comfy.

Clara Womack Barksdale | 10:53 PM

Tshirt or tank with pajama pants or a pair if my husband's boxers.

Jessica | 11:03 PM

I wear flannel sets in the winter and usually just a t-shirt in the warmer months. Lands End used to make awesome night gowns...

Anonymous | 11:06 PM

I have the softest, comfiest modal pants in the world, with an elastic waistband. They fit just right. I pull them on, throw on a t-shirt (long sleeved in the winter, short in the summer) and pull on some socks (I always wear socks!). I don't know what I will do when my awesome pants wear out.

Megan | 11:11 PM

Right now I'm jammin' a nursing nightgown. I'm ashamed to admit it's also probably one of my sexiest jams since I also usually rock sweats and a t-shirt. I'm also ashamed to admit that I had my jammies on until 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon.

Anonymous | 11:54 PM

I LOVE reading about what everyone Jams out in at home! I always change into my comfies as soon as we get in the door after work and get settled. I'm usually in yoga or fleece pants and a comfy nursing-friendly shirt. Cute old t-shirts with the necks cut out so I can pull it down are the best, especially when it's one of hubby's cool old vintage tees. In the winter I always wear socks and slippers in the house, and in summer flip flops.

Maggie May | 12:01 AM

definitely jam in cotton pj bottoms and a HUGE shirt= i'm 7 months preggo!

Vanessa | 12:06 AM

I 'jam in old sweat or yoga pants and a tank top

Amy K | 12:41 AM

I found the cutest pajama pants at Target the other day and couldn't pass them up. They have a blue background and are covered with hedgehogs and apples. How could I resist that? So I've been wearing those with an old college t-shirt.

AmandaYeager | 1:37 AM

Any tank with mens boxer briefs or yoga pants! Thanks for this.

Kendra | 3:47 AM

I love the footie jammies and my daughter told me she's too old for those (at 4!). I wear old sweats that I've had for 10+ years and a tank top. Over that I wear a long sleeved shirt that my husband gave me the first time I spend the night at his house when we were dating and I was cold. It's ratty and I'm pretty sure the sleeve is going to fall off one night, but I can't give it up.

Amanda | 4:11 AM

Hmmm - yoga pants and whatever old t-shirt I can find!

Elle Vee | 4:23 AM

I'm not eligible for the give-away (I'm in Canada) but just wanted to post reply anyways. My little guy is 11 months old and has the same jams as Fable... anything with monkeys and we buy it. He's in the sock-pulling-off stage so footed jams are a must. (Though he much prefers holding onto his bare feet... and I've read that the more a child can be barefoot the better... but we have two dogs and a lazy-ish mother).

I'm a t-shirt and pj bottom girl through and through. I have about 5 rotating old t-shirts (mostly old University tees) and 3 Old Navy bottoms. Not sexy, though. Not sexy at all.

Blair Stephens | 4:29 AM

My jam - alternative apparel eco yoga pants and long sleeved v-neck. And slippers - LL Bean Mocs.

The girl jams in two piece footies or a "sleeping dress".

tlr | 4:32 AM

Wow, I am one of the few that wears a nightie I guess. Well, it rotates between a long T-shirt looking Target nightie and I just splurged and bought 2 real nighties with lace but super comfie (Donatello brand from Marshalls). Although I prefer to quickly slip into bed because I am done after 2 kiddos!

Karen Cordano | 4:39 AM

sweats and maternity tank.

Anonymous | 5:05 AM

I am wearing my husband's t-shirt and a pair of floral comfy pj pants from VS.

Kendra | 5:06 AM

My PJs are so embarrassing! Usually a pair of maternity sweatpants (haven't been pregnant for 2 1/2 years) and a long-sleeved tee, or a tank top in the summer. I can't sleep if I feel like I'm getting tangled, but I also have to feel covered (you know, or the boogey man will get you!). It's confusing.

