Liner Notes 8/27

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This past week Bo started walking and Revi cut four new teeth to add to her collection of two. (Bo is still our toothless wonder and has no desire to have teeth at the current time because she doesn't need them and they're overrated.)
Things that are not overrated, however, tutus 24/7: IMG_9092
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New kitchens c/o old friends and their generous hand-me-downs:
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Revi, in the window:
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And under my skin:
...but my favorite moment of the week came when Bo, after spending the last six months watching Revi wave bye-bye and say hi-hi, finally figured out how to do it herself. And it happened to be at the exact moment I was filming a little video, which I seldom do. I take a hundred thousand million photos (as you know) but video, at least with Bo and Rev has been something I've stayed mostly away from. 
Mainly because I've found that video is far too upsetting to watch. I feel sick when I watch videos of Archer as a baby. I feel sad and sick and not in a sweet, nostalgic way like I do with photos. It's almost macabre. Like I'm eavesdropping on something that has died. 

Which sounds incredibly dramatic but there you go. There you go! 

Anyway. Here I am posting video when I hate video but OH MY GOD, she discovered her wave. Ms. Bo Sha-lo discovered her wave. And I had to share because the look on her face... the shock and awe of "holy shit, this is my HAND and it is moving back and forth in a wave like fashion and I am doing it. I am DOING THIS THING!" moved me pretty much to tears and sobs and wails. Discovery is an intense thing, you guys. Especially when it's happening to someone you love. 

ED: Remind me to delete this post in a year because it will break me in 472 pieces to watch this again. It's already breaking me to watch it right now. Because last week Bo didn't wave and this week she does and on Friday she walked across two small rooms to land in my lap and Revi has a thousand new teeth and can say "mama" and "dada" and Bo kisses her dolls now and and and. 
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Jodi | 9:44 AM

That video is one of the cutest things I have ever seen!!

Tove | 9:45 AM

Ohj my, her amazement at that waving hand is adorable!

Loran | 9:47 AM

It breaks me into pieces too when I watch videos of my two girls when they were small. Now they are in their twenties. It all goes too fast.

Kathy | 9:55 AM

That is magical!

Allen | 9:55 AM

That last picture of Reverie looks like she is on a train in South America. Random, but its where my head went and I think it'd awesome to have a pic, to pair it with, of her actually on a train when she is off exploring the world!

Tilly | 10:15 AM

Gah her little wave is adorable!

Kristen | 10:21 AM

That is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen! Open, close, open, close, holy shit! That's my hand and I'm doing it!

On a related note, this has convinced me that I want another baby. I want to see that again.

Kim | 10:45 AM

Effing awesome. Love the look on her face.

Anonymous | 10:53 AM


Thrifty Vintage Kitten | 11:01 AM

I love that video! It's like she's all, "DUDE! My hand is WAVING!! What the...?" Classically adorable.

Heather Bauer | 12:03 PM

To die for! So amazing..and adorable..and a million other words that start with A!

Kate | 12:14 PM

Cutest thing ever - the amazement on her face. Do not let yourself delete!

I feel like I should go take a video of my son now before it is too late!

Sometimes I like to think of home videos as if they are going to be on "Behind the Music" (or some equivalent) someday. Like, when Bo becomes an Olympic handball player, or concert pianist or whatever, they'll be showing this clip and saying, "And that was the moment she discovered the use of her hands!" ; )

Amy J. | 12:26 PM

After watching that video and reading your words I spontaneously burst into tears thinking about the days spent video my babes so many years ago (they are soon to be 11 and 8). I found just this morning photos of them as babies and toddlers and could hardly believe how fast that time went by.

You described PERFECTLY the way I’ve always felt watching home movies of the girls. It’s not’s painful. Well, that’s not true. It is SO UTTERLY love for them so enormous that I YEARN to my core to go back, see them that little and feel those days. But, I can’t and that is a sadness only another mother could understand. A longing and missing like nothing else. Ok, now I’m crying again.

