Liner Notes 3/14

This next couple of weeks might be a little photo heavy. Next week I'll be skipping town yet again, which never happens except when it happens all at once. San Francisco for a couple days and then back in LA to start shooting Child Style with All of this and more and more and more and everything more, more infinity more so partum pardon my appearance as my usual anal retentive posting schedule is completely out of whack. (My mom will be back next week. I know. I miss her posts, too. She'll also be physically back at my house next week to help when I go to San Francisco and on shoot days when I can't be home to pick up kids from school.)

Going away is weird when you never go away. I spent my first night in Austin completely out of it, guilt-ridden and text happy and "Is everyone alive? Is everything okay? Is Bo managing without my Ergo chest action?

Bo was surprisingly easy when I went away. Revi was the basketcase producing two all-nighters my mom and Hal split between them. I had heard of this happening before but thought it was an old wives tale: the "hard" twin gets easy in her old age and the "easy" twin becomes high maintenance. The girls have been sick off and on so I blame Revi's toughness on her wicked cold but there's something different about the two of them. Like they were up late one night plotting to switch places a la (Hayley Mills version) Parent Trap.
I was in Austin to attend/co-host a party with and it could not have been lovelier. The space was decorated by The Novogratz clan whose show is one of my faves and I felt a little "pinch me" the entire evening. (A lot "pinch me" actually.)
Chris Lambton & Peyton Wright of HGTV's new show "Going Yard" (coming soon)
with Maggie, my hot date for the weekend
with Vikki Neil of Scripps Networks and Liz Gumbinner (photo via @kgranju)
So honored and overwhelmed to be a part of such an awesome family of creative awesomeness. Can't wait to start shooting Child Style next week and hopefully (very soon) sharing it with you.
As for our (personal) home and garden, we finished our inspections and although overwhelmed by the repairs that need to be made both before move-in and after, we're in this for the long haul and have moved forward into second Escrowland. Now we wait for the bank to call us back.

I realized yesterday (duh, self) that the girls were six months old, hence the midnight posting commemorating what, in my opinion was a pretty major milestone, not just for the girls but for ALL OF US. So many twin parents wrote to me with words of wisdom and they all went something like this "... the first six months. You survive the first six months and... "
And we did! We're here and we're happy and usually (sometimes?) sleeping through the night. And it's good. It's more than good.
Every day is easier. (I say this every week, don't I. Well? It's true.) I'm able to take the babies with me to get Archer at school now without worrying about interrupting nap or feeding schedules. I'm able to manage afternoons on my own without a nanny staying through the late afternoon. Six months. SIX MONTHS!
Fable is student of the month at her preschool and the Fable of the week here at home. She's in preschool five days a week so occasionally I pull her out and we spend a day together. Having a big family is wonderful but it can be hard to get one-on-one time in we try to carve out special occasions as much as we can where we get to spend time one on one with each other whether it be brunch or bowling, museum or manicure.
A whole lotta lady love this week. Girl power, etc. I feel honored and completely pumped to be surrounded by so many sisters and daughters and mothers and friends willing to ballroom dance with me to Bell Biv DeVoe at 3am. I needed some of that in my life I now know.
Nothing compares...
... to this Love Shack, baby.
(Love baby, that's where it's at.)



Martha | 12:45 PM

The picture of Fable's little toes getting a pedicure kills me with cuteness! Yuu'd better do a SXSW fashion post too :)

Arnebya | 1:05 PM

I am in love with the all the twin pics of them holding hands or touching each other in any way. That connection, that closeness? It will never cease to amaze me. Also, congrats again on the HGTV gig; I can't be happier for you or more proud of you (mainly b/c I believe if I stick to what I like to do it'll pan out for me too eventually). Fable makes me smile just as much as Archer's cars.

Esteban is gonna love y'all.

Zoƫ | 1:13 PM

Your kids are so dreamy!

My BFF has identical twin boys and their personalities switched at about two yrs old. Mr. Mellow became Mr. Worry and vice versa. It was pretty weird and took a while to get used to.

