Liner Notes 3/5

First: Thank you. Thank you all for your emails and your tweets and your kind words and for scolding me for not opening comments on my last post. I regret not doing so but you have to understand that I had just, moments earlier, been tipped off to THIS explosion of horribleness and the last thing I wanted to do was open up comments here. Or anywhere ever again.

Or at least, that's how I was feeling last Friday after a particularly vulnerable week where I was having a hard time making light of assholes. Today's a different story. I feel good today and I felt grand all weekend (my family was in town) and things have since been resolved and even though I still feel a child most of the time, there are seventeen years proving that, okay, so, yes, I am kind of a grown-up now. Seventeen years and four faces. Five including Hals. Seven including the dogs who have chaperoned an entire decade of my post-adolescent adolescence.

In fact, I'm going to keep this post short because my sister and mom are here and we're going to go get us some mani/pedi action with Fable who I kept home from preschool today for a girls days out. Because sometimes hooky is good for the soul. Even if said soul is a teenager who says "like" too much and still religiously watches her MSCL box set. And draws on her shoes. And picks at pimples on her hairline and bumps her Arrested Development CD Mr. Wendal yeah.

As for this week's events, here are some photos of the brighter moments. (And man, were they ever bright. They were explosions of brightness. Supernovas! Laser light shows during a firework display!)
(my sister, Rachel)
(Good morning, Revi!)
(watching Archer build his train set)
Thanks again, everyone. Love and light to all.



Anna Aves | 9:49 AM

Sometimes the bravest thing to do is protect yourself. Don't feel bad for leaving comments closed. That being said, I really identified with the 13 post. Story of my little 21 year old life. I feel like I'm 8 years old and trapped in this college student's body. It's nice to know I'm not alone. Thanks for being so honest with all of us out here.

Erin | 9:57 AM

I was looking for a way to comment on the Thirteen post. It really spoke to me. I became a mom at 23 and now at 27 a have a four year old and a one and a half year old and I totally identify with your post. Sorry about the terrible comments on the unitard video. I thought it was fun and that your are fun.

Jadzia@Toddlerisms | 10:00 AM

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bright baby clothes, and especially covet the hot pink polka-dotted tights! (Maybe in mommy size, too.) In France they seem to dress kids (even babies) like little adults. Very fashionable but very muted colors. And tiny buttons. Tiny, tiny buttons.

Such beautiful pictures! I can't wait to get my mani-pedi on with my girls. At 18 months and 3 months it'll probably be a while. : (

Oh, and with respect to those jerks on YouTube, illegitimi non carborundum.

Maria Louise | 10:01 AM

Your last post was really great. Ever since I was a child I felt old. Although I've always been the youngest in my class. And the the oldest, youngest and everything in between at home, since I'm an only child. Nothing really matters as long as you feel like you. And let other people know who you are. Which you do very well all the time.

Don't mind those stupid comments. I think you look great - but more important: you are a great person, I'm sure, because you are always you and not afraid to let you shine through in you writing. And that's what makes your blog special.

Anonymous | 10:04 AM

PLEASE don't let Internet Idiots get to you.
Every popular blogger seems to have them leaving comments.


Unknown | 10:09 AM

Ugh, sometimes I feel like the internet is like a packed subway. Full of a-holes, but then there is the nice teenager who gets up for a grandma, and woman who smiles and scoots over so you can grab on to the bar for safety.

I always take comfort in the fact that the trolls have horrible grammar and spelling. As my mom always said, being mean just makes you look bad.

PS: I can't decide if I'm 15 or 25 (really 32). The insecure part of me (MSCL, foreva) and the confident me battle it out constantly.

Angelica | 10:09 AM

Rachel, I love your blog so always seem to say things that connect with me so deeply (i often feel like a teenager instead of 26) we're best friends that have never met...also i thought your unitard video was very helpful and you looked really good, just remember that people on youtube seem to always have a chip on their shoulders. You have a very lovely life and its very inspiring.

