Portrait of a Fable (& Giveaway)

**updated with winner, below!**
Fable (from photo, here) painted by artist/reader Rachael Rossman

When the above portrait arrived in the mail, I opened it with Fable. She shrieked. "FABLE! FABLE!" she said. Ever since it's lived in our dining room, and will eventually hang above her bed as soon as I can decide on framing/matting options. One of the great perks of being a blogger is getting to meet all these incredibly talented artists who are kicking ass doing what they love. Hell yes.

Rachael has kindly offered to do a giveaway here on GGC, an 8x10 portrait painting for one lucky reader (A $300 value). Perhaps you'd like a painting of your child? Children? Pet? See more of Rachael's work on her website. She's also started a calendar kickstarter project, here.

In the meantime, let us know in the comments who's portrait you'd like painted (and please include your contact information so I can track you down!). I'll pick one winner via random.org next Tuesday, March 1st. Thanks to Rachael for the giveaway and good luck to all of who participate!

**Updated 3/1**

Congratulations to commenter #378 Somewhat Voluble who would like a portrait painted of her newborn nephew. She wrote: My nephew was born yesterday, February 24, 2011. He weighed 8 lb, 8.5 oz and was 20.5 inches long. He's my (younger) sister's first baby and she is a single mother, and I'd love to give this to her for a first mother's day gift!"

Thank you all so much for participating and thank you to Rachael for this AMAZING giveaway. So grateful! Love to all!



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- | 9:28 AM

It would be of my 2 pet bunnies :) . They are very cute.

Krysta | 9:29 AM

Beautiful work! What a talent. If I win I'd love a portrait of my pup. Pup portraits make me happy.

Anonymous | 9:30 AM

It's too easy and cliche, but definitely my son. He's 9 mths old, right between crawling and walking, and everything about him is magic to me right now. I would love to capture this time in his life w/a great piece like that.

JillyL | 9:30 AM

I would love to have one of my two boys to hang in their room. It looks fantastic.

Glenda | 9:31 AM

OMG that portrait is amazing. Beautiful. I'd like a portrait of my son and daughter. thanks!

Nicole | 9:32 AM

I'd love to have on of my daughter as a baby. She loves to look at photos of herself from her first year

Katy F-H | 9:32 AM

This is awesome!
My daughter would love this. I think I would be her and her dad or me??

Side note: my friend wants to get a portrait tattoo of George Washington Carver, is that not the weirdest thing you have ever heard.


Mary | 9:32 AM

I'd get one done of my sister and I since we'll be living on separate continents next year and I'd love to bring a little something to remind me of her and how close we are.

Elle | 9:32 AM

I would love a portrait of my grandmother, laughing.

GreerAnn | 9:34 AM

How beautiful! I'd probably wait until my second little bundle is born and get one of my two (eek!) kids together. Either that or my dogs. I do love my furry kids.

Jenny | 9:34 AM

Oh I would get a portrait of my corgi Birdie and my cat Cricket (they're best friends)!

Roxanne | 9:34 AM

That portrait is amazing! I love Rachael's work.

If I won, I would definitely get a painting of my kiddo. :)

Dottie | 9:36 AM

That portrait took my breath away! It is stunning!

I would have a picture of my little girl. Because at two her look seems to change every day.

I wish I could be with her right now, but I'm at work, so I'd hang it in my office and smile!

Traci | 9:37 AM

My son has the best out-of-control laughter face. i'd love to have that captured.

Caitlin Carroll | 9:38 AM

GORGEOUS! LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Even if I don't win, I might scrape together the moolah to buy one of these. I would get a portrait of my kid, Atticus. He's really cute.

Kate B. | 9:39 AM

I am IN LOVE with Rachael's style. So unique for portraiture. If I won, I would have her do my (brand spankin' new) husband and I. It would be something lovely to pass down to one of our kids someday.

Lindsey | 9:39 AM

after seeing the photo of Fable I instantly had an idea in mind. It would totally be of my daughter and son.

cs white | 9:40 AM

What a lovely portrait! I'd love to have one of my son.

Betsy King | 9:40 AM


Oh my goodness, who to pick, my daughter? My son? My pugs?

Ummmmmm, I would probably choose my daughter Jocelyn as she is my second baby and I'm sure she will get less photos than my first born.

Plus, she is my little baby and I just want to bottle up this amazing time.

Love meeting new artists!!! Thanks!

