Babies on Board (Sponsored & Giveaway)

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Since my babies were very little, I have worn them. Okay, so I wore Bo mostly and had I known how easy (and comfortable) it was to wear both of them, I would have done so. I would have eaten my words on the multiples babywearing tip and rocked that thing with pride. 
with Bo @ three months
With everyone, two weeks ago
I baby-wore Archer and Fable as well but for different reasons. I was on my own with zero help when they were babies so wearing them was the only way I could get anything done.

With Bo and Revi, I've been fortunate enough to have help during the day when I work, but still for the first six months I had a baby on my body pretty much all the time. It was the only way for me to connect with my girls one on one.
Something I was unprepared for when Bo and Revi were born was my inability to split my attention between them. I loved them unconditionally of course but because there were two of them I couldn't spend hours (let alone minutes) gazing into one pair of eyes. I was unable to take them with me everywhere like I did with Archer and Fable. Their schedules were for the most part, identical, so getting up with one in the middle of the night meant getting up with two, which isn't exactly "special mommy baby bonding time." And I needed that. It was confusing for me to have such a different experience.

Because Archer was my only child when he was a baby, "bonding" with him was never a worry. He was my only and therefore got the most of me. With Fable it was much the same. I nursed her for thirteen months and in that time she was stuck to me like glue until we both outgrew each other and became separate humans.

But with the twins, a very different story. I wouldn't be able to nurse them and I was totally at peace with that. I wouldn't be able to give them my everything either (Not even half of my everything!) so developing relationships with them individually would be much more challenging. I knew this would be the case but it was still incredibly hard on me. Here were these babies I adored and wanted to sit with and marvel at but I couldn't. I couldn't be there for them like I was with Archer and Fable.

Almost a year later, I'm FAR less hard on myself. Bo and Revi are incredibly well adjusted babies who have been surrounded by love and attention since birth. From me and Hal but also from their siblings, grandparents, great grandparents and our incredible nanny who is here with them when I work.

Still, creating one on one time with my babes would not have been possible without my "pack" which I wore, no joke, for hours and hours (and hours) at a time every single day. I realized early on that if I was going to spend bonding time with my babies individually, wearing them was the best way to do so. So on walks? I wore one and pushed the other in Fable's old single stroller, trading off babies every other day.

And when Bo started sleeping fine in her crib? I wore Revi during her nap and it was lovely.
And now, with Bo and Revi all grown up and all of us very much bonded, I wear them for more practical reasons, like, say getting them both in and out of the car when I pick the kids up from school or go on errands (shopping carts only have room for one baby = womp womp) and/or for keeping Revi from busting into the bathroom and unspooling the entire toilet paper roll. 
I snapped this yesterday on my way out the door to pick up Archer from his first day of second grade.  (Sniff!)
I've also recently started wearing both of them to places where strollers are too much work. (The beach, Archer's stair-filled school...) It isn't often I get a photo of myself with all of my kids because I'm usually behind the camera but the one below is one of my favorite photos ever because I AM DOING IT, GUYS! I am holding all four of my kids while crossing the street and nobody is crying and it only took two hours to get out the door but WHO CARES I AM GODDESS MOTHER BABY GODDESS!
... So thank you, thank you, Ergo. Thank you for having my back and my front and my babies on lock when I need them to be. Thank you for allowing me to hug my girls all day long for the last eleven months. It's made all the difference. 


My lovely friends at Ergobaby are offering a 10% discount to all GGC readers. Just use code GIRLSGONECHILD10 at the register! Annnnnd, I also have an Organic Ergobaby carrier up for giveaway grabs this lovely afternoon! (Winner gets to choose between Lattice or one of the Organic Bundle carriers with infant insert!) To win? Leave a comment below. I'll pick a winner via next Friday, August 24th. Good luck and happy babywearing!


Updated: Congrats to commenter #10, Jessica Oliveto and thanks to everyone for participating in this giveaway! 



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The girls | 12:13 PM

Kudos to you for wearing both at once! You're rocking it.

