Tonight, 6:23pm, Hollywood Sky

I feel kind of silly posting these photos because my camera never in a zillion years could do justice what we saw this evening but alas, here they are. After a week of record heat, (Monday was the hottest day in Los Angeles' history) tonight's brief thunderstorm brought with it a double rainbow that lasted almost an hour. My Nana* was in town, passing through Los Angeles for dinner after taking a trip up north to say goodbye to a friend of hers who's very sick and soon to pass.
Nana had just arrived when the rainbow showed and the two of us stood outside the house for the entire hour it lasted, watching the rainbows fade in, then out, disappearing one and then the other as all things must do.
Life is a poem.


*Nana wrote a spectacular guest post about child-friendly gardening that I'll be posting here tomorrow. Stay tuned.


bluepaintred | 10:06 PM

a full on double rainbow! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!!

(sorry. I had to)

Ashley | 10:06 PM

It's so intense!!! What does it mean?!?

Left of Lost | 10:58 PM

I love the pictures! I am alwayfascinated by the sky during and just after a storm. Also, I miss Cali, so am all squee to see it through someone else's eyes.


I totally made a video, too, but I was way to embarrassed to post it. Because "whoaaaa! Intense!" For REAL whoa intense, yo. Truth.

Emery Jo | 6:34 AM

SO BEAUTIFUL! I saw a double rainbow the other day while I was out & about with Ezra and I seriously started gasping and yelling and making a fool of myself... just like the guy on that video. Everyone else was just silently filming it on their iPhones, but I was raving like a lunatic. How can you NOT freak out?? haha.

Adrianne | 6:47 AM

My cousin who lives in Hollywood posted a picture on Facebook last night that was incredible! The sky was really pink on one side and then it was like a straight line down the middle and the other side was more of a bluish/purple. And the rainbow was in there too.

We had an amazing rainbow here last week and my husband thought I was ridiculous for staring at it (don't worry, he was the driver) I love it when nature takes my breath away!

Lacey Jane | 10:55 AM

I am having a rainbow-themed wedding in 05/11 and right after we picked that theme, "double rainbow" became popular. Which is awesome. Also a teeny bit annoying. Mainly awesome. Our reason for a rainbow wedding is that you cannot NOT have fun at a rainbow wedding !(and we hate boring weddings)

Lacey Jane | 10:55 AM
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Charis | 11:10 AM

After sungazing on the Santa Monica beach, Terry and I watched that same storm system for about an hour too. We only had one rainbow coming out of it, but it was spectacular!

marcella | 1:02 PM

"Life is a poem."

a brief, yet beautiful sentence.

Amanda | 1:07 PM

Oh man, I miss Cali SOOOOOOOO bad it hurts...Beautiful!!!

Amy | 1:15 PM

I love how everyone all over Los Angeles saw it. That brilliant rainbow. From Santa Monica to the Valley to downtown and Pasadena. Just cool. | 5:16 PM

VERY cool photos. I'd have them printed and framed in two second flat. Great job!

Anonymous | 8:28 PM

my husband and i got married in a little chapel on the strip in las vegas. when we came out there was a fabulous double. i always took it to mean that we made the right decision to marry one another and that we were going to have a fabulous life together.

so far so good.


Alison | 9:17 AM

How strange! My husband and I live in San Diego and saw a double rainbow on the same day!