Gone Style: Play + Clothes = Sponsored

*updated with winners, below!*
If it was a plausible career option, I would pursue a profession in children's styling. This is insane, I realize. Even somewhere like Los Angeles where people hire personal shoppers to buy their kids birthday presents and it's totally a thing. So is nail-polish on dogs and cat strollers. But fashion is always in fashion no matter the age group and dressing one's daughter is more fun than dressing one's self. Er, to me it is. Arguably my favorite part of the day is the "getting Fable dressed" part. Thinking, "Hm. What's appropriate for the day's events? Hm." I get to play Rachel Zoe to my favorite client-- she who attends fabulous events on the daily that include, "drawing in the kitchen" and "pointing at stink bugs at the children's museum!"

Ah, the life. Some of my favorite "red carpet" "stained carpet" fashion + fun moments include:

Stripes + Polka dots + Pigtails + Park =
trick-or-treat buckets double as sand buckets 'round these here parts

Leggings + Jumper + Cardi + Sneakers + Dancing =

Vanilla Ice Cream + Strawberry Dress + Red Shoes =
and speaking of ice cream...

Ice Cream Dress + Bow + Legos =

Tiny Tee + Leggings + Sneakers + Flower + Drawing =

Floral + Denim jacket + Sandals + Toy chest =
And for the finale... dunt dunt duuuuuunt....

couture dress + pool hair + fuel efficient vehicle =
This dress is the product of Fable + WWW + GGC.
(Fable chose the sunglass print fabric. I chose the floral/birds. My mom sewed.)


Want to win an $150 Old Navy gift card? Awesome. Just tell me about your favorite play clothes + activity pairing in the comments below. (ED: This is the first of three posts + giveaways I'll be doing with Old Navy in coming days.) My pairing = Vintage dress + leggings + boots + pulling the kids around town in the Radio Flyer.

Fable + Me + Sandbox = close enough.

...Winner to be chosen at random via random.org on September 22nd. For contest rules and regs, go here. Good luck and happy pairing!


ED: This post + giveaway brought to you by the lovely folks at Old Navy. Thanks, Old Navy! Shop and/or browse Old Navy's Baby Sale, here.

Updated: congrats to Adventures with Addison, Cora D and JWhite for winning the threeOld Navy drawings! And thanks to all of you for participating! xo!


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Amy | 3:12 PM

Nola in dress+leggings+wild hair and bare feet running around in the backyard.

Ashley | 3:40 PM

My favorite is Crew Cuts tee + Joe's Jeans + splatter paint Crocs = shopping in Union Square (SF). That was our day today and it was awesome! Love toting my little 18 mo. old around shopping with Momma.

Rachel | 4:18 PM

My favorite memory of wearing my LBD was with a scarf, my superhero necklace, and black flats, at a roller derby bout.

Kathryn | 4:25 PM

comfy worn in capri jeans + tank + flip flops = playground or visiting grandparents w/ my son

Sarah | 4:40 PM

Not to be a suck up, but I'm absolutely obsessed with my old navy (almost jeggings) skinny jeans. They're so comftorable but I don't look like a slob in them. I love love love them. tank top and cardigan? I'm done.

Anonymous | 4:49 PM

I love to wear some stylish Lou Lous and a super cute top with a nice fitted jacket...

I dress my girl in tights and long shits..and a comfy cardi!

candace | 4:53 PM

Boyfriend jeans + high top cons + hoodie + art museum with toddler art fanatic!

Rebecca | 4:59 PM

Jersy dress+cardi+my favorite riding boots=walking to the cafe each morning with my new little walker!

Jenny | 5:22 PM

How about sweater dress + leggings + ballet flats + taking the kids to school on time! :)

Faith | 5:23 PM

Dress + polkadot leggings + playing with fresh, warm homemade playdough.

Faith | 5:23 PM
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Faith | 5:24 PM
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emily bilbrey | 6:46 PM

so fun! sweet fable playing = LOVE.

i adore old navy's baby/toddler clothes. i shop in their clearance section and when they combine that with a storewide sale? i go NUTS! my favorite pairing of play clothes for poppy is a sundresses over jeans with sandals, and a cardigan if it gets cool. in fact, that's exactly what she's wearing today! (sundress & jeans from old navy, shoes from target, hair clip handmade by me!) (:

love the new giveaways you're doing. crossing my crossables for a win!


