Babies on Board (Sponsored & Giveaway)

The following post was sponsored by Ergobaby. Thanks, Ergo!
Since my babies were very little, I have worn them. Okay, so I wore Bo mostly and had I known how easy (and comfortable) it was to wear both of them, I would have done so. I would have eaten my words on the multiples babywearing tip and rocked that thing with pride. 
with Bo @ three months
With everyone, two weeks ago
I baby-wore Archer and Fable as well but for different reasons. I was on my own with zero help when they were babies so wearing them was the only way I could get anything done.

With Bo and Revi, I've been fortunate enough to have help during the day when I work, but still for the first six months I had a baby on my body pretty much all the time. It was the only way for me to connect with my girls one on one.
Something I was unprepared for when Bo and Revi were born was my inability to split my attention between them. I loved them unconditionally of course but because there were two of them I couldn't spend hours (let alone minutes) gazing into one pair of eyes. I was unable to take them with me everywhere like I did with Archer and Fable. Their schedules were for the most part, identical, so getting up with one in the middle of the night meant getting up with two, which isn't exactly "special mommy baby bonding time." And I needed that. It was confusing for me to have such a different experience.

Because Archer was my only child when he was a baby, "bonding" with him was never a worry. He was my only and therefore got the most of me. With Fable it was much the same. I nursed her for thirteen months and in that time she was stuck to me like glue until we both outgrew each other and became separate humans.

But with the twins, a very different story. I wouldn't be able to nurse them and I was totally at peace with that. I wouldn't be able to give them my everything either (Not even half of my everything!) so developing relationships with them individually would be much more challenging. I knew this would be the case but it was still incredibly hard on me. Here were these babies I adored and wanted to sit with and marvel at but I couldn't. I couldn't be there for them like I was with Archer and Fable.

Almost a year later, I'm FAR less hard on myself. Bo and Revi are incredibly well adjusted babies who have been surrounded by love and attention since birth. From me and Hal but also from their siblings, grandparents, great grandparents and our incredible nanny who is here with them when I work.

Still, creating one on one time with my babes would not have been possible without my "pack" which I wore, no joke, for hours and hours (and hours) at a time every single day. I realized early on that if I was going to spend bonding time with my babies individually, wearing them was the best way to do so. So on walks? I wore one and pushed the other in Fable's old single stroller, trading off babies every other day.

And when Bo started sleeping fine in her crib? I wore Revi during her nap and it was lovely.
And now, with Bo and Revi all grown up and all of us very much bonded, I wear them for more practical reasons, like, say getting them both in and out of the car when I pick the kids up from school or go on errands (shopping carts only have room for one baby = womp womp) and/or for keeping Revi from busting into the bathroom and unspooling the entire toilet paper roll. 
I snapped this yesterday on my way out the door to pick up Archer from his first day of second grade.  (Sniff!)
I've also recently started wearing both of them to places where strollers are too much work. (The beach, Archer's stair-filled school...) It isn't often I get a photo of myself with all of my kids because I'm usually behind the camera but the one below is one of my favorite photos ever because I AM DOING IT, GUYS! I am holding all four of my kids while crossing the street and nobody is crying and it only took two hours to get out the door but WHO CARES I AM GODDESS MOTHER BABY GODDESS!
... So thank you, thank you, Ergo. Thank you for having my back and my front and my babies on lock when I need them to be. Thank you for allowing me to hug my girls all day long for the last eleven months. It's made all the difference. 


My lovely friends at Ergobaby are offering a 10% discount to all GGC readers. Just use code GIRLSGONECHILD10 at the register! Annnnnd, I also have an Organic Ergobaby carrier up for giveaway grabs this lovely afternoon! (Winner gets to choose between Lattice or one of the Organic Bundle carriers with infant insert!) To win? Leave a comment below. I'll pick a winner via next Friday, August 24th. Good luck and happy babywearing!


Updated: Congrats to commenter #10, Jessica Oliveto and thanks to everyone for participating in this giveaway! 



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Susan | 1:58 PM

Your baby wearing pics are doubly precious! Love it. I had a carrier with my first that was recalled, because it was possibly a death trap. So, I don't have it anymore, thank goodness.

