Gone Style: Playing Dress Up (Sponsored)

*updated with winners, below!*
One of my favorite things to do as a little girl was dress up in costume and put on child-sized productions with my friends. My mother was (and still is) the music director for a children's theatre group so we always had the most amazing costumes lying around the house, all hand-made and one-of-a-kind.

Growing up my mother made my Halloween costumes as well. I was Rainbow Brite one year, Raggedy Ann and one of my all-time faves, "Kevin" who was my pet rat. (My mom sewed black spots on the back of a white sweatshirt and a giant pink tail on my butt and omg, Kevin and I were SUCH twinsies.)

For the last five Halloweens I've fantasized about sewing my kids' Halloween costumes and although I've learned to sew somewhat (and with training wheels) I'm not quite there yet. But that doesn't mean we can't still play dress-up. Our costumes may be of the purchased-and-gifted variety but they're still special.

I recently went to a birthday party where the child's mother asked in lieu of gifts to bring old costumes to add to a giant chest for her son for make-believe. A great way to do no-gifts whilst still .... well, having gifts. Brilliant! I was thinking we'd do something similar for Fable's second birthday (coming up around the bend) That is, if we decide to have any sort of party for her. In eleven days. I should probably get on that, no?
yes, probably.
...In the meantime, we have a small collection of costumes left-over from Halloween and other such dress-up occasions and are known to bust them out frequently. Because costumes are just clothes. And in my opinion? Always appropriate no matter the occasion.
Tutus for every day? Hooray! Hooray!
Fable rocks last year's Halloween costume (she was a "flower garden") around the house:
I had to pin the straps last Halloween but these days it fits her perfectly:
"ma tutu, pees!"
This dress was a resale find we purchased at a sidewalk sale:
If this was in my size I'd wear it on the daily. I've been trying to figure out how to incorporate it into this year's Halloween costume with little luck. Maybe that's because we're planning on going as a family of Justin Biebers and I don't know if Justin Bieber would wear this dress.
Probably not, I'm thinking.

This will be the last of the $150 Old Navy gift card giveaways sponsored by Old Navy. (Thanks, Old Navy!)

To win? Just tell me in the comments, below, about your all-time favorite costume. Mine was probably my chicken costume I wore when I was four-years-old, homemade by my mom complete with tissue paper feathers and dish gloves for feet.

Behold the genius of my mom's fro:
For rules and regs, go here. Winners (for all three drawings) to be picked EOD TOMORROW, September 22nd via random.org.

In the meantime, check out Old Navy's Halloween costumes and baby sale, here. Good luck to all and thanks, again, for participating!


Updated: congrats to Adventures with Addison, Cora D and JWhite for winning the three Old Navy drawings! And thanks to all of you for participating! xo!


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Kayt | 6:02 PM

We never did super involved costumes. When I was pregnant, I wore an orange tshirt and put foam jack o'lantern pieces on my belly. I was a seven months pregnant pumpkin!

Lisa | 6:09 PM

My favorite costume was when I was about 9 or 10 and my mom handmade snow leopard costumes for me and my little sister. We even had tails and headpieces with ears- they were really cute and we wore them any chance we got! :)

Rhiannon | 6:17 PM

Me and my brother were toucans c/o mom. She used black trash bags and glued feathers from old feather dusters to them for the body and we used toucan noses that came in our happy meals.

Angela P | 6:20 PM

My favorite costume was when I was dressed up as a scarecrow and was even in the newspaper! Also when my son was a ninja. He was so cute!


April | 6:24 PM

Has to be the Snow White dress my mom sewed for me when I was about 7. It was perfection.

