Father's Day: A Guest Post

So, here I am, celebrating my third Father’s Day....

The best one will long remain the first, because it was a real treat to be able to pick up a new holiday.

If I were to move to France for instance, I’m sure Bastille Day would quickly vault into the top-ten list of My Favorite Days of the Year. But, since I’m not converting to a new religion or leaving the U.S. any time soon, Father’s Day will have to suffice.

Maybe the euphoria of my first two father's days clouded my vision and I was unable to see the truth: that the "great sale going on for Father's day" is not directed at my father or men my father's age, it's directed at me.

Grills, bowling balls, socks and underwear are gifts that are supposed to satisfy me. Um.... No. NO! Nooooo! I was (and still am) not ready for this.

More than just a day to celebrate our father-ness, Father's Day is also a day most of us new-ish Dads realize we're old. The only hope is that we don't rebel against this fact and kooky ways: violence, for instance (little-league Dads punching the lights out of the umpire), or bad hair-moves (“hey honey, wouldn’t it be cool if I grew a pony-tail?”).

I'm not complaining, though. I love that there is another day just for me. Because, when you have kids, every day becomes "kid's day" save for four days out of the year- Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and mom and dad's birthdays.

Archer lucked out this year because Bec’s birthday and Father’s Day are on the same day, which means Archer's days to celebrate himself are up to 362 instead of his normally allotted 361.

As for me, I made one simple request this Father’s Day: to watch the Yankees play the Mets.

The score of celebration so far in the year 2007:

Archer: 169
Mom: 1 ½,
Dad: ½

That sounds pretty fair to me.



Scar | 1:30 PM

Happy fathers day Hal! And happy birthday bec! xoxo love to you both!

Wyvern | 3:37 PM

Happy Fathers Day, dude! (you're the only father I've wished that to today... and the only one I WILL wish it to, so feel extra-special!)

And happy birthday, Bec!

Anonymous | 7:25 PM

Happy Father's Day Hal and Happy Birthday Becca! And yay for NY pride! (I'm in NY not too far from where you grew up I heard, hehe.)

Chris | 8:00 PM

Happy Father's Day, Hal!

Happy Birthday, Rebecca!

And.... GO YANKEES!!!

Anonymous | 8:52 PM

Happy Father's Day, Hal! And Happy Birthday, Rebecca! (Go Geminis!)

*Tanyetta* | 9:58 AM

happy father's day and those are the coolest shoes i've ever seen in a long time.

Anonymous | 12:58 PM

hope you both had an extra-ordinary celebration. hal, you're such a great dad, lucky arch. bec, hope you racked up those gifts for your b'day. love to you both as always, ecg

barbara | 1:50 PM

happy birthday! i wish i knew - i woulda called and sang to you!

Binky | 3:29 PM

I'm not too proud to show up almost a week late to wish you a Happy Father's Day, Hal, and a Happy Birthday, GGC. As for the rest of the week between then and now, happy Archer days!

the mad momma | 11:48 AM

:) what a lovely post.. i love hearing the fathers' voices .. they always sound terrific