Gone Style'd: Back to School (Sponsored)

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Fable's been in school off and on all summer so for her, back to school is more like, back to a normal schedule. As for Archer, second grade cometh. Dunt dunt DUNNNNNT!

Because his (public) school is uniform only, I'm used to having to pick from a very limited selection of white shirts and blue shorts so a part of me gets a little jealous when I see all the cute that's outside our dress code. Two more years and Fable will be at the same school dealing with the same restraints which is why I let her go wild with her fashion. (Not that I would ever put a muzzle on that.)

Speaking of which, when it came time to build outfits with some of my favorite Old Navy Kids items, I had no choice but to consult a professional.

So Fable and I sat at my parent's kitchen table and went to town. (She picked images and I dragged them into Power Point.)

These first two collections (for boys) Fable chose because "they look like Archer would wear them." ED: All clothes collection titles are her own.

Collection #1: Flex and Point

Collection #2: Boy Blue

The girls collections took a little bit longer to put together and are extremely thorough. Without further ado...

Collection #3: Flower Point

And just for fun, I put together an outfit, too. (That Fable also named.)

Collection #5: Magical Flowers




L | 7:09 AM

Man! Wish I were half as good at assembling outfits as Fable! By the time she's four, she'll have her own fashion consulting business!

FSURia | 7:27 AM

She has a much better eye for fashion than most people I know!

annabelvita | 7:28 AM

Goodness, that girl! How do you even bear it?? She's incredible.

Robyn Devine | 8:00 AM

can i hire Fable to design my wardrobe for me? granted, i dress more like the boy outfits she put together, but i bet she'd still do a better job at it than i do!

~Kristina | 8:04 AM

Fable has one mad sense of style. Brilliant!

Entwined Essentials | 9:18 AM

Love her style!

katie | 9:37 AM

Fable is an amazing stylist!

Tracey R. | 9:47 AM

Fairy Winkle. LOVE THAT!!! She's awesome. :-)

Nicole | 10:13 AM

Love the 'worn over' (again & again)! Can't wait to see how Fable one day jazzes up her boring school uniform too. :)

gabrielle | 10:23 AM

I would like to hire Fable to come style me. :) She has such awesome fashion sense. And those collection names? Fantastic.

Sophie Lesher | 11:09 AM

Fable is my soul personified. What an incredible eye she has! She's definitely gonna be the kid who does the uniform minimum and adds her flair with shoes and accessories. She's my hero :3

glenda | 11:16 AM

Love the names she picked for each collection. She's amazing!!! Miss Fashionista!!!

Jenna | The Paleo Project | 11:18 AM

I'm dying over the titles. She rocks. I was in Old Navy yesterday and literally said "Wait, when did I get too old for this store"... (I'm 24.. it was sad).

AngstyJen | 12:14 PM

What an eye, and what a way with words, that Fable!

This is off-topic, but it makes me feel so much better to see that your kids go to a public elementary school that requires uniforms. My daughter is starting kindergarten at such a school in a few weeks, and the uniform thing seems so sad and blah. But Archer is still cool and smart, not stifled, so that's encouraging to me.

Suzy Bishop | 1:20 PM

This is brilliant. Skip going to the store and doing a faux shopping trip and instead do it all from the comfort of home. Way to rock a sponsored post. You should give a workshop to other mommy bloggers.

Anonymous | 2:18 PM

Fairy Winkle is by far my favorite.

Anonymous | 6:01 PM

Fairy Winkle: love the name and the outfit.

Unknown | 7:10 PM

I laughed out loud when I saw she named it Flower Point. I bet she's hilarious.

Martha | 2:09 AM

So fashionable! Fairy Winkle is my favorite, I can imagine Fable wearing it. BTW, the babies have been rocking their outfits lately too--I love all the smocked dresses Bo and Rev have been wearing, and the Mexican embroidered ones too. Time to bring back Drooling Closet?!

Katherine Vargas | 7:49 AM

gah, she kills me. fairy winkle!

Unknown | 11:22 AM

These are adorable! I love that they are all of Fable's choosing. And the names are super perfect!

Virginia-Ann | 8:49 PM

Tell me, did you watch alot of "The Rachel Zoe Project" while carrying Fable? She sure does have a great eye for color and design. She will have a career in the arts in some form, otherwise she will be miserable. Archer is the serious one, I bet and thinks long and hard about everything. Did he always act much older than his years? Bo and Rev are so cute I want to squeeze those wonderful baby legs.
I try to see if your children as well as other kids seem to be as they acted pre-birth. I could have predicted mine months before having them what I was in for!

Azka | 10:20 AM

Please, please let me hire Fable to design my baby's (and mine!) closets! I'll pay her in glitter and rainbows!