Anonymous | 6:39 PM

My favorite costume was a black cat - the only year I was allowed to dress up for Halloween. Black tights, black leotard, black feather boa pinned to be back side, black eye liner nose and whiskers. We had plenty of dress-up play costumes, but this one was special

helenamanda at gmail dot com

shyncoll | 6:50 PM

My favorite costume from when i was a kid was the tamagotchi costume my mom made for me. I had a giant cardboard cut out body, with an aluminum foil screen and cute little buttons. She even drew a little character on the screen - so, so cute.

k5brown | 6:55 PM

favorite...a witch! (wicked witch from Wizard of Oz) I painted my face green and teased my hair. Took days for the green to wash off and even longer to get a comb thru my hair!

ellecee | 7:15 PM

My all time fave costume was as a "snake charmer". Home made, exotic, unusual and fun!

ellecee123 at gmail dot com

guiltybones | 7:16 PM

I haven't dressed for halloween in ages, but my favorite costume was probably when I was a box of tissues. Totally lame, but I made it myself and seriously got loads of candy for that one, haha. This year will be my daughter's first halloween and I'm very excited to be making her a costume of the video game character Link =D

Stephanie | 7:19 PM

My favorite costume of all time was a dragon! This was actually only a a few years agao.

I went as Rainbow Brite way back in the day. I was so disappointed that a homemade way better than me Rainbow Brite showed up to the Halloween Party. That Rainbow Brite totally took first place in the costume contest, dang it.

Susanlee | 7:23 PM

OMG that chicken costume is BRILLIANT!! I think Fable should wear the little blue dress and boots with some sort of fur hat and be a little Russian girl. Princess Anastasia, maybe?

My favorite costume when I was little was a Gypsy. Later, as a teenager, I got this fabulous black, long, 70s dress with a gold belt and a black cape and went as Morgana La Fay. LOVE Halloween!

Anonymous | 7:24 PM

In university one of my friends was rainbow bright and the rest of us were here gang. We all made our own costumes with our moms sewing machines over Canadian thanks giving (two weeks before Halloween)

dna | 7:25 PM

My favorite costume was in Elementary school when I decided I wanted to be the Bride of Frankenstein. Kid you not. My mom fashioned the dress out of a white sheet. We bought a long black wig and hairsprayed it to stand up straight and spray painted the white lightening strip on the sides. I wore the white makeup and everything.

Jessie-Lee | 7:28 PM

My most favorite costume of all time was the year my parents made me a jellyfish! It was way too cool. They dressed me in a purple sweatsuit (because I was six) put a clear rain slicker on me, and then stripped an umbrella of all the nylon. They then rigged the umbrella to have clear plastic "tentacles" and then I proceeded to carry the umbrella while moving it up and down. It was the most original thing ever! I even made it into the town Halloween parade. It was one of the coolest moments of my life.

Angela | 7:29 PM

My favorite of all time was my nun costume. It was pretty funny. I actually dressed my son up as a chicken last year and he was sooo cute!

Anonymous | 7:35 PM

I was a white cat when I was 10, my mom started sewing the costume when I was 7...let's just say it had better of been my favorite by the time it was done!!

Wendy | 7:36 PM

The costume I have the strongest memory of was being a princess in 4th grade. Not very unique, but I made the mistake of wearing the costume TO school (I had missed the info saying we were just supposed to change into our costumes for the school parade.) I was the only person in my entire grade who was in costume all day. And not just any costume, a shiny, poofy, bright aqua princess dress, complete with tiara and gobs of makeup. I was so embarrassed!

Kath | 7:37 PM

I used to have to dress up as literary characters, and then read the story to my parents... it was kind of dorky, but inspired a life long love of reading so I can't really blame them! I think my favorite was Tweedle Dee - I got to wear a pillow under my sweater and an oversized bowtie and a spinny hat. The 6 year old in me LOVED it....

Alison aka Baby B | 7:39 PM

I think the Oscar Winner year was my favorite. I wore a gold dress that used to be my moms', and my grandpa made me a gold wooden statue that was the outline of Oscar.