Sheelah | 1:59 PM

Aren't you hot?!?! I live in a much cooler climate (PNW) and am so hot wearing Baby #2 all summer long.

Alaine88 | 1:59 PM

I'd love to win!
family74014 at gmail dot com

Lee | 2:02 PM

Wow, the Ergo carrier looks amazing!

Allison | 2:02 PM

You seriously rock. I once had an Ergo (for my first baby) but then sold it and now regret doing so (now that I have baby number two). Sigh.

b1113 AT hotmail DOT com

Angelcore | 2:03 PM

I want to win! I saw a girl on a bicycle, wearing a baby on her front yesterday...not sure how I felt about that!! :)

Lauren of Better In Real Life | 2:04 PM

Hooray baby carrier!!! I'm going to rock it like my favorite shirt. :) And yes, Mother goddess baby maker of awesomeness!

Erica | 2:04 PM

You amaze me.

ericafwall at gmail dot com

erin | 2:05 PM

Am reading this with my 5 week old sleeping on my shoulder... would love to try having him nap in an Ergo.

Unknown | 2:06 PM

I have a wrap, and it works great for some things but there is no fabric to support her head. I've always heard great things about the Ergo!

Jenni Rose | 2:06 PM

I love wearing my baby in his ring sling, but as he gets bigger (12 mo in 2T clothes), I have been wondering if the ergo is a lot easier! Also, I love your double baby wearing picture. :)

jennipennyrose AT gmail DOT com

The Hojo Family | 2:06 PM

This would be perfect! I am due in early November and 3 days before I found out I was pregnant (SURPRISE!!), I had JUST finished giving away ALL of our baby items - because we thought we were done! :-)

Unknown | 2:06 PM

Double baby wearing?! That's for serious. And adorable! Pregnant with number two and would LOVE an Ergo - particularly of the free variety!

mom2nji | 2:07 PM

I would love an Ergo! I have a mei tai right now and have worn Bella everyday since she was born!

youareyourown | 2:08 PM

Oh, I would love to win an Ergo! Thanks for the giveaway!

youareyourown | 2:09 PM

Thanks for the giveaway! I would love an Ergo for my 3 month old!

Lindsey | 2:09 PM

I'm due in November and I'd love an Ergo!

Anonymous | 2:10 PM

I had a double stroller--no twins here, but they were 22 mos apart. It is like driving a truck. I loved my front carrier.
Your children are beautiful!!!

weathergirl | 2:11 PM

I just had my fourth baby when my third baby was only 15 months old. I didn't realize I could wear them both at the same time! I need to get me another Ergo so I can dual wield!

Emily | 2:12 PM

My first liked to be stretched out, on his own ... But my second ... Oh boy, my second! She prefers to be cuddled non-stop, so a cute Ergo carrier would be awesome!

Anonymous | 2:12 PM

You're awesome. As usual. :) Would love to win a new carrier. The ergo looks great!

B and A's Mommy | 2:13 PM

Just curious... How exactly do you get them into the carrier & onto your body? Carrying my very light 13 month old in the Bjorn hurts my shoulders too much to use often. =(

Beth | 2:13 PM

I've want an Ergo Baby so badly! I'm due with my first baby in December.

Keely | 2:14 PM

I love it! And I love seeing you figure out how to hold all those babies!

Liv | 2:14 PM

You are totally rocking the double babywearing!

Amy Carrigan | 2:14 PM

Ergos are amazing. I have a wiggler & she didn't want to be worn in anything else after about 6 months.

Shea Goff | 2:15 PM

Need this for my brother's new baby. As always, I love what you do here, Rebecca!

Sarah | 2:15 PM

Ergo's rock!

Elizabeth | 2:16 PM

I have a baby due in October and will also be an avid baby wearer. It just seems so much more convenient. Pick me!

elizabethwilson1897 at yahoo dot com

carri z. | 2:16 PM

having our
first kiddo
in 3 months.
figure we will
need to put it
in something?