Becca from | 12:19 PM

Me likey! I'm due in one month (*shudder*).

Becky | 12:23 PM

I love the ergo! Totally saved my back (and sanity) with two big babies. Just sent mine with a friend who's starting an orphanage in Vietnam to carry lots of sweet little babes, then found out we were pregnant with no. 3!! Could totally use a replacement! :)

amanda | 12:24 PM

Baby #2 is baking, and I'd soooo love to have an Ergo. I know so much more now, than I did w/#1 when we used a (gasp!) Bjorn!

Therese | 12:36 PM

I'm preparing for baby #1 and think you pull off motherhood beautifully. I hope I rock it as well as you do. x

Amber S | 12:36 PM

Love it! I gotta try the front-back get would even out the weight at least (well one of my twins is 2 lbs bigger, but what's 2 lbs?!).

You ARE a Goddess and you do it so well.

adslama AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous | 12:36 PM

Happy Babywearing, indeed. You go, Mama!

Anonymous | 12:37 PM

^^I'm an idiot. How 'bout my email?

Leah D. | 12:38 PM

I just love the pic of the 5 of you. Multi-tasking in its finest. :)

Lindsay | 12:52 PM

This would absolutely make my day! I am due with my first baby in November and have really been wanting an ergo carrier. Also, 8/24 is my birthday, so I pretty much deserve to win. ;0

Jesse Gray | 12:53 PM

Love the double ergs!

Janey | 1:05 PM

My son has outgrown the wrap and I'd love to try him in an Ergo!

Kate | 1:37 PM

I always tell people that Babywearing is the only thing that saves my sanity somedays. When my daughter just wants to be held and I just need a breather.

Anonymous | 1:40 PM

I made the mistake of getting a Baby Bjorn for my baby, and all my more experienced baby wearing friends never let me hear the end of it. Need that Ergo!


Analisa | 1:42 PM

Pregnant with our first baby and I would LOVE an Ergo to carry him around in! :)

Ashlie | 1:47 PM

I love the picture of you with all of your kids. You are totally doing it, what an inspiration. My son is 10 months, he'll be a little over one when my next is born. I would love a carrier so I can do the stroller/carrier walks thing. Thank you for the giveaway!

Lulu | 1:55 PM

Just found out I am preggo with baby #2. Would love an ergo so that I can manage both baby and toddler. Love your blog!

lindseystetson at yahoo dot com

Chris and Kelli Ann | 2:05 PM

beautiful beautiful babies!

lacy | 2:09 PM

Totally would love this for number 2 on the way. I have the Moby and it just doesn't work as well once they are bigger!

Kate Jaffe | 2:19 PM

As always, you are an inspiration, and I hope to be as positive and amazing when I am a mom! Since I'm not a mom yet, I think I'll donate the carrier if I win. xo

Laura | 2:30 PM

Oh, how perfect would this be???! My husband and I are trying to cap off a truly epic week with getting pregnant. Here's to having fun trying. :)

Tracey | 2:34 PM

Well, my kids are 8 and 10 so they wouldn't be keen on the wearing even if it did make me buff as hell...but I have a friend who's pregnant with #3 and will have 3 children 4 and under...she could definitely use one of those bad boys!

Samantha | 2:34 PM

Haha... you are TOTALLY Mother Baby Goddess :)

Anonymous | 2:42 PM

Sign me up! I'd love to make it look so simple!!

Gabriel Morrow | 2:42 PM

Impressive baby wearing skills, lady. You have outdone us all and with stylin' bangs to boot.

kelasaurus | 2:44 PM

Girl, you got baby wearing down to a fine art. Talk about strengthening your core.

Mrs Duba | 2:45 PM

The pic of you with all 4 is so awesome. I'd love an Ergo for my firstborn, due in February!

emily dot dubansky at gmail

Ana | 2:45 PM

Awesome giveaway! I have been wearing baby number two since she came 4 months ago and have loved our time together!

Janna | 2:48 PM

Would love a new Ergo! I live in ours but it's been handed down through several people so the waistband isn't holding up to well any more.