Rebecca | 10:09 AM

Some people just love to hate and the internet seems like the perfect venue. It always boggles my mind that people take time out of their lives to write cruel and unnecessary things- says so much more about them than what they are commenting on. I loved the video, you were extra cute and funny. Wish that I had half the style that you do. Love your last post, when I look deep into myself I realize that I am still the 11 year old who pouts when they don't get enough attention...hard to face.

glenda | 10:15 AM

I really loved your Thirteen post. Sorta like the movie "30 going on 13". I think we all have an inner child. It keeps us young-er :)

Love all of the pictures. The best of times are "family times". R&B are getting so big. Their eyes and smiles radiant! Archer & Fable are the best big bro big sis combo.

I love mani/pedi times with my girl. Fun times! Enjoy it!

The internet has the haters. If they can't say something nice, they shouldn't say anything at all! Obviously most of the haters will NOT say it to your face so they hide behind blogs and social media.

Kate | 10:17 AM

Oh my God, those Youtube comments are so hateful and ridiculous. They must be hurtful, but they're not worth any pain!

Unknown | 10:18 AM

I simply adored your Thirteen post. Posted on my 35th birthday, no less. I had a helluva week too and some days I feel 25 and some days I feel 15. But 35? Not a bit.

Love that powerful glow coming from your beautiful family. Those baby smiles -- there's nothing like them.

Clandestine Road | 10:20 AM

I identify with the 13 post, too. I think you were wise to protect yourself and I'm so sorry you have been up to your eyeball in assholes.


Justine Johnson | 10:22 AM

I'm so sorry about the YouTube comments. Honestly, I rarely, if ever, see a video on there that DOESN'T have a ton of idiotic comments. People are just stupid, it's as simple as that. You are, by far, my favorite blogger in the whole world... I check over here every day to see if you've posted something new. Watching you and your family grow is seriously magical. So don't let those idiots get you down!!!

Emma | 10:22 AM

Aaaah, people suck. But also, people are amazing. You are amazing for continuing to share with us, despite the knobheadery that abounds in some corners of the net. Thank you for being you, because you are inspiring and entertaining and bringing hope and peace and confidence with every post you make. Love.
On another note, I would love a tip on where to get those work hard / think of your own ideas posters. I've been looking for something similar for a while.

Anonymous | 10:23 AM

some of your best pictures of the twins! so sorry about the video comments, please know that there are a ton of us out here who love and appreciate the posts you share.

Abilew-who | 10:32 AM

Holy cow. I really wish I hadn't clicked through and read some of those comments. The internets are a great place to sling mud without consequence. I don't understand the ugliness. And I'll try not to reciprocate the hate, but I can't help but feel like the people that leave such awful commentary are sitting at home alone and watching YouTube video after YouTube video while eating potato chips and wearing sweat pants. We've all been there. But these people must simply be passing along the nasty words they've heard before from other terrible folk, in a place where it's safe to be anonymous. I'm sorry. Boooooo.

Lindserannie | 10:41 AM

The THIRTEEN post absolutely struck a chord with me and I rarely comment but I wanted to on that one and was sad when I saw comments were closed but also felt I understood why - it was such an intimate, personal post. Anyhow, I took my comment to twitter instead :)

Also, I wanted to just voice my feelings/thoughts/opinions here that I feel lucky that you share your life and experience with us and that you do it so beautifully and that I appreciate and sympathize that because you do that there are times you experience the ugly side of the internet. I hope that those times are few - you are so relatable AND diplomatic, I just don't understand how you could get much backlash from anything you say and do. You strike a wonderful balance between being diplomatic, standing strong against bullies/negative language & also encouraging people to have opinions and speak their minds - it is impressive.

Thank you for being you and sharing that with the world! You make my days brighter!

Jennifer | 10:42 AM

people can be awful. but, remember those awful people are not "real". they are hiding and anonymous because they are scared and unhappy. tearing you down to build themselves up. You are not in are out there being yourself. dont let them have you. everything about you is lovely. from your beautiful family to your beautiful honest words.

Anonymous | 10:45 AM

Loved the post about feeling a certain age. Loved the unitard. I wish more people had your fun and open approach to pregnancy/spawn-rearing.