Betsy King

Anonymous | 9:40 AM

I'd have it done of me and my girls. And since we're all born in March, this would be a lovely birthday present for all three of us.

Mary | 9:41 AM

Wow! That's amazing!

I would have the portrait made of my beautiful son (with a birthday a day different than Fable's) to hang in his room. We've been slowing working on redecorating it to a more big boy style and I think this would be a lovely addition.


UnCheyned | 9:41 AM

I love this portrait! It reminds me of the cover of Les Miserables. Am I right?

I would love a portrait painting of my 2 1/2 year old son Thaxton. He leaves me awestruck every time I look at him. Or think of him, really.

Kate B. | 9:41 AM

I posted but it disappeared, so here, for round two ...

Love, love, love Rachael's work. I would have her paint a portrait of my brand spankin' new husband and I. It would be a lovely thing to have to pass down to one of our girls someday.

Lindsay Schultz | 9:42 AM

A portrait of my handsome 9-month-old would be amazing!

Katie Lee | 9:42 AM

I would love a painting of my new puppy Watson. He's bright orange and amazing!

pam | 9:43 AM

Adorable. I'd love one of my terribly tantrum-y two-year-old, Bella.

Fabs | 9:43 AM

How gorgeous! I would have to get one of my two kids.

Martha | 9:44 AM

Gorgeous! I would get a portrait of my son, Archer - or maybe our dog, Enzi.

Heather Freeman | 9:45 AM

I'd love to get a portrait of my son, Aiden.

The funny thing is I'm an artist myself, but I suck at portraiture. I keep trying to paint my son and it never looks right! But Rachael has captured Fable beautifully.

ste | 9:45 AM

My daughter.

Steph(anie) | 9:45 AM

Absolute magic. Is it wrong that I would want my own portrait?

Tammy | 9:46 AM

Absolutely gorgeous. She has a gift. I would have to have my daughter painted but would have some serious trouble choosing a photograph to have it done.

Tracy | 9:46 AM

Fable looks beautiful. I'd love to see my son captured this way. He's beautiful on his own but as art? Even more so!

Tracy at mygippy dot com

Unknown | 9:47 AM

I love that! So cute. I would choose a portrait of my children.

Rachel | 9:48 AM

It would have to be a portrait of either the family (all of us) or just my two kids.

Then again a painting of the tearful goodbye with my furbaby, Zeke, would be a nice addition to my craft room.

Kelly | 9:49 AM

I would love a portrait of my mother in law. She's beautiful and I would love something special of her done.

cd0103 | 9:49 AM

I think I would like one of my dog and her "sister" the cat.

If not, then just my dog.

Lisa | 9:49 AM

my daughter! love the style.

manda | 9:49 AM

Oh good gravy, is that not the coolest portrait I've ver seen! Fable is a beauty!

I'd have my Harper's picture done. Not sure if I'd use a current picture or one from when she was smaller, though.

Love it!

Veronica Vaughn | 9:50 AM

My grandpa circa 1960's. He was cool. :)

MK | 9:51 AM

Probably my puppy boy, Brady. He is such a smiley dog, and I already know which photo I'd use. :-)

Tina C. | 9:51 AM

gorgeous painting!

If I won, I'd ask for a portrait of my 6-month-old son. He's pretty cute. :)

tina other world at yahoo dot com

Katie Jane | 9:51 AM

WOW! That is an incredible portrait. I don't have kids, but I do have cats. :-) And I've been wanting a portrait of my cats for a while, so that's who I'd pick.


neigh! | 9:52 AM

I'd like a portrait of my 2 boys - to hang in my office. And one of my 97 year old grandma. She's beautiful. I'd have to flip a coin to decide!

Felicia | 9:52 AM

Beautiful work! I would love one of my 18 month old son.

EdenSky | 9:54 AM

This may sound weird, but I would want a portrait of myself. I have thousands of images of my kids and every one is gorgeous, but I don't have a single one of myself that I would be proud to hang on a wall.

False Protagonist | 9:55 AM

Lady has talent!! Wow. I would have to say I'd want a portrait of my son or perhaps one of both of us. The problem would be picking the picture to have her paint! Ohh-I have just the spot for it too!

Julie | 9:57 AM

My son Joel. He is the apple of our eye and the cutest!!!

rachel | 9:59 AM

My little honey, Aidan.


