Photo of the Week

these are a few of my favorite ways to roll:

The plasmacar = best scooting device.

Ikea PS Lomsk (or in English, spinny-chair/fortress) = best sit & spin device
(on right)
Green Rody horse for bouncy fun. (Thanks Charlotte and Jackson!)

I am also very excited to announce the grand opening of BFF and Blogher bunk-mate, BMC's shiny new cookie business! Devil's Lunchbox is now open for special patrons. Click here, order a dozen of her famous crackadamia cookies and tell em Large Marge sent-cha.

And speaking of ways to roll, BMC just got herself the phatest ride in town. Dunt dunt duuuuunt: The Cracka-Mobile!! Seriously. Stop whatever you are doing and check this bitch out.

And then, if you want, you can read this post about finger-puppets making out with each other.



Anonymous | 3:01 PM

Oh! L.A. Toddler discovered that IKEA thing last Sunday! We were there and she refused to get out of it! It's pretty cool but... $70? I took her home and threw a blanket over a chair and said, "Enjoy."

Anonymous | 4:00 PM

Could he be any cuter? LOVE that chair, LOVE the kid that's in it.

And I'm totally jonesing for a spin on the cracka-mobile - as is my husband.

Did I really "see" you mention a trip out here?

kittenpie | 11:12 AM

Pumpkinpie's daycare has those scooters - they are so damn cool!

Anonymous | 12:28 PM

Just when the begging stops, a little face over my shoulder spots the chair and renews his force of demanding that he wants one too. LOL I think we're the last people on earth not to have one of those chairs.