Raising the Bar

The following is an Encore Presentation! Brand Spanking NEW and in COLOR, with more TOYS!!!! AND still SILENT because my camera is BROKEN!!!

I call it: The Boy Who No Longer Naps Because he is Busy Showing Off His New Skill and Jumping up and Down Instead of Napping so Sleep has Been Out of the Question for a Few Days Now and Fortunately for Him He's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Cute I Can't help but Spy on Him and Giggle...

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Angel Baby | 4:12 PM

SO CUTE. I chuckled out loud!

Cristina | 4:59 PM

How cute! My little guy is standing up in his crib now too. It'll only be a matter of time before it becomes a playpen instead of a bed I just know it.

Mom101 | 6:45 PM

Kvelling! Kvelling!

Anonymous | 9:13 PM

bec thanks for this. I'm showing all my friends that I have the raddest nephew around. And I'm using the word 'rad' a lot because no one says it here in Beantown. California represent-zent!

*Tanyetta* | 10:06 PM

toooooooo cute! no sound needed. the video says it all. how cute. ok well..i'm sure you've read on my blog the pain I'm going through.

kittenpie | 6:39 AM

my god, your son never fails to amaze my with the cuteness. And G, at the risk of being one of *those* moms, though - now is the time to strip off the crib bumper - he is totally ready for climbing soon! (pumpkinpie could climb up on the couch before she could really walk by herself, little monkey that she is.)

Tori | 11:51 AM

He thinks he is very clever now....
Look at the face!
Love this clip!
Sorry about the no nap thing... when they give them up, it's so annoying!

Anonymous | 2:46 PM

Considering the unabashed joy Archer shows by simply standing up and jumping, I wondered if there is an adult equivalent. Is there something so simple that could bring to us (the adults)an equal amount of joy? Are our lives now so complicated that we are unable to experience such a grand moment?

I'm thinking about it...

Canadian Mommy | 6:28 PM

That is so cute! Enjoy every second! I can't wait to maybe one day hear the cutie pie making cute baby sounds!

Sandra | 5:52 AM

He couldn't be cuter! Thanks for sharing that and happy, happy mother's day to you!!

Anonymous | 8:03 PM

happy mamas day bec! hope you had a great one! love you!

Her Bad Mother | 6:46 AM

Granddad Norm said it - "unabashed joy."

In living, jumping, bouncing form.

motherbumper | 8:16 AM

He is sooooo happy and pleased with himself and you are in sooooo much trouble! There is no stopping him now. Happy Momma Day, you hip momma!

Emily | 10:03 AM

Well, at least he is going to have some seriously CUT leg muscles, right?

Anonymous | 2:11 PM

Aren't there rules against being that completely freakin' adorable?

Anonymous | 10:52 AM

Deet, deet, deet!
I happened on your blog through a comment link in BeTheBoy's blog! I am laughing and crying and... thank you for taking the time to write.