Photo of the Week

(young) man versus nature



the mad momma | 11:35 PM

That's a lovely picture and there is something so fearless about his stance... again - I love those pants!

Anonymous | 5:55 AM

omg, I LOVE this photo! I have a similar one of my son when he was younger...

toyfoto | 9:09 AM

When Annabel was about 18 months she willingly went into the ocean (I have an amazing picture of her with a boogie board). But last year, not so thrilled with the whole wave thing. Archer looks as if he's never going to get spooked.

Mom101 | 5:38 PM

There is no bad photo of a kid facing the Pacific Ocean. Especially when the kid in question is Archer

Santi Marie | 7:11 AM

Brave young man. :-). I remember a poem about a young boy and his momma: and the sea:

The Sea ( by N.Marquez)

Why does the Sea laugh, Mother
As it glints beneath the sun?

it is thinking of the joy, my child,
That it wishes every one.

Why does the sea sob so, mother
As it breaks on the rocky shore?

It recalss the sorrows of the world,
And weeps forever more.

Why is the sea so peaceful, Mother
As if it were fast asleep?

It would give our heart, dearest child
The comfort of the deep.

Congrats to you being a mom. I just became a dad a month ago!


Scar | 9:43 AM

I like the beach.

Gina | 11:02 PM

That belongs in a frame, at the beach house, on your beach front property... ah, don't you wish!?

Darling and beautiful shot!