Buuut this year, I'm actually sewing my own costume! I'm making an interpretation of Arwen's "dream dress." My beginner skills will be getting a work out as I make my dress and some of Aragorn's accessories for my boyfriend.

lacy | 7:59 PM

My fav constume of all time was when my grandma sewed me a costume and I was the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. Handmade costumes are the best.

hannah at honey & jam | 8:06 PM

My favorite costume was whatever my mom was wearing - I always wanted to wear her clothes!

Kaitlyn Eden & Sara | 8:12 PM
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Kaitlyn Eden & Sara | 8:13 PM

she can be madeline for halloweeen!!

OR | 8:13 PM

I wasn't allowed to celebrate Halloween when I was a kiddo (it's of the devil, you know.) but the first chance I got to dress up I did. Freshly kicked out of the house and ready to go I dressed up as a "call girl". Hooters t-shirt, fishnets, short skirt and a old-school rotary phone (just the handset and cord) as a prop.
Classy. You know it's true.

Anonymous | 8:25 PM

Hmmm. Tough one. My mom had an old chest that I was "forced" to fish through in order to find/fabricate or fashion a fit for Halloween costume. And the limitations involved-sure you can use the sheet, but don't cut it. Sheesh. My favorite would have to be when I used a plastic bag that had a pumpkin printed on it, which was filled with balled up newspaper. Why? Because I wore it out, too old (probably 13) with friends...it ripped, and I trailed newspaper everywhere. As you can see by the fact that this as fun, I am from a small town.

Another Chance to Get It Right | 8:26 PM

My parents dressed me and my three brothers as the characters from The Wizard of Oz when we were 6 (me), 4, 2 and 9 months old. All of the costumes were homemade -- including the lion costume my mom made my baby brother. Easily our best costumes ever.

Liz | 8:28 PM

I have two favorites:
1) Tippi Hedren from The Birds. I found a dress that was just like hers, grabbed a blonde wig and sewed fake crows all over myself.
2) A two-headed monster with my best friend from elementary school, Melanie. We each took one leg of a really large man's pants.

Keri | 8:31 PM

that pic of the blue dress and furry black boots you posted? totally passes for a marching band costume! or perhaps baton girl costume?

anyway, my fave costume in memory isn't mine but my father's. it was an E.T. costume, HANDSWEN by my father himself. totally awesome and scared the heck out of kids, including myself!

Beth | 8:35 PM

Coke machine. My dad was the man.

sharon allen | 8:41 PM

When I was 35 and my son was about 8, we went trick or treating as twin ghosts. I was able to get away with it because I'm so short!

Anonymous | 8:56 PM

I'm kinda over your blog. I don't read it to learn all about your advertisers and special sponsors. It's a shame so much talent is being used to bleed your audience dry for personal gain. Just sayin'.

Southern Doll | 8:58 PM

GI Jane for sure. I got to cover my whole face in camo!

carrot flowers | 9:05 PM

My favorite costume was when my best friend and I dressed up as a pair of die (dice). We used the boxes from a new washer and dryer set that my parents had just purchased, wore black tights and leotards, and painted dots on each side of the box (poked holes for head, legs and arms to stick out of). Only problem was when my friend lost her balance...v difficult to get her back up.

Ginny | 9:13 PM

Hrm ... I have had some doozies!! I think the best one would be the mousketeer ears and leotards we wore for our tinies ballet recital. I was 3 and a half and Mum has a picture of me framed at home. I was super cute, if I do say so myself! I had no hair though so they had to use a hairpiece for me to have a bun like the other little girls hehehe

My Name Is Jonas | 9:23 PM

SHE RA!!! PRINCESS OF POWER!!!! I felt cooler than ever in that costume my Mom made me, with a cardboard sword covered in gold tinfoil. Sweet.

-A | 10:03 PM

I was Dorothy many, many years in a row. Oh how I loved my Dorothy costume. And I love that last year K chose to be Dorothy for Halloween!

