Babies on Board (Sponsored & Giveaway)

The following post was sponsored by Ergobaby. Thanks, Ergo!
Since my babies were very little, I have worn them. Okay, so I wore Bo mostly and had I known how easy (and comfortable) it was to wear both of them, I would have done so. I would have eaten my words on the multiples babywearing tip and rocked that thing with pride. 
with Bo @ three months
With everyone, two weeks ago
I baby-wore Archer and Fable as well but for different reasons. I was on my own with zero help when they were babies so wearing them was the only way I could get anything done.

With Bo and Revi, I've been fortunate enough to have help during the day when I work, but still for the first six months I had a baby on my body pretty much all the time. It was the only way for me to connect with my girls one on one.
Something I was unprepared for when Bo and Revi were born was my inability to split my attention between them. I loved them unconditionally of course but because there were two of them I couldn't spend hours (let alone minutes) gazing into one pair of eyes. I was unable to take them with me everywhere like I did with Archer and Fable. Their schedules were for the most part, identical, so getting up with one in the middle of the night meant getting up with two, which isn't exactly "special mommy baby bonding time." And I needed that. It was confusing for me to have such a different experience.

Because Archer was my only child when he was a baby, "bonding" with him was never a worry. He was my only and therefore got the most of me. With Fable it was much the same. I nursed her for thirteen months and in that time she was stuck to me like glue until we both outgrew each other and became separate humans.

But with the twins, a very different story. I wouldn't be able to nurse them and I was totally at peace with that. I wouldn't be able to give them my everything either (Not even half of my everything!) so developing relationships with them individually would be much more challenging. I knew this would be the case but it was still incredibly hard on me. Here were these babies I adored and wanted to sit with and marvel at but I couldn't. I couldn't be there for them like I was with Archer and Fable.

Almost a year later, I'm FAR less hard on myself. Bo and Revi are incredibly well adjusted babies who have been surrounded by love and attention since birth. From me and Hal but also from their siblings, grandparents, great grandparents and our incredible nanny who is here with them when I work.

Still, creating one on one time with my babes would not have been possible without my "pack" which I wore, no joke, for hours and hours (and hours) at a time every single day. I realized early on that if I was going to spend bonding time with my babies individually, wearing them was the best way to do so. So on walks? I wore one and pushed the other in Fable's old single stroller, trading off babies every other day.

And when Bo started sleeping fine in her crib? I wore Revi during her nap and it was lovely.
And now, with Bo and Revi all grown up and all of us very much bonded, I wear them for more practical reasons, like, say getting them both in and out of the car when I pick the kids up from school or go on errands (shopping carts only have room for one baby = womp womp) and/or for keeping Revi from busting into the bathroom and unspooling the entire toilet paper roll. 
I snapped this yesterday on my way out the door to pick up Archer from his first day of second grade.  (Sniff!)
I've also recently started wearing both of them to places where strollers are too much work. (The beach, Archer's stair-filled school...) It isn't often I get a photo of myself with all of my kids because I'm usually behind the camera but the one below is one of my favorite photos ever because I AM DOING IT, GUYS! I am holding all four of my kids while crossing the street and nobody is crying and it only took two hours to get out the door but WHO CARES I AM GODDESS MOTHER BABY GODDESS!
... So thank you, thank you, Ergo. Thank you for having my back and my front and my babies on lock when I need them to be. Thank you for allowing me to hug my girls all day long for the last eleven months. It's made all the difference. 


My lovely friends at Ergobaby are offering a 10% discount to all GGC readers. Just use code GIRLSGONECHILD10 at the register! Annnnnd, I also have an Organic Ergobaby carrier up for giveaway grabs this lovely afternoon! (Winner gets to choose between Lattice or one of the Organic Bundle carriers with infant insert!) To win? Leave a comment below. I'll pick a winner via next Friday, August 24th. Good luck and happy babywearing!


Updated: Congrats to commenter #10, Jessica Oliveto and thanks to everyone for participating in this giveaway! 



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Helen and The Fox | 6:47 PM

Best sponsored post ever. Count me in!