Grumble Girl | 1:25 PM

Excellent, lady... all of it. YAY!! xox

Anonymous | 1:37 PM

If those little painted toes aren't the cutest thing ever, I don't know what is.

c is for cape town | 2:08 PM

Thank you for sharing the love with us all - these truly are, in the least cheesy sense of all, the days of your lives.

Holly | 3:21 PM

Does Fable's dislikes say "hot broccoli"? Bahaha that's awesome.

AvaG | 3:57 PM

From the looks of these pictures, I don't think anyone is having *quite* as much fun as Maggie!

Amanda | 6:49 PM

I see lots and lots of mother-daughter mani pedi sessions in your future and I am jealous! My twins are boys and seven years old and they are constantly wrestling and fighting and enjoying the whole thing the way only boys can. Fun times are ahead with your twins!

Mama Smith | 7:00 PM

Fable suddenly looks so mature in these photos! It kind of freaks me out how fast kids grow up... even your cutie little babies. Good luck with all the travel. My little guy is 16 months now and I keep waiting to feel like I'm ready to be away. We haven't had a sitter yet and it's getting crazy but it's still tough somehow! I know, I'm seriously flawed :)

lissa | 7:10 PM

Oh my gawd all cuteness of your kids aside, I (hate to admit this but) used to watch some episodes of Bachelorette and boy do I love Chris Lambton. Such a gentleman (at least on TV).

Kate | 8:22 PM

Love all the photos!! Just curious, do you have any comments/thoughts on the "homeless hotspots" controversy at SWSX? Did you run into any of them or have an opinion on the outcry? Just curious what someone who was there thinks, if you encountered it. Looks like you had lots of fun!


Lissa - Chris (and his lady) were WAY cool. (And I watched that season, too.) xoxo

Kate - I didn't see any of these homeless hot spots of which you speak so I don't have an opinion. Will have to look into further.

AvaG - That's just the way she rolls. She's a ball of fire, that one. I want to warm my person by her all. night. long.

Arnebya - Thanks, lady. You're always so lovely and supportive and it means loads.

Tracey - Ditto the above.

Thanks everyone!

avb | 11:12 PM

The Novogratz! I die! Every time I pass their awesome place enroute home from a run, it makes me smile. Now I know why I loved your Instagram pics of the SXSW HGTV space.

Anonymous | 6:50 AM

can not wait for child style! i imagine Bo is exactly what you looked like as a little one, no? best of luck in the coming weeks. i was hardly ever away from the kiddos, so shocklingly when i was my high needs little guy was fine, and my too cool for you older boy was the one that wanted to know when i was coming back. sometimes they just don't express it the same i guess.
mary e

Anonymous | 9:28 AM

those cars are going to be in trouble soon! my 7 month old is already army crawling- and ALL he wants is big bros toys- ALL the time!


Totally. We've already warned him. Pretty soon the cars will have to live on table tops and bedrooms with closed doors!

Sleeping Mom | 9:32 AM

Happy six-months birthday to your twins! Love the splits/foot in the face shot haha.

Amber | 10:55 AM

Holy cats, that was weird seeing Peyton on your blog! I used to work with that girl. Worlds colliding, etc. Congrats on your HGTV dealio. You guys are awesome.

Jessica Peck | 1:35 PM

can't wait to see what you bring to hgtv. i've been a reader since archer was a babe and love watching your journey! congrats on it all, lady!

glenda | 1:53 PM

Love all of the pictures. The girls are beautiful x3 :)

I can't wait to hear more about your HGTV gig. I LOVE HGTV!!!

Best with your escrowland and can't wait until you are all moved and you blog about the reno's and we get a peek inside :)

Love your blog! Love your writing!

Mom101 | 2:44 PM

Seeing you--really really really seeing you and not just a quick hug on the way to something else--was truly a highlight of the weekend. The party was wonderful; I think you just bring out the best in everyone around you.

Much love to you and the clan. Happy shooting!

McKenna | 3:51 AM

The pictures of your girls remind me so much of my two at that age. Sigh. How I miss it.

Love the nails and love Peyton's hair.

Estelle Hayes | 9:06 AM

Damn, girl. You kill it every single time. And how did I miss that you have an HGTV show? Well deserved! I cannot wait to see it.

Maricris @ SittingAround | 4:42 PM

You have a beautiful family! :-)