Ginny | 6:54 PM

My bf's flanelette shirt + Bond's leggings + a night-shift induced headach = me wagging work and drinking endless cups of tea on the couch. Bliss!

theparakeet | 7:07 PM

ME: Knit Dress + Leggings + Cute Sneakers + Stroller = Tuesday morning trip to the Farmer's Market

HIM: Dark Jeans + Brown Shoes + Thrifted T-shirt + Worn Cubs Hat = hours of fun at the playground and in the sandbox

Vicky | 8:07 PM

Suede boots + tunic + scarf + apple cider = A hearty welcome to fall!

Katy F-H | 8:51 PM

horsey tails (pig tails) + rainbow shirt + rainbow pants + rainbow leg warmers on her arms= LEW

She is covered head to toe in rainbows, while her baby (named baby) is completely naked. Considereing sewing clothes permenantly on baby so that it's limbs don't fall of.

Lotus Moma | 8:58 PM

Aww Fable a girl after my own heart. I love her fashion.
For my its a old pair of jeans (usually with warn spots and holes) a nice fitting top and a necklace. When my daughter was little my favorite thing to do was dress her. He signature was her hot pink cowgirl boots paired with rainbow stripped tights ruffle jean skirt, Beatles t-shirt, pigtails, sunglasses and a stuffed puppy under her arm.

Katie | 9:07 PM

favorite play clothes= black leggings + long flannel button up + headband + black flat boots + date night with my hubs(because that IS play time!;))

britain clark | 9:32 PM

my daughter: polka dot baby legs with purple striped dress, american apparel teal sweater and brown shoesies.

Kila Bell | 9:52 PM

Baby rash guard (old navy of course) + sandy toes = perfect sunset

Jack's Mama | 10:07 PM

hey! i wanted to leave a comment on the night before school but I didn't see a place to click to comment. I read my 13 month old son, "Oh, The Places You WIll Go" today, as my husband and I cuddled, encouraging him to be lazy with us. One day he will probably wear a uniform too. I love your blog-I am girl gone child too!

Eliza | 10:38 PM

baby doll top + leggings + mismatched socks + giant pile of construction sand (- about 14 years) = my 3 year old daughter is Queen of the Mountain

Amy K | 11:33 PM

My mother-in-law knitted an adorable dress for my toddler, so now we've been getting as much use out of it as possible before fall gets here.

Anonymous | 4:19 AM

thank you so much for being clear from the beginning that this post was sponsored. i think old navy is a great place to get cheap trendy stuff that will last as long as the fad. or with a kid, as long as they can fit into it. however, if you shop at old navy what exactly are the "big box stores" you refuse to shop in? thanks again for your upfront honesty, in return i'm being honest and saying i'm no longer interested in what this blog has to offer. good news is i seem to be in the minority. best of luck. -j o'connell

Anonymous | 4:53 AM

Love, love, LOVE all the clothes that you and your mother have done for dear little Fable. We shop for t-shirts and shorts for play clothes and my daughter loves dresses right now. My boy is into Life Is Good shirts.


Amelia | 4:56 AM

Black leggings+smock dress with details from Old Navy (!) and comfy shoes for the walks to and from school where I hear all about the day at school.

Denise | 5:01 AM

Long sleeve, empire waist tunic, leggings and flat boots... a walk in the woods, kicking up leaves in the fall!

Unknown | 5:03 AM

jeans + tank + sneakers + kids at the playground

Stephanie Lux | 5:37 AM

I purchased all of my son's school clothes from Old Navy. He just started pre-k and loves it. My favorite is his zip pocket cargo shorts, baseball t-shirt and his transformer sneakers while walking home from the bus stop hearing all about what he did at school.

Tawny | 5:46 AM

I love my black yoga pants with my really soft gray tee. I pair it with great shoes, an awesome necklace and my purse of the moment. Ahhh, comfort.

Jenny | 6:06 AM

pink t-shirt + handmade pinnie with Eiffel Tower on it from Etsy + gray leggings from Target = perfect outfit for day at daycare for my 19 month old! jwhite@rmtelegram.com

Lauren | 6:27 AM

I love my Urban Outfitters strait leg jeans, a comfy tank, my favorite half-sleeve cardigan and a light scarf while walking the streets of DC.

Alexis | 6:31 AM

Leggings, boots or ballet flats, and a long, oversized shirt.

Anonymous | 6:38 AM

We are big Old Navy and Gap shoppers! Right now my favorite is lond sleeved t and jeans with flip flops on the sidelines watching my 7 year old Brady play pee wee football on a Saturday evening for me, and his sute little uniform for him!