I just recently had to have an emergency, this is particularly hitting me hard. Cherish every second of it and take tons of videos because one day you’ll enjoy the longing...or at least want to feel it because it will be so far gone in time. : )

nataloon | 12:30 PM

OMG, I cried!!

Kay | 12:35 PM

You're right, her face is absolutely amazing. I started crying too, and she's not even my kid, so no wonder you do too!

It's astonishing how meaningful such a little moment is. Thank you for sharing.

My Bottle's Up! | 12:45 PM


(translation: i died. UNBELIEVABLE.)


Jenna | The Eighty Twenty | 12:47 PM

stop it I can't even handle this. She's just like "wait.. wait.. waiiiiiiit a minute..... am i? I am! I AM!"

Zoƫ | 1:17 PM

As a mum of three kids who are growing up super fast, I totally get what you mean about these home movies. My husband surprised me by putting some old video of our son as a baby on DVD (he is now 8). I was both delighted and in agony. But at the same time, isn't it so cool that you caught that exact moment on film? That fleeting moment of wondrous discovery, and now you can watch it again and again. And so can I - thanks for sharing :-)

Unknown | 2:06 PM

Oh god, that made ME cry! She was SO IMPRESSED with herself! I wish I could feel that as an adult!

glenda | 2:19 PM

So stinking cute! yay Bo!

ilovethemidwest | 2:30 PM

Tears. My boy is 7 months, I totally relate, and... Tears.

Christina | 3:20 PM

OMG the beauty. Did you notice she waves at six seconds in?? I thought that was it until she was doing her super waves at the end. Go Bo! Thank you so much for sharing that moment with all of us. It was magic.

Anonymous | 4:37 PM

The joy in your voice made my heart skip a beat. Beautiful moment.

Libby | 4:58 PM

My baby is just a couple of days younger than Bo and Revi, and every day I see her turning into a toddler. My big girl is the same age as Fable, and I cannot remember when it was that she stopped being a toddler and started being a little girl. It happened in the blink of and eye, and I wish I had more videos of her. Must take more video of the 'bobbler'

Kim | 5:07 PM

OMG that slayed me! She looked at her hand like it could not possibly belong to her and should it keep on doing this thing? Love love love it!


I cannot tell you how RELIEVED I feel knowing that someone else feels the same way about video! I can burst into tears just thinking about video of Westley as a baby.

ec | 6:02 PM

seriously, that is the cutest. thing. ever.

S | 7:21 PM

That moment of amazement in her eyes was priceless. So amazing!

Annie | 7:45 PM

I love her complete awe! So amazingly cute. By the way, The Innocence Mission is my favorite band. Karen Paris is the best.

Jenn | 8:26 PM

"Discovery is an intense thing, you guys. Especially when it's happening to someone you love."

This. This *exactly* how I feel when I watch my 11-month-old, but I've never been able to put it into words.

Thank you.

onlyconnect | 8:52 PM

Aw, what a sweet video! I also loved hearing your reaction, your encouragement, and your laughter. It was such a lovely moment, thanks for that. (And I love the Innocence Mission, too!)

vickichristine | 11:01 PM

i giggled and cried at little bo and her revelation. such a perfect capture. :)

Jayme | 2:19 AM

As the mama of a just-turned-2 year old who asks for "her" songs in the car and then proceeds to sing all the words to the songs and tell me she's awesome and ask when she can drive, let me tell you: this video broke ME into a million pieces. And also sent me into a depressive wormhole of baby videos that my husband had to fetch me out of, puffy-eyed and clutching my snotty Kleenex. It's beautiful and heartbreaking and oh my god, so amazing.

Allison | 7:08 AM

Elephant on my chest. I was laughing and then crying. So happy for little Bo! She is a big girl and a badass waver!

dgm | 8:41 AM

That made me produce tears. Yay, Bo!