Ever since high school? Every time I've had to have a costume, I've worn my prom dress. I go as Cinderella. I love it!

dgurl7 | 10:04 PM

pippi longstocking. mostly b/c of the wire hanger in my braids!!!

thediaryofme | 10:06 PM

Halloween is my favourite time of year. I was devastated when I was in my first year of univeristy and could not afford to make anything. I started making my costumes when I was in Grade 9. I went as a pack of Extra gum. The year after, I went as a Kinder Surprise (a chocolate egg with a toy that is pretty popular here in Canada). In Grade 11, I strapped a basket around me and filled it with fake fruits to be a fruit basket. In Grade 12 I went ALL OUT and decided to be my fave thing in the universe: A cupcake. The costume took a month to make and all my resources but it was a resounding success (and my favourite costume to date!!!).

Vanessa | 10:31 PM

Favorite childhood Halloween costume: my best friend and I were a two-headed monster. We both fit in an XL- black sweatshirt (puffy-painted, of course) and wore black tights, black shoes on our inner feet and white shoes on the outer ones, you know, so you could tell that only 2 feet and legs were real.

And we came up with the idea and costume all on our own.

johnmayersquare | 11:04 PM

I would have to say my favorite costume of all time was my Raggedy Ann costume as a little girl...plastic mask and all!

amy rogers | 11:21 PM

my mom made most of my costumes, and my all time favorite is the one i remember in pictures...my first halloween in a fuzzy pink sleeper some lipstick on my nose and bunny ears

ola | 11:34 PM

Favorite costume - a bunch of grapes. Purple balloons as grapes.

Ray | 11:43 PM

WOW, your mom made you that chicken costume?! That's so cool. You looked so cute. My two favorite halloween costumes as a child would have to be: me dressed up as a ballerina and batman. I know, two totally different costumes. That's why I love it.

And OMG, you guys are dressing up as a family of Justin Bieber's?! I must see photos!! =D

Anonymous | 11:48 PM

Luckily I married a guy who loves costumes and dressing up as much as I do. Hopefully our boys will love it too when they get older! My favourite costume was probably when I went as the Chicken Lady. "I used to live here!" It was solid gold.

laura | 11:58 PM

what amazing timing! i was just talking to my mom last night about halloween costumes of past.. she shared that she used made them all by hand every year and sometimes spend weeks sewing these fabulous constructs for us until she realized three hours a hot glue gun and a house full of crap could create just as fabulous and (usually even more) creative an outfit.

my favorite costume was one of those.. i was a shaved ice cone made only out of some cardboard and paint. it was so much fun i won the local costume contest that year ;)

Amanda | 3:48 AM

My mother always made our costumes when we were kids... but the one that I think I remember best, was from 1988- The California Raisins and their version of "Heard it Through the Grapevine" were huge. So my mother dressed my little sister and I in brown garbage bags, white gloves, and huge black sunglasses. We were The California Rasins. No one got it.

bethiecow | 5:59 AM

Favorite costume ever: Giant box of Kleenex. Two poster boards decorated as a box of tissues, tied together at the top with neck holes cut out, and white gauzy scarves hanging out around the neck. Hair in a ponytail on top of my head with more white scarves, and my nose painted bright red.

I was classy.

Anonymous | 6:10 AM

Fave costume, hmm ... I'll have to go with Raggedy Ann (me) and Raggedy Andy (my brother). There's a pic of us sitting together on the stairs in our costumes and it is just scrumptious! So cute!

Alexia | 6:20 AM

my all time favorite costume was me in a bathing suit in jamaica wishing i could take ballet classes.

Jo | 6:38 AM

The bestest costume for me was a homemade crazy rocker costume. My mom spiked clutches of my hair with Aquanet that remained spiked up the entire night! She made like checkerboard in my face and gave me a skirt of hers as a dress that we belted with a spiky leather band.