Kristen | 2:18 PM

Love the last picture, it's fantastic!

Tia | 2:18 PM

Love the babywearing! You guys are all so cute!

I'd love to win, my girl is still attached to me like a little starfish :)

tiafairy at gmail dot com

amber | 2:19 PM

how fantastic! what a life saver. here's hoping!

Justin Spain | 2:20 PM

Wow, I'm very impressed. I just started using a sling for one of our twins (7 weeks old) and found it quite tough on the lower back. Carrying two would be interesting and useful at times.

Unknown | 2:20 PM

I'm due October 5th with my first baby! My family would love to own an Ergo.

Monica E. | 2:20 PM

I'm due with my first in December, and I can't wait to start the adventures in baby-wearing!

Adelines Mom | 2:20 PM

I really need an ergo. I am about to have baby #2 and this would change my world.

Caitlin | 2:20 PM

My sister just found out she's pregnant, unexpectedly. I know she's going to be an awesome mom, and I'd love to give her an ergo- because they're awesome, too!

Whitney W | 2:22 PM

I would love to win! My twins just turned 1, but I wore them in a moby wrap all the time and have always wanted an ergo. We are now 33 weeks pregnant with baby #3 (surprise!) and I would just love an ergo for this baby!

Liz | 2:24 PM

Had a bjorn with my first and am expecting my second in 10 weeks. I definitely have the ergo on my wishlist this time around based on all the rave reviews about comfort.

The Beckster | 2:24 PM

I love my ERGO. It was worth every penny. I used the Baby Bjorn and other slings with my first but am only using the ERGO and the Moby with my second baby. I find the ERGO to be the easiest to put on, take off, and the weight is distributed really well. I even started using when my daughter was only 1 week old and it worked great.

That pic of you with all four is AMAZING. Go you!

Jennifer | 2:24 PM

I would love one of these carriers. My first child is due in 6 weeks, and my hubby and I just registered for an Ergo after some debating about which carrier to get!

A3 | 2:25 PM

Hooray for the Ergo! The must have item for the new mom as it has been reported to me by all my mommy friends. Also hooray for RW Goddess Mother Carrier!

1 | 2:25 PM

I LOVE LOVE LOVE wearing my little one! An Ergo would be a great way to keep wearing her as she grows.

Sarah | 2:26 PM

Babies make the best accessories, you all look beautiful!

Anna S. | 2:26 PM

Baby wearing rocks my world. And I love that you can wear both your babies with the Ergo -- awesome.

cd0103 | 2:27 PM

I would love one. My neighbor is expecting and it would make a great gift!

Liz | 2:27 PM

My Baby G is almost 6 months old (!). I was just discussing my need for an Ergo with friends TODAY. This is MEANT TO BE.

If I don't win one, I will be buying one ASAP!

Annie | 2:28 PM

Would love one for number three!! I'm a little scared of all the wrangling!

Anonymous | 2:28 PM

due in Nov., and I definitely would LOVE an Ergo!

Jen | 2:29 PM

I want to win! 28 weeks along with twins!!

Ellery | 2:29 PM

We are having baby #2 on Sunday, so this would be an awesome gift. I am already hyperventilating about how I'm going to take care of 2 under two in grocery stores and other places that have one child seat carts.

Kate | 2:30 PM

ooh! I'd love an Ergo!

Jen | 2:31 PM

I'm not even pregnant and I want to win this giveaway...! :) I wear my 6mo old niece in their ergo sometimes when we babysit, and I'm convinced it's a necessity.

WeHo Mom | 2:31 PM

I have the Moby and Baby Bjorn and both too hot for the summer so maybe I should give Ergo a try...

Cassie | 2:31 PM

I bought a Bjorn and am bumming out now that my little guy is 20lbs and the Bjorn breaks my back. I'd love an Ergo!

Jessica | 2:31 PM

I love that you are wearing both the twins at once! We are totally saving up for an Ergo for our soon to be born baby. I've heard wonderful things about them and would love to win one. Great giveaway!

Shera | 2:31 PM

I'd love an ergo to carry my baby. Yes, please!

