Gone Style: Playing Dress Up (Sponsored)

*updated with winners, below!*
One of my favorite things to do as a little girl was dress up in costume and put on child-sized productions with my friends. My mother was (and still is) the music director for a children's theatre group so we always had the most amazing costumes lying around the house, all hand-made and one-of-a-kind.

Growing up my mother made my Halloween costumes as well. I was Rainbow Brite one year, Raggedy Ann and one of my all-time faves, "Kevin" who was my pet rat. (My mom sewed black spots on the back of a white sweatshirt and a giant pink tail on my butt and omg, Kevin and I were SUCH twinsies.)

For the last five Halloweens I've fantasized about sewing my kids' Halloween costumes and although I've learned to sew somewhat (and with training wheels) I'm not quite there yet. But that doesn't mean we can't still play dress-up. Our costumes may be of the purchased-and-gifted variety but they're still special.

I recently went to a birthday party where the child's mother asked in lieu of gifts to bring old costumes to add to a giant chest for her son for make-believe. A great way to do no-gifts whilst still .... well, having gifts. Brilliant! I was thinking we'd do something similar for Fable's second birthday (coming up around the bend) That is, if we decide to have any sort of party for her. In eleven days. I should probably get on that, no?
yes, probably.
...In the meantime, we have a small collection of costumes left-over from Halloween and other such dress-up occasions and are known to bust them out frequently. Because costumes are just clothes. And in my opinion? Always appropriate no matter the occasion.
Tutus for every day? Hooray! Hooray!
Fable rocks last year's Halloween costume (she was a "flower garden") around the house:
I had to pin the straps last Halloween but these days it fits her perfectly:
"ma tutu, pees!"
This dress was a resale find we purchased at a sidewalk sale:
If this was in my size I'd wear it on the daily. I've been trying to figure out how to incorporate it into this year's Halloween costume with little luck. Maybe that's because we're planning on going as a family of Justin Biebers and I don't know if Justin Bieber would wear this dress.
Probably not, I'm thinking.

This will be the last of the $150 Old Navy gift card giveaways sponsored by Old Navy. (Thanks, Old Navy!)

To win? Just tell me in the comments, below, about your all-time favorite costume. Mine was probably my chicken costume I wore when I was four-years-old, homemade by my mom complete with tissue paper feathers and dish gloves for feet.

Behold the genius of my mom's fro:
For rules and regs, go here. Winners (for all three drawings) to be picked EOD TOMORROW, September 22nd via random.org.

In the meantime, check out Old Navy's Halloween costumes and baby sale, here. Good luck to all and thanks, again, for participating!


Updated: congrats to Adventures with Addison, Cora D and JWhite for winning the three Old Navy drawings! And thanks to all of you for participating! xo!


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k | 9:14 AM

My mom (and father) got really into Halloween and also made our costumes every year! My favorite was my "Morticia" costume. I was 12 and felt sooo cool and pretty because I felt so grown up! But my all-time favorite costume was my brothers' "zombie guy holding his own, live talking head" made with a flannel covered box, with his head sticking out of the "stomach". Halloween is the best holiday!

erastos | 9:15 AM

The best is the ghost... simple but you can get creative and the kids can get involved

Beth y. | 9:17 AM

While it wasn't my favorite costume at the time, it has made for the best story over the years. In junior high I wanted to be a mummy. So my mom did it, well the way mummy's did it, and wrapped me in strips of torn up sheets. Not being real Egyptians, she used safety pins. However these did not hold and I began to unravel over the day, leaving bits of my costume all throughout the hallways.

Nicole | 9:18 AM

Our homemade costumes were less made and more thrown together. My favorite was the year my mom dressed my sister as a bag of jelly beans.

Clear trash bag with leg holes, tie it around the neck (so your head is out of course) and fill it with balloons. Cute, unique, cheap and no sewing!

Tammy | 9:19 AM

My favorite was being Steve Urkel. I had to tell everyone who I was but I loved playing the part.

tammy.cody at gmail.com

Nicole | 9:19 AM

My favorite costume was when I went as a snake to kindergarten in one of my grammie's snake-skin jump suits.

maurahanlon | 9:19 AM

I like punny costumes, so one of my favs was me dressed up with a feather in my hair, faux leather Native American top with fringes, Hawaiian shorts, flip flops, sunglasses, and a towel around my shoulders - Indian Summer! Get it? :-)

Fabs | 9:21 AM

My mom made all of my costumes too. I, unfortunately don't have the creative gene or the time to make my kids costumes. My favorite costume from when I was a kid was a bunny rabbit when I was five.

tiffany | 9:23 AM

I was a cat, pink and light blue (satin of course). Last year our baby was a Chili Pepper (Jilli-Pepper) and then a streaker because the costume was too hot and we live in Austin Texas.

beyond | 9:26 AM

i think my favorite was when i was 5. my mother made me this pink and white polka dotted clown costume, and i had all of this great cakey make-up. it was awesome.

Sarah J. | 9:26 AM

From when I was a kid? Probably the wizard costume my mom made one year - we bought this massive cone hat and she made me a huge satin robe. I found the makeup I wanted in a book and it was crazy.

Actually favorite? Last year I dressed as the Queen of Hearts. I had a crinoline and I decided the night before Halloween I didn't want to be a gangster anymore. My mom and I started work at 10pm and sewed and sewed until I had a FANTASTIC, jaw dropping Queen of Hearts costume. I think this year we're going to do Belle from Beauty and the Beast (a childhood dream).

Veronica Vaughn | 9:26 AM

My Ma also made my costumes every year and my absolute favorite was Snow white when I was about 3.

Anna from Rhode Island | 9:26 AM

I was going to a costume party a few years ago and last minute, decided I hated my planned costume and wanted to do something unique and interesting. Sooo... I put on all the random and spunky and crazy accessories I own (Black lace coat! Elbow length silk gloves! Bangles! Huge earrings! Colorful scarf tied around my head! Bright makeup!) And I called myself a "vixen."

I loved it! And apparently I wasn't the only one... I won "best dressed" that night!

Melt Momma's Heart | 9:28 AM

I was always a "punk-rocker." The best year ever: I wore a record around my top-o-the-head-ponytail and star stickers in my ratted hair. Yea, my mom is the best. Nowadays, she sews costumes for my kidlets. Lucky, lucky, me!

Kait | 9:28 AM

I had this ladybug costume that I wore for like four years in a row when I was little. I wonder if my mom still has it...

