Gone (Postpartum) Style: Blaze, Blouse, Boots (Sponsored)

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Yesterday it was all about sleeveless (vesty) cardigans. Today it's all about blazers! And what to wear under blazers! On a date night! And by date night we're talking casual dinners a block away.

I'm still feeling twitchy when I leave the babies longer than a few hours which should be interesting when I spend three whole days away from them this weekend and Bo won't have my bosom to nestle into. Bosom. My bosom. Bosomy bosom bosomtown. Anyway, here is an outfit ideal for date night. Just pretend there isn't a baby attached to my chest. I didn't want to remove her for these pictures because, note to Hal when I'm gone (and my mom who is staying with Hal and the kids this weekend because she's amazing like that): YOU NEVER REMOVE BO FROM YOUR BODY WHEN SHE'S SLEEPING!
She's also way cuter than the (loose fitting) tee and tank top I layered under my blazer. Those ankles and socks? Come on.
Boots: thrifted
Wool Blazer: thrifted
Knit Hat: Forever 21
Tee (peeking out from beneath Ergo): Fluxus
Carrier: Ergo
errant gray hairs by: nature
lipstick: pink plaid by MAC

I love me a good blazer + tee combo meal and can't think of a more flattering garment that's appropriate for nights on the town. I'll take a slouchy blazer over an LBD any old day, date night or otherwise. Here are two "date night" looks I love featuring some hot blazer, blouse and boot action.
(cut is full on hip coverage = +++)


*I've been waiting for these boots to go one sale for approximately 30 years and think they would look great with pretty much everything that exists hence their placement in both outfits.

How do you like to wear a blazer? What are some of your go-to date night ensembs postpartum or otherwise?



Anonymous | 11:52 AM

Ok - I'm de-lurking to tell you I ADORE the Rag & Bone boots, who doesn't, right? However, Madewell does a great very similar black biker boot - I have 2 pairs. Love. (I also totally shelled out for the R&B Newbury boot, so if those other boots are "it" for you, I get it.) Just sending you an alternative.


RAD. Looking into them now!

Gemma | 12:04 PM

i LOVE your outfit. also bo and the baby carrier are definitely adding to it. the berry colour is gorgeous!

mlouprice | 12:18 PM

I'm going to have to give the ankle jeans a whirl. I have the same grey hairs in the same spot on my head. I have a three month old, and if I have a spare moment, I'd rather spend it on the couch with some Prosecco, and not in the bathroom dying my hair. I'm also sporting chipped toenail polish, something I would have NEVER done pre-baby.

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 12:31 PM

I haven't done the Blazer yet but am getting there... also love the babywearing! :)


Veronica | 12:50 PM

I love thrifting blazers and I love, love practically any outfit plus a blazer. T-shirt? yes! Sweatshirt? yes! Tank? yes! Blazers = keeping me classy since I became an adult.

Unknown | 1:16 PM

Just bought a slightly slouchy cobalt blue blazer at H&M that looks super stylin' over black-and-white stripes. I also like a blazer over a printed dress, particularly with a wrap-style bodice that is nursing friendly!

Also off to stalk the Madewell boots...

Unknown | 1:35 PM

I love all of this. Especially Bo.

I need those boots in my life forever & ever.

Anabelle | 2:31 PM

My favorite outfit is a nice black jacket, a casual shirt and skinny jeans (slight curves from Levi's), red lipstick or colored nails, and there you go!

I have to say that I was deeply touched by your post "Thirteen". I just turned 37 and I often feel that I am still a child inside. I'm often thinking to myself "grow a little girl, be an adult", but I still act like a child for so many things, which drives me crazy and makes me happy at the same time... I haven't told anybody, but although I have (almost - it's all in the "almost", isn't it?) all I need to be happy, it's a tough period of my life. Reading your words was like a friend sitting down next to me and holding my hand, saying "I know exactly how you feel"... So thank you, dear Rebecca.
(Ooh, that was a long comment...)

Beth | 6:04 PM

Hey! I love your blog! I have a plea to ask of you: can you please post some fashion tips for working moms? I can't wear jeans to work (sadly) and I'm struggling coming up with cool outfits that hide what I don't want showing. :)


I don't currently own a blazer-blazer, but I have an awesome structured cranberry corduroy jacket that I never know how to style. It never occurred to me to put it over a sweater, so thanks for that!

I do have a go-to date outfit that I think I've worn on every (rare) night out since fall 2010 (pictured here, with goofy pose).

Rachel | 8:31 PM

I am super impressed those adorable polka dot socks still fit their little feet. Baby Clayton (six months old on the 30th) outgrew the boy colors of those socks two weeks ago. Sad. Cherish the teeny tiny baby socks while you can.

Unknown | 6:18 AM

YES! I do LOVE me a good blazer! I have a baout 4 in my "collection" and I wear them- now 3 years post pardom;), I wore them through my pregnancies for more coverage (unbuttoned of course), I particularly like them at my job (at a psych hospital) I always feel stylish yet covered -a great working combo! I'm still waiting fo rthe perfect navy blazer to go on sale though:)

Andrea | 8:42 AM

Where's your mom, I need a new recipe what am I ever going to make new next week with out her, j/k I did miss her post yesterday hope all is well.

oh, jenny mae | 11:45 AM

i've never done a blazer, but i do love me a cardigan. i think i feel restricted in the woven blazer & where i have more room in the cardi.

you look adorable, though!

Ashley | 4:34 PM

I'm really hoping to see you at South By this weekend. I've gotta check out your weekend work wear!

Life's a Potty | 7:03 PM

You look fantastic. Love the Blaze and baby accessory.

Holly from 300 Pounds Down | 8:13 AM

Wow. How cute are you? And the gray hair by nature. Love it! I'm about to turn 40 and I've got a few myself but who cares. I can't wait to lose more weight so I can actually fit into some of these cute outfits. Seeing as I have no fashion sense you're a major help with ideas!