Online Book Tour: Reading with Babies, Toddlers and Twos

By: Susan Straub & KJ Dell'Antonia

When KJ from Raising Devils sent me her new book, I was thrilled to be a part of her online book tour. Love me some books, especially books written by peeps I know dot com and appreciate.

I'm not a big how-to-guide book reader. I do not read parenting books and have not since I was pregnant and curious. I'm not as curious now that I have a child and find parenting books redundant and boring. I am also quite stubborn, often impossible to reason with, convince or even teach. Let's just say I am not the kind of person who would pick up any kind of book that might "help me."

Reading with Babies, Toddlers and Twos is not that kind of book. On the contrary, its friendly, fun to read with great tips and fab ideas for Moms like me with babies cum toddlers who are still in the "board-book eating" phase hopefully soon to be in the "listening quietly with hands folded in lap" phase. Heh. Right? RIGHT!?

Books are very important in my house. Reading them, writing them, collecting them and although I consider myself well-read, I haven't the faintest idea the new books that are out there for Archer. Reading with Babies has recommendations as well as first-person interludes and top-ten lists from real moms.

There is nothing condescending about this book. It's enlightened, nurturing and full of great ideas and I would recommend the book to all story-reading parents.

Cheers to Susan and KJ and thank you for including me in your book tour.

Reading with Babies, Toddlers and Twos is available to buy...

Here @ Barnes & Noble or Here @ Amazon



Mom101 | 1:09 PM

Ooh thanks for the heads up. I have it also, ready to read and review. Nice to know it's one to look forward to.

Cristina | 5:20 PM

What? A book that explains how to read to a baby who only wants to EAT books. I'm sold!

Andrea | 10:06 AM

I've been trying to read to Gabe since he was eating the board books. I didn't think it would be so difficult to find sturdy books that he couldn't demolish that were wtill stimulating. Some of them have too many words per page, some not enough. It's only through trial and error that I've found which books I can read to him now. I'll definitely be checking this book out. Thanks for the tip.

Stacy | 12:19 PM

Sounds like a keeper!

bunmaster | 1:49 PM

This sounds great. I've been reading & trying to keep books out of her mouth since the start but have mostly stuck with the classics (Dr. Suess, Goodnight Moon, etc.). I'm always wondering about the newer stuff I haven't seen before (well newer than the last time I babysat in the '80's) so I'll have to check this out. So far I've been lucky with a few gifts (Owl Babies) but it's been hit & miss at the library/ bookstore lately. Thanks!

Amy | 5:32 PM

I won't be reading this book because THANK GOD we passed the book eating phase long ago! I had totally forgotten about that whole schebang (isn't it amazing what we moms can block out?). But for those of you with book eaters, just know that it does go away. Now my two guys are riveted by books, even ones without pictures!

What I remember being far worse than book-eating were those godawful Lift-the-Flap books. They were known as Tear-Off-The-Flap books in our house. Come to think of it, they were Tear-Off-And-EAT-The Flaps books. Guess I had blocked that out, too!

mo-wo | 8:57 PM

Well I'll have to take a look at this.