The Silent Archer Films

I wish I had some sound control, because "whaaaaaat would you doooooooo if I sang out of tuuuuuuuune..." would be perfect for the following films. Once again, sepia and silent = kicking it old school...

MTVesque camera-work and the Dog:

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Peekaboo Is the new Balderdash:

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Follow the Bouncing Baby:

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motherbumper | 4:38 AM

Archer is an amazing looking boy - I love the sepia touch. You both rock! You've started my Monday out right. Thanks.

kittenpie | 8:20 AM

okay - that camera work is hard on the eyes! Good thing Archer is so easy on them! ;^)

Andrea | 8:47 AM

Awww! I remember when mine was that little. What a fun age! I want another one...

Her Bad Mother | 9:27 AM

You're my film goddess. LOOOVE it. That first one? Closing with your fantabulous dog? Brilliant. Love the Super-8-ness of it all. LOOVE it. (Did I say that already? I'm a fan! I get all gibbery! I forget! Awestruck by the genius film-making and the supernova star-ling that is Master Junior Buster Keaton.)

Stacy | 9:52 AM

He's too cute for words anyway. Oh and your dog is massive! :)

Andrea | 10:55 AM

I thought the window one was the best, just seeing his face light up as you came up to the window. That's the look that just melts any mother's heart. He's adorable.

Unknown | 11:56 AM

I looove your dog!! And I loved the one where you go to the window best too! It is precious to see that look on his face, I agree with Andrea.

Christina | 1:03 PM

Love them! The peekaboo one is great - seeing a kid's face light up like that is awesome.

It's funny, Archer looks almost identical to a son of a friend of mine. Eerie!

*Tanyetta* | 3:29 PM

the look on his face was PRICELESS. i think it goes without light up his life. those videos didn't need sound! the silence said it all....cute cute cute.....

Anonymous | 5:33 PM

Those vids are GREAT!!

Chicky Chicky Baby | 6:17 PM

"And the Oscar for most cuteness in a film (short version) goes to...


The cuteness is overwhelming. Were there really any other nominees? | 8:11 PM

Lovely! Thank you for sharing those. I love the sepia.

Mom101 | 8:43 PM

Wait'll I show these to Thalia! She's going to be so psyched she's coming back to LA with me in a couple weeks.

She's also a fan of the peekaboo, by the way. What are the chances?

Unknown | 2:55 AM

So cute BUT your glasses and fringe (is it bangs in the USA?) are even cuter!! I love them!

Anonymous | 7:30 PM

do you think arch is too young for me?