Boheme & Reverie, Eleven Months

These posts sneak up on me and then I don't really know where to begin. I started this post last night, on the same day I woke up and greeted my girls with "Happy Eleven Months!" and then this morning, "Happy Eleven Months and one day!" Tomorrow I'll just say good morning and then in a few weeks, they'll be one year old and then after that I'll stop counting months.
"They're one," I'll say even when they're one and three days and one and three months. "They're one and a half."

It's funny because everyone keeps telling us, "they were just born!" but I feel like they were born a thousand years ago. I don't even remember what those first few weeks felt like. Those first few months.  I was trying to remember how it was in the beginning, when my mom was here and I was up all night with my girls watching Rachel Zoe and crying for no reason. All of the twin parents I've talked to have told me that the first year is a total blur and without record of it here it absolutely would be. And even still I refuse to believe that Bo was ever anything but a bubble of sweetness and light. 
IMG_8296 IMG_8293 IMG_8121
A curly haired bubble of sweetness and light with a spirit to match and pools for eyes and OH MY GOD, this child, this cherub of a sweetheart, who hugs strangers and claps anytime anyone says, "hooray!" Who stands and steps and still falls, but barely. Who lets Archer carry her around the house by her armpits and giggles all the while.
I refuse to believe that Revi wasn't born making mischief. That she wasn't attempting to climb out of the bassinet in the NICU with her signature cackle. All those early months spent watching were merely her quietly plotting to make this house her own. Girlfriend knows what she wants and will stop at nothing to get it. Bo couldn't care less about who takes her toy. But if you LAY A FINGER ON REVI'S FAVORITE GOGGLES YOU WILL BE SORRY! She's our little muscle, this one. My style conscious little muscle, already getting into my sunglasses and wearing my hats. The big striped hat is her favorite and the other day she disappeared into my closet and reappeared wearing it. She crawled around for a while, bumping into things before finally tearing that bad boy off. 
IMG_8275 IMG_8273
Only to put it right back on again. 
She is serious and mischevious and shy. She has two blankies and a thumb she takes with her everywhere even when she's practicing her various skills. Both blankets belonged to Archer and she throws herself down upon them and rubs the ends against her nose and purrs and OH MY GOD, this child. 
Revi's my first and only thumbsucker and therefore sleeps incredibly well. Sometimes until 8am, when Bo's been up and playing for hours. Her laugh sounds like this: "Kee hee hee hee heeeeeeee" and when she knows she's being naughty she kee hee hees as she crawls at lightning speed toward the dog bowl where she splashes with all her mighty might until somebody grabs her and tells her no. And then she'll kee hee hee some more. Rascal.
She's petite for her age, a whole size smaller than her sister, but her appetite is just as voracious. Her hair is so dark its almost black and her eyes are these big beautiful almonds that stare without blinking and every time you say, "bye bye, Revi" she waves backwards with both hands.
IMG_8033 IMG_8300
Bo doesn't wave but she claps her hands and does this inside out giggle that sounds like a squeal and then she squints her nose and flares her nostrils and sometimes she looks exactly like my Nana and sometimes she looks like me and sometimes she looks like Hal. 
IMG_7868 IMG_8026
IMG_7870 Mostly, though, she just looks like herself.
IMG_8304 IMG_8145 IMG_8129 And just this week, she started taking steps. And boy was she proud...
IMG_8163 (We all were.)
We all are. Of both of them and all of them and each other for (mostly) rocking these last eleven months. 
IMG_8261 IMG_8141
These babies have brought more joy to our lives than is street legal. More mess and more stress and more struggle and more work and craziness and joy and joy and joyjoyjoy.


Ciara | 12:14 PM

Wow, I can't believe they are eleven months already. Where the hell did that time go? I started reading with your post about your engagement ring that kept breaking and I was so captured by the tenacity of your love. We don't have kids of our own yet but it's been a pleasure seeing your little ones grow. A hint at the future joys to come.

Kacy | 12:14 PM

you and Hal should get paid to have babies, they are that cute!!

