Gone (Postpartum) Style: Put a Vest on it (Sponsored)

The following post is the first in a two part series brought to you by Levi’s® Curve ID. Find your custom fit at Levi’s® stores or Levi.com.
Next week Bo and Revi will be six months old which means I still have another three months to consider myself postpartum. And, if I want another nine months after that, I may just have to take them. And we're just going to have to leave it at that.

I'm pretty sure I've preached the gospel of the oversized white shirt before, mainly for its ability to rock as a blank canvas for every accessory imaginable, but I love them most of all for their ability to pair seamlessly with vests of every size, shape, color, print, texture, color, shape, texture and texture.

And you know me, if I like it then I'm gonna put a vest on it. Oh oh oh. Oh oh oh. Oh oh-oh oh.

In the case of today's post, I went with something a bit more cardiganesque which I found on a bargain rack several weeks ago and have worn pretty religiously since. I love it for its shape, comfort and upholstery-like appearance. Clothes with a sense of humor are very desirable to me and this one, upon meeting me, in the bottom of a bargain bin was like, "hi, I'm a blanket but I'm also a vest and a cardigan and I'm VERY good at disguising spit-up stains and nobody wants me because I'm kind of weird but also awesome?"

And I was like, "yes, cardigansweaterblanketthing, you are all of those things. Come home with me and wrap yourself around my problem areas!"
Oversized blouse: French Connection
Sandals: Schuler & Sons
Diaper bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs
Cardigan Vest: Piko 1988
Pro tip: If you're looking to buy some jeans for your fourth and fifth (and sixth) trimesters, buy a pair of straight leggers so you can rock them "boyfriend style" when they're too big on you. Straight leg jeans are awesome if you plan to lose a bit of weight because they look just as cute oversized with a belt as they do fitted without one. Cuff them and pair with your favorite flats and you're good to go.
I happen to have great love for the blankety vest a la 70's era couch upholstery but for those looking to get down with something simpler and a bit more subtle, here are some great options to flatter any style, body and budget:

anton open-front
How about you guys? What's your favorite daytime go-to look these days?



Nakia | 10:24 AM

My favorite daytime look, three weeks post-partum, are sadly my maternity jeans with tunic tops over them - which I end up pulling up ALL. DAY. LONG. The junk in my trunk is too much for my pre-partum jeans and I've been stubbornly refusing to go shopping for myself. I think I've just about had it though - fourth trimester shopping, here I come!


Ahhh! Congratulations, Nakia!

And GIRL. You had a baby THREE WEEKS AGO. Rest that bod and enjoy that baby. Much love and light to your fam!


It's still pretty cold here, and I'm still too small for maternity pants but too big for almost everything else. I've been layering tunics over maxi dresses over leggings and boots. Very quirky bohemian (I hope!).

I also have a long cardigan/sweater/blanket that I wear religiously. I may even have slept in it a few times.

Unknown | 10:55 AM

I'm not even post-partum and I love vests. They're not like the vests we grew up with. They're sort of cardigans but not, and they look great with leggings and skinny jeans. Whee!

Martha | 10:56 AM

I just bought two pairs of Levi's Bold Curve slim jeans that I'm excited to try on when they get here. As a grad student, I would wear straight leg blue jeans and my favorite striped wool sweater every day, but I try to at least make it look like I own a few other items of clothing. My dressing up consists of wearing high heeled oxford booties with my jeans and wool sweater. :) I like your blanket cardigan, the pattern is fantastic. I'm nervous about such things because I'm quite short but they look so comfy!

Jadzia@Toddlerisms | 10:56 AM

Any of my sexy Anne Fontaine blouses that haven't fit over my rack for several years because I didn't lose weight between kids. But now I have and it's all come from one place IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. Sadly, my ass seems still to be as big as it was the day I gave birth.

Mama Smith | 11:13 AM

Love that vest! I always admire big draped layers like that but I'm so short at 5'-3" that it's tough to pull it off without getting swollowed up. I'm pretty much always in jeans or dresses. I don't think I even own any pants other than jeans. You look amazing btw- way to skinny for the post-partum category in my book!

Kailee | 11:20 AM

Maternity yoga pants. Urgh. I was four months postpartum when I (SURPRISE!) got pregnant again. So, I had barely made it out of stretchy waistband pants, and now I'm back into them!

But, when I'm meeting with friends or going out with my husband and want to feel cute, it's usually a basic white tee, a bright pop of color in the form of either a scarf or a fun necklace, Toms, and my maternity jeans.

And, lastly, you look FANTASTIC!

Unknown | 11:24 AM

I have to say leggings are still a favorite with tunics or a VEST. I'm glad I'm not the only one rockin' the vest. It sort of reminds me of middle school for some reason but I do it anyways. Another favorite in my wardrobe is a pair of Minnie pants from JCrew. They are stretchy and skinny and feel as good as leggings but with a more polished look.

ps I love these post partum posts. love. and btw you can consider yourself post partum as long as you like...ya know, twins and all. ;)

Sabrina | 11:30 AM

My favorite daytime (anytime really) look is jeans and whatever clean top I have.

Can I add how AMAZING you look mamma!!!!!! Honestly for a mom who just had twins, you look gorgeous!

Chrissy | 12:07 PM

Dresses and tights and a sweater and clunky heels, all day every day. Can't wait til I'm back in school full-time and can dye my hair a bit purple and wear jeans all the time again. This was a cute post!!