Anonymous | 9:29 AM

My favorite costume was actually one I wore as an adult! A Mermaid costume, complete with fishing net. :)

ceniciena_one at hotmail dot com

Annika | 9:30 AM

I have two separate answers: my favorite item in the dress-up box was a fur muff that we found at a second hand shop. My favorite COSTUME was this amazing clown suit that was either vintage or made by my mother--I can't remember which.

Anonymous | 9:31 AM

My favorite costume was one I wore as an adult. A Mermaid, complete with fishing net! :)

cenicienta_one at hotmail dot com

jill (smyth) | 9:34 AM

Best ever was wonder woman. Hands down. Red cape, shiny mask, sweet headpiece.

I think I was five. I might have been cold, but it was definitely worth it.

chyenne | 9:35 AM

My fav costume would have to be the year i dressed up like a hippie!! it was awesome, I got to wear vintage and a huge afro wig. Loved it!!

Kim | 9:36 AM

I was never a huge Halloween fan, but it's been more fun doing it as a parent. My sister and i used to always be matching. We were princess Leia from Star Wars one year, complete with white dresses and buns on the sides of our heads. We've been Mickey and Minnie, Little Orphan Annie - poor and rich and many others.

Jennifer | 9:38 AM

Princess Leia. Loved wearing the yarn buns!

Kristen | 9:39 AM

Oh jeez, I have so many to choose from!!! My aunt made all of my costumes when I was little. If I had to pick one it was a dinosaur. She found green footie pajamas, and then made a tail and head out of batting, and felt. The trail snapped onto the backside and neck of the pajamas. I was a rockin' dinosaur.

Kelly | 9:41 AM

My favorite costume was the giant pack of Peanut Butter M&Ms that my dad helped me make in fifth grade out of some cardboard boxes. He's an artist, and it came out perfect! No matter that I couldn't really move about the Halloween carnival at my school because the costume was so unwieldy :)

Sadie | 9:42 AM

My favorite costume was the Little mermaid. I was about 6 and my mom handmade every detail. Last year I made my son a Popeye costume, that totally rocked.

Tiffany | 9:46 AM

My favorite childhood costume was when my mother made me into a California Raisin. Complete with dark purple foam material for the body, black sleeves and tights, and high gloss dancing shoes rounded out with a tophat and a cane, I loved it! My mom often got creative with my costumes so it was hard for me to choose just one!

mommica | 9:46 AM

Before we were married, my husband and I went as (old skool) Sonny and Cher. I had long dark hair so I just bedazzled some bell bottom jeans and put on some fake eyelashes. We sparkled his clothes up with rhinestones, too, and he wore the pants from his Navy uniform. For pictures, he had to kneel down so he would look shorter than me.

Lou Lou Belle | 9:47 AM

my favorite costume was sort of boring, but I LOVED it - I went as a pumpkin three or four years in a row as a kid, I assume I had to stop b/c I outgrew my pumpkin. sigh. it was my favorite to dress my little sister up as too... :)

meghanb | 9:51 AM

My favorite childhood costume was a bumble bee. My aunt (my mom's sis) made the costume for her daughter, so it was a hand-me-down, but I loved it. Plus the same year my mom made my younger brother a shark costume. His head came through the mouth, with tons of 'fabric' teeth. I love both of those costumes and wonder if my mom still has them...

Anonymous | 9:51 AM

I was just thinking of adding to my daughter's dress up box, since she's been going to it more and more. I love that she'll walk around the house as a ladybug any random day of the week!

We had a dress up box when I was little, complete with a sombrero, a teddy (as in lingerie), and a flapper outfit. Soooo many good times came out of that box!


Emily | 9:54 AM

When I was pretty little I was a balloon for Halloween. My mom made me a shiny green balloon-esque costume...complete with face painted balloons on my cheeks. I loved it.

Although when I was a bit older I decided to be a sunglasses sales person for Halloween. This consisted of one of my Dad's button up shirts with tons of colorful sunglasses sewn on to it. That was definitely my strangest/most creative costume.

Jena Nicole | 9:55 AM

My mom made me a half-man/half-woman costume for Halloween, when I was in the 4th grade...
It was the very best costume... EVER.
She went to a thrift store and bought a prom dress and a small men's suit (I was very tall) and pieced the suit together (so it was one piece), then cut it all down the middle and sewed halfof the dress and half the suit together.
I wore a mustache on one side and a side ponytail on the other...

Linden | 9:55 AM

My favorite was the year I wore scrubs given to me by a doctor friend. So comfortable!

WaterMind | 9:57 AM

My favorite costume was dressing up as Raggedy Ann, particularly the very authentic wig made from red yarn.

Brianna H | 10:00 AM

That dress is totally Violet from Willy Wonka....

My favorite costume was "space girl". My mom sewed our costumes as well. It had a silver headband, wrist bracelets and ankle bracelets as well as a silver skirt and a triangle shaped top that came to a point at my waist. It was so AWESOME. Plus I rocked the side ponytail with it. I was way cool.

Rachel Hanna | 10:00 AM

For me it's a toss up between Southern Belle at 11, complete with hoop skirt, because I was obsessed with Vivian Leigh and all things Gone with the Wind..... and
Mae West at 8- my mom even bleached my hair for me :) and again it was because of one of my quirky obsessions after I found an old record of Mae West singing.

Cass | 10:02 AM

Sadly my mom wasn't very good at sewing but my aunt sure was. She made most of my costumes over the years. My favorite is a Hershey's Kiss costume, complete with headpiece...it still hangs in my mom's closet for keepsakes.

That and my Snow White costume. My aunt also made this one and it's beautiful. It still sits in my closet on the off-chance I could fit in it again someday.

The Hojo Family | 10:05 AM

My mom made all of mine and my sisters Halloween costumes as well! And now I have recruited her to make my kids costumes as well!

My all time favorite for me would have to be when I was "i dream of jeannie". I LOVED that show and LOVED the costume my mom made!! Looked EXACTLY like one of hers! With a leatard under of course, since I was little :-)

Cassie | 10:06 AM

My favorite costume one of the sprites from Rainbow Brite! My aunt and uncle found the costume at a flea market and I HAD to have it, even though it was a little to big on me. And goodness, that chicken costume is insanely cute! I wish I had your mom's skills...I'd love to make a costume for my little one.