Heather K. | 2:49 PM

I love the picture of wearing two babies!! That is my dream. I just had a baby four weeks ago after six years of fighting cancer and wondering if I'd ever be able to have more children. He is my legit miracle child and I hope and pray for more!
knoxheather at comcast dot net

Megatron | 2:52 PM

I have an Ergo and I use it for hours every day. It is by far the most used baby gear in our home. My best friend is pregnant now and I would love to gift her one!! bluehypernova at hotmail dot com

17 beats. | 2:52 PM

I've wanted an Ergo for ages. The double baby wearing pics are great !

Alex | 2:54 PM
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Alex | 2:55 PM

super cute patterns on those ergos! i wore my first in a moby wrap and with a second pending would love a good alternative to the highly complicated scenario that is the moby!

Liz K | 2:55 PM

I would love an Ergo! I always see moms with them and I want!

Erin | 3:08 PM

You must be super strong by now. I carry one baby and my back hurts like crazy, but I have "Madonna arms" now, so there's that...

eryney at

Old Soul | 3:15 PM

Stay at home dad to be plus ergo baby equals happiness. Thanks for a great giveaway as I have a better chance of winning this than a giant teddy bear at the fair!

Kelsey G. | 3:21 PM

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE and Ergo!! I wear my little guy in a ring sling but he is starting not to like it. I have been contemplating purchasing an Ergo but I can't really afford one right now. Would love to win this one!!!


Unknown | 3:34 PM

I'm pregnant with my first and I could seriously use one of these!

JosiePosie | 3:57 PM

I would love to have my babes on my person at all times like that! What an amazing experience!

Keri | 4:00 PM

I love my Beco carrier but the hood has been long lost and we need another carrier with a NON-detachable hood. This ergo would be perfect for my 11-month-old!

Anonymous | 4:06 PM

I would LOVE to have an Ergo!

noir.jane at gmail

Anonymous | 4:40 PM

We would love a new ergo! We have one passed down to us from a friend and it's pretty beat up and worn through.Our little baby is just 3 weeks old and I see years of baby wearing in her future!
eileenchanti at gmail dot com

BJ | 4:46 PM

I'm super impressed. I can't seem to get anything done because I need to carry my one...

SLJ | 4:55 PM

I love ergos! SLG

Lindsey H | 5:24 PM

How do you get Bo into the back carrier? I think my 6 month old would like that but I'm too nervous to try it! I hope I win. hamilton dot lindsey at gmail dot com

SKhan | 5:26 PM

Oh, how I love my ergos. I have been wearing my twins for the past nine months. It was a life saver with my acid reflux baby. She still falls asleep in it three times a day. I might just need to try both, but I am not sure I will stay upright.

Christy | 5:26 PM

Ergo's are the best! I'd love one.

Andi | 5:58 PM

Ohhhh. Two at once!? Amazing. I might try that.

lobsterandi under hte domain name

Keri | 6:15 PM

You ROCK for wearing not one but TWO babies!!! I would love me some Ergo for my own 11-month-old! =)

Emma | 6:19 PM

Love the ergo. I wear it with my niece who is slightly older than your twins.

MamaBanana | 6:26 PM

I would LOVE to win!! I have a very fussy 2.5 month old who needs to be in a carrier :) Thanks for the giveaway! Great blog!

guarros | 6:28 PM

When you are double packing those girlies - it makes me want twins, even MORE. And I do - like something (weird) serious.

Mrs Somebody Else | 6:29 PM

Have borrowed one and would LOVE one of my own! :)

KVH | 6:31 PM

I want an Ergo so bad! My second is due any day now and I really want to try baby wearing this time around.

Melanie | 6:44 PM

You are awesome with your babies! I would love to own one myself!!

Melodeep | 6:50 PM

We'd heart an ergo!

Melodeep | 6:53 PM

We'd heart an ergo!

Betty | 7:01 PM

Ooh, my little one is 3 weeks old now, and I'd LOVE to have an Ergo! We live in an urban area, so I really want to wear her, but we haven't been able to afford one yet. Fingers crossed!!

