Overheard In: The Valet Line...

...After a benefit brunch, "empowering" abused women:

"I know. I don't let my daughter do dance class, either. It's way too sexual. Little girls should not be allowed to wear leotards."

Overheard in my brain...

"Oh, dear God. We're fucked."

Please don't tell me mothers are keeping little girls from dance class now? Because it's "sexual"? Pulease. And this coming from the Beverly Hills Trophy Wife Elite who certainly didn't get where they are by keeping their legs closed.

I should have karate chopped their french manicured vaginas.

So much for empowerment...



Loukia | 11:38 AM

WTF is right! As if I would not put my little girl in dance class! I think little tutu's on 2 years olds are adorable. So there! I loved dance class when I was younger. Whatever, people are so serious these days about everything.

Scar | 11:47 AM

lol you KILL me. that is totally insane. and btw.. i totally love your labels lately.

BOSSY | 11:58 AM

If you karate chopped their french manicured vaginas they would only turn right around and make Vagina Rejuvenation appointments. It's hopeless.

Anonymous | 12:43 PM

Wait. They aren't teaching "pole dancing" to toddlers are they? Now THAT would be way too sexy! But I'm a Little Teapot? Not so much.

k.thedoula | 12:51 PM

Ummmm huh? So am I creepy for having both my boys in "creative movement" classes?
Couldn't afford to send our daughter! Boys it's 103 for the year. Girls a whoping 479 for the year! Sorry dear daughter... it's too sexual. Nothing to do with the money.... eep.
*perhaps I'll let our daughter play hockey instead? snickers...

mermaids | 12:52 PM

oh, but some "dance" classes for young girls are only a step away from pole dancing. many are positively innocent and adorable. however, i have seen some dance routines by little girls that make me blush. if i had a little girl, i would have found a place that still does "i'm a little teapot" because, yes, a two yr old in a tutu is so cute it makes my teeth hurt.


Shel | 12:52 PM

that label is so freakin appropriate.

do these women not allow their children to wear bathing suits either? or run around the house in their underwear? tank tops?

and thanks to laura, i am laughing my ass off trying to imagine a pole dance to "i'm a little teapot". 'cept a stripper may change it to "i'm a little sexpot"?

wtf is right.

Anonymous | 4:45 PM

Wow, what would a french manicured vagina look like? Would it have frosted tips?

Anonymous | 4:46 PM

Ha ha. So glad I wasn't drinking milk while reading this entry or I would have had a total cliche moment where it came out of my nose.

Wendy | 5:35 PM

I dont have a problem with the leotards. However, my husband has a problem with our 5 yr old learning to shake her booty and that they ask the girls not to wear panties during the recital. It may show through there costumes, but everything is covered. I discovered that my husband is not the only one who thinks like this.

I really dont see anything wrong with any of it. I think their dance routines are cute and my daughter loves her dance class. I think the 3 hour recitals are torture for the parents, though. That could just be that I am running back and forth getting her ready for her numbers. And most of the time I have no idea what I am doing.

Sorry to go on, but I am finding all this anger toward the Disney Princesses, Barbies and even Shrek is just some people over thinking everything. Are we really this afraid of fictional characters? My daughter loved Shrek and I dont think it will cause her to lay around waiting for her prince to come. Matter of fact, she has told me otherwise.

Wyvern | 6:35 PM

I question some of the songs they choose in those dance classes more than the costume design.

When my cousin was 10, her group danced to the candyshop song which is extremely sexual and includes stuff about "licking the lollypop". While it went right over the heads of most of the kids, the sexual nature of the song (especially when they have SO many choices of what to dance to), as well as the creepy undertones of pedophilia, must've made many parents squirm at the recital.

When I have kids, I'd prefer to keep them out of organized activities all together... but we'll see.

Amie Adams | 7:15 PM

French manicured vaginas?

Must be an L.A. thing.

clueless but hopeful mama | 8:06 PM

As a reformed bunhead, I agree that there are several reasons not to allow girls to take dance class (at least at a serious studio), like oh-say the rampant eating disorders and obsession with being perfect, but the sexuality of leotards (wtf is so right) ain't one of them.

Summer | 10:04 PM

I don't see how little girls in leotards could be sexual to anyone but a pervert. Even the "Moms for Modesty" things that goes around has a little girl in a pink tutu and leotard as its mascot.

Now little girl cheerleading, whole nother story. My 4 year old neice does the little cheerleader squad here. OMG. The costumes show more skin than the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. Then add to it they do their competitions caked in make-up and with their hair done up with fake curl extentions put in. They look like mini transvestites!

Her Bad Mother | 4:46 AM

So I should take that pole out of the nursery, then?

motherbumper | 5:43 AM

Yes, kick 'em in the vajaygoogoos and remind them of the differences between beauty&art and cheap&tart.

merseydotes | 6:18 AM

My daughter's ballet class is TOTALLY sexual. You should hear the hussy teacher: "This is first position. This is second position. This is fifth position." How many positions can a three-year-old be expected to handle???

Heather | 6:30 AM

We are fucked if that's what society is coming to.

I would LOVE to see that karate chop. Do you think you could do one then put it on youtube?

Loukia | 7:24 AM

Remember the little girl doing her dance routine in Little Miss Sunshine? Last I saw, real dance classes and recitals were NOTHING like that... but OMG that was a funny movie.

Anonymous | 5:02 PM

all i have for you is a big... HA. people are concerned about the weirdest things these days, honestly. like vaginal rejuvenation.

Maternal Mirth | 10:22 PM

Guess Martha Graham and Maria Tallchief were total whores ... who'd have guessed?


Anonymous | 10:55 PM

My 5 year old neice learned a very rique, Britney Spears like dance from some little girls at her babysitters. It included pelvic thrusts and the like. It freaked me out the first time I saw her do it, she was so proud. She's forbidden from ever doing it again.

Lady Tramaine | 5:46 PM

I will never look at a french manicure the same!!

Green | 11:26 PM

Did you watch Jesus Camp? There was a ten yr old girl who they filmed as she danced in her bedroom to christian heavy metal, and she told the camera that she's careful when she dances to not flaunt her flesh and looks down on the Christina's and Britney's. Personally, I was squicked out that she had camera men (or women) in her bedroom with the door closed. Why was her bedroom door closed with adults in her room?

As someone who danced for years, and went through several dance studios, if these moms are finding the dancing too sexual, then they need to keep looking for different dance schools.

Little girls should not be allowed to wear leotards? What? They should be taught to be ashamed of their bodies and to only wear baggy clothes? I'd be interested to know if those moms let their kids wear regular bathing suits.