Beth | 10:57 AM

Lovely photos as always. Lovely writing as always. I always feel younger than I am -- like I could totally rock out 25 right now, much better than I did when I was actually 25!:)

As for those comments. God. People who are brave and real and put themselves out there should not have to face that kind of crap. I'm so sorry. You're BEAUTIFUL -- physically of course, and as a mother and writer. BEAUTIFUL. Don't let the idiots (and god what racist, sexist dumb fools) get you down!

Gemms | 10:58 AM

i really loved the unitard video! it was really refreshing to see a style video that wasn't taking itself too seriously, yet still showed real style :)

Anonymous | 10:59 AM

Love and light back to you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Unknown | 11:09 AM

I'm a few weeks away from 39 and your post made me SO FREAKING GLAD that someone finally voiced exactly what I feel and feel more than slightly embarrassed to discuss with my friends. I feel like I'm permanently stuck with the mindset of a 22/23 year old. I want to go to raves but instead I bop my head to Deadmau while I'm working. I want to down drinks but get more than tipsy with the second glass of wine. I want to eat quesadillas with sour cream for every meal but choose a salad. Honestly, your last post made me thank the stars that you put exactly what I feel into words and to be thankful that I'm not alone. You more than rock!!!! And your video(s) are great for all moms!!

Unknown | 11:30 AM

I too totally related to your last post. Being pregnant and hormonal I especially am having "13" days lately.

I just want to say that I love love love your blog. You seem to have this inner brightness and kindness that shines through even when you're having hard times. You just seem to be full of light and it shows in how you live your life and how sweet your kids are.

I too am a young mom and reading your posts always gives me the kick in the pants I need to stop comparing myself to other moms/standards/whatever. I know that other people's hatefulness won't keep you down long.

And honestly, it sounded like a bunch of junior high boys sitting at their computers with a bag of doritos.

Leslie | 11:31 AM

That's funny because I wrote about the same topic:

I'm 39, but my age inside is 23.

Arnebya | 11:33 AM

What is the saying, "hurt people hurt people"? Nothing is truer in regards to the internet. I try my best to not read comments on YouTube (and news sites) b/c I always want to respond and ask how people became so hateful, hurtful, and ignorant. But then I'm address hateful, hurtful, ignorant people and they respond in kind so what's the point? I could say pay them no attention but I know that's easier said than done.

As for thirteen, I'm more like mid-20s. Waiting on someone to come claim these kids, open the mail, pay these bills, make the dinner, go to work, hump the husband, clean the house, help with homework, buy the groceries. Because it can't surely all be MY job.

Anonymous | 11:35 AM


I'm kind of overwhelmed here, ack. Could totally relate to your Thirteen post, and brave of you to put it out there, to put it all out there (and whatever you decide NOT to put out there, fair enough, that's nobody's business but your own.)

I think you're beautiful and refreshing and smart and funny and expressive and fantastic. I wish you lived closer to me at least once a day, especially now that I'm lying around pregnant feeling weirded out about myself and my life. You mean something to so many people. Keep doing what you're doing!!

Love you from afar,
(actually this sincere in real life)

Angelica | 11:52 AM

Hey ...sorry I called you Rachel ...clearly I got confused by your lovely pics

L khoury | 12:00 PM

Youtube videos are alway, always, always full of stupid, stupid, stupid comments. If you look at humanity through the lens of youtube comments you'd be horribly disappointed and disillusioned, THEY are not real. None have the courage to sign their own names and you do. You are brave, you are funny, your are open, and you are a HELL of lot nicer and happier then those people will ever be.
I have an age too, and it is somewhere in the geriatric range. I look forward to finding the time when my mental age and my physical body meet up. When the wrinkles in my soul match the wrinkles on my face. I felt terribly old as a child and at times it was incredibly isolating and lonely. I hated being parented at all, it just felt insulting in many ways though I knew my parents had the best of intentions. My husband was the first person who understood and shared my mental age. It is lovely to be understood, and know that you are and that you are adored by so many of your daily readers.
All the babes are so sweet, so adorable. Four blessings as cardinal directions.

Melody | 12:06 PM

Been reading your blog for a couple years now, but have never commented until now. Just thought you should know you are completely awesome. You are hil-a-rious! and sweet. and poignant. I look forward to anything you post.