Jessica V. | 6:54 PM

I'm having my first child in December & would kill for an Ergo!!!!

Unknown | 7:03 PM

Due with our second in Feb and could def use this since i'll be chasing after a 15 month old!

k | 7:05 PM

I so lust after the Ergo. Expecting baby #2 in Jan. Baby #1 makes an awesome toddler, but holy smokes, I spent a full nine months with her in a Moby, bouncing on a yoga ball. Good times.

Stacey | 7:08 PM

I want an ergo so bad, but they're still so expensive...even second hand since everyone knows how awesome they are.

Eddie | 7:08 PM

Cute! I love using the carriers, so much easier walking around then pushing stroller monstrosity around. I've been thinking about the Ergo a bit as an upgrade to my old one that has gotten a bit... ugh from use.

Megan | 7:13 PM

After wearing 2 kids my Ergo has seen better days! I would love a fresh one the next little bundle arriving in October.

Jessica | 7:14 PM

OMG Yes please!

ap | 7:17 PM

I love babywearing! and you rock, wearing two babies at once! :)

Dawn | 7:24 PM

I'd love to update from our ratty Bjorn to something nicer and a bit more ergonomical!

Susan M | 7:29 PM

Love your blog and I'm 60. Expecting 3 grandbabies in the next 4 months .
Sudsartis52 at yahoo dot com

KC | 7:29 PM

My 4th child is due next month and I would love to have an Ergo for her! I don't have any soft-structured carriers and I hear they are the best! :)

C. | 7:38 PM

A friend was literally just telling me that Ergo is the way to go. I'd love to win! Capellett at gmail dot com

Himena | 7:38 PM

That is an amazing picture!

Unknown | 7:38 PM

We are totally into baby wearing - my husband got a compliment the other day when wearing our little one in a wrap. We don't have an Ergo - would love to try it out! Thanks!
drake DOT jenn AT gmail DOT com

shaleen | 7:42 PM

I'm inspired by your babywearing pics! I've heard great praise for the Ergo and hope to get one for my little girl due next month!

alex | 7:44 PM

Baby #2 is coming in October and I would love to have an ergo to carry him in!

Mae Bryan | 7:44 PM

I would love to get an Ergo! I am pregnant with my first baby (due in December), and this looks like an awesome carrier.

twinmommytogirls | 7:55 PM
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cupkait | 7:58 PM

Baby #1 due in November, the idea of mothering an infant and holding close while still having a hand or two free sounds lovely.

Alison S. | 7:59 PM

Love the idea of wearing two carriers at once. Desperately need a new carrier for my third - the Ergo is my dream. Thank you too for your posts - very encouraging!

twinmommytogirls | 7:59 PM

I was sent here Ergo Baby on FB. I recently left a comment about how winning a carrier would help me out with of my twins girls. Since I didn't know I could wear them like you are wearing them in your pictures. I am also a mom of twins. Seeing your pictures reassures me that I will be able to get stuff done as well. I live in a state where I have no family around. The closest family if 4 hours away, so I don't catch a break. Wherever the girls are I am there as well. I am a breastfeeding mom and baby wearing would help out in so many ways. I would love to be able to carry my twins and get my day to day activities done, especially going to the grocery store. This would allow me to stop pushing a double stroller and pulling a shopping card. Please pick me. This mommy needs all the help I can get.

cupkait | 7:59 PM

Baby #1 due in November, the idea of mothering an infant and holding close while still having a hand or two free sounds lovely.

Deja | 7:59 PM

I am pregnant and totally planning to wear this baby and I would love to win!

cupkait | 8:00 PM

Baby #1 due in November, the idea of mothering an infant and holding close while still having a hand or two free sounds lovely.

evejolie | 8:04 PM

I was just thinking of buying one! I have twin girls who just turned one! And my bjorn hurts my back too much now.
ejmanke at gmail dot com

The Musings of Another Mama | 8:05 PM

I've always wanted to try an Ergo, even if I don't win I think I will buy one for baby #3.

Ginny | 8:07 PM

I desperately need an Ergo! I had a Baby Bjorn for my first baby which was great for a little while but she quickly outgrew it. Am terribly jealous of my friends with Ergos so would love one this time round!