Erin W | 2:32 PM

Ohh I have been using a Bjorn for my little guy but an Ergo looks more comfy!

Shannon | 2:33 PM

Baby number 2 on the way!

glenda | 2:34 PM

You Rock Rebecca! You're amazing and I'm sure all 4 of your kids love you and have bonded with you in their own little way. We as mother's always feel like it's not "enough".

Yoga Susie | 2:34 PM

OMG, I would LOVE to win! I am expecting #2 in a few months and have come to the same realization - if I am going to bond with this one it will be in my arms! (You're rocking the double baby-wearing by the way, very impressed!) susiefishleder at gmail dot com

gennifer | 2:36 PM

Clearly you wear it well... I'm about to find out if I can rock wearing a baby too, I'm 3 days past my due date and Ergo-less so I'd love to win!

Amelia | 2:37 PM

You ARE a goddess!! Did you have a favorite style or cloth+baby=all you need?

Red Stethoscope | 2:38 PM

You are amazing! I don't have a baby (yet) either, but if I win, I'm so saving my Ergo in the closet and referring back to this post for tips on your pro baby wearing!

Alexis | 2:39 PM

I would love to win this! I have heard such great things about the Ergo.

Dranrab | 2:40 PM

That is such an awesome picture to be proud of!!

I'm due October 4, 2012. Just one boy (our first), but would still love this carrier.


Clandestine Road | 2:41 PM

I'd love to enter the contest. I love baby wearing for bonding and tasky reasons.


Anonymous | 2:42 PM

This would make life easier picking up my son from school with my 5 month old in tow!

Unknown | 2:42 PM

I love my Ergo! I just hate that my second kid was 1.5 years old before I finally got one. He's 2.5 and I still haul him around in it.

Emily | 2:42 PM

Yes please! I'd love an ergo

Anonymous | 2:42 PM

This would make life easier picking up my son from school with my 5 month old in tow!

Sara | 2:43 PM

That would be so perfect! I have a little girl almost the age of your girls and this would make getting things done much easier. Our current carrier is just OK.

The Ruybalid's | 2:44 PM

I had no idea you could double wear babies! So thankful for this post and a chance to win an Ergo for our family. I am currently pregnant with baby #2 and an Ergo is at the top of my wishlist.

Jdub | 2:46 PM

Being a brand new mommy, this looks like the best idea I've heard yet. I like everyone else would love to win.

lunafina | 2:46 PM

I need this! The bundle ingalaxy gray has been my fave for awhile!

L | 2:47 PM

Love the double babies pic!

brittney | 2:47 PM

I'm due with our first in November. I'd love to win!

Melinda | 2:48 PM

So adorable. I love the one of y'all together. Absolutely precious! :)

Melinda | 2:49 PM

Absolutely precious! Baby wearing is the way to go. Love your post, as always!

Candace | 2:49 PM

Babywearing is my favorite and without Ergo I don't how I would have done it so easily! I have two but one is ripped and the other is falling apart too:( I could use a replacement!!!

rachel | 2:52 PM

I dont need to win - my 'babies' are now 2.5; but seeing you wear your two makes me cry... fond, fond memories. You're doing it, I did it. It can be done. You are lovely.

Jenifer | 2:52 PM

We just found out that the second baby we're expecting is really...two babies! So glad to know there's a way I'll be able to cuddle them both at once!

rachael | 2:53 PM

i can't wait to wear my baby! he's coming for christmas and i don't plan on putting him down :P

Allye Crosby | 2:53 PM

My first baby is due any day now and I would LOVE an ergo! Thanks for the giveaway!
allyecrosby at gmail dot com

Megan | 2:54 PM

I would love a baby carrier, you make it sound so necessary! Love your blog, your such a special mother!

Megan | 2:55 PM

I probably should have left my email: oops

mmg | 3:01 PM

I sure could use an Ergo carrier!! I am expecting my 4th child & could use a great carrier to help me out!!
Thanks for the chance - I enjoy your blog so much...

AJB | 3:02 PM

With baby number two on the way I am so looking forward to trying out the Ergo carrier. I just hope my little one can look as comfy as yours.