Anonymous | 12:16 PM

That (first) photo of Bo taking her first steps...oh my. It makes my heart hurt and makes me get choked up. I love it so much. Fable face, Hal's face...all that love. That is what it is all about.

Dianne | 12:23 PM

OK I busted out crying when I saw the pic of Bo taking steps!! My son will be 9 months on Friday and pulling up trying to stand. This post reminds me he will be a year in a very short time!! The first year flies by no matter the number of babies :(

Molly | 12:27 PM

Your photos ... every one of them I think this, this is the one to enlarge and frame and keep forever and ever and then I scroll down and think no this, this is the one ...
All gorgeous, of such gorgeous subjects.
Nearly One Year!

Baby Kate's Mom | 12:29 PM

I love this post. It makes me want to have more babies. Yours are just too beautiful.

Stephanie Mussell (Beal) | 12:31 PM

Beautiful post and photos. You look GORGEOUS in the last one!

Red Stethoscope | 12:33 PM

They are beautiful and so are you! You look great in the last picture!

Renohacks | 12:42 PM

Rebecca, you have such a fine family. You are doing so great! You must be way proud of them ALL. Congrats on another milestone and can't believe they are 11 months already. Jo x

Stella | 12:42 PM

I think I came across your blog right as our twins had just been born, and wow they are so beautiful. I just love how individual they are, yet in your photos there are distinct similarities too that are so cute. :)

Stella | 12:45 PM

Oops I clearly left the '' y' off off your and wrote our twins- that is freaky since I dreamt about having twins or just a silly typo! X

Melanie | 12:59 PM

oh my goodness, fable's face in that picture of bo taking steps. thwack, knocked me over and the big tears won't stop. pure sweetness.

cALyPsO | 12:59 PM

Great job Momma!!
Taking steps?! WOW!! Amazing!!!

Kim | 1:08 PM

I love how much you are insanely in love with those girls, just as it should be. And I just swooned over the photo of them together at 7 months. I don't know why that one got me more than any others, it just did :)

Jessica | 1:15 PM

Honestly, I canNOT believe they're so big already - even though I watched it happen. Goodness. I love the pic of Revi in the hat with her little feet poking out the back, and I love Bo's curls. And I LOVE that they're so different, but so so so beautiful.

Ms. K | 1:36 PM

OH MY, the pic of Bo taking her steps with Fable so giddy and clapping and the surprise on Hal's face...I cried. I love that picture so much...the love your family shares is palpable in that picture. You make me wish for twins when I start having babies.

Sarah Elizabeth | 1:41 PM

This was truely an amazing post. You have a beautiful family and it reminds me every day that even though things can be chaotic (I have a 5 yr old girl, 3 yr old girl, and 7 month baby boy) it can still be amazing! Love love love following your blog.

Billie | 1:48 PM

Every single one of your posts makes my uterus cry! I would be convinced that I was done having children if it wasn't for Bo and Rev!!

S | 1:59 PM

Adorable. Completely adorable.

I'm lucky that I don't become impregnated just by reading these posts.

Marie M. | 2:31 PM

I love how you chronicle the months. Height and weight and all the other monkey business statistics that we tend to focus on goes right out the window. You focus on the love and what's really important.

Tracey R | 2:35 PM

I smiled through this whole post! Such joy and love.

Mandy S. | 3:39 PM

I've been contemplating a second baby, and lately the days have been teetering towards.."maybe notttt...." until I read this post and I'm weeping at the end thinking, "I want another one- maybe it'll be TWINS!" Loved this post.

Jen | 4:02 PM

I am 28 weeks along with twins (and have a toddler at home), so I am a bit relieved to know the sleepless nights leave your memory. I am absolutely terrified this time around of having TWO babies....and a TODDLER!. Your girls are adorable, as is the rest of your family.

Janel | 4:05 PM

My baby and your babies are a month apart in age, and it's such a delight to reflect every month with you on how much our babies have grown.

Hayley | 4:41 PM

Wow, they way your write about your little ones growing is beautiful. Your family is filled with love and fills me with excitement at thought of one day too having a large family.

