Photo of the Week

Try as I may, I can't help but get lost in these eyes:

red, red, raspberries...

...stay close to me.



Shannon | 5:22 AM

These may be my favorite Asher photos yet!

Anonymous | 8:25 AM

Oh my gosh he's adorable. He does have such deep eyes!

karengreeners | 12:03 PM

Love the label you used - that about says it.

Scar | 1:20 PM

I love him so much too. I could also puke. :: dies ::

Anonymous | 1:34 PM

his eyes are YOUR eyes- a little narcissistic aren't we...LOL!
He should NEVER be in black and white, only color for those gorgeous eyes! ~jjlibra

Mom101 | 4:53 PM

He's a KID! When did that happen?

Crazy Baby Lady | 1:24 AM

He has a very soulful look about him. I can see him writing beautiful music one day, and all the girls falling into his warm eyes. While I was reading your archives earlier Layla (my 20 month old ) got so excited giggling and pointing at his pictures. Better watch out because it's starting already.


BOSSY | 7:29 AM

All together, one two three: Awwwwwwwwww.

Bobita | 9:47 AM

Absolutely. Breathtakingly. Gorgeous!

Anonymous | 9:15 PM

The name is Archer ... Shannon...
Anywho...he does have beautiful peepers!


It;s so funny because everyone always calls him Asher. No worries!

Anonymous | 6:40 AM

Oh man, those photos are fantastic. He really does have soulful eyes, like he has been on this planet before and he could tell you a tale or two. He needs a cigar and a cardigan. He is positively adorable and his name is very cool and fitting.