Lindsey | 6:46 AM

My daughter is 2 1/2 and I'm SO excited to jump into fall play outfits. Corduroy pants and jean jackets. Mary janes and little hats to keep her ears warm. I can't wait to get out and play in this fall weather.

Thanks for the great giveaway!

tweetsweet | 6:52 AM

My 3 year old daughter has my new favorite play clothes: it is a hot pink 2-tier ruffle skirt (bought from either Wal-Mart or Target) with a hand-me-down tank top Hello Kitty character (Melody) that is light pink, orange and glittery. She wears pink/white princess tennis shoes and pink socks. She looks girly, but athletic in it (she is built like a tiny gymnast), it is comfortable and great. We love to walk up to our local play park on Sunday evenings with friends and play there until dark. We meet up with several other couples and their children and swing and play and talk - and it is just blissful evenings all round!

Ann | 6:53 AM

for playing with the kids I prefer flip flops, jeans or leggings, and a comfy tee-shirt.
I also have to say that the favorite part of my day is picking out what my kids will wear. My husband always wonders why it takes me so long, but it's so much more fun than picking out what I have to wear.

Anonymous | 6:53 AM

We live in the Midwest, so my kids couldn't wear dresses year round. They pretty much LIVED in sweat sets during the winter, whatever activity! Especially during dancing/playing in the living room, which we all loved!


Kari | 7:12 AM

For my 5 month old: my old Oshkosh and a thrifted t-shirt. Cozy and sentimental.

WaltzInExile | 7:15 AM

My daughter wears a uniform all week to school and I make her wear older clothes to play outside, so Saturday morning grocery shopping is when we wear our favorites. We've shopped in tutus, fairy wings, and tiaras, but her favorite part is getting to wear her wild curly hair DOWN instead up up. It takes a while to get through the store with all of the people fawning over her "beautiful hair!" but we both enjoy it.

Sarah | 7:32 AM

I love for my daughter to wear her ballet looking skirt and sleeveless cat and butterfly print shirt. My favorite activity is probably going on a walk.

MamaMeg | 7:57 AM

frayed kahki shorts + white tank+ navy velor hoodie + treasure hunting on the beach with the kids

Erika | 8:07 AM

american apparel black hoodie+ Old Navy tank top+New York Co. jeans+Simple shoes=morning with kids at the park

Elizabeth | 8:17 AM

gap tee tucked in to skinny jeans going out for frozen yogurt.

annabelvita | 8:37 AM

My favourite play outfit is a floral dress of some variety and flip flops, with a leather satchel and sunglasses. Ideal for most activities (if y ou don't care about flashing your knickers on occasion, which I don't). favourite of all activity? cafe time by the sea.

Carra Nicholes | 8:51 AM

Hole-in-the-knee Jeans, black tank top and turquoise cardigan for furniture shopping.

Kristie | 8:51 AM

Cardigan + Printed, Flowy Tank + Skinny Jeans + Open-toed Flats = The New Date Night. :)

Sarah | 9:01 AM

I love to wear a tank top with my Grandma pants. They were her pajama pants, and I found them when we went through her clothes. They are as soft as can be, super comfy, and remind me of her, therefore, they are the best!

Trisha | 9:06 AM

Zoey (just turned 2 in June) + bright stripey leggings + oversized T-shirt featuring a Smiling shark with GIANT teeth (a gift from her Grandpa)+ her pink light up Carter's sneakers + jumping on a mound of pillows in the "the front rooooom" = BLISS!!

Katie Jane | 9:11 AM

Brown flow-y skirt + slouchy boots + purple tee + scarf = Long walks with friends through the city.


lyndsey | 9:15 AM

skinny jeans, fall boots, and a big comfy sweater = taking a walk down along the canal. heaven.

Anonymous | 9:28 AM

I am not a mama YET, but my absolute FAVORITE pairing for me is my skinny jeans, flat slouchy boots and my huge knit sweater I actually got from ON last winter. I live in the middle of the desert, so I can't even break out the sweater until the dead of winter but I am from the east coast so sweater season always excites me.

Ashley | 9:42 AM

Josephine + Baby Legs + Long Sleeved Onesies + Adorable Hats for a night on the patio with friends and family.

Lou Lou Belle | 9:53 AM

comfy sneaks/flats/sandals + cute jeans + my go to american appearal grey vneck + blue ON sweater + all day at the music festival = one wonderful way to end the summer!!
<3 <3 <3 <3

Kaitlin | 9:59 AM

As soon as I get home from work I change into yoga pants, a tank top, and a hoodie - then I'm ready to either relax or tackle projects around the house.