Anonymous | 10:08 AM

When I was 5 (I think) I wore my tap costume as my Halloween costume. It was a white with blue & red sequence. It aslo had the coolest white tutu with blue & red sequence on it as well. It also had a red, white & blue sequence tiara that went with it. I LOVED that tap costume and would always want to wear it!
Thanks so much!
Lisa B.

rachel | 10:09 AM

My mom too was very handy at sewing and made all of our costumes. My favorite was a hand-me-down that my mom had made for my brother. It was an elephant costume made out of grey courderoy. She totally rocked it and now my little one can't wait until he's big enough to wear it!

Anonymous | 10:10 AM

My most infamous was when I went as a ghost. My mom made the costume. I kept stepping on the sheets, which would move the eye-holes, leaving me blindly stumbling and reaching for my big brother all night. Good times.

MommyTopics.com | 10:10 AM

My mom sewed me an awesome Rainbow Bright costume in 1985. It was magical. My favorite for sure. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

ALJ | 10:11 AM

My favorite costume was actually the most recent one--I don't know how to use a sewing machine but I hand-sewed myself a dress that looked exactly like Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas (with a little help from a Sharpie marker as well). I found a long, red wig and did used eyeliner to draw stitches all over my body. I LOVED it. And I won best costume prize at a party!

I wish my parents sewed my costumes when I was kid like your mom did! I always ended up going as either a witch, a cat, or something in between. :)

email: ariel_johnson at hotmail dot com

Jaime | 10:12 AM

Every single year, I look for a destroyed wedding dress, so as to be Miss Havisham from Great Expectations. It hasn't yet worked out.

My "Doralee Rhoades"costume was pretty great, though almost no one knew who I was.

Shelia | 10:12 AM

My mom used to sew all our costumes as well. With 6 kids, she'd try to do a theme: Wizard of Oz (I was Dorothy), Peter Pan (Wendy), Alice in Wonderland (my bff and I were TweedleDee and Dum).

But my fave year isn't because of the costumes, it is because of the pictures! She dressed us all up as clowns and in every picture there are at least two kids crying through their painted happy faces. They were grouchy toddler clowns with smeared face paint, angry at the camera, and wanting to run!

Still makes me laugh 35 years later :)

sarahgo | 10:19 AM

My mom definitely did not do homemade costumes. But she did find all the ingredients for me to be a cow girl one year. That was my favorite because the clothes were real (not plastic costume pieces), and we picked out the clothes together. Yee haw!

Melissa | 10:21 AM

My grandma made me a fairy costume out of her old curtains. Hilarious pictures!

christina d | 10:21 AM

My favorite as a child, Pillsbury Doughboy. As a high schooler, Alex from A Clockwork Orange. As an adult (so far) would def. be my handmade costumer two years ago- A "bun in the oven". I made a stove where people could pull down the stove door and see my pregnant belly. On my big belly was a painted loaf of bread! My husband was the "chef"-- hahaha. still cracks me up.

momcents | 10:23 AM

My favorite costume as a kid was when I dressed up as Morticia Addams. Even though nobody got the costume and asked me where my witch hat was. Still loved it.

Alissa | 10:23 AM

My favorite costume of all time was a homemade mouse costume that was made of the softest grey material ever. And had pink (a pretty cotton candy pink) ears. And a grey tail. I wore it first but my sister and brother wore it after me in the years to come. I love that I have a picture of all of us in it.

Tabulous | 10:25 AM

My favortie costume was the year I went as Jasmine from Aladdin ... except my mom agreed to buy purple fabric (my favorite color) instead of sky blue to make the costume. I learned to sew that year, watching her make those harem pants and that bandeau top ... and even though it SNOWED TWO FEET the night of Trick or Treat (I live in Ohio) and I had to wear a turtleneck, snowboots, and my winter coat with my costume which TOTALLY RUINED IT, it was still the awesomest costume ever.

I've gone on to sew many a costume, and my junior year prom dress.

Melissa | 10:26 AM

My favorite costume-hmmm, tied. One was as a child (maybe 9 or 10?), went as Dolly Parton and had the whole cowgirly get-up going on. The best was the boobs - if you were a roller skater in my era, you had the skates with a bug puffy ball on each toe - well, my Dolly boobs were 2 of those puffy balls-haha! My other fave costume was post-college. I went as a nun and we went out dancing at all the fun places in Athens-GA, such good memories (well, what I can remember-lol). Oh-wait 2 other favorites were the years I went as Groucho Marx and then Mozart another year. What fun!

Jillian | 10:26 AM

My grandmother handmade the costume I wore in 4th grade. It was a half boy, half girl outfit. One side was jeans, a boys sweater, a hat, and sneakers. The other side was an overall skirt with a button down shirt, tights, mary janes and barrettes!

marie | 10:27 AM

I went as the main character of my then-favourite book, Different Dragons. Don't remember the character's name, but it was an easy costume, based on an illustration from the book: jeans and a white t-shirt. It was annoying to have to explain constantly that yes, that I was wearing a costume. And then explain who I was, the main character from an obscure book I identified with but no one else knew.

Beachy Chic | 10:28 AM

Mine was definately the sweet statue of liberty my Mom made when I was about 9 years old! It was AMAZING and took weeks to complete but she made it along with my other 6 siblings costumes....I hope to one day have her mad skills!

Jessica | 10:28 AM

My favorite costume of all time was when I was 6 and my mom made me catwoman. I was in a black unitard with black tights and a tail that my mom made with tights and hangers. Then I had a headband with ears that she also made. Finally she went through 2 things of black eyeliner doing my makeup. It was her favoriet eyeliner and they had just discontinued it so she didn't have any left :( The things parents do for their kids!

Kate | 10:34 AM

Homemade fairy princess costume my mom sewed. Between the skirt and the cape, I was constantly twirling.

LilMissMagic | 10:36 AM

A few years back my girlfriend and I were Pin-up style "Cigarette Girls" - we had cute little hats, wore corsets and puffy skirts, and handmade boxes around our necks filled with gum, cigarettes, and cigars. It was awesome!

Kimme | 10:37 AM

I really liked the year I was a court jester. The hat was so jaunty and fun. Although I really enjoyed dressing up as Charlie Chaplin, as well.

Abi | 10:37 AM

I was 10 when I first experience Halloween (no such thing as trick or treat in the Philippines back in the day). We were living in California at that time and we bought a gypsy costume at the last minute. It was made of this plastic-like material. Oh so classy! But I *LOVED* it.