Kate | 8:08 PM

Love this! And would be perfect for my 8 week old baby #2.

Rebecca | 8:14 PM

Love the baby wearing pictures!!

Angela | 8:20 PM

I've heard great things about the Ergo. I'm hoping to try it out with my first, Raleigh, when she comes in October :)

Jenna S. | 8:34 PM

Very inspired by you and your baby wearing. I'm having twins in November and will try the double-baby wearing since it might be the only way I can get out of the house for a while

Anonymous | 8:37 PM

I love my ergo!! You inspired me to start wearing my 20 month old again. If I won, the ergo would be for my sister who is due in December! Love your blog!!

Jacque Wilk | 8:40 PM

Have loved my ergo with my baby and would love to win one to give to my sister for her bundle of joy since I'm not ready to part with mine yet!!

Tara | 8:53 PM

LOVE it! Way to go mama :)

Hannah O. | 8:55 PM

I love babywearing too! I would love a chance to win and Ergo!

Deb and Mike | 8:59 PM

LOVE the picture of you with all four! Deborah

ec | 9:01 PM

love love love ergo baby. count me in!

emily | 9:03 PM

you are amazing. And I love my ergo. We`ve been wearing our daughter since she was born almost 2 years ago (though we wear her much less often now, of course). If I won, I wouldn`t need it, but I`d give it to my friend who just had her second and has to go down two flights of stairs with her baby and toddler to do laundry, so... ergo to the rescue! (she does have a snugli, but snuglis have nothing on ergos. Too painful on the back).

JCF | 9:06 PM

I seriously don't know what I would have done without my Ergo. I've had it since baby #1 (now almost five years old) was a wee one, and it isn't as pretty as it used to be, but it is still sturdy and has a lot of life left in it. I have three kids, and when the third was born, the older two were 33 months and 18 months. I literally never would have left my house if I hadn't had an Ergo. I still use it now that my youngest is 2 years old. When I'm hauling all of the kids and our stuff to the beach by myself, getting around the city (we live in SF) in places where I don't want to be pushing a stroller up the hills (i.e. everywhere), etc. my little guy hangs out happily on my back. If I could have only one piece of baby equipment, it would be an Ergo, hands down.

Kristin | 9:09 PM

Pregnant with baby #2 and looking for a better carrier than the first time around. Fingers crossed!

sara | 9:10 PM

I am a mama of 4 too. Our are all under 6 & baby wearing is the only reason I am sane!

S | 9:22 PM

My kids are wild and wrangling them is no fun. Keeping my baby boy on my person? That could make life easier.

Love this post!

Leila Gates-Wai | 9:26 PM

We love baby wearing! I could definitely use one of those!

Megan | 9:30 PM

I've been looking at getting a buckled carrier since my mei tai just isn't cutting it any more and I want to continue wearing my 10 month old.

megan_e_snelgrove at yahoo dot com

Zoë | 9:32 PM

I love my Ergo but would LOVE to win one for my friend who is expecting... or to replace our aging secondhand Ergo!

Trisha | 9:35 PM

We are adopting through foster care and I've already decided that if we end up with a child young enough, I want to baby-wear to help with the bonding/attachment process.

Trisha | 9:37 PM

We are adopting through foster care and I plan on baby-wearing to help with bonding/attachment (if we end up with a baby, that is!).

Rachel | 9:41 PM

You inspire me everyday! Thank you for sharing yourself and your family with us.

Anyavieve AT Yahoo DOT com

Unknown | 9:48 PM

Expecting my second this winter - would be fabulous to win!

Unknown | 9:49 PM

Expecting our second this winter - would be fabulous to win!

Anonymous | 9:53 PM

I'd love an Ergo! Pick me, please.

Caitlacybecker at gmail dot com.

mkleblanc | 9:55 PM

I was just talking with a friend today about getting an Ergo while we pushed our bebes in our big jogging strollers! Want!

Unknown | 10:00 PM

Ergos are the BEST! Perfect for travel as well as every day errands. Can never have too many of these, this one is for the car!