AndreaWasson | 10:00 AM

I would love a picture painted of my two children, Jocelyn (17) and Nolan (12) My daughter is graduating and this is our last bit of 'time' with her living at home....I will miss these days and would love to have a painting done.

Kim Rily | 10:00 AM

It's gorgeous! I love the picture. Part of me says a picture of my kids and the dog (my first kid). Then maybe me and Trinity. (The dog). Maybe me and my husband. It's hard to decide which relationship to honor first. Also, I have an awesome picture of me laughing with a butterfly on my face. That's always a cool idea too.

I'm kinda into concentrating on me and Mitch right now, at least occasionally, so... probably that.

k i m r i l y AT Yahoo.com
Without the spaces.

Adriana | 10:00 AM

oh my this is amazing! I would want my son, Hendrix

Katie | 10:01 AM

It would be of one of my little people! My daughters are everything!

Adriana | 10:01 AM

oh and my email is justbyliving@gmail.com

Lou Lou Belle | 10:02 AM

I would have to decide between a handful of great options, it'd be a tough choice:

-my beautiful twin sister or georgous (18 yr old) baby sister
-my darling grandmother who is very ill these days
-my adorable cat Mia and hedgehog baby Rufus

Fable's portrait is just beautiful. I'll definitely keep my fingers crossed for this one. :)

grace | 10:02 AM

That's gorgeous. I'd love to have a painting of my deceased dog done for my partner.

Stephanie | 10:03 AM

Oh wow! I would love to have the portrait of my daughter and son. That would be so amazing!

Angie | 10:03 AM

I would choose the photo of my husband, our son, and me taken at my sister's wedding. We are kissing his cheeks and he has the biggest, most beautiful smile.
P.s. I hope you get one of Archer too!! That picture of Fable is absolutely stunning.

racher | 10:05 AM

This is an awesome giveaway. I'm not a fan of hanging generic, random art on the wall—I like having pieces with a story behind them. (As a result, our walls have a lot of space on them, waiting to be filled)

I would totally get a portrait of my two kids. Gorg.

Cindy | 10:08 AM

I'd love to have one of my daughter. Lovely!

kimberly | 10:08 AM

That pictures is awesome! I would definitely have one done of my son who is two.

Anonymous | 10:10 AM

My daughter! That portrait of Fable is beautiful. garzareal@gmail.com

Aloicoius | 10:10 AM

My babies. Hope I win!

Isaida | 10:11 AM

Beautiful painting.

I would like a painting of my son, Samuel who was killed May 23, 2009 at the age of 19.

Unknown | 10:11 AM

I would like a portrait of my son, Luca Gabriel Saona. He's about 2 and a half years old now with a crazy head of hair. :) My email is hbrass28@gmail.com

Crys | 10:12 AM

My daughter, Scarlett. Or perhaps her and her daddy, I am partial to pictures of those two together :)


thedalyn | 10:13 AM

I'd totally get a portrait of my partner and boy (soon to be boys). Together, they are too much.

karyna | 10:13 AM

My daughter Aida, she's the bee's knees.

Kim | 10:13 AM

What a cool piece of art! Is it bad that I'd want mine to be of someone I don't know--like Sylvia Plath or Johnny Cash or John Lennon?

Shelly Pfeffel | 10:15 AM

I would have to say my cat, Oscar. But that seems a little silly - since I am okay with not having a portrait of my cat.

BUT...I would LOVE to give my best friend a portrait of her three kids. LOVE.

Red Stethoscope | 10:15 AM

Wow! This is awesome! I would get a portrait done of my sister and brother-in-law and give it to them as an anniversary gift. :)

Jules | 10:15 AM

I would get one done of my Grandma (Nanny) she turns 94 this spring and I would love LOVE something so beautiful drawn of her.

And if I win you can just tell me on the blog because I check in every day :)

Angie | 10:16 AM

IT would defininitely be of this picture of my parents when they first started dating or maybe of my sister's soon to be newborn baby. I just can't decide!

beyond | 10:18 AM

what a great portrait of fable! i would choose a portrait of me to give to my husband. or! a portrait of my niece to give to her parents. hard choice... fingers crossed!

Shawna | 10:18 AM

I'm supposed to say that I want a portrait of my daughter . . .but secretly I want a portrait of ME.

Jen and Suki | 10:19 AM

I'd love one of these and it would have to be of my sister and my beloved rescued beagle, who just passed away unexpectedly yesterday. I would gift it to her, because he lived for her love and never forgot that she took a chance on him!