My daughter wears her princess outfits on a daily basis. They are not costumes for her. They are part of her regular wardrobe. :)

The Kellys | 10:40 AM

My mom made me a flapper costume when I was 6 that I LOVED. It was purple and I had a feather in my hair. And the mole on my face got bigger and bigger as the day went on. :)

Anonymous | 10:40 AM

My favorite costume was when I was in 4th grade. I insisted on going as a fried egg-- much to my mom's chagrin since she had to make the costume!

Bobbi Janay | 10:51 AM

I would probably day either the year I went as a mouse with a tail made out of hay bale wire or my dead rodeo queen.

Sara C. | 10:52 AM

My favorite was when I was Dorothy, my sister was Glinda and my brother was the Tinman. It was awesome.

Elisabeth@YCCII | 10:58 AM

My favorite looking costume was definitely as a striped present with a gigantic red bow on my head. It wasn't the most comfortable, however.

Amy | 11:01 AM

My mom sewed all of my costumes when I was little, and I think my favorite was a bumble bee (I wore giant sunglasses for eyes). Runners up were Miss Piggy and Sylvester the Cat.

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian | 11:03 AM

Favorite had to be when I was a skeleton. My mom cut out and sewed bones onto a black one piece and the kicker was the bones glowed in the dark.

It was fantastic.

(accidentalolympian (at) gmail (dot) com)

Anonymous | 11:03 AM

i'm wearing my favorite costume in the profile pic you see accompanying this comment...

i live in new orleans so costumes are a big deal here. you don't see a lot of store-bought costumes on halloween or carnival. i'd say 75% of all dress-up around here is greatly inspired and usually handmade, but i've never felt the pressure to be a master sewer. a lot of folks craft costumes without a lot of skill and amazing creativity.

the year after katrina, we had a group of 8 different birds (i'm talking about adults). i was a peacock, and there was a cock, a cockatoo, an ostrich, a swan, a flamingo, a penguin, and a pelican. i worked on my costume every sunday for weeks starting in about november and ended up with a huge sparkly feathery turquoise shoulder piece in the rio carnival style.

on mardi gras morning, there's a parade called saint anne's that starts in the bywater neighborhood (that's a mix of locals, queens, artists, and musicians) and moves its way through the french quarter on royal street. people gather starting at sunrise, and as the costumes start to arrive, it's quite a site. the parade is accompanied by a brass band, a samba band, and drummers. it's amazing.

Shalyn | 11:07 AM

I Love the blue outfit...it could be a St Pepper's outfit or Madeline :)

Anonymous | 11:10 AM

My favorite was Raggedy Ann, complete with a red pom-pom on my head. :-)

Melissa L | 11:11 AM

At the time I loathed my costume that my mom and aunt made for my cousin and I. They always made us all matchy-matchy...it drove me crazy. But the year that they made us Laurel and Hardy was tops. Like I said, I hated being Laurel...or was it Hardy? I was the chubby one, and who wants to dress up as a chubby guy...especially when you're already a chubby girl. In hindsight, they were genius. :)

Anonymous | 11:16 AM

My favorite childhood costume was a bat costume my aunt made, but my favorite adult costume was the baby costume I made myself while partying at Ohio University. Hey, we did Halloween right, even if my costumes were always moderately boring!

Dena | 11:21 AM

My favorite costume has to be when I dressed up as my idol, Madonna. Like 4 times throughout the years!

Kelly in SD | 11:21 AM

I was a cave woman...my mom made it. It was awesome.

Kristen | 11:24 AM

My mom made all of my costumes, too. My favorites were a Hershey's Kiss and Peter Pan. :)

Sarah Ry | 11:26 AM

My favorite costume as a kid was a penguin. My mom made it, complete with feet and a full head and beak. It was awesome! She made our costumes every year, and they were all amazing, so it was hard to pick!

Able Ponder | 11:26 AM

I was a gypsy. For six years. A very, very tall, myopic gypsy with lank brown hair and braces.

I felt beautiful.

Elizabeth | 11:27 AM

I was a blue m&m for 3 years straight. Absolutely loved it.

Kelli | 11:29 AM

My favorite costume was a shower. To make it we used a big refridgerator box complete with shower curtain and shower head. It was all done anonomously so the trick or treat bucket hung on the outside, one of the shower hooks. Everyone LOVED it!!

Tammy | 11:33 AM

Being from the great white north, Halloween costumes had to fit over snowsuits some years... and since my brother and I are 10.5 months apart in age, they were usually "themed" - we got to take turns picking. One year (when it was actually warm) we went as Princess Leia (me) and a stormtrooper (him). I had really long hair, so was able to rock the side-head braid buns naturally.

Melissa | 11:37 AM

My favorite costume was the year I was a bag of jelly beans. My step dad had access to huge pieces of clear plastic, so my mom used that to make a big bag that fit around my body from neck to knees. Then she filled the bag with balloons and made a label for my custom brand of jelly beans "MJ Jelly Beans"

Kim | 11:39 AM

That blue dress is so Madeline! Fable just needs a yellow hat with a black ribbon and she'll be good to go! :-)

My favorite costume was a bag of jelly beans. Clear plastic trash bag filled with multicolored balloons and a "Jelly Belly" sign. We cut holes for my head, arms and legs, and I wore brightly colored leggings/long sleeves.

Dari | 11:44 AM

My fav was when my mom dressed me up as a tube of toothpaste. She made me a "CREST" dress thing for the tube and a lamp shade thing on my head for the lid. It was pure awesomeness!

ashley bobbitt | 11:47 AM

I was a butterfly. My mother made me beautifully painted cardboard wings so big that I couldn't fit on people's front porches. I didn't care though. I still felt like I could almost fly.

Dana G. | 11:47 AM

My favorite costume was from Halloween '85 when I dressed up as Morris the Cat from the 9 Lives cat food commercials. I wore jeans, my Morris the Cat t-shirt and elaborate cat-like face paint.

Amber | 11:47 AM

My favorite childhood costume was a pumpkin. My costume was stuffed with newspaper to make me round, and I even had a hat with a stem.

Jennifer | 11:53 AM

Holly Go-Lightly. I bought everything vintage from eBay - black sleeveles long dress, opera length gloves, tiara, mounds of pearl necklaces, long cigarette holder, dark sunglasses and a cup of coffee & danish. Every woman at the halloween party knew exactly who I was. And the guys? Had no idea. Figures!

Liesal | 11:55 AM

My favorite costume was when I dressed up as a cat. A pretty simple outfit made from a black shirt and tights and a tail and ears that my mom made. Then my mom painted my face to give me whiskers. I was probably 10. Loved it!