17 beats. | 12:31 PM

dude. peeps be shitheads. the video was already taken down by the time i got to it, but based on the other comments, i know which one it was. the postpartum style unitard one ? i loved that video ! when you first posted it, i was just a couple weeks postpartum and needed your sartorial wisdom. it seems i still do.

also, your children are radiant ! simply radiant !

Anonymous | 12:31 PM

that link says the video is private? i guess its not worth seeing anyhow judging from the previous comments. im sorry people are so stupid sometimes. you're great.

Anonymous | 1:00 PM

I was looking for the comments just because I wanted to shout out "I know how you feel! I'm stuck at 24!"
It's no wonder why, I was a newlywed traveling Europe, with not a care in the world. Then came a world of grown up responsibility that I've never quite felt comfortable in.
Love the new pics, love your family!

Deb | 1:08 PM

I'm sad you took the video down but I get it. I have 5 little ones and seeing you rock the unitard with confidence and panache was awesome.It made me totally feel like putting my own guard down and be confident in how I look. You look great and confidence is the most attractive quality to have and share :)

JenT | 1:23 PM

Please don't listen to those who criticize. I agree with others who said you are honest! That is why I follow your blog! I enjoy the blunt way you write and your view on the way things are. I love seeing your amazingly beautiful children and how unique each one is and how you fit together so well. I have been trying to have kids for almost 12 years now and I hope that if I am ever blessed with kids, that I can be half the mom you are!
We all have those days...whether they be days where we wish we were a kid again with no responsibility or days where we just wish we could go back and start over.
You have a beautiful family that loves you! Don't let some stupid people that don't even know you get you down about yourself!

Amelia | 1:28 PM

You are beautiful, as is your family. I'm so happy you share yourselves with us.

robin | 1:38 PM

You should just know that you are loved-both by those who know you in real life, and those, like me, who only know you here. I will never understand why some people will take time out of their lives just to be mean to someone they don't even know, especially since if you don't like or agree with someone online, the very simple solution is to not click on their page/watch their video! But there are many more people who support you from near and far, and I hope that can out way the yucky people!


Hey, guys. Thanks for your words. As for the video, I didn't take it down but perhaps KIN did (this afternoon?) because the comments were getting out of control. Maybe they'll make it public again down the line. Regardless, thanks to everyone for your kindness and awesome and for sharing. Love love and more love to all of you.

Jack's Mama | 2:19 PM

I am forever 16-18, the age I met my husband and fell in love with him. I had normal teenage struggles but with the help of some anti depressants I was truly able to be happy, proud and care free. Captain of the girls soccer team, pretty, skinny, popular, had my first car, my first cell phone, going to college, had a cute boyfriend who one day i would marry. I am happiest if i channel my inner 16-18 yr old self. College I was an alcoholic and honestly kind of a slut, struggled to fit in, make friends and in school, and had relationship drama with my now husband. After college to now was all about job drama and bills. So again i channel my inner 16-18yr old self when things were happy and care free. Great post. AND please go enjoy your girl time!

HerInnerVoice | 2:53 PM

I *so* related to that last post. And I'm pushing 40, not yet ready to admit that being a rock star or super double-secret agent isn't likely in the cards for me. In spite of not being able to sing, play an instrument, or fire a gun.

And P.S.? Clearly you were blessed to skip the awkward stage most of us lingered in for years, you lucky girl!

geralyn broder murray | 2:57 PM

You are an amazing writer and creative force. Sorry about the bad week. Thanks for continuing to share your journey.

Claire Gibson King | 3:14 PM

Ever since reading your post over the weekend I have been trying to figure out what my "inside age" is? I am not sure yet, but I don't really think I am 29. It was a great post! It kills me that you got such negative comments on your fashion post. I thought it was awesome and for someone not pregnant or not having just had a child I still found it tons useful. Your an awesome writer and don't ever forget that. You have an awesome family. That is really all that matters. Happy you are seeing lots of bright light this week.