Sarah | 10:12 AM

Black gauchos + black shirt + black & white plaid jacket + brightly colored headband and accessories = fun Friday work ensemble.

k | 10:29 AM

My comy skinny jeans, a plain white tee, a funky scarf and either my brown (flat) boots or flip flops depending on the weather. The activity would be enjoying a beautiful day outside with my daughter and husband, walking everywhere...

the king of carrot flowers | 10:30 AM

for my 4 year old son: rolled up skinny jeans + Minor Threat T + slip on checkerboard vans= afternoon hitting the greenway with playground pit stops.

Sarah | 10:31 AM

There's something so perfect about jeans, a comfy oversized sweater and watching football with friends on a fall day.

Darra | 10:32 AM

Fable is so precious! Love the strawberry dress. My little boy loves his yellow t-shirt with "modes of transportation" pics: bike, train, car, helicopter, etc. with a pair of denim shorts and his leather sandals. Perfect for playing tag at the playground.

Beth Noel | 10:53 AM

When I'm at home, playing with my son and the weather is Anything-But-Blizzard, I'm usually in my undies. It's just easier as I find pants to be terribly binding. That being said, I have some great leggings that I wear when I'm just lounging around the house and I don't want to be groped by my husband. As much.

Hespyhesp | 10:56 AM

Mine is purple flowy hippy top + skinny jeans + yellow flower sandals + pushing my babe on the swings at the park.

MJ | 11:25 AM

Thai fisherman pants + sleeveless babydoll dress + Dansko clogs + bicycling

Circus Daily | 11:46 AM

My 18 month old son in Daddy's solid tee shirt (which he proudly put on) + tickle monstering on the bed.

tristaq | 11:48 AM

tank top+sports bra+workout shorts + 6 month old in jogging stroller= walking my 2nd grader to school
tristamj (at) hotmail (dot) com

Sarah of the Jones family | 12:00 PM

I love, love, LOVE rompers (aka one-piece outfits) for my little girl AND my little boy. I think they are the best, cutest invention ever. No having to worry about exposed bellies!

My husband doesn't quite agree with me on the cute factor :)

Whitney | 12:18 PM

Crop jeans + hippie top + blue scarf + vegetarian shoes + sunglasses = my favorite.

Kristen | 12:19 PM

jeans + clarks wallabees + detroit t-shirt + teetering on a teeter-totter with my two year old + laughing

kschmitt1045 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Jen @ dietplaid | 12:21 PM

I like to run around in my Quilieute Protectors baseball shirt, old zoo york shoes, long plain hoodie, and raggedy denim knee length shorts. I have to be able to MOVE! Taking pictures, picking apples, bike riding, and reading in weird locales are all possible.

Anonymous | 12:22 PM

With my first daughter it was easy to pair her oufits with the activities of the day, but then came my second one...Oh hell no...all she ever wanted to wear was a stinkin' Insync tee-shirt and denim shorts all day every day. She's 16 now and has graduated to skinny jeans with holes in the knees and tight black tee-shirt. *sigh*


janetrosedavis@yahoo.com (just in case I win)

Jen | 12:24 PM

Basketball shorts + oversized tee + high top sneakers = one-on-one driveway basketball game with my daughter

Kameron | 12:29 PM

Cropped leggings + jersey tunic + my favorite flates + baby in the Ergo walking around our neighborhood.

Bunny | 12:34 PM

stretch jeans + purple striped shirt + worn black cons + 10 month in Ergo and 3 year old holding my hand walking around the Seattle Center = best thing EVER!

Leah | 1:25 PM

My favorite play-day outfit for me, the mommy, is: yoga pants paired with a Velvet tee, J. Crew hoodie, and flip-flops. For my kids, I love seeing my 15-month-old son in his Mini-Boden jumper with the green elephant, and I love my six-year-old girl in her very independently chosen outfits--usually polka-dot leggings, flowing skirts, fancy t-shirts, and headbands with fabric flowers attached :)

wonderchris | 1:25 PM

I love my Old Navy red shoes - my favorite shoes. Those with my jeans and my navy/white striped boat shirt = best play clothes ever!

CO & O | 1:28 PM

I like to match the color of my daughter's shirt to the color of yogurt she will be eating, because I know that the drips on her shirt won't clash with the outfit.

Kim T | 1:44 PM

Well I end up wearing yoga pants and a comfy T for playing most of the time. My girls are 8 and 10. I think since they were about 18 months they most certainly had their own clothing opinions. So I never feel like I got much of a say. But I did love them in denim combined with something floral. Such a classic without being too fru-fru.

