Thing of the Week: TOMICA Train Tracks & City

Many of you have asked, over the months, about Archer's car (and train) track(s) and although I've answered in the comments, I wanted to reach all of you with the recommendation of a wonderful toy filled with imaginative prospects. Sure, it's taken over our living room (and household) but I grew up in a home where the living room was for living so I'm fine with pushing furniture into a corner so my kids can rock some make-believe. Even if we sometimes have to perform acrobatics to get to the couch.
Since discovering the world of Tomica last Spring (at FAO in NYC), we've been slowly accumulating pieces for his set. A track here, a gas station there... (You can purchase from their site directly or at your local Toys R Us.)

For today's post I asked Archer what he would recommend to those just getting started with their set collection and after much scrutiny, this is what he chose:

One can also purchase pieces of road, sidewalk and bridge separately, which I love. Buying a few new pieces of road can change an entire track, and allows Archer the opportunity to expand his world, even off road...
To browse more Tomica products you can go here and here.
Happy engineering!