Ann Lienemann | 5:08 AM

We are a two piece footy family! Penelope is really hot natured so she needs exposed feet at night PLUS she grows out of the feety ones really fast...she's a long girl! As for me, yoga pants and a t-shirt of some kind

Unknown | 5:24 AM

I like to JAM OUT with cute graphic shorts, which happen to be from Old Navy and cute tank tops in matching colors...because I'm organized like that (at least with my JAMS!).

Ashley | 5:24 AM

I wear Old Navy Yoga pants and random t-shirts every night. Most of my sleepo t-shirts are stolen from old boyfriends or guy friends that let me "borrow" clothing from them.

Unknown | 5:25 AM

Here in Ohio our jams coinside with the weather! Winter months I bundle bundle bundle in a long sleeve tee, sweats, socks (until I'm in bed) and hoodie (until I'm in bed). Summer it's a tank and shorts! I have some cute ones- I like my kiddy characters of tinkerbell and I have a pair of capris with whales on them!

Tawny | 5:32 AM

I live in flannel Sock Monkey Pajamas all winter. Currently I have been sporting comfy sweat pants and a variety of tshirts I have collected over the years.

Michelle | 5:46 AM

I wear old man under shirts that are about 4 sizes to big for me and sometimes sweats!

r | 5:48 AM

old worn out t-shirts and shorts that used to belong to pajama sets, but have long since lost their oartners..

Laura | 5:48 AM

I love pajama shorts(it's HOT here)and a tee. So comfy!

Maddy'sMama | 5:57 AM

Summertime Jams: cotton shorty nightgown.
Wintertime Jams: Velour sweat suit. Actually, when it's chilly out, these go on as soon as I get home from work.

My daughter HAS to wear her "pink nightgown with white polka dots and horsies on it" every night...

Unknown | 6:01 AM

currently sporting purple sweats from aeropostale and a red v-neck t from american apparel...very 80's with the brights, but all my other v-necks are dirty and i need a tee that is loose enough to whip a boob out on demand for the babe. She is currently in a onesie because she spit up all over her super cute new footie jam jams already this morning. I'm a big footie one piece p.j. person.. when someone gives me p.js with no feet they automatically go into the grown out of pile and then eventually goodwill

kim {the non-mom blogger} | 6:02 AM

Sometimes I wear a nightgown, when it's really hot, but mostly I sport capris and a tank top. Either way, it's not very cute - I could use some new jammies!

tweetsweet | 6:03 AM

Love jammie time. Son (8 yo son and is an undie-only fella). My 3yo girl has a DRAWER full of nightgowns and jammie. I love the snug 2 piece jammies (thermal-type material) - those are the snuggliest to me. I prefer a short t-shirt material nightgown (likely from WalMart/Target type collection). Can't be too long-hate it to wrap around my legs and no long sleeves (too hot!). In hair - 2 bobby pins holding bangs out of face. Black slippers on feet in morning/socks at night.

Nicole | 6:04 AM

Old worn in (or out) t-shirt with a pair of shorts because I like a little chill during the night. Love the cold air forcing me further into the blankets...

Jennifer | 6:13 AM

I "jam" in my hubbies old tees and boxers. My boys who are 6 and 9, "jam" in their boxer briefs no matter if its 100 degrees or 10 degrees. I totally miss nibbling on their baby toes, big boy toes aren't very nibble-able!

Aaron & Cassie | 6:16 AM

I love, love, love my Target capri jammies. They're a stretchy fabric, so comfy and oh-so-soft! And, one of my hubby's tshirts.

Elizabeth | 6:19 AM

Old Navy yoga pants. And I'm not just saying that because they sponsored this post. They're just, seriously, the most comfortable pants I've ever worn in my life. I'm constantly having an inner-debate about where I can go in these pants (i.e. Is it okay to run to the farmer's market in yoga pants? The grocery store? The coffee shop?)

