I came home from SXSW last night and feel completely overwhelmed with all the catch-ups I need to to in the next few hours, days, so I'm posting this week's music video this morning. A video that was directed by my airplane seat-mate, Ben, who I made friends with on my way to Austin. That's my favorite part of traveling: being forced into conversations with strangers without technological devices to distract. Without a need for backstory or friendship. We don't know each other from Adam, but somehow, in a matter of minutes we have told each other everything.
I'll likely never see Ben again or Arthur or Abdul or Nero the cab driver who got teary-eyed talking about the three grandchildren he's never met, or Matt, the only pedicab driver I could find willing to bike me home at a zillion o'clock through pouring rain, but I get to keep their stories and they get to keep mine, like exchanging business cards without the business.

"Nice talking with you."

"Yeah, you too."

And then we high five, ride off in different directions, never see each other again.


111. A Million Years by: Alexander (directed by Benjamin Kutsko)