Bethany | 11:58 AM

my favorite, i was the cow that jumped over the moon. i was the moon nd i had a little cow.super good memories. great post to bring up great memories.

Rebecca | 11:59 AM

My favorite costume was not for me but for my little sister. My mom made her a clown costume out of a pillow case. I was probably a punk rocker (again)!

jas | 12:02 PM

my favorite costume was when my mother dressed my little brother and I as california raisins! It was brilliant except for the fact that it was dark out and we couldn't see through the mesh eyes. We walked into several trees that night.

Anonymous | 12:06 PM

Grapes! Purple balloons everywhere and a green hat :)

Linda | 12:11 PM

My favorite if from a few years ago. I was a "deviled egg". Egg costume, devil horns and pitchfork. People would scratch their heads trying to figure it out until I said "ummm deviled egg". And then I'd get "I KNEW IT!"

Anonymous | 12:13 PM

My favorite costume just happens to be last year's: my boyfriend and I went as Mario and Luigi. We went to Goodwill to buy overalls and bright green and red shirts, his step-mom made us hats, and we carried around a plunger and a pipe wrench. Of course, we also wore mustaches. I loved working to find all of the pieces instead of using a store-bought costume.

Steph(anie) | 12:13 PM

That blue dress would make a good Madeline costume! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madeline

A | 12:14 PM

my fave was my butterfly costume that my mom made me. it had giant black and yellow wings.

The Caffeinated Mommy | 12:14 PM

When I was 10, we visited the East Coast and saw the Statue of Liberty. I came home with one of those fuzzy Liberty crowns and my mom completed the rest of my Halloween costume from there--a flowing green cape thingy, and a flashlight dressed up as a torch. I looked AWESOME.

Anonymous | 12:15 PM

I was a pea pod! My first halloween costume was a pea pod. I wasn't even a month old, I was born october 8th, but my mom decided to sew me a pea pod costume. I had three large peas stuck on my front, and it looked damn good! I haven't seen my mom sew a thing since really, but it looked amazing. I don't actually remember it, but it's the best halloween photo ever. Plus it contrasted nicely with my mom's red hair.

Melissa | 12:19 PM

Overall, my costume repertoire from years past is pretty unoriginal, but I'm very excited for this year. We're going to an 80's movie-themed Halloween party, and I'm going as David Bowie's character from Labyrinth. My only question is whether or not I should stuff something in my pants to represent his package. Jury is still out on that one.

wonderchris | 12:24 PM

I think Fable would make the cutest sailor in that dress!!! Super Cute!!!!

Too many awesome costumes to pick a favorite. I just loved painting my face - so any excuse for face paint was a win!!

Sarah | 12:26 PM

Ahhh, every year I remember my favorite costume, worn by my 5-yr-old self. My mom made me + my younger sis matching mouse costumes, complete with mouse hats, shoe covers, and pink plush bellies. I sometimes wish I could still wear it!

Sammy | 12:28 PM

In 5th grade I was a flapper. I LOVED that costume. I wish I still had it. I was stylin'.

queenofklutzes | 12:28 PM

I was a bunch of grapes. My mom made my costume out of a purple sweatsuit with purple balloons pinned to it and a green headband with green balloons pinned to it.

{katrina} | 12:29 PM

My favorite costume of all time was the poodle skirt that my Mom made for me when I was in 5th grade. I wore that thing for so many halloweens it's kind of funny now that I look back on it.

It was the only homemade costume I ever had. My Mom didn't have a sewing machine and stitched it all by hand. She was a rock star!

Julie | 12:32 PM

A yellow crayon (my friends were other colors!)

Jenelle | 12:42 PM

I was a head on a platter, with a table around me. Checkered table cloth, full place settings, the whole bit.

Ashley | 12:42 PM

My Mom made a genie costume for me one year. I was nine and it showed my midrift before I was self conscious about that sort of thing. The next year we moved and I was too old for Halloween, but wore it anyway. I spent the entire night pulling the top down over my still non-existent 10-year-old boobies.

anna | 12:44 PM

definitely the year of the ladybug. although i always loved a good princess too.

Sara | 12:46 PM

My favorite costume was the Energizer Bunny. It even won me a prize at the local Halloween Hoot. Sidebar: All i can think of is Fable as "The Little Prince" in that adorable dress

Kiki | 12:47 PM

I was a "pizza delivery man" for Halloween one year, I was about 8? It was awesome. I wore a polo shirt, pants, and tennis shoes like a delivery person, wore a visor, and attached straps to a pizza delivery box so I could "wear" it on my front.

When someone answered the door, I would say, "Did someone order a pizza???" and then I'd open the pizza box, where the unsuspecting homeowner would see that I had written "TRICK OR TREAT!" on the inside.
More often than not, they would put the candy IN the pizza box, which was hilarious to me.

*Sigh* Such a ham, even back then... :)

Lauren | 12:50 PM

That would quite obviously be my mermaid costume. I had real shells for a bra and a fin made out of interlocking tupperware lids. It was genius. Thanks mom.


I too had a sewing-machine whiz for a mother, which meant I had lots of fab costumes over the years; but my all time favorite had to be the year I was a cash register. I had an old-fashioned tin cash register toy that I loved to play with and asked my mom if I could be that for Halloween. She accommodated by reconfiguring a huge packing box, black electrical tape, Dixie cups, and some cling wrap into the best darn nine-year-old sized cash register you ever did see. My head stuck out at the top where the numbers pop up, right between the "$" and "No Sale" tabs. Also- and most importantly- the drawer really pushed out, so that's where I collected my candy when I went trick-or-treating. Best.Costume.Ever.

Melissa | 12:50 PM

My fave childhood costume was a skunk. Don't remember why I wanted to be a skunk, but I did, and my mom helped me make the costume.

Punk Rock Mom | 12:54 PM

My birthday is a week before Halloween so I had a lot of costume parties growing up. My fave has to be my Scooby Doo. Complete with stuffed bone and box of Scooby Snacks!

Margaux | 12:55 PM

My favorite costume was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. My mom made the dress and the shoes by buying a pair of secondhand Mary Janes and glueing on red sequins. I loved those shoes for many years. My mom was super creative and I loved it.