And this old t-shirt from an old boyfriend. He's long gone, but the shirt has stayed. It's so soft and worn and even when it's just been washed it kind of smells like me. It currently has a hole in the armpit, but I'm not throwing it away until it falls off my body.

Debbie and Lane | 6:21 AM

I usually just jam in old t's or tanks and pj pants from old navy or targetboutique.

El | 6:28 AM

My jams are usually an old super soft t-shirt and my old navy pj pants!

Julie | 6:31 AM

Yoga pants and t-shirts (and now sweatshirts since it's been cooler this week!)

Sarah of the Jones family | 6:36 AM

Definitely Old Navy pajama pants and a spaghetti-strapped tank. Oh so comfy...

stephanie | 6:42 AM

There is nothing like an old navy tank top and a good pair of lounge pants for me or the boys. For little c well she love her old navy cotton jammies

Adina B | 6:46 AM

*Must* have cozy pants and a t-shirt - feel too chilly otherwise. The 2.5 year old needs legging type pants on or she'll remove her underpants for fun.

kristofer and ivy | 6:47 AM

For me - cotton shorts or sweats with a T-shirt from the 90s that has graduated to official sleepwear. (Like, a DARE T from 1992!)

For the littles - We LOVE the two-piece jammie sets from Old Navy! So easy to swap out a top or a bottom when someone squeezes toothpaste down their front, or something.


Anonymous | 6:52 AM

T-shirt and panties only! Can't stand anything on my legs while sleeping.


Animeeyez | 6:56 AM

Pj pants 2 sizes too big & an 'a shirt' does it for me!

Jesse K | 7:03 AM

I rock out a pink or red tank top and super comfy grey "comfy duds" as we call them. They're terribly ugly, but super comfortable!

Sonja | 7:06 AM

T-shirt and sweat pants all the way...

OneKewlRN | 7:13 AM

Yoga Pants and T-Shirts. Sweet Sam how I love me some Yoga pants!!

Emily | 7:14 AM

When I'm home,I'm usually in pajamas... some form of t-shirt and pajama pants or sweatpants. I love my comfy clothes!

EmmyMC98 at aol dot com

Grace Miller | 7:15 AM

I am all about lounging in bed wearing striped harem bedouin pants my dad brought me back from Israel and a nursing sports bra. I dream of genie mommy-style.
p.s. I am addicted to Old Navy and your blog.

Whisk and Wander | 7:21 AM

Lounging around the house I'm in my fav black sweat pants and either a tank in the summer and long sleeve tee and cardigan in the winter.

For my sweet 8 month old baby boy - he was in the one piece footies for a while, but he's so looong and growing so fast, that we changed him to two piece feeties. They will last a bit longer (we hope!)

Katy F-H | 7:25 AM

I think old navy is actually a great sponsor for this because they are one of the few companies that makes non flame retardant jammies!

We try to be a chemical free house so this is really important. And they even make feety ones- that is really hard to find.

And for me tank tops and yoga pants!!!

khfrederick (at) gmail at com

k | 7:31 AM

My jam is currently boxer shorts and a white tee, but now that it's getting cooler I like my Old Navy black fleece pants and of course a white tee. I live in t-shirts

Unknown | 7:32 AM

I found the softest, most comfortable 'jams at Target - since it gets hot, this summer I've been jamming in the tank top and the pink gaucho-style pants. Never socks. I can't stand sleeping in socks.

Thanks for the chance to win!

Anonymous | 7:32 AM

Gaaaaagha! You put your child's toes in your mouth? Barf-A-Rama upchuck city!
"But they're cleeeeean!" you whine.
No. They're. Not.
A question: Didn't you have another child? A boy? What's become of him? I know he's still living in your house because you pack (deliberately trendy and healthy) school lunches for him. How come it's all Fable all the time in your blog now?

cait | 7:33 AM

I love pajamas. As soon as I get home from work, I change into them.