B | 3:04 PM

I was so happy to see that you baby wear! I have done it with my baby (who is 4 days younger than your twins) and would LOVE to gift and ERGO to my pregnant sister.

Skance | 3:10 PM

I just found out I'm pregnant, so wayyyy early days, but getting something baby-related would make it all seem real somehow! (this is our first and we were trying and everything, but it was still such a shock to see that plus sign, and then the two pink lines and then the two pink lines again, just in case first two tests were wrong).

Lisa A | 3:10 PM

Love to baby wear and don't have an ERGO! Great giveaway! :) (Love your site and your adorable babies too!)


Cara Bearden | 3:11 PM

All those sweet pics make me miss being able to carry around my now big girl. Excited for the one on the way and feeling a sweet, sleeping baby against my chest while I shop for bananas.

Christine | 3:12 PM

I am amazed you can carry both girls! After carrying my one sometimes, my back is killing me. You do what you have to do, though, right?

Jenny | 3:13 PM

Pick me, pick me!

teegan | 3:16 PM

huzzah for discounts!
hubby and i have a baby due in five weeks, and we've been given a sling and wrap, but the ergo is definitely going to be happening after the next paycheck!

Milou's Mama | 3:17 PM

You are rocking those carriers hard core! Awesome mama.

The Moms | 3:18 PM

I am currently pregnant with my third (actually 5th but we lost 2). I didnt baby wear my 1st but wore my 2nd a lot. I have never tried an Ergo and would LOVE the opportunity to try one!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Enjoli | 3:18 PM

I got the Ergo with my second after trying the Bjorn, slings etc. with my first. Now with my third at 19 months, I still never leave home without it. Sometimes strollers are just too cumbersome, sometimes my littlest "baby" just needs to be close to me and my arms aren't available because they're holding the hands of my 4 year old and 3 year old. I don't know when I'll be ready to part with my Ergo. It remains the best -- and most used and useful -- baby item I "splurged" on besides well bottles and diapers. LOL. Good luck to whoever is lucky enough to win one!

Rhi | 3:19 PM

Look at you carrying both girls! WOW.

I loooove my Ergo and would love a second one that we can leave adjusted for my husband.

Tavia | 3:21 PM

Just about to pop with my first kid and love the idea of wearing Small Fry around while handling my biznass. You make it look easy as pie!

Bria | 3:23 PM

I just found out that baby number two is on the way so this would be great! Thank you for the opportunity. :)

Anonymous | 3:25 PM

I find wearing my son in the Ergo more comfortable in the front, but now that he's a curious toddler he wants to look around and prefers the back. Maybe having another child on the front balances the whole thing out!

Erin | 3:27 PM

Yay Ergo!!

Meg | 3:29 PM

baby wearing is the way to go!

Adrienne | 3:30 PM

Ooh, I'd love to win. I'm due any minute with baby #2, and wearing this baby while managing a toddler will be mandatory. It should be noted that I used to own an Ergo with baby #1, but I lent it to a friend who now loves it so much, she can't bear to give it back. I could really use a replacement.

Devon Wilson | 3:30 PM

This looks like a great carrier!

Jessica | 3:30 PM

I love Ergo! And the double wearing is awesome

Anonymous | 3:31 PM

Would love to have an ERGO baby carrier!

Rebbeca | 3:32 PM

My first baby is due in March! I'd love to have an organic ergobaby carrier!

Unknown | 3:35 PM

Go go go! I've worn my godkids as a way to connect with them and get to know them at a young age and had a renewed appreciation for the ergo with my 3 year old goddaughter, while she chatted up Outside Lands-goers on packed muni buses! Life saver!

end | 3:39 PM

Your an inspiration as always id kill for an ergo and maybe then i could get anything done!

