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*updated with winners, below!*
If it was a plausible career option, I would pursue a profession in children's styling. This is insane, I realize. Even somewhere like Los Angeles where people hire personal shoppers to buy their kids birthday presents and it's totally a thing. So is nail-polish on dogs and cat strollers. But fashion is always in fashion no matter the age group and dressing one's daughter is more fun than dressing one's self. Er, to me it is. Arguably my favorite part of the day is the "getting Fable dressed" part. Thinking, "Hm. What's appropriate for the day's events? Hm." I get to play Rachel Zoe to my favorite client-- she who attends fabulous events on the daily that include, "drawing in the kitchen" and "pointing at stink bugs at the children's museum!"

Ah, the life. Some of my favorite "red carpet" "stained carpet" fashion + fun moments include:

Stripes + Polka dots + Pigtails + Park =
trick-or-treat buckets double as sand buckets 'round these here parts

Leggings + Jumper + Cardi + Sneakers + Dancing =

Vanilla Ice Cream + Strawberry Dress + Red Shoes =
and speaking of ice cream...

Ice Cream Dress + Bow + Legos =

Tiny Tee + Leggings + Sneakers + Flower + Drawing =

Floral + Denim jacket + Sandals + Toy chest =
And for the finale... dunt dunt duuuuuunt....

couture dress + pool hair + fuel efficient vehicle =
This dress is the product of Fable + WWW + GGC.
(Fable chose the sunglass print fabric. I chose the floral/birds. My mom sewed.)


Want to win an $150 Old Navy gift card? Awesome. Just tell me about your favorite play clothes + activity pairing in the comments below. (ED: This is the first of three posts + giveaways I'll be doing with Old Navy in coming days.) My pairing = Vintage dress + leggings + boots + pulling the kids around town in the Radio Flyer.

Fable + Me + Sandbox = close enough.

...Winner to be chosen at random via random.org on September 22nd. For contest rules and regs, go here. Good luck and happy pairing!


ED: This post + giveaway brought to you by the lovely folks at Old Navy. Thanks, Old Navy! Shop and/or browse Old Navy's Baby Sale, here.

Updated: congrats to Adventures with Addison, Cora D and JWhite for winning the threeOld Navy drawings! And thanks to all of you for participating! xo!


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Emily | 10:41 AM

Sweat pants and tee shirts all the way!! For me and my boy! :)

Anonymous | 11:01 AM




HeatherABC | 2:41 PM

Finding myself coming of age as punk rocker/psychobilly chick, it has been far from easy to try and use those influences in my daughters daily stylings, but in such struggles, I discovered I've got a child far more interested in bohemian and indie styles. So my favorites include one that more reflects her as an individual, and one of my styling influence. My favorite of her own choosing: black long sleeve sequined shirt+ black dance leggings+brightly colored pop artish floral jumper+first day of preschool, beginning her treck through school as the artsy bohemian dancer, making mommy so proud. Her clothing, under my influnce would have to be black and white striped leggings+pink plaid skirt+lil boys halloween rib cage printed t-shirt and denim jacket+twilight hours at the childrens musuem. Close second has to be sailor dress for her first picture day, but who can resist a preschooler in a sailor outfit?

Anonymous | 7:12 AM



Mel W | 7:35 AM

Love jean jacket and apple leggings,and going apple picking! so cute!

Cindy | 9:27 AM

I like throwing on the sweats and sitting back and watching a movie.

Claire | 9:28 AM

Skinny jeans + tunic + boots + a day at the park! :)

kaleidoscopequeen at gmail dot com

clc408 | 9:36 AM

I like capris, tee, cotton jacket and sneakers for a daily walk.

elizabeth p | 11:39 AM

I love a good pair of legging for walking with my kids! I am queenesperfect at yahoo.com

chisparoja | 4:39 PM

my daughter loves her nikes from the boys section, her skinny jeans, a t-shirt and one of daddy's ball caps.

sksweeps | 5:46 PM

My favorite clothes are comfy workout pants and a tee shirt - perfect for kicking back and reading a good book (I can dream, can't I?!)

sksweeps (at) earthlink (dot) net

April | 4:06 AM

Any pair of comfortable jeans and an old tshirt. Flip flops too. If I could, I would wear this to work every day.

Anonymous | 8:27 AM



julis55 | 10:53 AM

leggings + soft tshirt = fingerpainting

clc408 | 11:01 AM

Swim suit, big tee coverup and flip flops for a day at the beach.

Cujo hmb | 6:53 PM

I like to wear their Blue Mosaic Waffle-Knit Drop-Waist Dress on casual days.


Daniel M | 9:18 PM

i'm just sticking with my cargos, need more actually - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

April | 3:08 AM

The husband's boxer shorts and a big t-shirt. Comfy.