My favorites? A pair of black pajama pants. Mine are currently from target. And a tank top. Maybe a hoodie if it's cold.

Makes me wish it wasn't only 9:30am and I could go home and put them back on.

What a great giveaway!

Katie D | 7:34 AM

I rock capri sweatpants most of the time because I don't like how regular sweatpants tend to ride up my legs when I sleep. And on top I prefer a tank top or tiny tee shirt. I like to be cool or cold when I sleep so I can snuggle with lots of blankets.

Emily | 7:40 AM

My jam? Oversized t-shirts and yoga pants, all the way! :)

Raddit | 7:42 AM

currently, boxers and an old t-shirt. come winter, fleece target pants and, um, an old t-shirt.

Cheryl | 7:44 AM

Tank top and underwear or shorts and I actually have a pair of the adult size jammies with feet...love them in the winter, but still a pain to use the bathroom.

Alexis | 7:47 AM

If I wear anything to bed it's a tank top or oversized tshirt...

I remember hating footy pajamas when I was a kid, I wanted to like them 'cause they were supposed to be rad...but I was just so uncomfortable. Hopefully my future children will like them, because they're just too cute for words.

jas | 7:52 AM

I love my husbands t shirts and rediculously cozy socks in the winter time.

rachel | 7:56 AM

Living with my 7 year-old whose first question whenever we enter the house (whatever the time may be) "Can I put my pajama's on???" So he has quite the pj collection, while I don't. It's usually mens boxers & a tank in the summer and flannel bottoms, tshirt and my varsity tennis sweatshirt in the winter. Sooo comfy is that sweatshirt. I've been wearing it for almost 20 years!

MamaMeg | 7:56 AM

Hmm. We don't do feety jammies, probably for the same reason that we don't do blankets or socks and now the boys refuse shirts too- very Tarzan of them. But for me, super soft Old Navy PJ bottoms and whatever t-shirt is on top of the pile.

candace | 7:57 AM

For me it is a tank I can nurse in paired with super comfy sweats (because I just had a baby)!

For the huz it is undies!

For the tot it is super adorable robot jammas minus feet!

For new baby it is sleeper sack.

Christina | 8:04 AM

Well...my "jam" when I'm rocking my PJ's is anything by Stevie Wonder. But, what I wear as my "Jam" whilst I'm Jammin', is a pair of mens Pajama bottoms (especially love striped patterns) and any sort or rib tank, old rocker-t (leftover from HS) or believe it or not an XL boys T from Old Navy (i stock up when they have Halloween ones because the punk rock/goth girl in me will never die!!!)

sweet dreams!

Emily | 8:08 AM

Whatever sweatpants and t-shirt I can find for that night. Is it sad that I spend more money dressing my little guy in cute PJ’s than myself? Maybe with the gift card I can buy myself some new jammies

Liesal | 8:13 AM

Anything with elastic! :) For warmer months, shorts and a t-shirt; for colder months, fuzzy sweatpants and a hoodie.

Mindi | 8:14 AM

A gold MISSOURI shirt I stole from my husband (mens XXL) and cut off sweats from highschool (15 years old...). So comfy!

mindi_remer at yahoo dot com

elainepill | 8:18 AM

i usually jam in a t-shirt and jammie bottoms from the gap. fleece pants in the winter. i have an awesome pair of jammies that i got online somewhere that are called cowboy breakfast, so they have bacon, eggs and flapjack cooking on a grill all over them. plus they are flannel. yay!

Susan Russell | 8:21 AM

depending on the weather, I can 'jam in an old tank and boxers or a sweat shirt and huge comfy sweat pants :)

Tania | 8:23 AM

I'm 38 and I've worn t shirts (I have a collection of Old Navy Flag ts) and mens boxers since high school. My children wore cute pjs when they were little. At 14 and 10 they are now wearing basketball shorts and tshirts.