L.L. | 7:15 PM

I love baby wearing - I always feel like a badass mom! Would love to win an Ergo, as they are otherwise out of my price range. liz.lazear(at)

Alison | 7:22 PM

I would love to win an ergo as a gift to a friend. Everyone needs an ergo!

Alison | 7:23 PM

As an ergo wearer, I would love to win one for an expecting friend. Everyone needs an ergo!

anaugustaway | 7:31 PM

Would LOVE an ergo!!

Rachel | 8:12 PM

Baby wearing is the best. My little guy is just two weeks younger than your girls and I still enjoy wearing him. I can't wait to share this post with my best friend who is expecting twins in October.

Hyatt | 8:15 PM

This would be great to win, my wife has coveted the Ergo since our first (we are expecting #3 on NYE). hyattff2003(at)yahoo(dot)com

Bean | 8:16 PM

I absolutely love Ergo! And I'm thrilled to see you wearing both babies :)

dawn | 8:53 PM

Oh my I need the Galaxy Grey infant combo for my little one due this November!

Lyndsay | 9:07 PM

Love the babywearing. Love ergo.

Käthe | 9:41 PM

I adore Ergo and the babies in them.

Angela at OneSmileyMonkey | 9:43 PM

Love love love Ergo :) Awesome shots Rebecca!

Corrina | 9:59 PM

I love babywearing so much that I want to keep having babies just to wear them!

stargazermama | 10:02 PM

gah! you are superwoman!

love you.

love those gorgeous kids.

LOOOOVE babywearing!

Charlene | 10:20 PM

The Ergobaby is a lifesaver. Awesome post and great pics!! Chargate08 at gmail dot com.

LCD | 11:44 PM

+1! Love the ergo. Hook me up!

mileena | 12:34 AM

um.. it's hot here in LA. how are you wearing 2 babies and not dying?!

you're inspiring me to shut up about the heat already while only wearing one. ;)

Sarah | 3:37 AM

I am expecting twins in December and had no idea babywearing for both of them was a possibility! Would love to win this!

sarahhaberberger at gmail dot com

Jess T | 4:23 AM

Love this:-)

mskate33 | 5:27 AM

Always wanted to try the Ergo! Especially great for a summer baby!

Cristy | 5:44 AM

Oh man, you're supermom, seriously! I love it!
Is it very difficult to get the baby on your back alone? I've worn Amalia in a Boba on my front, but I can't get her on my back without help. Which sucks because I want to back carry here when I'm home alone and doing laundry or dishes and front carry is a little awkward.

I've wanted an Ergo for a long time! The Boba is great, but my fiancé and I both baby wear and it is a pain to adjust the darn Boba between us. (I am a foot shorter than he is, and way smaller) plus I wonder if the Ergo would be more comfortable for me and my build. They're worth the price, just unfortunately cannot afford them all, lol!

theruddocks30 | 5:51 AM

Great giveaway, love ergo. Would LOVE to win one :). The difference between wearing an ergo and bjorn comfort wise is incredible! Ergo is soooo comfy!

Karissa | 6:03 AM

i would love an ergo. I am amazed at your double baby wearing skills!

The Polar Bear | 6:16 AM

ergos are the best! hands down the best carrier.

Gwen | 6:25 AM

I am expecting my first and would love an Ergo!

Summer | 6:37 AM

I have 19 month old twin girls, Bo (!) and Sunday. I've used my Moby wrap with them forever but would love an Ergo so I could strap them both on.

KatDinsmore | 7:36 AM

One of my favorite posts! I've been on the fence about getting another carrier and this one seems to rock!

Barb | 7:58 AM

Hoping I'm not too late! I just covet the Ergo!

aw | 8:04 AM

Yeah! My babe is about to bust out of the bjorn so we are ready for the Ergo!

KCM | 8:06 AM

I love the baby on the front, baby on the back look! We're having our first in January and an ergo is just what we need!

KCM | 8:08 AM

I love the baby on the front, baby on the back look! We're having our first in Jan and would love an Ergo carrier!