Anonymous | 6:39 AM

My favorite costume is probably also my most embarassing, and was for my third grade talent show. Two friends and I did a lip-syncing routine to a medley of The Supremes songs. All three of us (painfully white girls) wore short black wigs, long-sleeved gold lame' dresses and opaque black tights. The pictures are so SO embarassing but also so awesome.

Cameron | 6:43 AM

My favorite was my witch costume. I was a witch more years than I can count. Loved the black hat and all the accessories my mom could find!

Sarah | 6:51 AM

My favorite costume was Pippi Longstocking. We always made our costumes growing up too.

MK | 6:57 AM

My mom used to make our costumes as well. My favorite was the year all five of us kids were going as a family of lady bugs, but there was a Halloween Blizzard (we grew up in Minnesota), so we all went as eskimo ladybugs with the costumes over our snowsuits instead.

Amber | 6:58 AM

One year, my mom made a Little Red Riding Hood costume, and we also has a wedding dress. My sister and I both wanted to be the bride, so I wore the LRRH costume to our church Halloween party, and the wedding dress for trick or treat. I won an award at the church group, and then realized that I like it because every girl wants to be a bride, and LRRH was unique.

Anonymous | 7:07 AM

Fave custome would have to be when my brother and I were kids, my mom made us Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes. There's a pic of us all dressed up together on the stairs that's sooo cute, and I think it's one of my mom's fave pics of all time. Super cute!

kwerk | 7:49 AM

My favorite costume of all time was for a father-daughter event the girl scouts were doing. The theme was a western one & I knew that everyone & their dad would be cowboys/cowgirls or Native Americans & I didn't want to be like everyone else. So instead I decided I wanted to be a teepee & we got my dad to be a buffalo. My whole concept was that I would get to have a pointed hat that I could pull my hair through on top like the smoke coming out & paint all the cool symbols all over the coned costume myself (which included a door flap behind which I the inner teepee). My dad was a buffalo because he already had such a kick-ass beard, & we took tons of brown yarn & looped it all over a hoodie-like creation for the desired effect.

It was awesome.

Gabie | 8:26 AM

My favorite costume was probably the one from just last year... My hubs and I dressed up as the Dude and Maude from the dream sequence of the Big Lebowski!

carliches | 8:42 AM

When I was four, I dressed up as "Bunnystein" for Halloween. Perhaps you've never heard of that? It looked like your average bunny costume with the plastic face-mask. However, because my older brother was going as Frankenstein, I named myself Bunnystein and told that to everyone we saw.

writtenbliss | 8:48 AM

Oh man, it's so tough to decide! I really liked being a gypsy -- the flowy skirt was so comfy!

erin | 9:18 AM

the best costume i ever had was in third grade. my mom made a sheep costume from scratch. i have no idea how many hours it must have taken. i hated it at the time. it was big, hot, a little scratchy, and mildly embarassing. in hindsight, though, it was perfect.

Jessica | 9:24 AM

Good friend once wore a pair of jeans and nothing else. What was his costume? A premature ejaculation: he came in his pants.

charlsie miller | 9:46 AM

When I was 5 my mother made me my only home made costume. It was a clown costume. I still have it and can't wait until my daughter can wear it.

Amelia Sprout | 9:46 AM

Prom queen. When I was like 24. With my new boyfriend, who dressed up like a cow. My mom and aunt teased my hair into a buffont. It was awesome.
Unfortunately it is hard to trick or treat when you live in the country, so I didn't dress up much as a kid.

Emily | 10:30 AM

My mom also created many of our Halloween costumes ... a puppy, a dinosaur, a spider, Goldilocks (of the Three Bear fame) but my absolute favorite was when I was Robin (the boy wonder ... And my little sister was Batman). It didn't matter that we were two girls gallivanting around as male superheroes ... Those were the coolest and best costumes EVER. And we frequently wore them after the holiday had passed. I only hope that I can give my own little one some similar memories when he is old enough ...