Unknown | 3:39 PM

This blog couldn't have come at a better time. I'm on the hunt for a carrier and this just solidified my choice! Thanks

Anonymous | 3:40 PM

An Ergo would save me!
KMills678 at gmail dot com

katie | 3:50 PM

I love, love, love ergos!

erin | 3:50 PM

Adorable baby wearing pics! I'd love to win.

erin dot grande at gmail dot com

Bridget | 3:51 PM

I love my Ergo and would love to win one for my friend who was due to have her baby yesterday!

missamandabear | 3:52 PM

I love wearing my babies! I'd also love the Lattice carrier!!!

kaseofthemondays | 3:56 PM

The Ergo looks way cooler than the one I'm currently using! But I can't deny that is comfy!

Lauren | 3:58 PM

I am pregnant with my 2nd right now and NEED a baby carrier! :) Thanks for the opportunity to win. I love that lattice one!

Anonymous | 3:59 PM



Elizabeth :: Bébé Suisse | 4:00 PM

Would love it - a good luck charm for the future ........

Stacey | 4:02 PM

The double-baby look is awesome! Would love an Ergo.

Staceykp AT gmail dot com

HarperBklyn | 4:06 PM

We are about to have our surprise baby (#3). I would love to be able to wear the littlest while navigating the schedules of two school aged kiddos.

Krystan | 4:06 PM

I would love an ergo! I have a newborn almost-3-week old son and would love to try wearing him so I don't have to sit and nurse him all day long, especially since I am trying to (and probably not doIng so well at) raising my 2-year-old daughter.

Vanessa | 4:06 PM

Just found out that I'm pregnant with number 2!! So an ergo would be great!

Jayna | 4:11 PM

An ergo for baby number two!

Jamie Kasprovitz | 4:11 PM

Love this post! Ergo is the BEST carrier!

Anonymous | 4:12 PM

Your baby wearing pics make having four doable!! I am due with my fourth in November and I am freaking out a bit on how to do this whole go places with four thinng. Oh and add to that my first three are 16 months apart so I will have 4 4 and under... Thanks for posting and making it look easy!

Julia | 4:16 PM

we are about to have our first baby and i am reallyreally pumped at the thought of baby wearing. My sister was so sad when neither of her babies took to it, so i really hope mine digs the carrier!! would love to win one...

cassandradawn | 4:19 PM

I love wearing my two month old and would adore having an organic ergo to wear him in!

Chad, Carolyn, Kiley and Wes McVicars...and Shadow too | 4:22 PM

I have been eyeing that Lattice for a while now, so cute and definitely going to need one when baby comes in November and I am constantly chasing my 2yo!

Meg | 4:27 PM

Lookin good, lady! I'm due any time now and will at least use the 10% discount (if I don't win)!

Anonymous | 4:27 PM

Love your double wearing! So awesome. And isn't wearing so much easier than strollers, etc sometimes? It is especially nice with my #2 who spent her first seven weeks in the NICU. Now I relish the closeness. But the Moby is nearing it's end. My daughter is losing her patience with it, and gets so hot after a while!


it matters not | 4:28 PM

I'm a bjorn owner, but have regretted it since I realized that you can wear the ergo on your back! Darn!

Judy S. | 4:30 PM

I would love to win!!!

Susan | 4:33 PM

Great post! I didn't have an Ergo for my son (we used a Moby wrap), but hopefully for my second we'll add one to the mix : )

jessi | 4:34 PM

Awesome baby wearing mama!

Feministy | 4:40 PM

Currently alternating two seven-week-old babies in a moby wrap & I'm inspired by the front/back combo you're managing with bigger babies, so I could use this for sure!

Noel | 4:46 PM

The double Ergo carry is too cute. I don't know how I would have survived without all of my BWing devices. It saved my sanity. I'm about to have my 3rd child in a few days/week and with a 2 year old and a newly 6 year old we plan to hit the ground running with a baby on my chest!

Alyssa | 4:46 PM

I'd love to win! An ergo is on the must have list further next baby!

Anonymous | 4:46 PM

i too have the bjorn and desire some back riding for my tot-the ergo looks amazing!

Angela | 4:47 PM

We'd really love one for our one year old. Schlepping a stroller on the train isn't always practical, and he loves to be worn! Pick us!