Maggie | 8:31 AM

ooh pick me! I'm due any minute!

Maggie | 8:33 AM
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Kate | 8:37 AM

Yes please! katherinegoudie at me dot com

Anonymous | 8:52 AM

I love wearing babies!
I have two wraps and a Mei Tai carrier too. I'd love to have a Ergo for my next bub (hopefully next year!)

BB | 8:54 AM

My SIL is having twins and could seriously use one (or two) of these. thanks for the discount, I'll be passing it along, and also for the opportunity to win one for her.

juli | 9:12 AM

Wow that is impressive! I have definitely had the thought to carry two before but I dismissed it as insanity on my part... mostly because I had a moby wrap and some generic mei tei carrier. needless to say it killed even with one of my heavy boys (all three were born around the 10 lb mark and two ft long). now, pregnant with #4 and with a broken sit and stand stroller and just a moby wrap left, I'm realizing through research that Ergo always has been the way to go! Trev and Rowen will be starting school, but the walk with them and 2 y/o Griffin AND an infant is making me realize I'm gonna need these hands free! (not to mention that my dogs always want to come too, but they may have to have some patience)
just in case:

juli | 9:15 AM

p.s. i looooove your children's names! Fable is a beautiful name for a girl. if #4 is a girl I'm going to name her River :) fingers crossed! I could use a bit of estrogen in this house!

Rebekah Wallace | 10:00 AM

I have been looking at new carriers now that my daughter is 15 months and wildly independent. would love an Ergo!

Erin | 10:35 AM

Yes please! An ergo would be amazing for getting around with the little one

Erin | 10:39 AM

Yes please! An ergo would be amazing for getting around with the little one

Erin | 10:42 AM

Yes please!

KneuroKnut | 10:55 AM

Ooohhh...I love Ergo and I had no idea you could use two of them at once. How cute is that picture - love it!

Laura | 10:58 AM

I'd love to win! My little one is getting kind of big for the Moby as she wants to see out more and more.

Kelly | 11:46 AM

Loved seeing you wear both your babies!!! Great tips on bonding!

Sarah Shapiro | 11:48 AM

i love wearing babies... pick me!

Anonymous | 12:23 PM

I love the picture of you with all four kiddos! I'm expecting #2 (full term today!) and would LOVE an Ergo this time around! :)

Greta | 12:25 PM

Ha, last comment was mine, would probably help if you knew who I was :P

irelassred | 12:37 PM

This is such a great post! I'm about to have a baby in the next couple of weeks, & the one thing I don't have still that I know I'll want is a baby carrier. Winning one right would be so awesome!
I'm so impressed seeing you rock 2 at once. THat has to build some serious leg strength.

Kirdy | 12:46 PM

Just found out I'm pregnant with #2, so this is awesome! You also look adorbs with both babes on!

Ariel | 1:04 PM

I found out yesterday I'm having a boy! My first biological baby and I can't wait to wear him!

Unknown | 1:17 PM
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Unknown | 1:19 PM

Yes! Looks amazing :)

earlyspring | 2:14 PM

This is my first time commenting, but I have been reading your blog since before I got pregnant and I am now 22 weeks with twin girls!! I would love to wear at least one of them ;)

Shai Fam | 2:46 PM

Wow, you've convinced me to go with Ergo with baby #2. WE had a Bjorn for baby #1 but it hurt my back.

Meg | 2:47 PM

Oh, how I love the Ergo!!!! I can still carry my (long-legged but svelte) 3-year-old on my back if need be, and it keeps the grabby mcGrabberson one-year-old hands at bay in the supermarket (also, hello, cuddles). I never win anything but if I win this, I am giving it to my dear friend and old college roommate, expecting her second. I don't know how she made it so long without an Ergo!!

Emily | 2:50 PM

Love the photo with all Four Children! So unique, but tied together through you! And yes, I would LOVE an ergo for toting my growing little one!

Lindsay | 3:46 PM

You are a mama goddess -- Would love to win!