Mommynightowl | 10:06 PM

First, you are amazing! I love you are babywearing both of them at the same time, and you are still standing straight upright. I always seem to hutch over with the carrier I have now, and my baby is only a month old.

Second, Your kids are adorable.

Third, I love your phone cover.

Fourth, I want to win soooo bad. I've had my eye on the galaxy grey one for so long. :)

M | 10:16 PM

Just had a baby on Monday and have been wanting an Ergo forever! Would love to win this.

Unknown | 10:19 PM

The galaxy grey was exactly what I had on my wish list with my first, but my mother in law insisted on a sling, which baby and I didn't care for. Since we are now trying for #2, it would be the perfect time to win one of these. Thanks so much for the chance.

Ashley | 10:29 PM

Love baby wearing! Wear my 1 & 3 yr old all the time!

Wendy | 10:42 PM

23 weeks today and looking for the best way to wear this baby. Looks awesome!

Lucia | 10:49 PM

oh i'd ove an ergo. i borrowed mine and have to give it back when my girl is only 9 months. i will miss wearing her :(

Roksalanna | 10:52 PM

Bo and Revi have grown so much. They are so beautiful.
An Ergobaby carrier would be a perfect gift for my new niece.

venn | 11:07 PM

Love these photos. Great giveaway,

Lauren | 11:28 PM

Baby boy is due in December and I could sure use an ergo!

Anonymous | 12:07 AM

I would love to win one! And yeah, that does look hot (and sweaty--Cali in Aug with 2 babes. One hot mam!)


Unknown | 12:21 AM

I sooooo need one. I bought one a year ago, but so sad later I knew that it was a fake one! OMG. So I hope I can win one.

dewi_joshin at yahoo dot com

Emily | 12:39 AM

Heyyyy! Do want Ergo carrier! :) eerousse at valdosta dot edu

Wendy Turner | 12:56 AM

Your photos are gorgeous and you really are a Goddess! I don't know how I would have survived my son's babyhood without a sling...and I would love an ergo too!

Shelby | 1:17 AM

I'm due in April and I'd love an Ergo!

emily | 2:00 AM

Just had baby #3 and would love an ergo!

WendyM | 2:01 AM

I have 11 week old identical twin boys, and I really need some help bonding with them! I would love to win this. Thanks for the giveaway!

Ave Maria | 2:02 AM

This is such a great post! I love the pictures! Would love to get an Ergo for our new baby!

Scarlet Blue | 2:46 AM

You absolutely are a goddess. There's nothing better than babywearing to have those precious cuddles while keeping your hands free.

Sarah | 3:01 AM

I <3 the ergo!! Baby #3 coming in October :-). Will def NEED one.

Mad Max and Family | 3:43 AM

I too love baby wearing! And I love the Ergo! I'd love another one for baby #2 due in October!

madmaxandfamily at gmail

Great baby wearing pics!


Shannon | 4:10 AM

you are such a rockstar! i have yet to wear both my twins (4mths old) at the same time but you actually make it look cool.

Emma | 4:11 AM

you are Super Mama! I'd like a little bit of that Ergo action for my Louie... emmawhitlock at hotmail dot com

Ariel | 4:33 AM

I so want t baby wear when we get our little one from China!

Shawna | 4:34 AM

I would love to win. I have 7 month old twins as well as a 2 year old, and it is such a hassle taking them out by myself. It would be nice to have this carrier to help!

Andrea | 4:43 AM

These look so great! I'd love one for my second babe. Fingers crossed!

//nancy | 4:46 AM

i would LOVE to win an ergo- due with my first in january and an ergo is definitely at the top of my wish list. :) noble.nj at gmail dot com

Lisa | 4:49 AM

i have a borrowed ergo, but would love my own!

Unknown | 4:53 AM

You guys are such a great family...big, hectic, and loving! I always enjoy the blog and I know one of these days I'm going to get lucky with a giveaway!

Susanna | 4:58 AM

I am expecting my 6th baby this Sept. I can totally relate to the need for creativity sometimes to carve out that bonding time. The ergo is a lovely solution.