Sarah | 3:30 PM

it was a cute video and you are a jealousy-provokingly beautiful woman. i don't know what people wrote but can imagine. there are places on the internet that are like cesspools for the lowest common denominator of human.

i was worried something went wrong with esteban. this is much better!

Anonymous | 4:42 PM

You are beautiful, amazing, and wonderful! Your blog is a constant source of happiness and inspiration for me! Don't let the haters get to you!

laura | 6:12 PM

My husband is a sports blogger and uses YouTube all the time, sometimes he reads comments on the videos in a, is this real life? kind of way. Like how do these people really exist? I have to believe it is like Wikipedia. Like a handful of people are responsible for 99.9% of the content. Instead of spreading random knowledge, the YouTube commenters just spread pathetic hate and sadnesses. But it isn't representative of anything other than a handful of sad, bored people. You are amazing. I love what you share. You spread happiness, and beauty and feelings of togetherness in the postpartum/can't take a decent vacation and relax/ my baby is hyper-needy moments of life. You are the antithesis of those commenters and they know that. And anyway, haters gonna hate.

Amanda | 6:23 PM

My inner age changes all the time. Sometimes I'm 16 and others, I'm 35 or 60. I'm really 33. You have to protect yourself. I'm glad y'all had a good family weekend.

K | 7:47 PM

I can't see the video anymore, but from the comments I've gathered it was the unitard video - I have to tell you that since watching your unitard video I have planned on buying one and wished I had one many times already - you rock it girl! The haters just don't know. You and your babies are beautiful :)

Tirzah | 7:55 PM

I could go on and on and tell you reasons why you're wise to move on from people saying nasty things, but it's already been said, SO let me just say that I know how much you love music and nothing much will raise your spirits more than checking out this little group of musicians (i swear im not one of them, i just thought you'd appreciate them since you have a fantastic taste in music and artistry)

Anonymous | 8:14 PM

I totally can relate, I am turning 52 this June and in my head I am still in my mid to late teens at best! My children will be 30, 23, and 21 this year, and I am a Grandmother to a 2 year old. Please don't fret about the post, your honesty is one of this things that endures you to us all!

Anonymous | 8:36 PM

your writing is good for my soul. thank you. thank you. thank you.

larajean1 | 8:48 PM

I love Fable's Harajuku mini skirt! I have two little girls (and two guys) but thinking of buying it for one or both of the girls.

I love your writing. Thanks!

bilmoko deals | 9:12 PM

It was so cute. I so much love all the pictures.

shakypixels | 11:23 PM

LOVED your thirteen post. thirteen is my favorite number, and i, too, am eternally 13. i like it.

i also LOVE your pictures, mscl, and arrested development- both the band and the tv show. mr. wendell- LOVE! :)

the mommy psychologist | 12:29 AM

First time here. Beautiful blog. Pretty sure I'l return.

Connie T. | 12:40 AM

I omited comments on most of my YouTube videos because most comments are nasty and hateful, and all my videos are about making food or Lego animation. People on there just love to be mean on comments. I like the video. Your babies are so pretty. Revi's eyes are so blue. They are so cute when they smile.

Rae | 12:57 AM

One time my husband made a funny video about how to charge your ipod using eggnog and jalepeno peppers. Because he's black, people used the occasion to make racist comments about him. It made me want to punch them all in their necks, but it also made me realize they must have very sad little lives. So sorry you had haters :(

And I often feel like I'm twelve. Most of the time. I never feel like a grownup, and i'm often surprised to remember I'm the mom.

Xo Rae (Journey Mama)

Geordy and Pete | 1:34 AM

I think you and your family are amazing. I have been reading for years now and I look forward to every post.

You would have totally related to this portrait series by Tom Hussey (Via A Cup Of Jo) /Reflections/1


Anonymous | 5:06 AM

Lovely post to read with my coffee today!! I think I will squeeze my little Ella a little longer today!! Actually, today I work in her class with ten three year old boys and (including her) four girls. There will be a lot of light & laughter today for sure.


Anonymous | 5:08 AM

I agree- all those idiots who are mean are just that. Idiots. No life to them just hate ;( They are jealous of your world.

