Remember When...

...The beach was relaxing?

When you didn't have to devote entire mornings to packing four HUGE tote-bags of snacks, towels, changes of clothes, diapers, swimmer diapers, swim trunks, graham crackers, cherries (de-pitted), water bottles, empty water bottles for ocean water, extra socks and sweaters (in case it gets cold), mounds of wet-wipes, SPF 1000 Sunscreen for "little faces" and 749 sand shovels?

Yeah. Me niether.



Wendy | 7:31 PM

I dont understand why you need ocean water?

Here is another thing to pack. Baby powder. Apparently, it makes the sand slide right off. Or, at least, that is what I have learned from reading blog.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) | 8:13 PM

Having just returned from our annual summer trip to Florida with our 5-year-old and 2-year-old, I can say it does get easier. And dude go out and buy some of that newfangled sunscreen that comes in the spray can. Seriously.
And ditto on the baby powder.

I found myself sometimes cursing the sippy cups (and all the other tons of crap to tote around) at the beach days, but I know some day I will miss them. But yeah my husband and I both felt like we needed a vacation to recover from our family beach vacation.

pnutsmama | 8:51 PM

it pisses me off that by the time we get on the beach we have an hour before naptime. argh!!

used to be a time when all i needed was my suit and a towel. sigh.

Anonymous | 9:53 PM

Dude. I'm pretty sure some of the stuff you're packing is unnecessary.

I mean, really, who needs more than 746 sand shovels?

Meemo | 1:34 AM

I'm going camping in like 6 hours and haven't packed a thing. Reading this post has reminded me of just how much crap I have to pack this morning after working all night. Uggg!

Fairly Odd Mother | 5:24 AM

LOL, you are so right. But, there is NO place that keeps my 3 happier than a place with loads of sand and waves of water lapping up on the beach. As long as I pick only the quiet beaches, I can sit back on my towel and just watch them for hours.

Heather | 9:21 AM

Beach + kids does NOT equal relaxation. It equals one tired mama.

Fraulein | 10:22 AM

And am I the only one to have noticed that those swimmy diapers only hold about 1/15th the amount of normal diapers? I start to wonder if they're even worth it, since you need to change them every 20 minutes.

Anonymous | 1:29 PM

But its worth it to see their faces light up in the waves and sand. :)

me | 8:08 AM

you may not remember it now, but it will return, and when it does you will wish it hadn't.

bgirl | 11:16 PM sad, so true.
just this morning i was making little snacks, packing ice-water sippy cups.....

btw...seattlemamacita recommended your blog. love it...i'll be back!

PS adorable photo too!

Sarahviz | 6:08 AM

*sigh* Totally agree with you. And with 3, I find myself having to pack for the beach THE NIGHT BEFORE. How sad is that?

And baby powder? Rocks!

Shawn | 7:23 AM

I'd do anything to be able to pack all that stuff up and go to the beach. I grew up close enough to the shore that we could decide that morning to go ... and we often just did. Life isn't that simple now and I'd do anything to give my little girls that feeling of a diaper so full of sand and water that it sags down so low it hits the ground. But, no ... we'll just splash in the f'ing sprinkler or baby pool again.