Risa | 5:04 AM

I adore pictures of you wearing your babies! Can't wait to follow in your footsteps with my son (coming this December).

Amanda | 5:05 AM

that picture of you with all four of your beautiful babies is just downright impressive.

lola + oliver | 5:05 AM

You look beautiful carrying your babies. I have ALWAYS wanted an ergo!

FSURia | 5:15 AM

Love it! The Ergo is fabulous!

bmadd | 5:16 AM

You are an amazing Momma! I'm expecting my second child and I'm trying to think about the logistics of only two children. I'd love an Ergo to keep these hands free for my toddler!

Jules | 5:26 AM

I would love to win an Ergo carrier--they look great and I think baby wearing is awesome :)

Katie | 5:32 AM

Wearind two babies at once- that's impressive! My first baby is due February 2013 and I've been wanting n Ergo!

Adelines Mom | 5:38 AM

Please pick me! I am about to have baby #2 and this would change my world :)

teamaldrich | 5:40 AM

Preggo with twins and we have a two-year-old. I really needed your words!

Anonymous | 5:40 AM

I love love love my Ergo for child #2 and can't imagine going without it. I can see how it would definitely be necessary for babies 3 and 4!

Inga | 5:46 AM

Wo-hooo - Ergo!

Brittney Benson | 5:46 AM

wearing babes is the best! excited to wear number 2 due in Oct!

Faith Dwight | 5:47 AM

I so want an ergo...this is a really inspiring post!

Jennifer | 5:48 AM

An ergo would come in so handy, #2 is due in 7 weeks and #1 will only be 17 months!

Kellie | 5:50 AM

Yay for sponsored posts and giveaways! My arms would love the rest that this would give them.

KellieWeiss (at)

Wendy | 6:07 AM

Oh baby carrier! Me, me, me!

Dew | 6:26 AM

trying for baby #3, perhaps 3 and 4?? :)

Leslie | 6:29 AM

Definitely needed for baby no. 3 (due in November) - gotta keep those hands free for the other two!

Kathryn | 6:38 AM

Your last photo says it all! Babies all around = one Awesome Momma!

Maggie | 6:39 AM

You are certainly rocking it, wow! Super mom! Can't imagine carrying 2 at once.

Unknown | 6:42 AM

I like the lattice one!

I am Sarah. | 6:42 AM

You are Goddess Mother Baby Goddess! Glad you recognize. :) Amazing!

Il Fornaio | 6:44 AM

I'm pregnant with baby 1 and I am totally planning on rocking an Ergo vs. strollers. Great giveaway!

SuperT | 6:46 AM

Ergo is awesome!

Paula | 6:47 AM

That is some impressive baby-wearing! I'd love an ergo to wear my baby boy in.

cherry_pit_11 at hotmail dot com

Unknown | 6:47 AM

cool photos! I'd like to win one of you Ergo carrier! :)

LiciaLee | 6:48 AM

LOVE babywearing. :D. I still wear my 2 year old on occasion even thoguh I am seven months pregnant. Looking forward to having a new squishy to wear, and maybe trying some tandem wearing with them.

Anonymous | 6:51 AM

I'm due with my first in January and I would love to have an Ergo!

meganruns at yahoo dot com

L.O'Hara | 6:53 AM

Trying to win for my best friend and niece. Thanks for the opportunity!

Marjorie | 6:55 AM

I am really impressed that you are able to carry two babies at once! I have been wanting to try an ergo, so would love the chance to win one here!

Kelly Kuntz | 6:56 AM

What a great giveaway!

Kristie | 6:59 AM

I really want this! Baby girl is 2 months old, this would be great!

Elizabethwi | 7:01 AM

I have wanted an ergo forever!!! Thanks for this giveaway!

Unknown | 7:01 AM

Wow! 4 at once! Go you! I'm expecting #2 next week and would love to try out the Ergo. Baby #1 didn't like to be carried, at least not IN a carrier, just in my arms, which was fine with just 1 but with a newborn and an almost 4 year old I think I might need my arms free!