Anonymous | 5:00 PM

I have made it to 62 years and envied nothing in this world. That is, until I've watched your family, and witnessed it grow. Oh how I envy you and Hal, oh my yes.

Glorious, all of you. It makes me weep at the thought of what could have been, might have been, in another life, another world.

Bless you all.


Flawed Mommy | 5:28 PM

Your children are so beautiful! Happy 11 month birthday to them!!!

Shelley Senai | 6:11 PM

You, my dear, are the luckiest ever.

Cave Momma | 6:15 PM

That picture of Bo taking her first steps brought tears to my eyes. Just seeing Fable's and Hal's excitement was beyond BEYOND awesome! Brings back memories of mine starting to walk in such different ways (not twins).

I can't believe how gorgeous they both are. How gorgeous you ALL are. That very last picture of you and them is just beautiful.

HAS | 6:22 PM

You have such a beautiful family! I can't believe the babies are 11 months already. When they turn the big 1, it will be a party for your ENTIRE family - you, Hal, Archer, Fable, Bo & Rev, your mom, dad, Nana, sister, brother...etc. You all have rocked this year! Thanks for sharing so much with us (me). xo

glenda | 7:31 PM

Happy 11mos to R&B!
They are beautiful x2
A&F are beautiful too

Anonymous | 9:35 PM

They really are so cute.

Kelley | 6:01 AM

I, too, burst into tears seeing the picture of Bo taking her first steps - such a fantastic picture! Your family just seems so wonderful and supportive. It's such a delight to be able to watch your family evolve.

Arnebya | 6:49 AM

I love how your writing and pictures make me feel like I'm not on the outside reading in, but that I've been able to watch the girls (and Archer and Fable) grow in real time. While it seems strange to say the number -- 11 months, wow -- it FEELS like yeah, it's been nearly a year, although, damn, why does it seem longer? Just like you said, like they've been around a thousand years (so I'm sure it truly feels that way for you).

Mommy Anderson | 7:30 AM

EEEEK! You make me feel oh, so not ready! My Bo is due in the next 3 weeks - and I already want him to slow down. Happy 11 months to the girls!

Unknown | 9:23 AM

Could they be any cuter?! Oh my....I think I could look at Revi's eyes and squish Bo's cheeks for hours....

Mad Max and Family | 10:25 AM

What a great post of their first year? Always love the photos. It goes so fast! My baby is 19 months already, and I can't even believe it.

He has his lil sis on the way. I hope I can soak up every min of her first year.


Amy K | 10:40 AM

I have been reading since before you got pregnant with them, and seeing that they are almost one makes me tear up. I feel like I have grown up with them. Thank you for making your life open to us and letting us see how magical, sometimes confusing and messy, but really magical it is!

Molly | 11:09 AM

You look so gorgeous! What a beautiful family.

stella | 4:21 PM

Wow, wow, wow. Beautiful family and we thank you for sharing it with us. What an eleven months, it has been indeed.

robin | 5:07 PM

Holy cuteness, Batman! They are beautiful. Really, truly.

Erin Lane | 5:15 PM

I have not checked in on you in awhile and wow, such beautiful babies. glad to see that all is well lady!

Anonymous | 7:12 PM

What a huge amount of love in that large family of yours. Really. The love is palpable via the computer screen. Incredible.


Jos | 10:57 AM

I'm a long time reader, but shitty at commenting. Coming out of the woodwork (aka, reading on my computer instead of my phone) to say how much I love these updates. You have such a love, joyous family. I love reading about your lives. :)

Jenna | The Eighty Twenty | 9:10 AM

This post just got me all sorts of emotional. I love how unique and special and beautiful they both are. I didn't start reading until they were about 9 months so looking back is also so lovely. Happy eleven months girls!!!

Unknown | 9:16 AM

Wow. I can't believe they're almost a year old! And looking through all of the photos from the day they were born 'til now -- breathtaking!

amybeth | 10:19 AM

Gosh you make me want a boatload of kids. I <3 your family!