Lauren | 4:52 PM

You are a goddess! Crossing my fingers for this one- I'd love the organic Ergo. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

AUSAcara | 4:52 PM

With thoughts of maybe possibly trying for baby number 2, and our first only 11 months old....I think that an Ergo could make my life much much easier in the future!

JRaePhelan | 4:53 PM

I so desperately wanted to be a hip babywearing mama with my first child, but I was a scaredy cat who was worried that she'd look silly. Oh how times have changed and as we are hoping to welcome #2 sometime soon, I'd proudly rock one of these.

robin | 4:56 PM

OMG I LOVE ergo! I have the same one I have had since baby #1 (who is now 6), and it is all faded and stained but still awesome for baby #3. This is the best carrier I have found for the long-term. I mean, hello, I bet I could still carry my 6yo in that sucker (but why would I want to?)! Anyway, I would love a brand-new fresh one, so pick my number pleasepleasepleaseandthankyou!

caelancash | 4:59 PM

oooh, I would love to have an ergo! and organic! swoon . . .

caelancash at yahoo dot com

Unknown | 5:07 PM

My husband wore our first, we both wore our second and now #3 on the way I feel I'm going to have that baby strapped to meat all times. I'm due in February so this carrier is on my list. Ergo seems to transition between stages better than other carriers!

Rachel | 5:07 PM

I would love an ergo since I'm on my fourth and last baby :) brandnewtulips AT yahoo DOT com

Katie | 5:08 PM

I'm pregnant with #3 and would love to have the Ergo! This is an awesome post -- you rock!

Liz | 5:08 PM

Love me some ErgoBaby!

shawn | 5:09 PM

You're totally owning the multiple kid-wearing action! Way to go, mama.

Becky Stephens | 5:09 PM

I'm using a wrap right now, but I'm already looking at other carriers for my growing boy! I'd love to have an Ergo!

bstephens12 at gmail dot com

kahunter | 5:11 PM

My sister is having a baby this fall and I would love to give this to her!6


I'm due in Feb! This would be awesome!

Michismind at gmail dot com please!'

chayna rae | 5:12 PM

I was literally just looking into these yesterday! We're due in February & very active. I'm going to have to get this either way, but I hope I can win it here :)))

Roni | 5:15 PM

You are baby wearing inspiration. I just had my first baby, every time I wear him I think of you!

Not So French Girl | 5:20 PM

I have heard Ergo is the only way to go so I want one!

Thanks for this.

Shelley | 5:21 PM

I would love one of those! My first is due November 9th and we couldn't be happier!

Anonymous | 5:23 PM

Time went by so quickly that I never got to wear my son. He's 2 now, but still nurses so we get tons of quality time. I'm sure an Ergo would def help with bonding time when the next babe arrives... The convenience of not having to tote a stroller around sounds wonderful too!

julie underscore presley at hotmail dot com

jenifer | 5:24 PM

My little miss Francoise will be born in november and I would love one. Specifically the organic bundle one!

Liz | 5:25 PM

Pick me pick me!! :-)

Unknown | 5:30 PM

Ergos are the BEST!! They're perfect for multiples, and so much easier on a woman's body than the baby bjorne is! I love love love them- especially with their funky new designs! :)

Christie | 5:31 PM

I'm Due in October with baby #2 and I've had my eye on the Ergo baby carrier for months. I really hope I win!!!!!!!!

Katie-Lee | 5:31 PM

I am due with my first in just a few days! We are so very excited and baby carrying is something i am very excited to do...I bought a wrap for the first months and was planning on buying an Ergo around the 3 month mark.

I would love to win!


kategill | 5:31 PM

I love wearing my babe. She has outgrown my usual carriers mow that she is one... Old love 2 try the ergo!

Alo I love your kids. What beauties all around :)

Laura | 5:32 PM

I need one of these!

beyond | 5:33 PM

i have a pregnant friend who needs this!

Katy G. | 5:33 PM

I would love to carry my 10 month old baby girl in an Ergo!

Natalie | 5:42 PM

Very Cool.Love to see the two babies front and back.