Z | 7:04 AM

I love, love, love baby wearing! And have been through a number of carriers (Bjorn, slings, Infantino...) but the Ergo might just have to be my favorite! :)

Katie | 7:05 AM

I was a baby "wear-er" too! I loved every minute of it. He's a year old now and I still stick him in the carrier every now and then.

Unknown | 7:05 AM

Oo'h I could use another carrier. You may want to look into Kinderpack carriers or Bambaroo, they offer carrier's like the Ergo but bigger for when the girls outgrow the seat of the Ergo. I found that my 10month old has more support under her legs and deaper seat in my Kinderpack.

Christina | 7:07 AM

Love the double baby wearing! I've got a little one on the way in less than 2 months and would love to win!

KatieO | 7:12 AM

After a long year of TTC we found out that we are expecting! I've heard nothing but fantastic things about Ergo and really want to babywear! Thanks so much to you and Ergo for the great giveaway!

My email is in my profile (just in case:))

Meg | 7:17 AM

The Ergo is awesome. It is so much easier on my back than the Bjorn. I would love to win this for a dear friend that is prengant with number two.

Very Bloggy Beth | 7:21 AM

So in love with the Ergo! We had a Bjorn for our first and he outgrew it at like, 5 months old. I am really jonesing for an Ergo for our new baby, due in a month.

Taxidermy Worms | 7:23 AM

Babywearing FTW! I struggled with the Moby wrap for the first few months of my little guy's life but found I was just too short for that much fabric! More structured carriers work better for me... winning an Ergo would be amazing!

Elizabeth | 7:26 AM

Oh, I really want an Ergo! We have a beco, which is great, but has so many straps! We also have a Moby, which my husband has decided is too complicated. And you can never have too many carrier options, right?

Captain Inappropriate | 7:30 AM

I would love an Ergo! Baby-wearing is so much fun and my 5-month old is constantly in our Bjorn.

Allen | 7:33 AM

yes, please!

Mary H. | 7:35 AM

Thumbs up for babywearing!

Unknown | 7:36 AM

Yes please. Could you throw in a baby too? You know, a twofer.

Anonymous | 7:39 AM

I would love to win an Ergo. I'm due in February and have already been looking around at carriers... Thanks for linking back to cute Fable as a baby. I got caught up in your archives : )

Lisa | 7:41 AM

I'm 5 weeks pregnant and I'm already looking for things like baby carriers. I'd love to win the Ergo!
(lisa 'dot' melody at gmail)

Cezellbishop | 7:41 AM

hIt would be awesome to win this. Also, I need to know how you got into two soft-structured carriers. I have 7 month old twins and would love to be able to do this. I have seen one in front in a wrap, like a Moby, and one in back in a structured one like the ergo, but not to ssc's. Anyway, you rock and are my twin inspiration

Sara | 7:43 AM

it took me a while to fall in love with Ergo, I'm a tiny person and only wore it while babysitting, but once I got the hang of it life was so much easier!

leah | 7:46 AM

Well if I won this I would totally try the twin baby wearing!

Anonymous | 7:50 AM

Great post. I don't need an ergo (anymore), but had to laugh at: "...WHO CARES I AM GODDESS MOTHER BABY GODDESS!" You ARE, you totally, totally are.

ell_soprano | 7:53 AM

I have to take my baby daughter along to my son's school bus stop every day, and I have been trying to figure out what I'm going to do to keep her warm and dry when the weather gets nasty this winter. An Ergo carrier would be the perfect solution!

Kassia | 7:56 AM

I'd love to win an Ergo for my little bambino due in February.

Carrie | 7:58 AM

I would love to have an Ergo to go with my DIY wrap and mei tai. They look like they would be quicker to put on while on the go unlike dealing with all of the material in the wrap and mei tai!

Anonymous | 8:00 AM

Your "I can do this" attitude will keep you going. Be lifted up today knowing that you are setting an example for moms everywhere, reminding them of the superwoman power that resides in our veins. :)

Emily | 8:02 AM

Oh my god, I almost started tearing up when I saw this post. I've recently been feeling the same with my two little ones. I am always filled with guilt that I'm not spending enough time with each of them individually. I've also been DYING to get an Ergo but haven't been able to justify the cost since we already have a Moby. But I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have one! :)

Emily G | 8:10 AM

With baby #1 I never found a carrier that I liked. looks like i need an ergo for baby#2

Sharon | 8:10 AM

Great post! love the double baby wearing. I am waiting for #2 and have heard great things about the ergo.

sharon dot renee at gmail dot com

Rachel | 8:21 AM

Long time reader - first time commenter!