I produce tears whenever I watch old video of my two (now 14 and 9). "Like I'm eavesdropping on something that has died." Yes. But bringing it back to life through viewings--that's magical and otherworldly.

The Jorgensen's | 9:27 AM

I feel the same way when I look at my kids' pictures from just a year ago! They get big all too fast.

Amber S | 11:15 AM

Oh my god, you're such a good mom (your encouraging commentary at the point of discovery)! That's all.

Chicago Mom (Heather) | 1:18 PM

Wow. I never met another person who could describe exactly how I feel when I watch old video of my kids. I feel exactly like you do. Just sick and sad that they will never be "like that" again.

Unknown | 1:25 PM

I loved the video! I laughed, I cried and I imagined my little 7 month old doing that one day soon, so I cried more. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and magical moments with your family!

chesapeake | 1:52 PM

You know how sometimes you went out when you were younger before you had kids and saw a family with screaming, awful children and thought "Gaaaah, that is the BEST form of birth control I've ever seen."

This video is the exact opposite of that for me. Babies!!! Are. AWESOME. Or maybe just your babies. :-)

Thesinglegirl | 4:51 PM

Thanks for proving kids doesn't mean you become some style less, sex with holding milk machine. It's moms like you that give me ( a very happily child free woman in my 20's) hope that there is abundant life after kids. Who knows I may trade in my unadultered freedom for a baby Bjorne one day :)

Anonymous | 7:26 PM

I know exactly how you feel-the bittersweet of babies. One day you can't wait to not be pregnant again, and the next thing you know you are putting your 1st grader on the bus. It breaks my heart, but I can't have a million babies just so I never lose those firsts. Instead, I have to celebrate the big-kid firsts, then the teenage firsts and the grownup firsts. And then, hopefully, I'll be old and go quietly in my sleep...

Kat | 3:47 AM

Don't normally post but had to on the extreme cuteness of that video. Her expression is absolutely priceless.

My boys are now 2.5 and 4.5 and it feels like forever ago that they were at this age of innocent wonder.

katie | 11:21 AM

I feel the EXACT same way about watching videos. I was JUST trying to explain this to a friend. You say it so much beter than I could, all I could muster was that it was like a heartbreaking death. That little person in that moment does not exist anymore. BAHHHHHH, weep weep.

Susan | 7:08 PM

Count me as another mom who can't stand to watch videos of her kids. I started tearing up watching that video of adorable little Bo so you can imagine how much I can't handle my own kids or mine from childhood. I wish I could handle them better. As usual, excellent post!

Anne | 9:08 AM

I very rarely comment but OMG, that video totally broke ME up!! Most adorable baby video I've ever seen.

Anonymous | 11:07 AM

They almost looked like they were doing a synchronized dance together in the beginning. Seeing Bo wave was so beautiful! Kids sure are wondrous little things.

Dorothy | 4:52 PM

I had to supplement with my second and found it adventageous to be friends with our pediatrician :) He hooked us up every time we went in for a check-up, loading our bag with as much free sample formula that we could fit...I especially liked getting those to-go packets this way!

I like breastfeeding largely because it's free, so I searched for deals and freebies on formula as much as possible - there actually are a lot out there.

kristi | 9:35 PM

omg, this killed me! thanks for sharing!

Smead Organomics | 8:28 AM

How unbelievably cool - you can really see the thought process going on and very special you caught it on video.

cmkerwin | 9:27 AM

OMG I boo hooed. So cute.

My Name Is Jonas | 6:05 PM

I cry every time I read your blog. I mean that in the best possible way. Thank you for sharing. So much beauty. <3

Catherine | 5:03 AM

Oh goodness, that was really sweet. I moved me to choke up a bit too. I hear you with the videos, though. Whenever I see old ones of my (getting too big too fast) children, I get hit pretty hard with the nostalgia. I still take them, though, I figure some day they will want to see them...