Thing of the Week: Motivational Prints by Anthony Burrill

Several of you have inquired as to where the posters (seen above, first pictured here) were purchased and they weren't. Archer and I just like to pretend that furniture stores are our living rooms, take off our shoes and make ourselves at home.

Still, the two posters pictured above (on the Blu Dot floor) are on my office "to buy" list when we move into our new place, above desk reminders that kindness, hard work and free thought are pretty high on the list of rules for effective leadership in business and home and at-home business.
And then there's that whole confidence thing, learning to trust our instincts, enabling ourselves to look inward. Because (surely!) the answers are inside us, right? We just have to face the mirror and raise our hands.

Swoon. I love me a print that's wise beyond its frame.


You can check out Anthony Burrill's full collection of poster prints, here.