I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant and would love to win an Ergo carrier!

justkramer at yahoo dot com

corie | 8:31 AM

I can't believe you can carry both of them that easily! That's amazing. I'd love to win an ergo for my second born due in January!

DeAn | 8:37 AM

I love that picture of you with all your kids! I thought I was done with babywearing a year ago and gave away my carrier but I have the clingiest toddler ever and would love to win an Ergo.

Unknown | 8:42 AM

You make it look so easy! Your babies look so happy - what a beautiful family! I'd love to use an Ergo for my # 2. I used a Bjorn for #1, but this time around, I'd love to use the Ergo! So much more comfortable.

Sarah R. | 8:43 AM

I'm due in 12 weeks and would love to win an Ergo. I've heard so many great things about baby wearing and, especially, the Ergo.

Ashley | 8:44 AM

We love our Ergo! LOVE it. Honestly, it looks easier with two on you because it probably balances out the front and back! haha

Anonymous | 8:57 AM

For me the best thing about wearing a baby was that you couldn't tell I still had the baby weight! I would love to win that.

Unknown | 9:05 AM

I love baby wearing! It really is so convenient, and the only way I get things done most days.

Leslie | 9:05 AM

We are just starting to plan a family of our own and I love the idea wearing your baby! Thank you for the give-away!

Raq | 9:07 AM

The lattice one looks awesome!

coleycoupons | 9:17 AM

i would love an ergo.. we need a carrier badly!

Christen | 9:18 AM

Ah, I've always wanted one of these! I've heard such great things! I hope I win!

Saly | 9:22 AM

Oh, I need this! Expecting twins in the spring, and it sure would come in handy!

Stephanie and Matt | 9:26 AM

I'd love a carrier!

Anonymous | 9:29 AM

Aah, I'd love an Ergo!!! The small one wants to be held, the big ones need hugs and playtime and a lap and and and. Even when you're kicking ass at parenting, someone is left out, waiting.

That photo of you and all four is amazing. =)


Call me Kate | 9:36 AM

I'm expecting Baby #2 and I agree! I'm nervous about bonding...don't get me started on FOUR kids. That baby-wearer looks like it might solve a lot of problems, practical, anxiety-ridden, etc.

Ali | 9:36 AM

Love wearing the baby boy!

Ajohnson | 9:37 AM

I have a 10 month old and just found out I'm pregnant ( oops) and this carrier would most definitely be a lifesaver!!

MichelleL | 9:38 AM

Love the last picture!! Would love the Ergo, looks like the perfect baby carrier.

Ajohnson | 9:38 AM

I have a 10 month old and just found out I am pregnant (oops!!) this carrier would be a lifesaver!

Erin | 9:39 AM

I'd love an Ergo for my SIL. She's having her first baby and has nothing and no money to buy anything. Also no support from her family. An Ergo would be lovely.

Maggie | 9:43 AM

Oh babywearing days will be upon me again in November! I only had a bjorn with my first and it quickly got uncomfortable. I've heard nothing but awesomeness about Ergo and have been pining for one for #2! Thanks for a great giveaway (and your Goddess Mama prowess, that amazing stuff there!).

Kristi H. | 9:44 AM

I'm expecting my first baby in just over 6 weeks and would love an Ergo!

Radiantsun | 9:50 AM

totally unrelated comment to the content of this post. Is that a CAT IPHONE COVER?! I wants it my precious. o.k I just made that

Unknown | 9:53 AM

I so desperately want one, but I can't justify buying another carrier right now. Grrr.

Anonymous | 9:58 AM

What beautiful baby wearing picks! It really is a wonderful way to connect with the little ones. Thanks for sharing your prospective and pics :)

frans rilea khaous | 10:00 AM

would be over the moon for an ergo!

frans rilea khaous | 10:00 AM
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Anonymous | 10:01 AM

Cute! Those Ergo carriers look pretty great.