Anonymous | 3:10 AM

A pair of sweatpants and comfy shirt for running on the treadmill.

For our daughter a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt for lounging around the house.


dawns41 | 4:48 AM

Jeans, T shirt and Comfy Hoodie for fall outside playtime.

Jen lleras | 5:52 AM

I like to dress my son screen t shirts and cargos and he has a pair of comfy clogs that he can run really well in, and also splash in mud and puddles.


Cindy | 8:34 AM

I like their jeans and henleys.

Jo | 10:04 AM

I love the look a little denim overalls with a bare chest. Sort of a mini farmer at the beach
jwatkk at comcast dot net

Anonymous | 10:09 AM



hbbs55 | 12:33 PM

my playtime wear is comfy exercise clothes and my jazzercise class is my playtime, just plain fun!

Cassie | 6:15 PM

I live in these stretchy, cuffed cigarette jeans that I scored at Antro for faaarrr less than they originally were (so proud of that find), a loose fitting t-shirt of some sort, and my grey toms shoes. You can make tracks in those things, and they're perfect for the playground.

julis55 | 7:56 PM

silk pajamas and watching movies with my husband

Anonymous | 3:14 AM

A pair of sweatpants and comfy shirt for running on the treadmill.

For our daughter a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt for lounging around the house.


April | 3:15 AM

depending on the time of day, a pair of loose lounge pants and a tshirt with a pair of flip flops.

marelsa | 4:31 AM

Leggings, flannel shirt and rope sandals great weekend garb

dawns41 | 4:53 AM

I like cargo pants and polo shirt on my son for school.

anny32 | 5:30 AM

Boys Graphic Fleece Zip Hoodies
its getting to be cold here and this would be perfect for our hiking trips we take. one more warming trend this week and down we go...ugh

ttsc | 5:31 AM

slim fit (not totally skinny) jeans, frye boots and fried tomato tunic or alternative apparel t shirts. And just playing with the kids outside can be heaven.

Jamie Elizabeth | 5:35 AM

Dark wash old navy jeans, heather grey v-neck tshirt, very well-loved and worn black flip flops = shooting portraits for my photography portfolio

chatterBOX | 5:51 AM

I love tanks + jeans + flip flops = beach!!

Trisaratops | 6:10 AM

Fable is my daughter Emery's fashion icon. ;)

I love a lululemon black skirt with whatever t-shirt I can find...I have to dress up for work so I take it WAY down at home!

Robin | 6:19 AM

It's gotta be yoga pants for me and clothes that can get ruined for the kids because they love love love to get dirty dirty dirty. Dry dirt + water = heaven. Uh, apparently.

Rebecca is Fabulous | 6:20 AM

daughter: skinny jeans + baby doll dress + flip flops + glitter, glue and paper

Me: jeans + ironic tee + cardigan + vintage earrings + anything my daughter is doing.

Anonymous | 7:05 AM



kristofer and ivy | 7:13 AM

Jeans + T-shirt + cardigan, over casual Nike sneakers, with my kids at the park. Climbing and sliding and swinging... The sneakers are very important - for walking up slides!


Erica C. | 8:06 AM

I stick with jeans for most things. I just make sure we all have longer pants on, unless it's super hot, when rolling around in the grass.

AutumH | 8:25 AM

Me,boot cut jeans,flip flops,tank top and a cozy sweater watching my oldest sons soccer games while trying to keep an eye on my other two ragamuffins!


Jill Myrick (jsc123) | 8:36 AM

My son has a pair of Old Navy Denim Overalls, a layered tee and a pair of work boots to match daddy's that he looks adorable in and loves to wear.


Cindy | 9:33 AM

My favorites are jeans and a tee.

jill (smyth) | 9:38 AM

Dudes, I am currently loving the white linen skirt I dyed with turmeric. I wear it with a simple 95/5 cotton spandex tee. Barefoot. Babe on the hip.

ewalsh40 | 10:01 AM

Mines a little older now, but back in the day, it was the Jeans+Sweat Shirt+ and Tennies at the Park.

Boring I know, but with little boys, you're just hoping that they don't kill themselves being too wild. Fashion sense doesn't mean too much.


Jena Nicole | 10:02 AM

I love putting my 10 month old in loose cotton dresses... Because, it forces her to walk instead of crawl.
Does that make me an evil mommy?
We also enjoy leg warmers and dancing...

tesashel | 11:19 AM

Newborn one-piece (pink skeleton) and pink baby socks = Kara's 1st Halloween outing.
tesashel225 (@) aol (dotcom)

Anonymous | 12:02 PM

Summer sun dress for me and 4 year old daughter, white onesie for 2 month old son and hanging out in the garden...