Mary | 1:56 PM

my 3mo old + blue BumGenius cloth diaper + blue argyle BabyLegs + no shirt + playing on the floor = cutest kid ever (slightly biased)

TheGirl | 1:56 PM

Definitely a pair of leggings, and a Threadless Tshirt. Always makes my daughter look put together, she is super comfortable and she can move!

Angie | 2:18 PM

My pairing = maternity pants + really large tshirt + shape-up shoe knockoffs + hauling my toddler around hoping it doesn't make me go into preterm labor.

Miranda | 2:48 PM

My daughter in monster pajamas and princess slippers curled up with me on a Saturday morning watching cartoons while my husband goes to pick up bagels and coffee.

Miss M | 3:47 PM

We live in Chucks, especially for play. All of us...

Amy T. | 4:27 PM

Tissue tee and super broken-in Long n' Lean Gap jeans, for weekends romping around with my twirly-skirted daughter.

Unknown | 5:12 PM

I love leggings + short dress/long t-shirt + cardigan. Cutest look on kids!

hannah | 5:18 PM

drop waist sweater dress + purple polka dot leggings + green tin pail = quick trip to the library!

Sarah Ry | 7:44 PM

For my baby: Bare feet + comfy summer dress + sun hat + a walk around the neighborhood after dinner--the whole family

C. Ashton Allen | 1:38 AM

slayer onsie + carpenter jeans + little black chuck taylors + thrift store jean jacket that i studded out the back of = time to rock out and run around moshing with mama in the living room

Ann Lienemann | 5:20 AM

I have a crawler so lately it's a onesie and leggings (to show off her chunky legs) and bare feet in the playroom. We also have frequent dance parties in our pajamas

Krissy | 6:06 AM

I love my blue cotton shorts and white tank chasing my 2 year old daughter in her pink tye-dyed sundress in the sand at the beach.

Kendra | 7:10 AM

My favorite outfit for her is leggings that used to be oversized pants + sundress + cardigan + sitting in the dirt, seeing how much you can scoop up and drop in your lap. I used to spend a lot of time getting upset about how cute those clothes were before she decided to sit in the dirt. Now I just snap a picture of how cute she is having the time of her life in the dirt!

Katie | 7:11 AM

I put Eoghan in his first fall outfit. He is 4.5 months. First time in anything but a onsie this weekend. Adorable. He is adorble in anything though. Long sleeved onsie from Old Navy. Hoodie by Carters. Hand me down striped socks and pants and baby vans. We are a family of skaters. Well some of us skate and some of us used to or will in the future.

Katie | 7:18 AM
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Katie | 7:18 AM
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Susan B | 9:15 AM

My kids love to dress themselves these days, so I stick to jeans or jean shorts and let them pick the top.

megank | 12:07 PM

Trouser cut jeans + Dansko clogs + fitted v-neck t-shirt = walking the kids to school every morning.

mar | 12:33 PM

My young grandson loves his sweatpants and his Chicago Cubs little shirt to play ball in.


Maggie May | 12:46 PM

tight low ride jeans, layered cotton tops, flats and Friday Night Family Night with my gang@!

patty | 1:21 PM

I agree, dressing my daughter is the highlight of my morning sometimes. And she's 5. Thank heaven for old houses with high closets little arms cant reach even on a step stool.

I love her in a t-shirt dress over jeans with her fancy silver boots. Or any boot for that matter.

kelly | 1:22 PM

shirt dress with flip flops / kids on me/stroller, taking the dogs for a walk.


Sarahviz | 1:23 PM

With 3 boys, it's definitely Nike mesh shorts, a random Red Sox tee and grass-stained knees = playing football in the yard.

Megan Stuke | 1:33 PM

My favorite thing to dress my one year old in is a pair of longish plaid cargo shorts and a brown shirt with western snaps. If it's cool, he has a brown pullover with a dinosaur to complete the look. Stylish, functional, fun. Works great for crawling around and banging on drums.

peg42 | 1:39 PM

I love jeans & graphic tee's for my kids. They're easy to clean and last quite awhile.
Thanks so much.

Adrienne | 1:59 PM

Gotta go with Tunic plus leggings plus ballet flats. Nothing more comfy.

Shelley Johnson | 4:09 PM

I love the new jeggings.

Bloggytime20 at yahoo dot com

Cindy | 4:25 PM

My favorite and most comfortable are sweats and a tee.