Miss M | 10:20 AM

I would have to decide between me and my hubby or one or all of my children. Either way this would be amazing!

Rachel | 10:24 AM

Well, of course, my awesome daughter, who is two and a half and just magical. rctlew at the gmail dot the com

Claire | 10:25 AM

If I won, it would have to be a portrait of my rescue hounds, Ziggy and Hector, to hang in my home office.

I love that Fable recognised herself the moment she saw the painting. :)

ABB | 10:26 AM

beautiful. i would cherish a portrait of my son.

cora d | 10:27 AM


I would either get a portrait of my dog, with her giant bat ears, or my two girls, after #2 is born.

vlsp | 10:30 AM

What an amazing portrait, she did a beautiful job. I would love a portait painted of our dog.


Unknown | 10:31 AM

My husband's German Shepherd Liska. That was by far his favorite dog, ever. She made it to 11 years old and was a beautiful girl until the end. He still misses her!

Sarah of the Jones family | 10:32 AM

*gasp* I love, love, LOVE the painting of your Fable! The artist's technique is gorgeous! I would totally have my two kiddos captured. They are my pride and joy!

Amy P. | 10:32 AM

I would love a portrait of my 18-month old son - maybe with me in it, or maybe not. I'm usually not in pictures with him since I'm the photographer of the house. Why does that happen? Hubbies out there - take more pics of your wives!!

Unknown | 10:32 AM

My husband's German Shepherd, Liska. She was by far his favorite dog ever and made it to 11 years old. She was beautiful until the end. He still misses her!

Kitty Conner | 10:34 AM

Oh! My Grandfather. He's wrinkled and sunspotted, craggy and sagging, but he's beautiful. I can never seem to capture that in photos.


MD | 10:35 AM

Amazing painting! I would love a portrait of myself to immortalize my awesomeness! :-D

Carrie | 10:35 AM

Gorgeous portrait of Fable! If I won I would get either my daughter Britton or my Boston terrier forever-puppy Sadie. Or both! Might just have to buy one if I don't win!


Vanessa | 10:35 AM

wow what a beautiful portrait.. I think I would love one of my beautiful baby boy Jack..

Ashley | 10:38 AM

It would be of my sweet little brother! What a wonderful Mother's Day gift!

Anonymous | 10:39 AM

Either of my pups! Or both if she'd do them! Love her work and she's pretty awesome too! :)

Mrs. Jenna | 10:39 AM

My daughter Abigail. Hands down.

Mlle | 10:40 AM

My boy, Victor. He just turned three, and his features are losing their generic baby qualities and turning into something recognizably his own. My little girl Penelope is adorable, of course, but she's only three months. There's a bit more time for her, and in the meantime I have a lot of pixels to use up.

Hilary | 10:41 AM

Wow, Fable's portrait is amazing! I would probably want a portrait of my sister, but one of my husband an I would be nice, too.

Jennifer | 10:47 AM

I've admired Rachael's work for some time now -- it would be hard to chose a subject for a personal painting, but I'd have to go with a photo of my grandparents, happy and laughing.

mallory m | 10:52 AM

gorgeous! mine would by of my two gatos... they are the closest thing to kids i've got! :)

ps- mallory(dot)mahoney(at)gmail(dot)com

Anonymous | 10:52 AM

awesome portrait!
i'd love one of our two year old, ollie!

Christy | 10:53 AM

I'd love a portrait of my daughter. She's weeks away from 2. That'd be so special.

Laura | 10:53 AM

Just lovely! I would choose a picture of me and my husband with our two dogs. We have no family portraits!

Kristen | 10:53 AM

Gorgeous portrait! I would have one made of my son, Nathaniel. And you can contact me at k.a.raup (at) gmail (dot) com.

Alexis | 10:55 AM

I would love one of my 2 kiddos. thanks!

Unknown | 10:55 AM

I would love a painting of my King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Rudy!!
Such beautiful artwork

jacquelyn | 10:55 AM

so cute! i'd love a portrait of my dog baby, pearl.


Laura | 10:57 AM

Oh wow - I'd have one done of my 2 yr old daughter, 6 yr old son, and 17 yr old step-daughter.

em | 10:57 AM

That is an amazing portrait. I would love to have a portrait of my 3 year-old. Pictures sometimes fall flat, but a portrait can capture the whimsy, spunk, and just ridiculous of being 3. Well, that and we have no actual picture of Jane anywhere in the house so this would be a nice start.

