Eye'm Loving

And eye can't stop peeking either, following him around with my crappy camera...

It's like he knows something that I don't and maybe if I lean against the couch and look out the window too I'm going to see something brilliant! A bird with three heads and magic powers. A squirrel that talks. An ice cream truck with wings.

Because when he looks he really sees. He opens his eyes as wide as they can possibly go and he follows the world, babbling sweet nothings to the dirt and the woodchips in the front yard, the stains on the concrete and sidewalk cracks.

I mean, those eyes? They know. They have to know.



Anonymous | 11:00 AM

sniff sniff.

yes, those eyes do know.

That's why they light up everytime they see you.

Unknown | 11:19 AM

Everyone's making me cry! I just love the wonder and amazement Leah gets when she looks out the window, searching for daddy to come home ("hi daddeeee!") and just staring out at everything.

Sandra | 12:16 PM

Hey's gorgeous. And those eyes ... they do know.

Karla | 12:59 PM

Just once I'd love to look through the eyes of a baby and see the wonder they see. I've tried, but whatever they see is truly more powerful than I can grasp with my jaded grown up brain.

Your boy is really beautiful.

Andrea | 1:51 PM

Yep, the all-knowing eyes. They know his mama loves him.

motherbumper | 2:40 PM

Bumper is just beginning to take an active role in exploring her surroundings and to watch her face is one of the best things I have experienced. You've described it so well and Archer is the best model.

Anonymous | 2:43 PM

What I wouldn't give to be able to SEE things for the first time again... do you think that we would apprecite things more the second time around?

Anonymous | 3:28 PM

They know....and they are beautiful!

Her Bad Mother | 3:28 PM


Lisa | 6:00 PM

He is so sweet and precious

Stacy | 6:35 PM

They know ... and they see the things that we cannot. The beauty and the simplicity in life.

Karen | 8:46 PM

I have tagged you, because I want to know what those eyes and their infinite wisdom have to say about this one. How about a meme/hehe?

Blog Antagonist | 10:23 PM

Baby eys...they are so captivating and captivated. I wish I could remember what it was like to find the world so wondrous.

He is a gorgeous baby...in case I haven't told you that before.


in that last pic he looks like he's longing for another taste of foo's lips. let's get that one arranged. mwah, hbd, have fun this weekend, can't wait to see you. hurry up. (write faster)

Gina | 11:24 PM

"babbling sweet nothings"... oh how I love that sound...

Your camera captures him beautifully! What a wise little man!

Cristina | 12:10 AM

i would love to see what our babies see.

Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom | 1:55 AM

great ayes your baby's having...

kittenpie | 1:47 PM

I love your baby boy pics - how does he not have bite marks on those cheeks?!

Christina | 2:34 PM

Totally. Wouldn't you love to just once see everything new and fresh like from the eyes of a child? Wouldn't it be wonderful?