Amy | 8:25 AM

I'm in a t-shirt and panties (living alone...) Or a cute nightie when I'm sleeping with my boyfriend!

Mar | 8:25 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stella | 8:26 AM

a nursing tanktop (yay for babies... sigh for nightfeeds.) and shorts. but it's getting colder these days (what's up with that, san diego?) so i'm might switch to long pj pants...

Mar | 8:27 AM

tshirt and shorts and you can snuggle under the blanket for extra heat :)

Andi | 8:33 AM

A t-shirt and boxers or flannel pants if it's cold.

Anonymous | 8:41 AM

I'm 6 months prego and the elastic in my fave pj pants just ripped out, rendering them unwearable. I cried. For way longer than I should have. Luckily, I found an awesome pair of yoga pants that accommodate the growing baby and look fab with a colored ribbed tank. I love me some comfy PJ's! Abi at monkeytreecreations dot com

Megan | 8:43 AM

Polar fleece PJ bottoms my husband gave to me when I was pregnant with our second and living in the coldest apartment ever (ice on the INSIDE of the windows even with the heat turned up full blast) and whatever t-shirt I can find--most coffee stained from my college days with the name of a band or a dorm on it...

Anonymous | 8:53 AM

One of my husbands t-shirts (he works 3rd shift so, it reminds me of him at bedtime...and (maybe) a pair of Target or Old Navy printed pj pants. You know, the kind with Christmas trees (so appropriate in September) or big hearts all over the place.

Sarah | 8:55 AM

Hip hugger panties and a tiny tank top, or my boyfriend's undershirt! Both make me feel equally sexy. :-)

Mamacita | 8:57 AM

T shirt and boxers or sweatpants. All this pajama talk is making me want to go back to bed!

Sara | 8:58 AM

I love the feet pajamas for my kiddies. They look so cute. I am usually in yoga pants and an old college t-shirt. My husband and I met and fell in love in college and our favorites are our 10 year old UD t-shirts!

Dia | 8:59 AM

I jam in sweats and graphic tees!

Veronica Vaughn | 9:01 AM

To lounge around in, yoga pants and a tank. To sleep in, undies. :) I like the freedom.

Heather L | 9:03 AM

My son hates pajamas, so he usually sleeps in his undies, my daughter loves nightgowns (the girlier the better), and I love yoga pants and my husband's t-shirts with NO socks!

Gabie | 9:03 AM

T-shirt and pj pants!

Amy B. | 9:04 AM

For the kiddo, haven't been able to find feety jammies lately, so she rocks the two-piece pants/shorts t-shirt/tank top combo. I add socks if it's chilly. We're a naked house, so I generally sleep in my nude, but upon rising on the weekends will put on yoga pants and closest almost clean tank top.

s|davis | 9:07 AM

My favorite Jam's are Old Navy boxer shorts and a tank top. I wear those year round! ;)

Head table | 9:10 AM

For summer--old college t-shirt and husband's boxers. For winter--long sleeve t-shirt, sweatshirt, and scrubs and of course socks!
We love the feety pj's in our house. I'm always cold, so the kids are always cold!

Anonymous | 9:11 AM

I jam in the same as you, yoga pants and tshirt. Kids, winter feety -- covered and warm. Summer, whatever they want, sometimes just diapers. But there is just something about a pair of jammies with feet. My kids wear them so much they wear the feet right out of them! Usually, we are happy with whatever is clean.

summor95 | 9:13 AM

T-shirt and sweat pants in the winter... just a t-shirt in the summer.

Anonymous | 9:13 AM

I <3 jams of all kinds (jammies in our house). I like formal mens-style cotton pajamas, and I also like girly capris with a matching tshirt of some kind. Some of my FAVORITE pictures of my son when he was little are in his jammies! He's six now and still wears jammies, but I miss seeing him in the jammies with feeties in them!
Lisa B.

