Liner Notes 8/20

I've spent the last few days hacking-up-lungs-sick so I'm going to let this week's photos mostly speak for themselves.
IMG_8532 IMG_8527 IMG_8554 IMG_8883 IMG_8710 (gettin' figgy with it)
IMG_8247 IMG_8250 IMG_8706 IMG_8858 IMG_8694 IMG_8499 IMG_8435
We shot seven episodes of Childstyle in the last week and a half including these four (BEYOND incredible) spaces:
IMG_8069 IMG_8430 IMG_8453 IMG_8429 IMG_8039
It's been awesome but totally crazy, the perfect combination of fun and insane. Tomorrow's our last day of shoots (until October) and I'm going to miss the crew terribly. We've all become super close friends and I attach myself rather fiercely to adults these days. But it's also been very burn-the-candle-at-both-end(ish) up in here.  Eight shoots in thirteen days and I am a dead person. Sick and dead. Sick and dead and newly inspired to get moving on Archer and Fable's bedroom design.
IMG_8170 IMG_8685 IMG_8553
IMG_8892 IMG_8857
IMG_8394 IMG_8354 IMG_8855
Archer started school last week. Second grade. Second grade! I still remember my first day of second grade. Specifically the boy I fell crazy in love with and spent the next four years pining after. There were also friends, of course, and my teacher Mr. Reynolds who I have kept in touch with over the years, but mainly I can't shake the notion that Archer is the age I was when I met Mike. Oh, Mike. Mike with his stained Padres cap and long flowing locks. Mike with his sea blue eyes and long flowing locks. And those locks! So flowing!

Anyway. I don't know why I chose to write about Mike right now. I wasn't even going to write anything tonight and now I feel all nostalgic for all the Mikes of Christmas past and future... for my former second grade self and my seven year old manchild who will someday have a first love all his own. Flowing locks? Time will tell.

In the meantime, here is a video of Revi playing peek-a-Bo.

And a photo of my happy place: 
(Happy Monday Tuesday, everyone.) 



Ciara | 12:56 AM

Sorry to hear you are poorly but my-those photos! They make my heart swell, I can't imagine what it must do to you! Ciara

Emma | 1:21 AM

Wow that third one down of Bo is so dramatic! Like she is storming down stage about to make her grand entrance (maybe in 'La boheme'?) In fact all your kids look like they belong on stage in some form. Hope you feel better real soon xx

Mommy Anderson | 6:38 AM

Love the legwarmers!!

Paula | 6:45 AM

Hope I'll be able to watch your new HGTV video's even though I'm in Australia? Still desperate to see the last lot!!

Adrianne | 7:37 AM

The pictures are amazing as usual. Love the one of Revi turning her head and looking at Bo who is looking at her in the mirror. Great capture!

And the video is so cute:) My 11 month old loves playing peek-a-boo with anything and everything. She'll hide behind the chair in the living room or put her shirt on her face or whatever. It's so adorable. But now I'm thinking how much cuter it would be if she were playing with a twin sister. What an awesome thing you get to watch everyday: baby twin interactions. So cool.

Arnebya | 8:05 AM

These are gorgeous, as usual. But I find myself drawn to one in particular: Read the book, Revi; read it!

Anonymous | 8:05 AM

1. Beautiful, beautiful children. As always.

2. I have house envy. My MCM mid-western home has about 1% the charm of your place.

3. Every time you share a picture of Bo I think of my littlest one / fair skin, bright blue eyes, and curls springing up around the back of her head.

4. Fable is a ballerina!!! =)

5. Archer's haircut. Wow. =)

Feel better.


Anonymous | 9:38 AM

Beautiful photos. And that video is tender!

I think you may have posted about this before, but what is that car track thingy archer is playing with? My 5yo would lose his mind over that!

Unknown | 9:58 AM

Bo's chunky legs!!! Ahhh how I miss my babies having chunky legs! Loved the video. Those girls are going to be the best of friends, I can just tell....

Myra | 10:08 AM

I see a tree house dollhouse in the fifth photo from the top that I've pined after. Problem is that I have boys who have not, as yet, demonstrated an interest in that type of play. Was Archer interested in the tree house? What about other readers-- have your boys played with gender-neutral doll house type things?

Jenna | The Paleo Project | 11:31 AM

ALL THE MIKES OF CHRISTMAS PAST. Seriously - mine was named sean and if we were on the swings together going at the exact speed it meant we were "married".... No shame. Archer's gon break all the hearts and not because he's not a sensitive soul, but because he's so focused on things like music or art and he doesn't even realize he's not paying attention to the girls

Momma Moose Diaries | 3:05 PM

What a beautiful blog you have here. I can't get over how stunning your A) Photography is B) Kids are C) You house is. (In no particular order, I must add!)
The nursery that you have creaed is just gorgeous I really love it.
Oh and I hope you start to feel on the mend soon.

Unknown | 4:13 PM

Is it wrong that Childstyle is kind of inspiring me for my own space?

Feel better, lovely. I feel ya on the burning the candle at both ends thing. <3

L.L. | 7:22 PM

I can empathize - I am 21 weeks pregs and battling step. Feeling terrible but love your lovely posts!

jenrobburton | 7:46 PM

Love, love, love the photo of Revi watching Bo look in the mirror.

Awesome moment captured!

Megan | 6:19 PM

OMG cute their giggles. I also love the pics of the big sibs with the babes. My Mike was Matthew...I remember him in first grade....
Also I could just squeeze Bo's little legs....!

jeannie | 7:13 PM

the video...what a moment. those are precious little babes!

nataloon | 12:36 PM

The pictures are AWESOME. I just love love love them.

Question: Where do you shop for the girls' dresses? I'm in love with all of them!!