VeggieDelite | 12:56 PM

My favorite costume of all time was last year. I went as a mermaid and my boyfriend went as Poseiden. Our costumes were 100% handmade by myself, my sister and my mom and seriously, so cute! Because my sister's sewing machine wouldn't take the sequin fabric for my tail my mom sewed it completely by hand. Every year my boyfriend and I have gone as something matching and nobody thinks we can do better than last year...we'll see though...this year's theme is robots! Haha

Cheryl | 12:59 PM

Halloween is my favorite holiday.
My mom used to sew my costumes for Halloween and I never appreaciated them until years later.

I did make myself a leopard costume when I was 20 years old. It was poorly sewn but fit and looked OK.

abi | 1:02 PM

My fave was a witch costume that my mom made me when I was 4 or 5... I used pieces of that costume for dress up and future Halloweens for many many years.

Mia | 1:04 PM

My favorite Halloween costume is a Bee costume that all three of my kids have worn!

Erin | 1:05 PM

My favorite of mine was a tooth fairy costume I wore when I was about 9. My alltime favorite was one I made for my baby brother when he was about 4. He was Color Man! He had a crayon painted on a sweatshirt, with a crown made of crayons and crayons glued all over the shirt.

Heather | 1:08 PM

I'm pretty sure my favorite was the time my dad make a milk carton costume for me. He went all out with a huge cardboard box, cut and bent it to look just like a carton and stenciled the word "MILK" on it. The only problem was how hard it was to climb people's steps to trick-or-treat. :)

Talulah Mankiller | 1:11 PM

My favorite costume of all time was also my last Halloween costume. I was thirteen and going to my first "grown up" Halloween party, and I decided that I wanted to be...a dead Prom queen.


There was no way in HELL my sister was going to let me defile HER prom dress, so my mom loaned me one of her old Marine Corps Ball dresses from the 1980s. And then she gave me the makeup job from HELL--it was EXCELLENT. She painted my nails this putrid purple color, made my eyes look like they were collapsing in their sockets with shadow,and gave me some nice rot along the hairline with more eyeshadow. "Our story is, you went into the lake," she said, but she wouldn't let me hose down the dress to really up the realism.

Still. It was magical night. :P

SpillingOutBeautiful | 1:13 PM

When I was three and my brother was six we dressed as power rangers. I was the pink ranger and he was the red ranger. It was amazing. I loved that costume so much and wore it until it ripped down the side at age seven.

summor95 | 1:15 PM

My all time favorite costume had to be dressing up as Boy George.

holafrijolita | 1:18 PM

Age 8. Hula Dancer. However I grew up in frigid Pennsylvania and my mother forced me to wear my grass skirt over a pair of sweatpants, and my lei over a winter jacket. So exotic.

W | 1:18 PM

My favorite costume was actually one that I made for myself in college: I knit a long blue sweater thingie, arm warmers, and wore boots and a snort jean skirt so that I would look like Rinoa from Final Fantasy 8. A friend took a picture of me trying to skateboard in that outfit... I need to find that picture.

holafrijolita | 1:18 PM

Age 8. Hula Dancer. However I grew up in frigid Pennsylvania and my mother forced me to wear my grass skirt over a pair of sweatpants, and my lei over a winter jacket. So exotic.

Charles and Amanda Gravely | 1:22 PM

When I was four, I was Eve. Flesh colored leotard and tights + green felt 'fig leaf' bikini. Awesome.

Anonymous | 1:26 PM

that IS madeline's dress!! find a yellow hat and its perf!!

Kristen | 1:27 PM

My fave costume was a chef....I wore the hat, the apron and was able to cover said apron and hat (and my face) with ingredients from the kitchen. So darn fun!

Debra | 1:29 PM

OK, my mom was SOOO not creative. Our choices were either ghost (pillowcase over head) or hobo (old clothes with fireplace ash on face). Funny enough, Kaden said she wanted to be a ghost this year and I think I'm going to do the pillowcase thing for nostalgia. Or is that just cruel?

Tanna | 1:30 PM

I was Raggedy-Ann complete with a homemade red yarn wig that I mother made from thos mesh/foam caps with the bill cut off. Also as an adult I loved dressing up as a bumble bee while pregnant!

Miss M | 1:34 PM

my favorite costume was the year that I was a Christmas tree. My mom made me a tree shape out of cardboard and decorated it with plastic necklaces that were popular in the 80s... it was the best!

norah | 1:36 PM

I think my favorite Halloween costume growing up was actually my sister's Miss Piggy costume my mom made. Never got handed down to me, now that I think about it. My sister probably hoarded it just to deprive me of it. Ah, youth.

trista | 1:37 PM

My favorite costume of all time was The Statue of Liberty. My Grandpap was very artistic and crafty. He made me a fabulous crown out of foil and cardboard. He also made a torch out of a flashlight with celphene for the flame.
tristamj (at) hotmail (dot) com

Mama Bub | 1:37 PM

Mine, for sure, was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I was Dorothy for many, many years.

S. | 1:38 PM

My favorite childhood costume was the year I dressed up as the Queen of Hearts. We always made all of our Halloween costumes from scratch. That year, my mom drew the Queen of Hearts playing card on two pieces of posterboard, which we made into a sandwich board, which I paraded around in. I believe I wore red leggings and a red turtleneck underneath. It was bulky, but adorable.

Aaron & Cassie | 1:41 PM

My sister-in-law is frequently Pippy Long Stocking. She has longish hair, puts wire in her braid and looks just the part!

Circus Daily | 1:41 PM

Mine was a hershey's kiss...i was about 5 maybe 6 at the time. My mom, not much of a seamstress mistakenly sewed me into the costume. I thought, sweet i'm going to wear this for the rest of my life...heaven.

rosiewiklund | 1:49 PM

My favorite Halloween costume was a witch. My mother had an amazing fully lined purple satin cape with a hood. I loved wear it. I always felt so powerful, mysterious, and beautiful.

EB | 1:54 PM

I was a very devoted six-year-old statue of liberty. I held my arm up the ENTIRE halloween parade for authenticity's sake.

Alison | 1:56 PM

I've never really been a Halloween fan, but I did play along as a kid (because I do like candy!). One of my favorite costumes was a 50's girl when I was about 10.

mek | 1:57 PM

My favorite costume was also sewn by my mom - a colonial girl costume in light blue fabric I always thought of as silk, but I know it was probably not! She made all the accessories, too - petticoat, bonnet - I loved that dress!

I've tried to keep the tradition going: last year I made my daughter a mermaid costume. Just before we left the house to go trick-or-treating she decided to be a ballerina instead. But, that mermaid tail makes an awesome dress-up piece!