Candice | 9:15 AM

Pj's for me are anything comfortable but usually end up using just a t-shirt to sleep in. I'd love to have pj's that are super comfy and pretty and cute but I just never seem to spend the $$ in that area.

Beth | 9:16 AM

Night gown...has to be soft but not silky

pdxskigirl | 9:19 AM

jammies vary nightly when at home, but when I travel (most often for work, so am without the husband) I take my husband's football shorts (from his freshman year of high school) and a VS tank (the ones with the built in soft bra). Those 'jams double as my lay-around clothes. I also have a pair of old diaper-style warmups from my ballet days that are my go to when I'm not feeling good :)

Lisa | 9:20 AM

My favorite jimjams are a pair of flannel pajama pants, a tank top or cami, and sox that I can kick off right before I fall asleep. :)

lauraandbill2001 | 9:21 AM

I jam in a large T and boxers.

Anonymous | 9:23 AM

This is gonna sound weird but we all sleep nude. no jams for us. I thought my kids would enjoy pj's but they say that they just get tangled all around them and they ended up taking them off.



Jo | 9:29 AM

We too are of the feety/footy kind, and the brighter, funner the print, the better! I live in lounge pants and t-shirts.

Maggie | 9:31 AM

Anxiously waiting for a cold snap to bust out leggings, tights and scarves. They are a sweet surrender of comfort and nostalgic for a season that I will forever argue is the most comfortable and nostalgic. THAT IS MY JAM.

(Also, calling pajamas 'jimjams' is my jam)

erin | 9:36 AM

yoga pants and a tee or tank are my favorite. love my little one is two piece footless jammies from gap and old navy. SO cute.

ashley d! | 9:37 AM

my 'jam is an old granny mumu, usually from second hand stores!

hannah queen | honey & jam | 9:43 AM

I am a sweats and t-shirt girl all the way!

Nancy Van M. | 9:48 AM

I rock a nightie when feeling girly.

Trisha | 9:49 AM

I tend to jam in cottom lounge pants and a giant t-shirt! My little one jams in long sleeved, long-legged PJs and thick white socks! Both of us rock the fluffy white socks at night (no matter the season)! :)

(As a side, I'll never understand why kids' clothing companies use polyester for sleep clothes... or especially plastic-bottom footies... yuck! Sweaty, sweaty babies...) All cotton, baby, that's the way to go!!!

Jill | 9:52 AM

My jam these days always includes a nursing tank and undies. I used to jam sans clothing, but things have changed!

Unknown | 9:55 AM

I cannot STAND wearing socks to bed. Also pants. Most of the time I sleep in whatever tshirt I happened to wear that day and my underwear. For modesty's sake, I throw on a pair of shorts to walk around the house if I know the roommate & manfriend are about. I haven't purchased anything specifically to wear to bed in aaaages.

momcents | 9:55 AM

I still have a ton of pajama pants that my grams gave me when I was a college student. They're fuzzy and pink and have hello kitty all over. As for my little one, he's in two piece Christmas pajamas this morning because I'm just having one of those mornings.

Lou Lou Belle | 9:56 AM

oh, pjs. this is right up my ally. I practically LIVE in pjs - if my SO gets home and I'm still in jeans he says, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!?! I was that girl in college who went back to her room to put on her pjs during breaks between classes. haha.
my favorite pjs are my three thousand sizes to big men's Old Navy flannel bottoms (in the summer time, cute boxers or sweat pant style capris), a strappy built in bra tank top and a lived in hoodie or wrap sweater. mmm. cozy. how long until I can go home and get into pjs again!?!?

Heather R. | 9:59 AM

Old t-shirts and pajama shorts. My daughter, by the way, has the same pj's as yours - the pink ones with the ruffle on the butt. :) Supacute.

autumn | 9:59 AM

Jimmyjam in my household is typically footy fleece for the little girl (PNW represent!) and yoga pants and the husbeans tee. Hot stuff around here.

Catherine | 9:59 AM

A tank top and shorts. I'm an oven when I sleep!

