Married Life: Mark it With a "B!"

Episode 12: Bake me a cake just as fast as you can!

On Father's Day my husband slaved in the kitchen all day to make me this:

Pretty, right? (Say yes.)

In other news, I'm a tourist.



Scar | 12:00 AM

That looks so tasty. I do love icing. Especially if its frozen... mmmmm. GO HAL!

btw- my word verification is rpnzl which is basically like rapunzel which is my model name from sbw.

Fairly Odd Mother | 5:26 AM

Everything looks better in sprinkles! It is a great cake!

Russell | 6:06 AM

dude, that looks like betty crocker meets chernobyl. awesome!

Anonymous | 6:46 AM

That is awesome. Happy belated birthday!

BOSSY | 8:15 AM

Let Bossy get this straight: On Father's Day. Your man. Baked. For you. On Father's Day.

Shannon | 8:42 AM

It is pretty. It looks like love.

Erin M | 8:43 AM

it actually looks a whole lot better then the first cake The Hubster ever baked for me. The Hubster didn't wait for it to cool before icing it. I looked like someone too a huge crust crap on a plate, yours is magical in comparisin. Even more magical? he made it on Fathers Day!!

J MacKenzie | 9:38 AM

this is the funniest thing i have seen all day

PS shouldnt you be making him the cake...?


Maybe so, but rock, paper, scissors = I get a cake for my birthday. He gets to eat it (with me). (Father's Day was my birthday, too.)

*Tanyetta* | 9:56 AM

a for effort?

tooo cute :)

Emery Jo | 2:03 PM

WOW. Is there anything this man cannot do??

hehe. Happy birthday, darling.

Anonymous | 2:24 PM

he spelled your name correctly- good job!

seriously, it may not look good (even though it so totally does, i'm just saying if someone said it didn't look good...)i'm sure it tasted delish! cakes from boxes are the best. i'll take a Hal cake over a BJ's cake any day. ~jjlibra

Anonymous | 2:54 PM

Happy Birthday Girl! So sweet! It might not look appetizing but how did it taste? :)

Anonymous | 3:57 PM

uhhh that looks tasty. happy birthday!!! and happy father's day to hal... and happy every other day to arch :)


meh. i missed your birthday. such a narcissist. happy father's day. makes me want cake.

Anonymous | 6:24 AM

Beautiful cake! Made from the bottom of his heart I'm sure! But I'm suprised I don't see any little boy finger holes? Did Archer help?

Anonymous | 7:43 AM


I am sure it was pretty awesome. Happy Birthday!

Mom101 | 3:45 PM

I think I just fell in love with your husband a little bit.

Lilli | 7:28 PM

Happy Bday!! Love you!!

Style Police | 1:19 PM

Off topic, but another mum who had to wait for he rboy to speak


Heather | 1:17 PM


Kerri | 9:03 AM

"It all gets mushed up inside your belly anyway" - isn't that what your mom always told you? I know mine did. The cake is wonderful, especially with the very trendy monogram and all those sprinkle!

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