Kate | 10:50 AM

My favorite costume growing up was the homemade Miss Piggy get up my mom made. An outrageously blond and curly wig, with a paper and cardboard pig's nose and ears.

Miranda | 11:01 AM

My favorite was the year I dressed as a 50's housewife. I had the dress, the pearls and all that but the best was the bowl of cookie dough I carried around and mixed all night. I'd make fresh cookies all night and offer them to the guests- like a true 50's housewife. Awesome.

Meghan | 12:27 PM

Some good friends and I found these "Nametag" working man shirts at a local thrift store when we were about 15 or 16. There were 4 with the name "Dick" and 1 with the name "Bob" (which amused us IMMENSELY!). We all blackened up a tooth, added freckles, made our hair look goofy and safety-pinned the sleeves of our shirts together (not so fun when we had to use the bathroom).

It was so ridiculous and so fun, I loved it. That was probably one of the last times I really committed to dressing up for Halloween.

Lacey Jane | 12:56 PM

My best friend (who lived across the street- lucky me!) and I always had matching halloween costumes (from about age 5 to age 14) and I think my favorite was when we got wedding dresses from thrift town, cut the bottoms off so we could walk, and dripped water down our faces so our mascara was runny. We went as Brides-left-at-the-altar. We were about 10. BEST. We would knock on the door then hug each other and fake cry our "trick or *sniff* treat"

The Mom | 1:04 PM

My favorite costume as a kid was "Wonder Woman" when I was maybe 4?! Basically a plastic mask and a bib. To embellish it a bit, my mom made some bullet repellent bracelets and belt out of gold spray-painted cardboard, and found me some red boots and a made me a little rope whip. Just cracks me up thinking about a such a little kid being referred to as "Wonder WOMAN"!!
Let me know if you would like a picture!

Amanda | 1:10 PM

My favorite was a red flapper with a feather heandband:)

Meg | 1:22 PM

One of the best costumes I ever wore was when I went as a Pregnant 50's Housewife, complete with giant fake tummy, beehive, dressy apron, pearls and beer in an old fashioned champagne glass.

susiefish | 1:25 PM

I was cookie monster for two years running and I got to eat cookies whilst trick-or-treating. Double score!!

Anonymous | 1:59 PM

My favorite costume was about four years ago when suddenly, oops!, it was Halloween day and I hadn't even thought of an idea. But I HAD gone vintage shopping earlier in the week, and scored a 50's secretary sweater dress. Gray with thick, bold red & white striping at the cuffs and neckline. Paired it with a red beanie and knee socks, red lipstick, and I mas transformed into a sock monkey!

Stephanie | 2:02 PM

I was a flapper last year with an old costume from a high school play - loved it.

alissa | 2:24 PM

my favorite costume was probably the year i was a gypsy. big hoop earings and all, at about age 6 or 7. or when one of my sisters was less than a year old my mom dressed her as aunt jemima. SO CUTE.


Francie | 2:35 PM

In 2nd grade I was an octapus in the school play. My mom made me a green body sleeve type thing and then we stuffed about 12 fabric tubes with newspaper and attached them to the sleeve. I rocked it!

nicole | 2:36 PM

in 5th grade i wanted to be an M&M, so i used the cardboard rounds from frozen pizzas. i painted them and strung them together with string. it was really hideous, but i made it and loved it. my brother rocked that year. he went as tootsie. he was a HIT. i was a MISS. epic fail.

Amy | 2:50 PM

My fave costume of all time? Man, that's hard. I am a diehard when it comes to costumes and dressup and trick-or-treating well into my twenties with my friends from college. Oh who am I kidding? I still use my kids as a guise to trick or treat!

Let's see...one of my favorites was my Where's Waldo because it was incredibly goofy and homespun. But the backpack made an especially great candy holder!