Scott | 5:13 PM

Pajamas and movies at home


Unknown | 5:23 PM

As an AZ girl, I need my Old Navy flip flops. They're a staple in my wardrobe for more than 6 months straight. Recently, I've enjoyed wearing them to the library with my baby for story time, cause they're super comfy to sit on the floor in. Oh the possibilities with an Old Navy gift card! I hope I win!

Mia | 5:24 PM

My daughter loves leggings, tunic shirt, cardigan and sandals (it's still hot here). I think she is adorable!

Christine | 5:24 PM

I love warm fleecy items (so cozy) with quiet playtime, just snuggled up together reading a book!

Melissa | 5:26 PM

For my six-year-old daughter, I love her in her vintage a-line babydressturnedtop with stripey shorts and Converse sneakers for gym day at school

Elisabeth@YCCII | 5:27 PM

Favorite play clothes- vintagey dresses and stripey tights. If the dresses are actually vintage and were mine, we don't have to worry about messing them up!

Oh, and overalls-- which are SO hard to find in bigger sizes. OLD NAVY ARE YOU LISTENING?

Favorite activities include arranging refrigerator magnets, chasing birds, and painting with the milk bottle (which Lolly is doing right now on the floor).

Lisa C. | 5:44 PM

Jeans and going to the park!

lcrum at nova dot edu

Lisa C. | 5:44 PM

Sweat pants and ice skating

Dia | 5:46 PM

ON flip flops + shorts and I'm ready for some fun in the sun!

Whitney and Steve | 5:53 PM

Rolled up old jeans + flip flops + splashing in the water at Millenium Park = a really good day by anyone's standards.

Anonymous | 5:57 PM

Micro Performance Fleece Hoodies & Pants + playing at the park!


agordon10 | 6:01 PM

My daughter is a dress and tshirt underneath kinda girl.

RONA111 | 6:07 PM

Baseball jersey+jeans+tennis shoes +game of tball in the backyard
RONA111 at aol dot com

Anonymous | 6:15 PM

Warm sweater, comfy jeans, boots and a walk through the fall leaves!


Meghann | 6:27 PM

For my 18-mo-old daughter:
Playdress + leggings + sparkly polka dot converse = morning at the park with friends

Suz | 6:39 PM

Dress, leggings, and mary janes and walking around the park.

txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com


SHORTS AND A TANK AT HOME comfort rules and when they get dirty- change into another set

sara | 7:24 PM

Navy spaghetti straps maxi dress, open grey jersey cardigan, chaco sandals, and my lululemon white headband - perfect for traveling through several parts of Asia.

Joy | 7:44 PM

Old navy jeans, Cotton T, slip on sandals and pushing a swing on a cool day.

mickeyfan | 7:49 PM

For me it's jeans+hoodie+old tennies+my dog=hanging out at the farm and enjoying a lovely fall day.

Tina Z | 7:59 PM

My favorite play clothes are a long tank top and loose trouser jeans worn while camping. A cozy sweatshirt would be nearby for the chilly night spent eating 'smores around a campfire! tzappile @ gmail . com

Rynell | 8:07 PM

Leggings + sweater dress + canvas mary janes for my girl.

trouser jeans + t shirt + clogs + cardigan with toggle closures for me.

Perfect for reading together, running errands, playing at the park, soccer game for her brother and ice cream afterward.

Stephanie | 8:44 PM

peace & love shirt, rock & roll black cargo pants, black shoes for dinner with the family at a restaurant.
tvollowitz at aol dot com

Eric and Beckii | 8:46 PM

I'm in LOVE with Old Navy. Its the only place I buy jeans for my 2 year old. And he's a tee shirt kind of guy, so I'm loving the collectables they're coming out with. So cute! babyguysfamily@gmail.com

Unknown | 10:05 PM
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Unknown | 10:09 PM

braided pigtails + Old Navy polka dot hoodie and matching capris + Old Navy flip flops + the zoo = looks of wonder as she viewed live penguins for the first time! :) <3 it!

ellecee123 at gmail dot com

Cindy | 1:52 AM

Either sweats or jeans and a tee shirt

Anonymous | 3:11 AM

A pair of sweatpants and comfy shirt for running on the treadmill.

For our daughter a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt for lounging around the house.


April | 3:34 AM

Most of my pairings involve the activity of work so that's boring. How about my favorite capris and the flowery blue sleeveless top with flip flops for dog walking?

buzzd | 5:05 AM

capris with a comfy yet stylish blouse and sandals. It is all about the comfort

fostertam | 5:25 AM

Warm up pants and one of my very soft Old Navy T-shirts

Anonymous | 5:42 AM



Bryna | 7:00 AM

Love my Max in her grey polka dotted leggings with her giraffe sweater and purple shirt-and then we go to the reading circle at the library!