Miz Kizzle | 5:32 AM

Great. Now I have the words "post-partum unitard" stuck in my head.
Yes, some negative commentors may be "jealous of your world," or of what they perceive your world to be based on what you choose to disclose. Others may dislike you for reasons I can only guess at. Negative comments come with the territory.
Post-partum unitard.

Anonymous | 6:01 AM

Those comments aren't about you, they're about the person who made them..though not taking it personally isn't sonething I have mastered either. You are a clearly lovely person with a beautiful family & you bring all of us joy. Do you know that? We appreciate you.

Mari Needs a Sitter | 6:41 AM

hi Rebecca. In regards to your previous post. Don't feel bad, I think most of us, feel the same way sometimes. :-)


Hey guys - to clarify, the comments on the unitard post (now made private by I assume KIN who were just as wtf'd out as I was) were just a detail. Friday's post had nothing to do with them. I was just tipped off to the hate-fest as I was writing the post and didn't want to deal with any of the youtube commenter overflow on my blog.

I totally get that Youtube is a toilet of awful and understand that hatred is not directed at me personally but just... this girl who people see on their screen and want to tear apart.

In the scheme of things, it bothers me little. I referenced the post to explain not why I had a bad week but why I closed my last post. Sometimes it's easier to do so. Easier to walk away, you know?

Thanks again, all. Love that you guys always have my back. Cheers and love xoxoxo.

Anonymous | 7:55 AM

Beauty and grace abound here.

Thanks for sharing!

CallieAnnie | 8:32 AM

Absolutely easier said than done, but don't let it get you down. "It" as in anything, not the life stage that is at once beautiful and frustrating of having small babies, the daily shuffle of school-aged little ones with their bedtimes and toothpaste stains and tardy slips, the challenge of managing your family's future through a self-propelled art. Give yourself permission to recognize that you have a lot going on right now. I'm not in a position to give advice, but I can relate: I have a four year-old and a one month-old who is finally, finally, finally asleep. Instead of crashing alongside said babe, I wanted to take right now to say "Hi! It's totally okay. We all do this the best we can and no one should judge us." As women, we are so quick to tear each other down. And we never talk about how overwhelming it is to wake up thinking "How can this be my life right now?" and the circumstances of that are just the great unspoken. I'm on maternity leave from a job in public relations, going a little stir crazy but at the same time not wanting to leave this tiny, so beloved infant. In the past month, I've used the phrase "I just need a minute" more times than I can count. Learning how to take care of myself has been harder than taking care of the children and I really have no idea how we're going to handle the morning routine after I go back to work, with daycare, nursing, commutes, pre-K and deadlines. It may overly simple, but give yourself something good, even if it's just a good cry, a good cup of coffee, tea, etc. You are inspiring and amazing. Cheers!

Jen | 9:25 AM

The thing I love most about you and your blog is you keep it real. I can't tell you how many blogs, or people for that matter, who act like life is one big fucking picnic. All. The. Time. And it's not! Especially for those of us who have children and still feel like we're teenagers. "Hello, who are these kids and why are they calling me 'mom'?" I think it's beautiful that you don't pretend. Because let's face it, the ones who are pretending are the ones who need (or will need) therapy :) You go with your 13-ass-self.

Jen | 9:26 AM
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Emily | 9:44 AM

BTW, the unitard video is the first thing I saw of you, and having "twin belly" myself, I became an instant fan. Thanks for making me smile every post-partum day.

tam | 10:31 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah | 10:36 AM

I relate with your Thirteen post too...and just becoming a mom exacerbates it...I'm an adult (32) but don't feel it...and now I have a mini adult to care's overwhelming sometimes.

Take comfort in the fact that your blog is highly respected and well loved by your readers and you are an amazing writer. We all appreciate your honesty because we speak through you sometimes...

Lara K | 4:02 PM

Aw man! I wish they hadn't taken that video down because when you first posted it I didn't watch it, but now I am preggers and just ordered a unitard because it looks so damn comfy, and I would love to see your tips on how to rock it! Sorry that all those people sucked so bad. I think you're amazing!!