Ashley | 3:10 PM

I was ALF when I was 4. Remember that show? It was my favorite. I was just so happy my mom let me go as something I wanted and not force me into the whole girly princess thing.

The Glaziers | 3:46 PM

My mom made the most adorable witch costume for me when I was about 4. I had a huge nose with a wart on it and everything. I'll never forget my cousin dressed as a princess, saying to me in her snooty way, "I'm the good witch. You're the bad witch." I cried then, but now remember being the cutest bad witch ever.

Kara | 3:50 PM

My favorite costume was a gothic fairy. I found these awesome black wings that spanned from the top of my head to my knees, and they were chock full of black glitter and lace. I wore a black tutu and crimped (of course) my hair with my friends. Best Halloween ever.

Tress | 4:32 PM

My favorite costume ever was when I was the sugar plum fairy (from the Nutcracker). But I was only 4 and had never seen the Nutcracker, so I just insisted on wearing a purple tutu.

Lis | 4:41 PM

Last year I made gnome hats using red felt, green corduroy vests and white beards and my daughters went as gnomes. It was a big hit.
My favorite childhood costume was as a lion. My mom made a tail and pinned it to brown sweats and She tied a brown grass hula skirt around my face as the mane. It was comfy and so cool!


Laydee | 4:50 PM

That blue dress looks colonial-era to me. Maybe Fable can be a pilgrim? Or Hester Prynne?

Stacey | 5:15 PM

This years costume for Fable would be perfect as paddington bear or madeline. The blue is a brilliant color!

I was the sky once when I was young, I painted myself blue, wore all blue colors. Painted half my face yellow, added some glitter and then glued white gotton balls all over for clouds!

Leah Y | 5:42 PM

My favorite childhood costume was when I was about Archer's age. My mom had gotten home from work late, but wanted to take us trick-or-treating, so our costumes got tossed together quick. I was supposed to be Minnie Mouse.. I had the mouse ears!, but I doubt anyone knew who I was supposed to be in my pink sweatshirt and red pants.. but i DID get to wear my mom's lipstick and one of her silky scarves (neither matched, of course). Regardless, my sisters and I look back at the picture my mom took of the 3 of us sitting on the couch (all wearing lipstick and silk scarves) and laugh at how happy we all were that night even though our costumes were clearly thrown together at 6 o'clock on Halloween.

Alyson | 6:04 PM

Last year I was due the day after Halloween (and went into labor that day as well), but I still wanted to go to a Halloween Party. I just paired my maternity jeans with an orange sweater and green hat. Then I taped three triangles and a crooked mouth on my big belly and went as a Jack o'Lantern.

Rose | 6:20 PM

My favorite costume is a tie between a (homemade by my mother) blue crayon, or a (again homemade) box of Fruit Loops.

GGM | 6:54 PM

favorite was a giant ear of corn, homemade, carried a stick of butter with me but melted and was so messy. thisismomma@gmail.com

Chloe | 7:02 PM

when I was seven my mom made me a striped bass costume for halloween. my dad was a fisherman and I was obsessed with the fish he brought home for us and wanted to watch him clean them and show me what was in their stomachs (ew, what a weird kid!) so she made me this amazing fish costume. looking back I sort of looked like a disco klan member (big pointy fish head hat) but I thought it was the most awesome costume ever at the time.

emily bilbrey | 7:10 PM

adorable photos, as usual! last year for halloween miss poppy was a daisy (heh!) in a costume i made her. this year we are keeping the flower theme going, and she's dressing in (another handmade by me!) "garden fairy" costume... hoping she bonds with her cute yellow wings by then. at present, she hates them! otherwise, i guess she'll be a non-flying garden fairy...

my fave-ever halloween costume was 6 years ago when i went as margo tenenbaum. my costume was super accurate, and it's the anniversary of the first time david & i proclaimed our love - we got engaged on halloween 3 years later! (:

still crossing my crossables to win one of the gift cards. but at any rate, these have been really fun posts!


