The *Sisterhood of the Traveling Rants

This is a post about a post I wrote a few months ago.

I am linking a la the ever-wonderful Bad Ladies' Blogger Appreciation Week in honor and support for the blogging-ladies I have met and grown to love over the months. Whether or not you are visiting the GGC to love me or laugh at me, I welcome you. Mommy/Mom, Mother/Mofo/Whatever blogs have been called lame, and we, the writers have been labeled and insulted and bashed and it's unfortunate because it's not nice. On the flipity-flip it's also kind of wonderful because it brings us together a la "I got your back, bitch. Represent-zent" because no doubt that's kind of what we are, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Rants. We rant. We gossip. We laugh. We help one another. We tell stories. We read. We high five. We wake up and do it again. Babies at our tits, pulling our hair all the while.

No apologies. I love my kid and I love writing about him. I love being a mother and I enjoy writing about it. I love every woman I have met amazing people through blogging and I enjoy and appreciate every correspondence and three-hour phone conversation and the advice and the support and book-recommendations and the EVERYTHING you all have offered.

This blog-i-verse is the very first community I have felt 100% able to be me, with all my wacky-ideas and stories and secrets and rants and epic photo spreads. So although this was written a few months ago, I still feel the same way. I really do. I truly 100% love me some mama. Especially some mama with stories to tell. I also have to say, I love me some papa too (please see above photo where muscular man is also represented, although the title is a bit, well, it says "sisterhood" so I'm adding an asterisk so one can substitute it for misterhood, or perhaps, bloggerhood? That is all-encompassing I think. Yes. Okay) Your words inspire me, teach me and motivate me as a mother, a woman and a writer.

Keep rocking the good words, my sisters or mothers or fathers or brothers or whoever you are and Happy Mothers Day.



Karen Bodkin | 3:56 PM

What a beautiful post to wonderful bloggers. I feel the same way about alot of the bloggers I read! What a nice thing to do for your faves!
Rock on!

Anonymous | 4:31 PM

Took the words right out of my mouth. I recently started reading your blog because my best friend (also a guy, namely your brother, David) is so proud to be Archer’s uncle. I have also always gravitated toward men to fill that friendship space in my life because, for one reason or another, but I still long for a solid connection with women, and find that connection so rare. Your post is very apropos for me since one of my few close girlfriends in Sacramento is packing up her apartment to move down your way this weekend. Anyway, I just want to say how much I admire your writing, your sentiments, and the pictures of your beautiful son. And though we’re fewer and further between, I think your words have more sympathetic ears among the single and childless than you know.

Anonymous | 5:53 PM

Love love love..had no idea this was going on (*sticking head out from under rock*) and while some asshattery was to be had (rejectkoolaid), as you said, it does bring about a greater good - I am so going to go write about this now - love ya ggc...rock on..

Anonymous | 6:45 PM

I got your back, honey.

Mom101 | 7:00 PM

I just got paid...KOOL AID FOR EVERYONE!

This is awesome, as always. Honored to be part of it and you and all this.

Stacy | 7:18 PM

I'm so glad everyone is participating in HBM's contest. It's exactly the reason I started blogging and the reason I continue to love it - where else can you find a community of moms who share stories, support one another, and understand each other?

Her Bad Mother | 7:24 PM

This rocks. You rock.

Babies at tits. Amazing how it is that we become (and how the men too become) bigger, stronger, faster, better with babies at the tit, literally or figuratively. Becoming mom makes us superheroes; the babies the source of our superpowers. ("Kisses like shields" - I'm never going to forget that line, sistah-friend.)

Anyhoo. That was just a parenthetical comment. What I really wanted to say was, you rock.

Unknown | 8:12 PM

You rock- and I posted in response to HBM's post. I also feel like we need to stick together. Koolaid really has a problem. Don't like us? Don't read us then!

mo-wo | 10:27 PM

Succinct and accurate praise for the comfort of this forum. So few optiond out their to find parent-able-to-be venues.. but this neck of the blogourhood rocks for all that.

You speak the truth

Chris | 6:42 AM

Thanks for the love. It's mutual!

Anonymous | 7:25 AM

all hail to the bloggerhood of the travelling rants! and thanks for the tribute.

I completely agree about this format--it's the first time I have felt I can establish a voice that reflects who I am, and not some rhetorical distortion. I also find that by writing here, I can also write more effectively and thoughtfully elsewhere. Ain't it peachy?


i love you too, ggc. and all the beeches and bros you consider your own. blog on. you are truly one of the most brilliant writers of all of blogtopia (and beyond, obvs). i am glad you are my fwiend.

Andrea | 9:19 AM

Lookit those tiny hands and feet in that picture! He's so cute! Happy Mother's Day GGC. I find that I still like Kool-Aid from when I was a kid, and there ain't nuthin' wrong with that. Long distance smooch from the 'Lou for spreadin' the loooove!

d_evans | 10:07 AM

You make me wanna be apart of the bloogerhood! What a great post.

Diana | 10:24 AM

And have a great first Mother's Day

kittenpie | 11:52 AM

GGC, I always love your posts and pics, but this is the best title! I do love how I can write about whatever I want when blogging and commenting, and feel pretty free. I also love finding other great ladies out there that feel like people I would have chosen as friends in the real world. The interactivity of comments makes this feel like a grat big coffee clatch, and I love it. I am so into HBM's great throwdown, and will be posting up my own set of linky loveletters sometime this weekend. Meanwhile - group hug!

Anonymous | 12:44 PM

Loving you right back, GGC! I think this community of parenting folks rocks.

Anonymous | 1:09 PM

Happy Mother's Day, great tribute to those other moms who blog!

Anonymous | 1:48 PM

Happy Mother's Day GGC!

Thanks for the love (and right back at ya!) - it sucks that I can't participate while I'm on vacation - but I hope my 100 posts shows some of the many awesome mamas out there my appreciation!

Anonymous | 3:07 PM

Happy Mother's Day, GGC.

Anonymous | 8:39 AM

Woman, you best watch out cuz in four weeks (when school's out) me and the chilluns are gonna come lookin' for you and the Arch Man!

scarbie doll | 8:02 AM

Happy Mama's Day to you too! You know I think of you as one of my peeps.

j.sterling | 5:41 PM

all those butts are SO skinny! my ass is definitely not up there! lol

Stefania Pomponi Butler aka CityMama | 2:34 PM

great post. rock on witcho bad seff. i got nuthin but love for you.