Brighid | 10:07 AM

I've been reading your blog from the beginning recently and I miss the girls, but love reading about Archer as a baby.

Unknown | 10:23 AM

Love baby wearing! I always kick myself when I think the stroller will be easier....must learn! Would love to win!

Gina | 10:24 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gina | 10:25 AM

I'm 34 weeks pregnant with #2 right now. My husband is working full-time AND going to school wearing is my plan of attack for surviving the coming months. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Fingers crossed that the giveaway gods look favorably upon me. :)

Milla | 10:30 AM

I love wearing babies but I don't have Ergo money...

Stephanie | 10:35 AM

Just found out I am pregnant with number three. Number two was actually too big to wear for more than a few months...he is now 33.5 lbs and 35.5 inches at 17 months. I hope I can wear number three a little longer and I would love an ergo!

Anonymous | 10:37 AM

I need a new carrier!! PS your kids are adorable.

Miss Rachel | 10:37 AM

I LOVE that picture of you wearing Bo and Revi. Supermama!!

Julie | 10:39 AM

Ergos rock!

Warrior Woman | 10:40 AM

My cousin has one on her registry and I would love to give her one!

Marge | 10:40 AM

Love baby wearing...Would love an Ergo!!!

Jamie | 10:42 AM

I would really enjoy one of these for my 3 month old! Thanks for the giveaway!

Unmadebeds | 10:42 AM

I have been looking longingly at these Ergos! I had a wrap, but I am so tall that the hip maneuver was tricky. Would love, love, love for this to be my savior!!

Jennifer C. | 10:44 AM

I could totally use one of these! I'm due in December! Thanks!

Tasha Imajin | 10:47 AM

I've heard such wonderful things about the Ergo carriers and I'd love to have one!
(tasha dot haley at yahoo dot com)

Unknown | 10:51 AM

Amazing baby wearing!

Tara | 10:51 AM

I'm having baby number 3 in a few weeks and will so be wearing him in order to still take care of his sisters.

Blaine Family | 10:51 AM

you truly are wonderful. thank you for continuing to share your experiences with us.

Stacy H | 10:52 AM

My friend has always used an Ergo and my sister tried it out the other day with her 8 m/o second child and loved it! She bought one the next day! Too bad she didn't have it for her first child. I would love to have an Ergo for my first baby. Thanks!!!

Stephanie | 10:59 AM

Your babies are so beautiful! I'm pregnant with my first. Thanks for all the inspiration!

Schnockered Mom | 11:02 AM

My 3 mo old wants to be held constantly. I've used a Bjorn so far but have read about them not being the best for their hips. Would love an Ergo.

Tal | 11:05 AM

My husband is really looking forward to babywearing our future little one (4 more weeks!!!), so it's encouraging to know it's worked so well with you!

Kace | 11:11 AM

With my first, I never found the perfect carrier. He didn't seem to like any of them! I'm hoping baby #2 is different, otherwise I don't know how I'll ever get anything done :) I'd love to win an Ergo!

Biondini | 11:15 AM

You ARE doing it! Would love to win. :-)

KellyDove | 11:40 AM

I want an ergo! I need an ergo!

Amanda M | 11:45 AM

I am still getting the hang of our ergo, but its been great so far. We didn't get the infant insert and baby is still a bit small, but I'm looking forward to wearing her more in there. I wish the hood on ours was not black, seems like it will get hot, and I wish we had gotten the organic option, but otherwise I love it!

Unknown | 11:53 AM

I'd love to have an Ergo! No babies yet, but it would be very helpful in the future.

cora d | 12:08 PM

You are doing it! Isn't that an awesome feeling?

I often tell my youngest - I did not approve you getting bigger. With her big sister, I'm so excited to see what she'll do next. Same with the baby, but it's more bittersweet.

Whenever my youngest gets her blanket doll in hand, she starts suckling - not on anything, just her tongue. She's never taken a pacifier or her thumb. But get that blankie near her face and away she goes.

Just random thoughts.

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