emmy | 7:30 PM

My favorite was probably my She-Ra,Princess of Power costume that my mom made for me back in the day. The pictures are amazing. As a grown up, my best was probably when I went as a Hooters Waitress 4or 5 years ago.

dawn | 7:33 PM

my mom was awesome and i always had a homemade costume.

one year i wanted to be a werewolf but somehow the paper mache mask my mom made looked more like an alien so i dressed up as that instead. She spray painted the mask purple and cut little tiny holes in the nose for me to see out.

not only was i dizzy all night from the fumes, but i couldn't see a thing because the eye/nose holes were so small.

definitely the most memorable halloween.

Ashley E | 7:54 PM

I was a little lamb once. It was pretty adorable.

Pam | 9:06 PM

My favorite costume growing up was my high school football player zombie get up! Thanks brother for letting me borrow it!

Blonde Ambitions | 9:27 PM

Definitely my homemade Madonna costume. One glove, a bustier (that my mom lined with a pillow case?! to avoid any cleavage showing, lots of neon, ratted hair, the works. I was smokin' hot. ;-)

Ashley | 10:23 PM

My twin sister and I were Crayola crayons at about 3 years old. Handmade by my mom. Wore the crayon hat to homecoming in high school since it was my school color!

Danielle Wilson | 9:29 AM

Rainbow Bright for sure, I wore it around the house for months afterwards.

courtney | 1:18 PM

That's hilarious because my favorite was when I was a bird, made by my mom (feather boas attatched to a leotard). Homemade costumes are the best!

Sarah | 1:19 PM

My favorite costume was an ENORMOUS jack-o-lantern. My mom was sick with pneumonia, so my dad was on costume duty. He must have spent weeks sewing, stuffing, and accessorizing this rediculous outfit, but in spite of the embarrassing photos it is still my favorite.

Amy B. | 1:20 PM

I was a domino. Simple really -- just a cardboard box and some black and white paint. We were kind of poor, and I thought my mom was a genius for coming up with such a great budget costume.

That year, I went to a costume contest at McDonald's, convinced I would win. Instead, a kid with a really crappy vampire costume, but who was in a wheelchair, won. My precocious little self announced loudly "It's not a costume contest, it's a sympathy contest!"

Now 30-something years later, whenever I watch Glee or Extreme Home Makeover, I still get jealous of the wheelchair kids.

AMS | 1:42 PM

My favorite was Pippi Longstocking...we even braided wire into my hair so it could stick out like hers.

silver | 5:04 PM

My favorite costume was spent with my dad that last year he was still alive and we huffed and puffed our way to 50+ purple balloons! He fastened each balloon with yarn and I went as a grape. I would declare that as my most favorite child hood costume.

The Jorgensen's | 6:29 PM

Definitely my "I Dream of Jeanie" costume when I was 9. Any excuse to wear a mid-drift, right?!

Ashleigh | 7:48 PM

When I was a kid, my Mom made me the best Renaissance princess costume ever- it had a dress, vest, and matching hat with veil. I wore it allll the time- way past Halloween! That memory, and the joy of piking it out of the pattern books makes me want to sew costumes for my kids someday too!

Meemo | 12:04 AM

I don't have a favorite costume that I wore, my mom wasn't too big on Halloween. However, my favorite costume ever was my son's Ravin Rabid costume. That was his favorite video game character. We made him a big Rabid mask out of paper mache. We received so many compliments on it. It was awesome.

Kendra | 6:09 AM

Probably my favorite costume ever was the year I was Super Kendra, with all costume pieces from the local Ax Man surplus store, including my garbage can lid shield. It was definitely the most interesting costume I ever wore!

Jess | 5:09 PM

minnie mouse! (I was 4 i think?)

Every Mom Has Her Day | 8:03 AM

A really crappy ghost.

sakura-ko | 4:56 AM


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