Sarah Wilson | 2:02 PM

A bag of jelly beans...on roller skates!

Crafty Lady | 2:04 PM

My favorite costume has to be when I sewed my own Gandalf the White costume in high school.

My friends and I made the biggest fellowship we could that year. We had Gandalf, Frodo, Sam, Legolas, and a friend we convinced to reluctantly be a ringwraith.

Sarah | 2:08 PM

My favorite costume was when I dressed up as a Picnic. Paper plates, hot dogs, hamburgers, juice boxes, chips, and even plastic ants. Loved it so much, I wore it twice!

Diana | 2:09 PM

My favorite costume as a kid was when my sister and I dressed up as "rock stars" and wore crazy wigs and awful 80's clothes.

Anonymous | 2:18 PM

My favorite costumes were always made by my mom, an awesome costume seamstress. I too was Rainbow Brite, but my favorite of all time was when I was a flapper. She made me an awesome red dress with Tina Turner fringe and a sequin headband. I wish I had that costume now!

whitney.sisco@gmail.com | 2:28 PM

I was a bag of jelly beans when I was 9-years-old! My mom dressed me in a black sweat suit then cut head, arm and leg holes in a large clear trash bag and filled the bag will multi-colored balloons! I remember it being really hot, but the pictures are priceless!

Andi | 2:36 PM

My favorite was a flower when I was in preschool.ro

Sable | 2:36 PM

My all-time favorite costume? Green crayon. Oh, yes. I was a green crayon in a felt tube with black lettering and a jaunty pointed headpiece. It was ferocious.

Faith | 2:39 PM

My favorite costume was when my husband, children and I all dressed up as "bugs" with pipe cleaner antenna, and then all went out to a pumpkin farm. Great memories!

Megan | 2:40 PM

I was a slice of watermelon. It was amazing.

regan | 2:41 PM

A She-Ra costume that I remember picking out at Walgreens. I wore it well past Halloween.

Lisa | 2:44 PM

Oh no, I love Halloween, every year's costume is my new favorite! Last year I went as Alice (in Wonderland), and my bf went as the Mad Hatter -- Jonny Depp style. The year before I was Poison Ivy -- that was fun!

This year I'm going as Flo from the Progressive commercials! Pretty sure its gonna be my new favorite ...

RebD. | 2:44 PM

Punky Brewster... I wonder if my mom has a picture of it anywhere because I thought I looked awesome. It was the two different shoes that really took it to the next level!

nmg915 | 2:45 PM

My favorite was being Holly Hobby, complete with little blue bonnet. It took my mom a few weeks to make the costume, she let me help her sew it at night after dinner. Such a great memory.

Kelda | 2:47 PM

My mother made my costumes as well - the last when I was a high school senior - floor length reversible cape, still in regular Halloween rotation. Favorite though was the spider costume with dangly arms/legs attached to my own to make a set of 8 - think I was 3rd grade for that one.

Russell | 2:50 PM

My fave costume ever was going all out with a drag outfit. This was in SF, where folks go all-out. I did too, as a southern belle, and it was Awesome!

KellyGray | 2:52 PM


The Hojo Family | 2:53 PM

Just incase you decide to not go as Justin Beiber ;-) lol .. Fable can be Madeline in that adorable little blue dress!!

Kila Bell | 2:54 PM

My sister and I dressed up as Santa and Mrs Claus for our youngest sister and she totally believe we were the real deal. So much fun to still tease her about it!

robin | 2:58 PM

That is the cutest chicken EVER! And the kitty was pretty cute, too! My mom used to make my costumes, too...so to speak. We could choose between 1)Bed sheet ghost, 2) Clown, 3) Witch, or, 4) Vampire, as these were all fairly easy to throw together. We always had fun, though! When I was in high school my step dad had a giant Ronald Regan mask that I wore that was pretty awesome, and, oh yeah! Eighth grade I was George Bush, Sr. I carried a sign at my school's Halloween parade that said "Read my lips, No more homework!" I was pretty pleased with myself for that one!

Leigh Mercer | 2:59 PM

I'm a total geek, I know, but I loved the Rubik's Cube costume my mom helped me make one Halloween. It rocked.

KellyGray | 3:04 PM

My favorite Halloween costume was when I was about 6 years old and it was a black poodle. My aunt had found it at a garage sale. It was made from looped black yarn and had a huge head piece with just a small opening for my chubby face to peak out of. I thought it was the best costume ever but when I look at pics of it now, I am not so sure.

mommymae | 3:11 PM

i can't choose between the owl & penguin i made when the girls were 8 months old, max & a wild thing i made when they were 2, or the year all for kids went as alice in wonderland, the cheshire cat, the white rabbit & the queesn of hearts 2 years ago.

Betsy | 3:15 PM

my favorite costume was pippi longstockings. my mom french braided my hair around a bent clothes hanger wire until the pig tails stuck out at 90 degree angles from my head. i was dangerous, could have easily put out someone's eye!

everyday amy | 3:15 PM

Love the chicken feet!! My favorite costume was the squirrel costume my mom made me for a school play. It was an oversized brown sweatshirt with a long pipe cleaner tail. :)

Bunny | 3:15 PM

My favorite costume was when I dressed up as a gypsy when I was about 8-10. My mom made the costume for me and it had a lovely flowing skirt that I adored!

Anonymous | 3:17 PM

My favorite costume was probably when my sister and I went as a pair of dice. A couple of boxes, white and black paint, white pants and black masks - perfect.

Cara JF | 3:17 PM

My favorite year of Halloween, a group of friends and I made our own costumes... we were all different color M&Ms and one girl was our bag. We had loads of fun making the costumes with one crafty mom and had even more fun running around the neighborhood.

Lis | 3:18 PM

My favorite was a witch costume. made by my mama! :-)

Mimi | 3:24 PM

Mine was a kitten costume my mom made for me. I must have worn it several years in a row.

mathilda | 3:31 PM

I love dress up! I can't pick between my two most favorite costumes, so I have to share both.

#1 A pinata! The year I was 28, I spent hours and hours and hours glueing strips of frayed crepe paper to a jacket and cone party hats. I put the party hats on my head for horns and on my elbows and knees for legs. I carried around a blindfold and plastic bat and had candy in my pockets. I won a costume contest!