Mindy | 7:46 AM

My son just made the switch from private school to public school so we find ourselves in need of a new wardrobe. My challenge is finding enough items that he likes so that we avoid the same type of outfit everyday. My favorite is dark wash straight legged jeans + waffle knit shirt in sage green + plaid button up shirt over it + a trip to the park to play catch together = fun mother/son bonding!

dawns41 | 8:15 AM

I like to be paired in comfy shorts and a sleeveless Ruffled top.

Tiffany | 8:36 AM

denim skirt+ comfy top + converse + strolling with my children= a good day

Pets and their people | 9:07 AM

I love the Ruffle-Trim Velour Hoodies for Baby and Ruffle-Trim Velour Pants for Baby to wear while she's riding her Bumble Bee

cora d | 9:26 AM

For my daughter - cotton dress over cotton leggings, bare feet (I'd have her wear sandals but her feet are to chubby for them to fit comfortably).

For me - yoga pants and a t-shirt! But, I do try to actually get dressed every day, usually shorts and a t-shirt and flats.

Katie | 9:53 AM

Embroidered tank top + long cardigan + old ripped favorite jeans + farmer's market on a Saturday morning = my FAVE!

laura | 10:01 AM

t-shirt + leggings + flats = weekend shopping

Heathrow's World | 10:02 AM

My girl in her pj's, which are leggins and a t shirt, in the carseat in the car. Still with bed head, on our way to daycare in the morning. She looks so darn snuggly, and makes me happy that she loves her daycare person so much.

Adina B | 10:10 AM

Did Fable get a haircut? SO CUTE.

Leggings and tunic-y shirt/dress for both mom and daughter at the playground.

Adina B | 10:11 AM

Did Fable get a haircut? SO CUTE.

Leggings and tunic-y shirt/dress for both mom and daughter at the playground.

CarrieB | 10:30 AM

soft canvas pants + hand-me-down tee shirts for my 17-mo-old who has just discovered the slides at the toddler playground!

FernLePlante | 10:49 AM

Old Navy swim suits + Old Navy beach towels + swimming at the pool.
Thanks for the giveaway.
fernleplante at g mail dot com

Anonymous | 11:21 AM

For my busy boys, jeans, a t-shirt and a hoodie are best! And Old Navy has the latest styles.


Unknown | 11:23 AM

Anything me and the mister can get dirty and do boyish things in. Either pulling him in his wagon or watching him learn to run Anywhere :)

houpley | 11:29 AM

i loved playing in my red coards and my whinnie the pooh sweatshirt. i wish they had that outfit for grown ups.

Unknown | 11:41 AM

Billowy dress + suntan + pool time + a good book + strawberry mojito = the best days of summer.

Thanks for the chance to win!

Dia | 11:48 AM

my pairings Old Navy fuzzy socks + Old Navy pajamas + watching a movie + popcorn!

Dia | 11:49 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amy Fisher | 11:55 AM

Fuzzy footed jammies + silver ski bunny parka + leopard-print beanie + cold fall colorado morning = breakfast outside in the playhouse (this, of course, is my daughter's favorite outfit, although mine is quite similar)

Laurah | 12:18 PM

I am all about leggings with long tops or dresses over them lately.

Erica | 1:18 PM

I have some black ON gauchos that I love paired with some brightly colored t-shirts as we trike or scooter through the neighborhood.

Amanda | 1:25 PM

I can't wait for my little guy to get here - as my first, I am so looking forward to making him a little fashion icon from the start! I love Old Navy basics and I know he will too.

Cujo hmb | 2:12 PM

Old Navy has a great selection of stylish maternity clothes. A comfy pair of jeans, top and sweater is comfy and cute as I go about my business.


Beth | 2:46 PM

We are all about the dresses and skirts now since we are in the midst of potty training. Would have to say I love her in her yellow sandals and a blue yellow striped skirt and ruffled cream shirt from target! Favorite place is the park for sure!

Em | 2:50 PM

play clothes for us are skirts. my 2-year-old is a tom boy, for sure, but there's no reason a tom boy can't wear skirts, even if they are covered in muck by 9am.

Alexis | 3:45 PM

My favorite combo for the girls is striped tights, rain boots, cute little dresses and rolling down the hill in our backyard.

