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The following post was sponsored by Ergobaby. Thanks, Ergo!
Since my babies were very little, I have worn them. Okay, so I wore Bo mostly and had I known how easy (and comfortable) it was to wear both of them, I would have done so. I would have eaten my words on the multiples babywearing tip and rocked that thing with pride. 
with Bo @ three months
With everyone, two weeks ago
I baby-wore Archer and Fable as well but for different reasons. I was on my own with zero help when they were babies so wearing them was the only way I could get anything done.

With Bo and Revi, I've been fortunate enough to have help during the day when I work, but still for the first six months I had a baby on my body pretty much all the time. It was the only way for me to connect with my girls one on one.
Something I was unprepared for when Bo and Revi were born was my inability to split my attention between them. I loved them unconditionally of course but because there were two of them I couldn't spend hours (let alone minutes) gazing into one pair of eyes. I was unable to take them with me everywhere like I did with Archer and Fable. Their schedules were for the most part, identical, so getting up with one in the middle of the night meant getting up with two, which isn't exactly "special mommy baby bonding time." And I needed that. It was confusing for me to have such a different experience.

Because Archer was my only child when he was a baby, "bonding" with him was never a worry. He was my only and therefore got the most of me. With Fable it was much the same. I nursed her for thirteen months and in that time she was stuck to me like glue until we both outgrew each other and became separate humans.

But with the twins, a very different story. I wouldn't be able to nurse them and I was totally at peace with that. I wouldn't be able to give them my everything either (Not even half of my everything!) so developing relationships with them individually would be much more challenging. I knew this would be the case but it was still incredibly hard on me. Here were these babies I adored and wanted to sit with and marvel at but I couldn't. I couldn't be there for them like I was with Archer and Fable.

Almost a year later, I'm FAR less hard on myself. Bo and Revi are incredibly well adjusted babies who have been surrounded by love and attention since birth. From me and Hal but also from their siblings, grandparents, great grandparents and our incredible nanny who is here with them when I work.

Still, creating one on one time with my babes would not have been possible without my "pack" which I wore, no joke, for hours and hours (and hours) at a time every single day. I realized early on that if I was going to spend bonding time with my babies individually, wearing them was the best way to do so. So on walks? I wore one and pushed the other in Fable's old single stroller, trading off babies every other day.

And when Bo started sleeping fine in her crib? I wore Revi during her nap and it was lovely.
And now, with Bo and Revi all grown up and all of us very much bonded, I wear them for more practical reasons, like, say getting them both in and out of the car when I pick the kids up from school or go on errands (shopping carts only have room for one baby = womp womp) and/or for keeping Revi from busting into the bathroom and unspooling the entire toilet paper roll. 
I snapped this yesterday on my way out the door to pick up Archer from his first day of second grade.  (Sniff!)
I've also recently started wearing both of them to places where strollers are too much work. (The beach, Archer's stair-filled school...) It isn't often I get a photo of myself with all of my kids because I'm usually behind the camera but the one below is one of my favorite photos ever because I AM DOING IT, GUYS! I am holding all four of my kids while crossing the street and nobody is crying and it only took two hours to get out the door but WHO CARES I AM GODDESS MOTHER BABY GODDESS!
... So thank you, thank you, Ergo. Thank you for having my back and my front and my babies on lock when I need them to be. Thank you for allowing me to hug my girls all day long for the last eleven months. It's made all the difference. 


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Updated: Congrats to commenter #10, Jessica Oliveto and thanks to everyone for participating in this giveaway! 



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Margaux | 11:44 AM

I have no idea how you manage to get out and about with four children. I can barely handle two! :)

ruth | 12:23 PM

i love love love babywearing!! would love to win one of these beauties.

jessicamichelle | 3:32 PM

you & the babes are adorable...and the ergos are amazing, especially organic ones. rock on.

devon | 3:32 PM

Just wanted to say that I appreciate you being 'out' about your nanny - as well as your baby-on-body parenting. Sometimes I feel like the bloggy-mommy world is taking their cues from Bradgelina about needing to pretend they care for their children all by themselves - even though we can all see that it is unlikely if not impossible. This post is good evidence that even with help, there is always more baby. You keep it real.

Redpengirl | 4:15 PM

I would love to try this with baby #2!

rk | 6:38 PM

I would love an Ergo! I have used other slings and carriers, but nothing is as comfortable.

Kat | 7:18 PM

Love my ergo! So much better than the Baby Bjorn I started with.

bostonmomma! | 9:33 PM

What a great idea. I so want an ergo for babe #2

debbiem | 10:22 PM

The double ergo babywearing is amazing - love that pic!

Bobbie | 7:21 AM

These look amazing! Wish I had one (or two). :)

Anonymous | 7:52 AM

LOVE that pic of you & your sweeties! Babywearing ROCKS! I myself have a Kozy Carrier & a Beco Gemini and would love to add an Ergo to the mix.

emily at nimold dot com

jervell | 7:55 AM

Waiting for baby#3, and I think I'm on a need my hands free! Thanks for the contest.

Momma Moose Diaries | 8:12 AM

I am relativley new to youur blog and have utterly fallen in love with it. It has even inpsired me to start my own 'Mummy Blog' :-) Thank you for that!
I am expecting my first child and cannot express my excitement. I would really appreciate an ergo as like you I have 2 large dogs that need LARGE walks regulary and just because I have a little one, I don't want to stop bonding with my pooches. So, the idea of being able to carry the little bundle of joy whilst walking my other two bundles makes me a little giddy inside with lovliness.


Allison | 10:26 AM

I want to wear me some baby!

Laura from Lalymom | 12:02 PM

Would love this for baby #2 next month! I like the latice one better but if it doesn't come ready to use with an infant that I'd go with the infant ready set. Nice giveaway and great pics!

Laura from Lalymom | 12:04 PM
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Melissa | 1:16 PM

I would love an ergo of my own, I've borrowed a friend's and hate that I have to give it back to her!

Anuli | 7:53 PM

I used a sling with my daughter 3 years ago. I would absolutely love to try the Ergo with our new baby arriving in January. Your pic wearing two babies at once is amazing!

amy | 12:46 AM

LLtheployWOW! would love to win!

amy | 12:49 AM

LLtheployWOW! would love to win!

JeanwithaJ | 5:20 AM

I'm a first-timer expecting twins (!!!) in Spring 2013 and would be very grateful to tote my tots around in the Ergo, a la GGC-mother-baby-goddess-style!

Bunny | 10:41 AM

You make the twin thing look easy. Or maybe it's just the Ergo. :D

Alissa | 6:03 PM


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