Laurah | 12:13 PM

Skinny jeans + big shirt while walking the dog at the park

Anonymous | 12:23 PM

I love wearing jeans and my chuck taylor's. So casual and comfy for running errands and just relaxing at home.

Jodi | 12:44 PM

Skinny jeans, tshirt, flip flops and playing with the kids.


W | 1:24 PM

my 2 year old in sandals, sweatpants, and a bright polo, playing in the waterplay area at the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose. Easy to spot him in a crowd, easy to peel the wet clothes off afterwards :P

Sonya Allstun | 6:34 PM

distressed jeans a comfy sweatshirt or tee and some comfy flip flops


Keri | 8:39 PM

Banana Republic purple skinny jeans + black tee + long H&M gray sweater + Hanna Andersson clog boots + apple-picking = FUN & COMFY!

Unknown | 9:26 PM

Yellow sundress + cardigan + mary jane shoes + bucket hat and walking around Disneyland! (it is still warm out here!)


mrssquigg | 9:42 PM

distressed jeans + tunic/peasant top + scarf + comfy slip on shoes

mrssquigg @ comcast.net

Real Organic Living | 9:45 PM

Boys Striped Rugbys + Loose Fit Jeans + High-Top Sneakers + flying a kite in the park

Ray | 10:29 PM

My favorite play clothes + activity pairing, would have to be: my gray blouse with colorful floral print, blue jeans, silver flats, and my hanging earrings, to go see Kat Von D, at a Sephora event. ;o)

Betty C | 12:41 AM

I love my stretchy yoga pants. Nice for exercise and lounging later.

kakihara | 1:32 AM

I love Old Navy for my son it's long shorts, t-shirt, and hoodie. My daughters leggings, dress, ballet flats.

intime | 1:43 AM

i love my capris, longer than shorts, but shorter than pants intime@myself.com

Cindy | 2:02 AM

I like the jeans and henley's as well as the fleece hoodies.

Anonymous | 3:07 AM

A pair of sweatpants and comfy shirt for running on the treadmill.

For our daughter a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt for lounging around the house.


dawns41 | 4:29 AM

I love a sundress, flip flops and a sun bonnet to walk on the beach and pick up shells.

clynsg | 4:56 AM

Jeans and a loose fitting t-shirt for playing with my grandson. At 19 months, he is VERY active and comfort is key in being with him.

cgclynsg0 at gmail dot com

mail4rosey | 5:26 AM

My favorite play clothes are plaid shorts and a matching polo for the little guy, topped off w/butter soft sandals. Or soft cotton capri pants and a soft tunic for me. We like to play in the yard or go to the park in our play clothes.

Crystal F | 5:30 AM

Flowy summer top, capris and cute sandals for my daughters' softball games. Thank you!

bethiecow | 6:10 AM

Clothes for play? I'm simple. Short-shorts + tank top + cute flip-flops + fun earrings + pony tail + a trip to the zoo with my three little boys.

(it's hot down here in the south! the less clothes while staying decent, the better)

Jeanette H. | 7:20 AM

I love to lounge around in cumfy pants and a t-shirt, watch a movie and have some snacks around.

Thank you for the great giveaway!


Anonymous | 7:28 AM



Laurah | 8:00 AM

Leggings plus a sweater plus a morning at the farmer's market

susan1215 | 11:00 AM

jeans shorts, a brightly colored top is what my daughter is usually wearing.

s2s2 at comcast dot net

Lisa Garner | 12:17 PM

I love pairing my favorite khaki capris, flip flops and tank for a day strolling my daughter around at the park.
lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

fidget | 2:01 PM

Button up dress, striped leggings, crocheted cardigan = rolling around in the grass

fidgetblogs at gmail dot com

Unknown | 2:47 PM

we like cute fun dresses paired with leggings and comfortable tennis shoes

slehan | 2:47 PM

Park + Jeans + t-shirt + Red Shoes.

Thanks for the contest.

Amy | 2:59 PM

Favorite play clothes for my kiddos = anything comfy and washable.

Favorite play clothes for me = jeans or a comfy skirt, flip flops, t-shirt.

And yes, usually much of the clothes are from Old Navy.

Dawn Reid | 4:29 PM

For my busy boy, jeans and a t-shirt

Melissa | 7:08 PM

sweats, t-shirt, to go shopping.

ShesAnAngel | 8:13 PM

My fave pairing would be:

A boys mock-neck Pullover Sweater, Boys Elasticized Pull on Cargos, and a cute Boys Sweater Knit Hat in blue buffalo :D

To go down to the docks and watch the boats and also feed the seagulls :D


Donna | 8:42 PM

Jeans, tshirt, flip flops for chasing my kids. :)

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