Archer's Birthday in Photos

It's been a long week of joyous goodness (sans the carjacking.) Who knew birthdays were this fun? Great to see everyone and mad love to the people. Enjoy le pictoral... (and yes, a flickr account is waaaaay overdue.)



Anonymous | 12:18 PM

Ahhhhhh! I can't get enough of that child! Love you guys! HE's so DAMN adorable!

Anonymous | 12:45 PM

They give birthdays a whole new meaning don't they? Love the photos and your birth story/letter to Archer..

Amy | 1:33 PM

Sweet! You look like such a happy mom!

And yes on Flicker. Love it.

Mommytojacknjas | 4:31 PM

awww looks like he had the best birthday :) how cute!! i hope he had the best time! happy 1st!! i cant believe how fast it goes my son is almost 1 in 4 months ahhh

btrute | 5:08 PM

You both look Amazing! Happy B-Day Archer! are one hot Momma!

Anonymous | 6:36 PM

So wonderful. Happiness and warm fuzzies all around. Thanks for sharing those, Bec.

Anonymous | 12:03 AM

Happy Birthday Archer!

*Tanyetta* | 12:36 AM

The photos were awesome. The birthletter was beautiful.

Loooooooved it all.

Happy Birthday Archer!

You're the coolest! You're the cutest!!!!!!!

Karen Bodkin | 5:07 AM

Oh my gosh you and Archer are the cutest people EVER! I love your hair - so purty!

Stacy | 6:16 AM

What a cutie .. and that smile! Looks like lots of yummy cake too! Happy Birthday Archer!

Anonymous | 6:19 AM

Adorable! I love the hat.

Andrea | 7:19 AM

I love the ones of you with him, in the candid moments, your chin resting comfortably on his head, his party hat ensconsed head leaning in toward that crook in your neck when the excitement may just be a little too much, the laughter ones, the stealing the cupcake one... They are awesome pictures, and he is adorable. But there's another thing visible in every picture you're in. There's a comfort as his Mama, an obvious joy you're taking in his every moment. Sometimes the "oopses" are the best life changes. It's your birthday, too. Your Mama birthday.

Happy Birthday, Archer! Happy Birthday, Mama.

Anonymous | 9:00 AM

I love all of the pictures of the two of you together, where you have the same expression! I know genetics works like that and all (kids look like their parents), but Archer is so clearly mama's boy.

Delightful pictures, beautiful birthday letter, wonderful birth story... Shit, girl, now I'm gonna cry...

MrsFortune | 9:38 AM

Holy crap, you guys are so freakin' gorgeous!!! Where do I order the album? Shutterfly?

Karla | 11:50 AM

Great pictures!! Looks like he had a great birthday!

Chicky | 1:09 PM

Damnit, woman! I told myself I wasn't going to cry, then I go and read the last 3 posts all at once. I just don't have any more gush for you. I'm all outta gush. for today anyway.

mo-wo | 9:01 PM

Nice shoot old man.

Anonymous | 9:40 AM

happy bday, little archer man!! sorry i couldn't be there to celebrate with you, but i'll be seeing you and ma and paw soon! bec, the pics are great. i'm glad you all had such a wonderful time.

Unknown | 10:18 AM

I too just read the last 3 posts in one go and had a right old blub. Feeling very pregnant and emotional, had to go upstairs and calm myself down!!!
He's so gorgeous and I LOVE his (your) little hat thing.
Happy birthday little man x

Anonymous | 1:38 PM

Happy belated Birthday, A!

Candy Noseisnumb | 10:02 PM

yes, the child is cute.
you have a Boston Terrier?
Love you !

Heather | 7:29 PM

Man that kid is cute. Happy first.