M.B.Walker | 10:08 AM

I rock old style BDU shirts- that are all poop brown but soooo soft and snugly- and mens woven boxers- not my husband's, b/c my butt is bigger than his and he doesn't' like to share. Also usually knee socks to hold in the moisturizer I slather on my legs and feet every night to heal the bumps and bruises I sustain riding my bike. You can "wear" moisturizer, right?

bek77 | 10:17 AM

my jam is t-shirts and pajama pants - my favorite pair of pajama pants are made out of a "blanket" material

courtneyMetz | 10:18 AM

Target pajama pants, and one of my hubby's undershirts. Usually until about 3 in the afternoon. One of the pro's of working from home.

Ariel | 10:23 AM

Just a t-shirt when it's warm out but sweat/fleece pants and a long sleeve tee when it's cold.

April | 10:24 AM

I 'jam' just like you! :) As for my kiddos, I can't wait for fall/winter so we can get back to the one piece feety(s)! Ha!
And a $150 gift card to old navy would help me purchase them!
Love love your blog!
Hope I win. Thank you!

HeatherD | 10:28 AM

Right now I'm into black sweatpants (it's getting cold here in the North country) and a super soft tee shirt or maybe a cami with lace so I can feel a little fancy. But I'm always wishing I had cute, coordinated, actual pajamas from the Garnet Hill catalogue or something like that

Ali | 10:37 AM

I jam in a Target nursing tank and bottoms to suit the temperature of the house. Right now it's a pair of ten-year-old shorts that I actually bought at Old Navy on a work trip (where I was sharing a hotel room with a total stranger and hadn't thought to pack pajamas. Um.), but I am really so ready to move on to fleecy pants. It's been too hot for too long!

Lisa | 10:37 AM

we hang in made-with-love jams accessorized with stickies and baby perfume!

Anonymous | 10:43 AM

I will wear anything as long as it is soft and comfortable...shorts, capris, pants, and the occasional gown...but usually the worn t-shirt is in the mix.

mistyhall02 at yahoo.com

Jody | 10:45 AM

ON sweats - and warm, fuzzy socks!!! and ON fleece bottoms - on even colder nights! Bring it on!! (my poor hubby)...

Randi T. | 10:47 AM

I'd love adult footy 'jams for cold midwest winter....thought it might not work so well now that I'm pregnant unless it had a butt flap!

Usually I stick with shorts and a tank in the summer or soft fleece in the winter. Rarely wear socks.

Angie | 10:52 AM

Pajama pants and a tshirt, usually a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds one. I have enough to rotate...

Stephanie | 10:54 AM

My jam is black capri yoga pants and an Okefenoki swamp t-shirt circa 1994.My grandparents brought me that shirt and it is an all time fav of mine.

Cas | 10:55 AM

I wear my hubby's t-shirts.

the king of carrot flowers | 10:59 AM

i jam in the buff.

my little: he jams in the two piece tight pjs- foot free. The feetie type get outgrown too quickly- I hate the droop crotch.

Amy T | 11:08 AM

Like you -- old sweatpants and an ancient college t-shirt. But I love mybaby girl in one-piece footie jams!

Kristen | 11:12 AM

I wear ON fleece pants w/ an old t-shirt and a cozy sweatshirt.

We switched to sweatpants and a sweatshirt for my daughter's pjs recently -- she was slipping around on our hardwood floors too much in the footed pjs, though I love them.


maurahanlon | 11:19 AM

I wear 1 of two pairs of jersey pj pants/yoga pants I think? from Target, and assorted t-shirts (which i'm growing out of since I'm preggers). Socks if it's cold!

Kellie | 11:20 AM

My favorite "jammies" is just a oversized v-neck t-shirt - nothing else! I'm here in the South, and I can get by with that (and maybe a pair of socks) until late October-early November - then I'll add some cotton drawstring pajama bottoms.