The Sunshyn | 3:56 PM

The Floral + Denim jacket + Sandals is just precious. :)

My favorite lately is being comfy - a tunic with Thai wrap pants

lisa | 4:51 PM

I love my lounge pants and cotton tops. msmith572@yahoo.com

MadEnoughWorld | 5:12 PM

Awww Fable is fab-ulous!

Anything made with cotton. The most important thing is breathability. So, cotton, silk. Not poly, not wool. I get itchy to the point I want to start scratching walls. Leggings to me, as tights, are also evil. I like to wear pajamas all day, to be honest.

Unknown | 9:31 PM

For my 2 yo Hazel it would have to be today's combo (in black and white) -- Bob Marley tee + leopard print mini + black/white striped leggings + pink chuck taylors! having a girl is tons of fun!!

AmandaYeager | 1:50 AM

We live in dresses with leggings and cute boots, but my fav is barefoot in jeans at the beach on a cold morning...watching my girls imagination soar with a view

Anonymous | 3:38 AM

A pair of sweatpants and comfy shirt for running on the treadmill.

For our daughter a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt for lounging around the house.


fostertam | 5:26 AM

soft capris and a pullover

Cindy | 6:02 AM

I love to throw on my sweats and sit back and watch a good movie.

dawns41 | 8:04 AM

Swimsuit and Coverup and spashing in the pool with your children.

KowgirlsRule | 9:14 AM

My favorite is leggings, sandals, large shirt and swinging in the swings.

lauraandbill2001 | 9:18 AM

I love pairing the sweater dresses with leggings! They are so durable they can be worn anywhere for play.

Anonymous | 9:20 AM

Favorite play clothes is pretty much anything we can get dirty in. Jeans and tshirt kind of outfits. I love dressing my daughter in fun/cute outfits, but now that she is 2, she has a serious mind of her own and doesn't always agree with my styling choices. GO FIGURE. For her birthday this year I let her pick out her own outfit. I picked dress, she wanted to wear her winter faux fur coat. IN JULY! I let her. It was her birthday. We call it her Fancy Coat. It's soft and fuzzy. One of her faves.

Love Fables outfits, wishing my daughter was as cooperative!

Lisa | 9:26 AM

My ankle-length jean capris + a cami + a light over-sized flowy sweater + ballet flats + a walk on the lake with my puppy :)

hannah queen | honey & jam | 9:49 AM

jeans + park. best ever.

Lou Lou Belle | 10:02 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous | 10:57 AM



Stephanie | 10:57 AM

My favorite play clothes is a pair of old jeans and a grey and white striped tank.

pauline15 | 11:32 AM

For the girls, some leggings and an oversized t-shirt for family movie night. For the boys, big sweats and t-shirts. We look forward to this night every month!

mkjmc | 11:48 AM

I love the graphic tees and a pair of Jersey pants for Pre school~

Unknown | 11:52 AM

I like for the kids to wear cut off sweats and let the kids paint
Thank you

Laurah | 12:21 PM

For fall I can't wait to pull out my skinny jeans, boots and oversized sweaters

Laurah | 12:21 PM

For fall I can't wait to pull out my skinny jeans, boots and oversized sweaters

clc408 | 12:37 PM

Cotton shorts and tee for walking in the park.

Home Sweet Sarah | 1:06 PM

Yoga pants + t-shirt = hiking! (Or sitting on the couch watching reality TV. WHATever.)

Cujo hmb | 6:30 PM

Old Navy have a great selection of maternity clothes, too. hmb@fortaj.com

Myssie | 7:58 PM

jeans (I have two current favs right now) black tank or tee and a light cardi (it's teal and lime green).
In the back yard with the kids running amuck.

sodahoney | 9:01 PM

Sweat suit, running sneaks, on a running track

April | 3:02 AM

A pair of old comfy jeans and a big tshirt. Best combo for everything.

Anonymous | 3:30 AM

A pair of sweatpants and comfy shirt for running on the treadmill.

For our daughter a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt for lounging around the house.


fostertam | 5:23 AM

comfy jeans and my favorite LSU t-shirt

lauraandbill2001 | 6:38 AM

The toddler sweater dresses are adorable!

Cindy | 7:51 AM

Sweats and tee watching a movie

dawns41 | 8:37 AM

I love comfy cargo shorts and cotton tank top for going to the park.

clc408 | 10:19 AM

Capris, tee and sneakers for daily walks.

Sarah G. | 10:26 AM

Yoga pants + book + ice cream on a stick = happy mom.

Skinny jeans + tank top + flip flops = happy tween daughter.

Trying for a new baby, too.

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