Chara | 12:11 PM

I was just thinking today about how much I love my job because I get to wear a hoodie to work whenever I want. It's cloudy today, so I'm going with it, though usually I try to dress it up a (very) little more.

Anonymous | 1:08 PM

I am rocking the leggings and large shirt look. I am nine months out from having twins and still am no where near wearing jeans...so you rock and look great. I did take your advice on buying the unitard, however the harem pants were BAD on me. But, it was worth trying. Love you blog!

A | 1:36 PM

loving those cuffed jeans and the upholstery-style vest! Super cute. My go-to outfit lately (20 weeks pregnant) are tights, boots and dresses. It's comfy, it's easy, and I still look put-together for those daytime appointments and preschool drop-off.

Rachel @ Little Kitchen, Big Bites | 2:16 PM

ooo i love that vest! my go to (post work) is leggings and a tunic. no question. they're comfy, easy and hide everything.

Anonymous | 2:37 PM

High Five!
I really like that you decided to do another postpartum style feature right after the mean comments on YouTube. That's the way to do it: keep on being yourself, believing in yourself and completely ignore people that are so small as to stoop to post mean comments on a video made by a new mother of twins (plus 2 previous kids). Honestly, you look really fantastic! You're young and beautiful, you've got great hair and skin and you know that you'll lose the postpartum weight eventually. Most importantly, you take after your mother: you have a face that is KIND (faces being mirrors on souls and all that jazz). In a world where so many public (and not so public) figures take drastic unhealthy measures to drop the weight, you are a great example to healthy women. YOU ROCK!! So keep on doing your thing and ignore the nobodies. I really hope you don't get disheartened by that experience.
And your jeans and cardigan thingy are perfect.

Elizabeth | 5:11 PM

I'm nearly 6 months postpartum too, and desperately need to find me some style. I'm carrying way too much weight (sadly can't use baby weight as an excuse) and I've finally committed myself to losing it (SLOWLY: am a breastfeeding mum, so don't want to screw up milk supply).

While I'm not a fan of that blanket vest thinggy, I could probably try a simplified version (i'm short as well as overweight, so can be easily swamped) and my jeans are getting too loose, so need to find me a belt and boyfriend them up

blaire | 6:20 PM

I am 9 months postpartum (also twin pregnancy.) I love skinny or straight leg jeans, flats and a circle sweater/ poncho-ish sweater. I'm still 5 -10 lbs. Up but kind of getting use to being a fuller figured version of former self. My stomach will definitely never be the same. It looks like the stomach of an 80 year old. So gross, but i suppose they are worth it. ;)

L khoury | 6:44 PM

Stunning and stylish. You look adorable but by far the best accessory in your whole look is your killer smile. Love the vest and covet those sandals.

kaili | 6:52 PM

Just wanted to say what a great look that is for you - so natural but also very put together. It's a total 70s American classic sportswear look, with a little edge in the sandals for good measure!

Anonymous | 11:49 PM

You look fantastic Rebecca! I'm 2 weeks off giving birth and am feeling rather down about the whole body situation, your tips are inspiring me to cheer up and get on with it, I miss being able to wear some of my clothes with a "sense of humor" but after reading your post I'm motivated! Thanks :)

erica @ expatria, baby | 4:33 AM

I'm pretty sure that two babies entitles you to double the post-partum time.
Regardless, you look great. Really. And because looks are not everything, I wanted to tell you that I really admire the way in which you use sponsored content. Often when I see sponsored posts, I skip over them, but not yours. They read as genuinely as your normal posts. I feel like you write what you'd write anyway. They're real, your voice speaks though. So, kudos.

Thrifty Vintage Kitten | 6:03 AM

I have a rockin' vintage vest in my shop right now that is totally inline with this look!

Anonymous | 6:14 AM

Sorry - I have to comment on yesterday's post! That was awesome! It's true, we all have an "internal age". My Dad was 21, he would often look at pictures of himself and say "Who is that OLD MAN holding MY grandson?" You know what? I don't think I've quite reached mine yet (at 40) - but I do know that I am *everyone*'s Mom.

As for my "look", I'm obese, I wear what covers me and what's available to buy at the fat-lady stores. Fashion doesn't often come into play.

Elise | 7:56 AM

I hope that these companies that you (and others) do sponsored posts for are paying you enough to put up with all the nasty comments and associated crap. Seriously, they are putting you in an incredibly vulnerable position writing self-revealing posts to sell their goods for them. I'm sure supermodels gets tons of negative feedback, but at least they're making tons o' cash and only have to put their physical self out there, not their whole lives. I know this is what you do, but seriously, make sure you are getting appropriately compensated, you deserve it.

Anonymous | 8:08 AM

Oh my gosh! So cute! Love love love.

Anonymous | 8:37 AM

honey that ballet must be working. you look fab!

ColleenKranz | 9:48 AM

Love the vests! Very cute and versitile!

Althea | 10:24 AM

Five moths preggers...I am rocking high-waist leggings and whatever top I can find that covers my crotch and (most of) my ass.
I LITERALLY went to Nordstrom Rack after reading this story and found a crazy-ass fringed drapey vest. It spoke to me as well. It said...Rebecca Woolf wants you to buy this...it is only $25...it is purple and blue and it looks like the most awesome blanket ever...
So I did. The end.

Heather | 12:48 PM

Where did you get the sandals? They are sooo cute!!

Lindsay ML | 1:44 AM

FYI all: The Topin one is on sale now, 29.97!

GAH! I <3 the Gone Style posts so hard.