Houpley | 11:21 AM

i rock the ol' sweats and a t. but i adore my son in footie pjs.

Blonde Ambitions | 11:21 AM

I rock it in black yoga pants & a tank top. I'm fancy like that. :-)

Jewlzy | 11:28 AM

I jam in yoga pants from target and Cantaloop nursing tanks...so comfy and convenient :) Yes, and oh sooo sexy! LOL

Unknown | 11:31 AM

In summer, big t shirts and panties..or tank top and pants. In winter, I jam in my Nick and Nora sock monkey flannel pjs and matching sock monkey slippers :D

Allison the Meep | 11:43 AM

My favorite jammies are from the little boy section of Target. The full body fleece, footed, zip up pajamas in XL. They have spaceships on them. And my sister has a dinosaur pair. Woot!

Cecilia | 11:44 AM

Usually I will grab one of my husband's t-shirts, one that still smells of him. Never any socks, especially in Miami with summer time, and undies on bottom.

Cecilia R.

Tovi | 11:51 AM

I am all about the yoga pants and a paint-stained t-shirt. Today my 8year old told me that I "get all fancy" when we go over to our friends' house. "Really?" I looked down at same yoga pants and a tee without the paint stains. I'm not sure if that's sad or kinda cool that he things this is fancy...

Anonymous | 12:01 PM

My favorite pajamajams are a pair of cotton boxers and a tank top (conveniently from Old Navy)
I live in Las Vegas and its pretty hot here right now so the less I wear the better I sleep ;)

Carrie | 12:09 PM

I usually do some sort of yoga pant or sweat pant or something with a tank top, or a tiny tee. I don't like regular sized t-shirts to sleep in because they end up getting twisted and then I'm laying on it wrong and the neck starts choking me and then I freak out. Nope small tank top or tiny tee please.

Rachel | 12:11 PM

This summer I have been wearing a cotton sleep dress/nightgown and I LOVE it. And it's so low, my husband enjoys the nip slips.

Oh yes I did.

oona. | 12:12 PM

My jam is an ancient Rocket From the Crypt shirt, all stretched out from preg belly almost eight years ago and some sweet plaid pj bottoms that I pull down over my feets!
Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

Alyssa Jones | 12:12 PM

My jammies are a tank top and my husbands boxers but my 8 month old Lucy loves the footy pjs

Melissa | 12:12 PM

I wear yoga or men's pajama pants, and a t-shirt. Right now I like to wear my husband's t-shirts since the 7-months pregnant belly doesn't fit so well in mine.

Lis | 12:15 PM

Underoos and a sports bra. SO hot! ;-)

queenofklutzes | 12:19 PM

Old t-shirts and fleece pants or cotton shorts.

Unknown | 12:34 PM

pajama bottoms and old concert T-shirts from the days when I actually got to go to clubs and see my favorite bands. (Now I can't stay up past 10 and the bands always start at 10. No fair to us old peeps.)

Sarah | 12:36 PM

Usually, I'm in an old club/band tshirt from high school and yoga pants, capri sweats, or boys' boxers depending on the weather. Comfy!

Alyssa | 12:36 PM

I usually wear some mismatched pj pants and a tank top. But i love footie pjs on my boys...the ones that show off their little potbellies.

Mia | 12:37 PM

I wear a pair of striped pajamas pant that I bought for my husband a few years back and whatever t-shirt I can find. The kids love! footie pajamas, even my 6 year old. Summers are too hot though so the go with t's and pajama shorts.

Courtney | 12:39 PM

My jam - T-shirts and full butt panties. Always.

Miranda | 12:40 PM

Well, in the evening I change into a pair of cotton pajama capris and a tank, but when I go to bed I have to take it all off- I can't stand wearing clothes in bed! They get all twisted and annoying!

Sara McGinness | 12:48 PM

I live in pajama pants from Old Navy (coincidentally) and tank tops.

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