Hooked on Phone-ics

And the most adorable human of all time award goes to...

There are no words.



Karen Bodkin | 4:50 AM

Oh Bec...I loves me some Archer. That was precious!

karengreeners | 5:55 AM

hope that was grandma! too much :)

Unknown | 6:25 AM

So very sweet. Yes, there are no words, but he's got inflection down pat, so he's got receptive language, which is a great sign. He knows about language. He'll get there.

Anonymous | 7:56 AM

Awesome! So, who was the lucky recipient on the other end?

Heather | 8:11 AM

Oh I agree....a most definite award winner right there.

And I don't know about the other folks, but that kid is saying words. The words just aren't in English. Yet. He's still speaking the language of the other place. You know, that place where small souls are before they come here.

He's so perfect!

Felicia | 8:23 AM

YAY!!! That was so awesome!!! That was just amazing, YOU GO ARCHER!!!


Wendy | 8:57 AM

I love his language. I would vote for him.

Tracy | 9:20 AM

SO flippin' cute! I wish I could speak that language! It has a certain.....cadence.

Anonymous | 9:23 AM

My hearing has suffered from the hundreds of rock concerts I have been to over the years, but I heartily agree with what I think Archer was saying. Like him, I think George Bush has run his course and is ready for pasture...where he can once again eat his fill of loco weed.

Chris | 9:40 AM

He sure does have a lot to say! I hope he was talking to a telemarketer.

Anonymous | 2:05 PM

i heard him say "i'm okay" loud and clear! what's the problem?~jjlibra


telemarketers always get Archer but in this case it was his Dad calling him from the other room.

Anonymous | 3:46 PM

oh that is too cute! lol he has words just not clearly defined ones! lol what a little cutie!

Anonymous | 4:08 PM

Are you trying to kill us, Bec? That made MY ovaries hurt.

Anonymous | 5:47 PM

I clearly heard him say "I" and body language and inflection indicated he was talking about himself, and he has a couple of words that start with a "w". GGC, he *IS* speaking. He understand what he's saying, he just needs to find some people who speak his language.

Anonymous | 5:57 PM

I love that you always give telemarketers to Archer. Although I fear they might actually enjoy it...

S.T. | 6:29 PM

Adorable doesn't even describe him. There needs to be a new word invented that means something like "uber adorable."

Gina | 8:02 PM

Good plan having dad call him... so cute. He is talking, Rebecca, you just don't know his language... we have the same dilema at our house. We enjoy it nevertheless.


hey arch,
sorry i had to hang up on you like that. foo was up my ass about watching cars in bed or something.

so, i totally think that your idea about riding the pirate ship into thursday past the whales and through the forest is a totally good idea. we can workshop it more when i call you back. shit's just been busy like crazy, and to be honest, your mom calls me like 16 times a day, so i'm not getting too much done.

if you could talk to her about that, i'd be grateful. thanks, bro.

and don't forget, as long as she has no idea what we're saying, she'll never know what we're scheming. so thanks for keeping it on the DL. i'll call you around 11.

hope you're still up.


ms blue | 5:48 AM

Oh man the stories that he's going to tell!

Anonymous | 8:24 AM

He's adorable! And that's exactly how my son sounded (and still does about 2/3 of the time). I totally heard that "I'm OK" too.

Anonymous | 9:13 AM

One thing I noticed is that you said "Who's on the phone?" and he looked AT the phone, as if to see who would be standing on top of it. Maybe that's a small part of Archer's communication issue? Perhaps he'd have listened and talked with his dad if you try saying next time "Can you hear somebody talking to you through the earpiece?" while showing him where that is and putting it up to his ear.

He may be a very literal kid who needs that type of speech pattern.

P.S. I also heard "I'm okay."

BOSSY | 11:04 AM

He's not slow to talk, he's obviously speaking a combination of Portuguese and German and we're all just too stupid to understand!

Bossy called her husband into the room who is very smart about these things and they watched the video clip together and Bossy's husband said that Archer's sentences and sounds "have shape" and he has all the intonations down, he's communicative as hell, clearly sociable, and so these are all great signs!

Anonymous | 11:14 AM

I used to teach middle school students who made less sense than your son! That was too cute :-).

Scar | 12:56 PM

wow. That was probably the best thing ever. I want to call archer!

Anonymous | 7:46 PM

you have a beautiful little boy. so inquisitive and intelligent--clearly. go with the therapy. i'm a teacher--and i am fairly certain he has some significant langauge issues that could really affect how he'll learn, and later how he'll feel about himself (because of the struggle associated with it) in school, if they aren't addressed now. he'll get a lot from having someone with an understanding of such issues help you to give him the tools he needs to communicate. i'm ALL FOR letting kids march to their own drums and Archer is so lucky to have a mama who will let him do this his whole life! there isn't any way language therapy will take that away from him, promise. he'll always be his unique little self--but having someone help him and you understand how he's communicating will open up the road to many learning successes down the road.

Anonymous | 10:04 PM

Hey anon teacher,
I'm fairly certain using the words "fairly certain" and "significant language issues" in the same sentance equals YOU not being certain of anything! How can you possibly diagnose something like "significant language issues" from a 2 minute clip? That's just irritating!!!

Russell | 8:15 AM

hooey hooey squeek squeek?

i'm gonna start answering the phone like that.


Heather | 9:20 AM

One thing I noticed is that you said "Who's on the phone?" and he looked AT the phone, as if to see who would be standing on top of it. Maybe that's a small part of Archer's communication issue?

Say huh? Aren't ALL young kids pretty darn literal? Yeah.

kiwidebra | 2:36 PM

When you asked who was on the phone, Archer was clearly checking the caller ID. He's just way ahead of all of us. And I love to ask Archer questions whenever I see him just so I can get one of his awesome sentences in response.

Anonymous | 5:12 PM

I also heard him say "What are you doing"...he'll get there.

Anonymous | 10:23 PM

That is the cutest! I don't know how you kept so quiet on your recording. All of mine have me laughing an embarrassingly loud man laugh.