Hot Mama | 4:02 PM

I am 16 in my Alice in Wonderland mirror. I see myself, and fall through the rabbit hole. It feels like adulthood is the Cheshire cat's grin... Endlessy sarcastic and confusing, and surprisingly loyal. My son is 6 months old and I sometimes stop and stare; remind myself that he is me and I am him. That we have each other forever, and that reality is intense and heartbreaking and wonderful. I am nearing 30, but I get stuck in my own personal time warp. Late great Whitney... "you'll never stand alone". Much love!

Kellyredhair | 7:47 PM

You and your family are awesome. And I pretty much always feel like a 15 year old boy (even though I'm a 41 year old / 20 years married / mom of 2)
I'm going to go back to thinking about sex now.

Erin | 7:43 AM

That's odd because I go to your blog for the exact opposite reason, to see all your light and love so I can float along with you. xxoo

Kim | 10:07 AM

Hey, #1: The youtube thing says it's private, so can't be seen.

BTW, I (like others it seems) completely agree with you on the mothering thing. Sometimes I feel like I'm not really the mom. My parents used to tell me (very religious) that God was really our mother/father and they were just there to raise me for a while.

I often think of myself as my daughter's big sister. (Even though I was 28 when I had her.) But I don't feel like I should be in charge. I remember days after she was born, 1, being completely overwhelmed and 2, asking myself "Who thought putting ME in charge of another life was a good idea?" I've never been real comfortable taking charge. And now I have two, and I love them, but sometimes I find myself being completely irresponsible, but having so much fun with them. When it was just me, I was great at keeping myself on task. With my kids, they want to procrastinate, just like I do. Who am I to tell them no? (Apparently, I'm their mother. Even though I don't always feel like it. Sigh.)

bethviola | 11:29 AM

hi! my first time commenting here...
the first thing i saw on your blog was your unitard video and since then i've been hooked. you are a super hot mama with a sense of humor. you are just the kind of role model that i could use but hadn't found until i stumbled on your blog. i'm a mom myself (with an 11mo old and another on the way in 5 months) and sometimes reading your blog is my biggest pick me up. i love that you're smart, funny, and that you have great aesthetic. i didn't see the comments left on the video, but i hope our comments let you know how awesome you are.

Meg | 11:28 AM

Ever picture makes Fable look years older than before. She's growing just as quickly as the babies! (And, wow, weren't they just tiny girls? And now they're big?)

Amber S | 12:24 PM

I'm not going to read the comments that everyone's talking about, because I'm a super sensitive person and will probably get all fired up about people being a-holes to someone who ROCKS SO HARD! You do!

Anonymous | 7:06 AM

You don't really look like a man but there's something about your hair that seems a bit... wig-like. I mean that in the kindest way possible. Have you considered updating your hairstyle and getting rid of the bangs?

Mela | 9:00 PM

I hadn't watched the unitard video when you first linked it because watching videos on my computer is a huge pain, but given a second chance I had no excuse not to suffer a very minor inconvenience. I would never have considered wearing a unitard, ever, but I have to say I'm feeling pretty inspired by your outfits. I wouldn't mind feeling a little tucked in. (Though, how DO you pee??)

And please, your body looks amazing. I'm not even going to tack on "for having had 4 kids" or "for having had twins" because your body looks amazing. Period. I literally and honestly have looked at your photos enviously because it's been almost two years since I had my last baby and she was just one baby hanging out in there, and it's nice sometimes to just think that my body is supposed to look exactly how it does rather than go do some cardio. Anyone who would bother to write something negative about anyone else's body likely IS actually 13 years old. 'Cuz I'd hope anyone older would have better things to do with their time.

btw, I'm completely 23 inside. Even though I now have an 11 year old. The math is tricky.

ericka.erwin | 7:50 AM

I am right there with you about feeling perpetually 13 (I'm a 32 yr old single mom of a 9 and 8 yr old). I honestly thought I was alone in this feeling and have never mentioned it to anyone else. Thank you for that post Rebecca - it's nice to not be alone in all of this. I often wonder whose bright idea it was to leave me in charge of 2 head strong little girls. Your writing is a joy to read - thank you for sharing yourself so candidly. Your courage inspires me and others..... again ThankYouVeryMuch!!!!