Dear You,

I never know where to draw the lines between what is happening in my heart and what I should share with all of you. There are plenty of things I don't write about my blog and after posting my last post I couldn't even re-read it. It took me until today to comb for typos.

I have read all of your comments and your emails and I don't know what to say. My cursor is flickering and I'm staring at the screen with no words.

Thank you for sharing your stories. For giving me advice. For speaking to your children's therapists on my behalf. I'm so moved. So totally in awe of your compassion.

I know Archer is fine. I really do. I just have been so frustrated with the fact that I have been told to doubt that. To doubt my instincts, which all this time I have acted on solely.

Therapy is not the enemy. Doubt is. And I hate that this past week I have come to doubt myself.

I don't doubt myself anymore.

Everything's going to be okay. Everything is okay. No matter what. Because of all of you.

It really does take a village. And your messages remind me why I ditched the books and look to the blogosphere for answers and support and the guidance I need as a new mother.

You have helped me in a way no one else could. Not even myself.

Thank you for empowering me and being my friends. I'm humbled by your kindness and generosity.

Love and best to all of you,