Mommy | 5:43 PM

Oh pretty please! We are blessed with a 1 year old and are fostering an 8 month old, and I'd so love to be able to rock the tandem Ergos. Although our babes aren't exactly twins, they are very yin and yang and I can relate to your mama angst about the difficulty of having to split your attention.

Mama D | 5:43 PM

Awesome! I was just telling my husband that with a 5-year-old, 3-year-old, and #3 (finally!) on the way, I NEED a more comfortable carrier. I wore both of the other two, but that was more for coziness and ease than necessity. So the first thing on my "To Buy Before January" list was an Ergo. Glad to hear great reviews of them.

Jessica | 5:45 PM

Just had baby #2 on Friday and would love an Ergo!

Unknown | 5:45 PM

Me + Ergo = happy lady!!

domestiCate | 5:49 PM

Great give-a-way! I'd love to have an ergo.

Tara W | 5:51 PM

I loved wearing my first baby and would love to win the Ergo for my second!

magnoliajune | 5:53 PM

Love Ergo!

Unknown | 5:53 PM

I' have a two year old and am due in 8 weeks! This would be so handy! Love reading your blog every day.

magnoliajune | 5:54 PM

LOVE. Ergo.

Adrianne | 5:57 PM

Ohhh I'd really love an Ergo! I've heard amazing things and the baby bjorn kills my already bad back! :(

Jen | 5:59 PM

I love my ring sling but would loooove an ergo! My almost 11 month old still wants to be held a lot so baby wearing is a must!! Also, I Sooo hear you on the toilet paper issue- its just too tempting!

JT | 6:02 PM

I am due with my first in December and would love an Ergo! Thanks for everything you write.

callmejt at gmail dot com

Rockdarter | 6:09 PM

yes! I'd love love one. also, you rock.

Sarah | 6:10 PM

Oh wow, Love hearing how you manage it. I'm expecting my second (only one baby!) and would love to win this!

Khadijeh | 6:16 PM

I'm expecting my first and planning to rock an ergo everywhere since this will be a city baby.

You're amazing, by the way!

S i a c í | 6:18 PM

I am a baby-wearing nanny. I had no idea how many different things baby carriers and wraps could do, besides the basic function of carrying the child. My favorite is helping me rock a 7mo to sleep when he is fighting sleep and overtired. He likes me to sing to him while he moves his little mouth to the words and gazes into my eyes. There is learning, bonding, trusting, relaxing, sleeping...all made easier in a sling.
Next,I need a back carrier, so he can see the world on autumn outings, and my back and shoulders can get a break!

Stephanie | 6:21 PM

Your pictures are just lovely. I never carried my first baby in a carrier much. I have a second one on the way and think now it will really come in handy.

Megan H | 6:22 PM

Oh, I would love to have an Ergo! I am having my third baby in a few months and it would be a lifesaver!

Megan H | 6:23 PM

P.S. My email is megandenny841 at yahoo dot com

Jenna | 6:24 PM

Lovely, lovely post. I almost wanted to wake up my baby from her slumber just to hold her close to me. :) All the best to you and your beautiful children.

Karen Z. Bull | 6:27 PM

I think it is a practical way to get things done! Genius for busy mamas!

Becca | 6:28 PM

Our2nd baby will be here in Nov. and an ergo would be perfect!

Anonymous | 6:30 PM

I totally love baby wearing and see it as an unbelievable way to bond with the baby!

Jeannie Bruce

Amber P. | 6:30 PM

Ergo carriers are the best!!!

Megan | 6:32 PM

An Ergo is just what I need right now.

nmg915 | 6:32 PM

Oh this would be so useful! Thanks for the great give a way :)

Sarah R | 6:42 PM

You are awesome! And reading your blog everyday makes me go a little crazy and want 3950340 babies! Yes I want the Ergo! I'm currently begging my husband for baby #2 :)

Sarah R | 6:44 PM

Oooh...I want this! You make it look so easy :)

Martha | 6:47 PM

Oh I so want an Ergo for baby number two. I had a Moby and a Bjorn last time around for my Archer, the Moby was awesome for a newborn and the Bjorn worked till he was about 20 pounds and then my back broke. I'm really hoping to get an Ergo this time...

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