#2 I went as Joan Cusack in Sixteen Candles. I crafted a sweatshirt with a barbie covered in a lace dress that could be lifted up to reveal red and white bloomers. I had a giant neckbrace and spent the entire evening tipping my head to drink while saying, "come on, come on, come on." It was so rad I recylced it the next year and still have the sweatshirt in my closet in case I ever need a last minute costume.

Becky Reed | 3:33 PM

We did a family of clowns one year. That was always my favorite because we all did it together. I love family costumes.

Anna | 3:36 PM

I think two years ago was my favorite...
I got an old wedding dress from Goodwill and dyed it pink, got a crown, and dyed my hair neon orange and became Princess Peach. My tall, skinny husband was Luigi, and our then-two-year-old was Mario. It really was a fun excuse to wear a big poofy dress and a crown.

leeshka | 3:46 PM

Totally the year that my friend and I raided my grandparents attic and dressed up as Bananarama. I loved wearing my grandpa's army jacket with a skirt that was probably shorter than appropriate for my age, but I looked SO cute!

Bellacantare | 3:51 PM

I got to be a 50's girl for Halloween in 4th grade. My mom made me a blue poodle skirt with little records sewn in on the side instead of an actual poodle (in homage to my incessant need to play and sing music) and a white cardigan set and these awesome little girl saddle shoes. I would twirl and twirl in that skirt, I just loved how it flowed out around me. I loved it so much I wore it again the next Halloween.

Sarah | 4:03 PM

When I was 10 I dressed as Little Women. The book. I drew the front and back covers on tag board and hung them over my shoulders, while wearing my very best old fashioned dress. I believe I also rocked a bonnet.

Anonymous | 4:04 PM

My favorite costume was a catsuit my mom made me. I cried my eyes though when some rascal pulled my tail off, but I still loved my mom for making that sweet suit!


missalibeth | 4:09 PM

A pineapple!

Jenna | 4:24 PM

My favorite costume (in retrospect- at the time i was too little to appreciate it!) was when my mom dressed up as a magician and I was dressed as a rabbit she supposedly pulled out of her hat! I was 6 weeks old. :)

Karen D | 4:41 PM

My favorite? A hippie costume I pulled together at Goodwill: bell bottom jeans, peasant blouse, faux suede vest and butterfly slik headband. Peace and love, man!

cornflakegirl | 4:41 PM

My wonder woman under-roos. I kicked ass in my invisable plane.

mamabird | 4:45 PM

One year I dressed up like a punk rocker. I shorter an ugly tshirt (only because I couldn't use a nice one) and sewed it myself to show off my tummy. Then I hiked up my fake leather pants that I had worn the knees out of, put the rainbow on my face and did something weird with my hair that probably took three days to wash out!

Alisha | 4:50 PM

My Mom made me the greatest Raggedy Ann costume complete with a red yarn wig.

megan | 4:52 PM

My mom made me a Dr. Pepper bottle costume. My sister was a Coke Bottle, and our little brother was a bottle of Squirt.
So far I've made a space ship, a gold fish, a goat, and a wolf in grandmother's clothing for friends kids.
One of my favorites so far was an Oompa Loompa costume I made for my then 5 month old son. Last year my 16 month old son was Luigi and my 3 week old daughter was Mario.

Barb @ getupandplay | 4:54 PM

I loved being a ballerina as a little girl. My mom made me a cute outfit complete with tights and turtleneck, because October 31st in Utah is cold! (There's usually snow on the ground!)

Tammy | 4:54 PM

I think my all-time favorite was the year I stole my older sister's high school cheerleading uniform and added devil horns and a tail. The costume made sense to nobody but me but I was in mid school and my friends thought I was the coolest ever!

[LJT] | 5:18 PM

My favorite costume was from 4th grade...I was Beetlejuice. My uncle owned a formal wear store so he hooked me up with a white tux and we added black stripes with electrical tape. Some white face paint, black eyeliner and a can of hairspray later,voila, Beetlejuice!

Danyelle | 5:34 PM

My cousin had a bride of frankenstein costume one year that was great.

jessicaj75@aol.com | 5:34 PM

my favorite was E.T. You know, the kind in the box with the plastic outfit and mask? I was E.T. for like 4 years in a row!
For my own kids I love homemade costumes. I once made my kids and their cousin Megara, Hercules and Pegasus. I went to the local black girl shop and bought some weave to make a long Megara ponytail for my little white girl. Perfect. Pegasus had fluffy wings that flapped when he walked. And Hercules had a cape to die for. Of course I had to explain to anyone without a 4 yr. old that they were from the Disney movie Hercules. Fabulous!

laura | 5:35 PM

My mom made crayon costumes for my sister and me - it was fantastic.

Beth | 5:35 PM

I was Miss America with a real Miss America crown - long family story - and a velvet evening gown that belonged to a former Miss Atlantic City, aka my 5th grade teacher. That year was a highlight for sure!!

Anonymous | 5:48 PM

My favorite costume was the year I wanted to be the "Bud Light Vampire girl" Mom dressed me up as a Vampire styled my totally awesome 80's bangs which trailed down into what we now call a mullet and let me rock it out. I was nine and was told that I could only say Vampire girl but I had no clue. Damn Television had me into thinking this Bud Light girl was so awesome! yet,I had no clue what Bud Light was then. I just think it's hilarious now the way she was able to change up what I wanted to be and I was none the wiser

Lindsey Fyfe | 5:50 PM

halloween 1991, aged 8, I was a "band-aid box"

My dad made the me-sized cardboard replica of a Johnston & Johnston box, and my head popped out the top. it was awesome... but I couldn't walk up any stairs so my sis had to collect most of the candy for me!

Anonymous | 5:55 PM

My husband and I were just talking about this today! I told him the only costumes I remember wearing when I was growing up were the ones my mom made me! My absolute favorite was the Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) costume she made me. It was styled after her yellow ball gown, except my mom made mine pink. It was pink silky material with the big poofy part a sparkley material. She also made me a poodle skirt one year (which I also loved). I'm totally trying to make my girls costumes this year. Just today I learned how to make my one-year-old a tutu! She is adorable in it. Now I'm making one for her 7-year-old sister. But my older daughter wants to be Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter. My younger daughter will (hopefully) be my version of Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street!

janie | 5:55 PM

I never was able to dress up when I was young so my first dress up costume was in college. 80's prom princess, super fun!

Carly A | 5:55 PM

My favorite costume was a punkrocker... more the makeup than the outfit and I loved it. I think i was a punkrocker like 5 times growing up.

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