Ali Smith | 10:59 AM

If I win I would get a kitty portait of our 3 cats. And then I would keep track of how many lives they've used up on the back. (:

Ashley | 11:01 AM

Most definitely my dog Bo. He is almost 11 and such a sweetie. I would love to have his portrait to display in my house. Amazing work!

Leanne | 11:01 AM

Amazing technique!

The obvious is my 2yr old son, but I think I'd like a picture of my mom. I don't have many pics that capture her well and wow, what an amazing tribute to an amazing woman.

Anonymous | 11:02 AM

I would love to have a portrait of my 4 year old son. He has the most adorable red curly hair!

Unknown | 11:04 AM

In-effing-credible. As I'm currently kid-less, I'd love to have a painting of my husband and me! Thanks!

Anonymous | 11:04 AM

I would love one of my 4 year old son. He has the most adorable red curly hair.

JuicyBit | 11:05 AM

Awesome portrait. I would love to have one of my mutt Chuey!

Grant and Julie Sackett | 11:05 AM

I would love to have one of my almost two year old son Taggart!

jessica | 11:06 AM

So beautiful. My two dogs and one cat - our family - would be my picks.

Laura | 11:06 AM

That is so awesome! I would get one of my father, who died when I was young.

Bugglette at gmail dot com

Elizabeth | 11:08 AM

I would love to have a portrait of my son as beautiful as this one of Fable! eadair@sprayequipment.com

Amy K | 11:08 AM

I would definitely get a portrait of my toddler. She looks like a cherub but acts like a clown.

Anonymous | 11:09 AM

I would pick a picture of my husband and our two boys. We get our stepson every summer and i got a great picture of them at the beach fishing. which is my husband and my little boys favorite thing to do. it's one of our favorite pictures.
my contact: l8ybuggz01@aol.com

Sarah | 11:10 AM

Wow! She is an amazing artist! I would love to win and my children painted.

Anonymous | 11:12 AM

my little guy... and his best friend. They are so cute together, I just want to capture their tiny spirits, as I know soon enough they will be big people! lserico@gmail.com

Anonymous | 11:13 AM

WOW! I love it. I predictably thought that I would do a portrait of my son at first glance, but after thinking about it a little longer, I think that I would get one of my mom. At the risk of sounding a bit morbid (though I know that this is a forum that sees the beauty in the truth that we are all moving towards a finite end) I am becoming increasingly aware of how precious my time with my mama is and just how awesome she is, and I know that I would really treasure a portrait of her.
Beautiful work, thank you to Ms. Rossman for sharing her talent!!

Laura | 11:14 AM

what an amazing artist!! I would probably choose one of my two daughters or my grandfather. hmm.


Anonymous | 11:14 AM

This will sound silly but our son has always loved cows since he was just able to speak words and even now into his toddler years. I've been scouring art shows for a great portrait or landscape paintings of a cow and everything I find that I love we simply cannot afford.

Crazy as it sounds I'd love one of these for his room. It'd be so much nice than some kitschy cartoo cow.


Dana | 11:15 AM

my babies, of course. and i'd give it to their 93-year-old great grandma who loves them dearly.

Mutt | 11:15 AM

For sure my boys!! Love this picture.

tlr | 11:17 AM

Definitely my daughter who is Fable's age. The portrait is beautiful!

Julie in TX | 11:17 AM

I would have a portrait of my dog, Abby! I love Rachel's work!

Brianna | 11:19 AM

My son xander. He's three months old...and the cutest.

Nicole Stewart nicole.stewart@pnl.gov | 11:21 AM

I'd be terrible and get it done of myself - as a celebration of reconnecting with my mojo after losing 50 pounds!!

katiepaisley | 11:22 AM

I would love a portrait of the cat i had to put to sleep a few months ago. I miss her like crazy and would love to commemorate her.

Kayley Maybe | 11:22 AM

I would love a portrait of my stunning daughter, Karina. I know I'm biased, but she's an abnormally cute kid!

Meggan Hood | 11:23 AM

This is beautiful! I would love to have one of my daughter, Amelia, to hang in her room.

Heather W | 11:24 AM

My boy and my girl- they grow too fast and I love to freeze them in photos and memories

Leball | 11:26 AM

This is amazing! I love these. My three year old son. I would love this of him. And my boyfriends 16 year old daughter. I'm bound to purchase these for Father's Day if I don't win. I'm in love with this! Thank you for sharing!

Unknown | 11:26 AM

I'd have it painted of my family - me, my bf, and our two cats.

e-mail addy is: kelly (dot) amcguire (at) gmail (dot) com

VDG | 11:27 AM

loves it! she looks adorable.

ZDuffly | 11:29 AM

Oh wow. Gorgeous. It would be of my daughter, Coraline, of course! Thanks for all your great giveaways!

Helen Amanda | 11:32 AM

How gorgeous! I would get one of my son, and immortalize his baby curls before they get hacked off by my unskilled hands (no, apparently I have not yet learned the haircutting lesson)

helenamanda at gmail dot com

Katie D | 11:32 AM

Absolutely my cat Oliver. :)

Beth | 11:33 AM

I would definitely get a portrait of my two daughters, aged 2 and 4. The portrait of Fable is amazing.

Caroline | 11:34 AM

Gorgeous. I would get it of my two beautiful daughters. Ages 3 and 1.

Christy | 11:36 AM

I would love to have one of me and my sweet baby boy, Finn. Thanks for the opportunity!

michi | 11:37 AM

It's a hard choice because my husband has always wanted a professional portrait of himself... but it would also be great to hang in my daughter's room! Decisions, decisions!

Melissa | 11:37 AM

My (six-year-old) baby girl.

Beth | 11:38 AM

I would definitely get it of my daughters aged 2 and 4. Fable's looks amazing. lupe1515@yahoo.com

Myssie | 11:40 AM

I would choose a portrait of my two kids.

Margaret | 11:41 AM

My 3 year old son, Miles.

Houpley | 11:41 AM

my son. she really captured the energy so well.

Anonymous | 11:42 AM

My husband and I. Or maybe our 4 daughters - but man is it hard to get a good pic of all them together! Thanks for the opportunity!
Crysty Nurse

tcs | 11:46 AM

She did an amazing job with Fable's portrait. I'd love one of my son, Will.

Anonymous | 11:46 AM

my sweet Sofia Emilia!!! oh please pick me


Courtney | 11:47 AM

I would love to have a portrait done of my daughter, Elizabeth

Anonymous | 11:48 AM

okay, this is the best giveaway ever!!!! such cooooool art!!!! lovelovelove it! I would love one of my whole fam, which is me, hubs, and daughter.

Courtney | 11:48 AM

I would have a portrait done of my 14-month old girl, Elizabeth.

MissMolly | 11:48 AM

Me and my soon to be hubby!

LissaCris | 11:48 AM

My husband I and I recently separated. I would have her paint my two boys as a kind of starting over point for our lives. It would be great.

bethany | 11:50 AM

I would love a portrait of my two kids.

MJ | 11:50 AM

I, too, love artists with tons of talent. Gorgeous.

In January I gave birth to a son. If I won Ms. Rachael would do me an honor to paint a portrait of me with my newly smiley little guy. I need to capture this magical, toothless time.

Thanks for sharing!


First Pres. Youth Group | 11:55 AM

What an exquisite painting! I am torn between getting a painting of my parents done for their 34th wedding anniversary coming up or a going-away gift for my roommate: a painting of her beloved dog and cat.

Robyn | 11:56 AM

I would love to have one of these of my son, Milo...


I like the word verification I received... "dinglyz" hehe.

Gina | 11:56 AM

What a beautiful portrait! I would love to have my son, Harper painted! Her work is amazing!


Lindsey @ I Run in Heels | 11:56 AM

I just left a comment (about giving it to my parents or roommate) and I have no idea if I left my contact info. :)

I'm at lindsey(dot)marcus(at)gmail(dot)com.

Lacey Jane | 11:56 AM

That is gorgeous! I would love a portrait of my fiancée and I! We are getting married on April 30 and I know he would love it. Laceyjane413@hotmail.com

emily bilbrey | 11:58 AM

very pretty! i would definitely get a portrait of my poppy girl. (-: yay, fable in art!!

Christy | 11:59 AM

I would love a portrait of my children, to capture their youth and innocence would be amazing! They are 2 and 4.

Rissa Roo | 12:00 PM

So cool! I'd love to have a portrait of my 10 year old son and 17 month old daughter -- or maybe I'd wait until suprise baby #3 come in September and have all three. Or maybe just one of me and my hubby to remind us that it used to be just the two of us.

Rissa Roo | 12:01 PM

I'd love a portrait of my two children (10 and 18months) or maybe I'd wait until suprise baby #3 arrives in September to have them all - or maybe me and hubby to remind us that it used to be just us.

Evan | 12:05 PM

B-e-a-utiful painting! I wanted to mention quickly a site I came across, winwinliving.com, that gives back to local charities with each deal that's used! For LA area families, the deals are perfect, ranging from pet salons to bakery outings! Check it out

Catherine | 12:05 PM

Oh I would LOVE a picture of my sweet daughter, Molly.

Head table | 12:06 PM

That is awesome! I think if I don't win I might save my money to get one! I would want a portrait of my two sons.

SkittleSkattle | 12:07 PM

I'd love a portrait of my two kiddos! It would be awesome!

Catherine Smith | 12:07 PM

My two boys, Cole and Carter. We are all a family of C's.

Amy | 12:10 PM

Absolutely my daughter, Nora. Our walls are so sadly bare. This would be perfect! [ermsmails at yahoo dot com]

linuxgrl | 12:13 PM

Gorgeous painting. I would absolutely love one of my daughter Lauren.

Tara | 12:16 PM

Too gorgeous! I would choose a picture of my 2 1/2 year old daughter, Maya. (Of course.)

taranyc AT gmail DOT com

Melody | 12:17 PM

That's beautiful!

If I was going to get a portrait done it would be of my twin girls.

Rochelle | 12:17 PM

I would love to have something like that of my 12 year old daughter and my 18 month old son. They are beautiful and perfect and would look so stunning.

Nancy@ifevolutionworks.com | 12:19 PM

Completely love this. What a great piece of art to have.

I'd love one of my son and his dog. Priceless!

Anonymous | 12:19 PM

Love love love!
I would have my daughters portrait painted!


JB | 12:21 PM

My son, definitely. He's four months old right now and I would love to capture this chubby phase he's in :)

Rachel | 12:23 PM

My little sister-in-law. She's seven, and missed out on the portrait my in-laws had painted of their sons oh, 10 years ago :)

Marianne | 12:25 PM

I am falling out over that gorgeous portrait. I think I'd like one of my daughter!

Squeaky | 12:25 PM

I love her work and have been saving to order a portrait of our two dogs for my husband.

Unknown | 12:26 PM


I would get my 8 year old son Brady!

Jenny | 12:30 PM

That portrait is amazing. I would love a portrait of my sons.

OneRadMother | 12:37 PM

My little mellow man would look very handsome painted!


kelly | 12:43 PM

i know it would be normal to say my beautiful daughter but i know my boston terrier dallas. he's would look perfect in that style!

Liz | 12:43 PM

Surely my little Henry. Gorgeous artwork!

Lauren | 12:43 PM

Oh my goodness! These are beautiful! I would love to have a portrait of my fiance and I to display at our wedding :)

Christina E. Pope | 12:51 PM

If I win I would like a painting of my two girls. That is an awesome giveaway!

Christina Pope

Susannah | 12:52 PM

Love the Fable Tableau!

I'd love a portrait of my daughter Zoey holding my soon-to-be-born baby boy, name TBD, otherwise known as Lorem Ipsum. :)


DrL/K | 12:53 PM

What a beautiful portrait! It would be me and my daughter - Ally! She is all grown up - at 23! But still my sunshine :)


Kristen Mullane | 12:53 PM

I'd like a portrait of my brother, but from a few years ago, when he used to smile. He's lost in an addiction and I miss the person he used to be.

Mary B. | 12:53 PM

me. or my husband. but really, me.

her work is stunning.

Melt Momma's Heart | 12:53 PM

My 4-year-old twins! Fingers and toes crossed!


Unknown | 12:54 PM

I would love to have one of my dad. He passed away before my daughters were born and I would love to have something that beautiful to display of him.

Kristen Mullane | 12:54 PM

I'd like a portrait of my brother, but from years ago, when he used to smile. He's lost in an addiction and I miss who he used to be.

Courtney | 12:57 PM

My baby (due in August, so we'd have to wait a little bit)

Nicole | 12:57 PM

It would be a hard choice between my daughter Penelope and a wedding photo...I'd love to have to make that choice.


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