HomeGirl Quel in Austin | 4:39 PM

Wearing two babies at once is very impressive.

Francie11827 | 4:45 PM

I loved wearing my son until he was well over a year old and I look forward to doing it with our soon to be addition in February...

Rachel | 5:25 PM

I still carry my little girl everywhere at 2.5 years as we walk all the time! I would love an ergo as I love you can carry the kids in your back! rachel

Sammy | 6:04 PM

Awesome! I can't wait to babywear my sweet girl who is due any day now :)

marissa welch | 6:27 PM

i <3 wearing my baby and have yet to try an ergo! c'mon!

Nicole Tougher | 6:35 PM

The Ergo looks awesome! Would love to have one of those for my next little one.

Annie | 6:36 PM

Ergo! Yes.

Anonymous | 6:52 PM

I LOVE the Ergo!! I wish every mama had one! I have so many soon-to-be-mommy friends who could use this. :-)

Christine McIntyre | 7:12 PM

Are those "I am Mother, hear me roar" Moments awesome?
christinegmcintyre AT gmail DOT com

Laura | 8:09 PM

I have always wanted an ergo... and my 3rd is such a velcro baby it would be a god-send!!!

romina | 8:39 PM

Wow, if you can wear two babies, then I can definitely wear one!

jennifer | 8:47 PM

Oh my, I too have four darlings. Ages 6 months, 21 months, 3, and 4 1/2. I love them all to bits, and want to spend my days outside exploring... but to manage them all. Ugh, so far not possible. I've been wanting an Ergo since baby #2, but can't afford one. Would so, so love to win!

Love to you, and your babes!

read this mommy | 9:29 PM

I would love to win an Ergo!

You rock babywearing two!

amanda dot r dot jamieson at gmail dot com

lauren | 11:25 PM

Baby #2 is coming soon (any day now!), so I could definitely use another carrier option. Thank you!

plue | 12:23 AM

I would love to have an organic Ergo--I just bought a sling and my 2-month-old HATED it! And I want to try the whole baby-wearing thing.

Diana | 2:43 AM

Would love an Ergo!

magga | 4:03 AM

I had the ergo too. Used it everywhere. Hiked in Hawaii. And used it up til my son was 28 mos. it's awesome.

Anonymous | 7:06 AM

Love love love babywearing!

(Michelle from Ottawa)

Carrie Decker | 9:09 AM

love Ergo!!

hvanwynen | 10:37 AM
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Beth | 10:38 AM

ohh ergo of my dreams. my old bjorn is looking weary!

Amarjeet Singh | 1:19 PM

Awesome post. Thanks for the information

Stephanie | 2:27 PM

Not pregnant yet, but we're trying! I definitely plan on being a baby-wearer.

Anonymous | 2:36 PM

Baby wearing like a boss!!! You make twins look like such a breeze. We need a new carrier so FX but good luck to all! The lattice print is so gorgeous!

Julia Bear | 3:43 PM

I loved my ergo for six years--it saved my back. I just gave mine to my sister for her 5 month old. And since then my 3 1/2 year old has begged to ride on my back almost daily (when she hadn't wanted to in months!. So I'd love to win the ergo and with my youngest being as petite as she is, I can probably use it for another year and a half before passing it on to someone in need (not selling it).

Carin | 3:52 PM

Yes Please!!

Anonymous | 4:28 PM

Would love to try an Ergo... Loved my Boba for my son. Looking for a carrier for #2 arriving in October!

Anonymous | 6:57 PM

ooo I want to win! i have identical twin girls and would love this! :)

Anonymous | 6:58 PM

oo I would love to win! i have identical twin girls and could really use this! :)

Sarah | 7:21 PM

Ergo me!!

Erin @ Wild Whispers | 7:43 PM

I love that you are a wearing fool! This is a great post! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Angela | 9:20 PM

Ooh...I love my ring sling but I'd like to have something to better do a back carry with my little guy. He's my fourth, so he's going to spend a lot of time at his sisters'activities. I think an Ergo would be more comfortable for both of us.

Shea Fileccia | 9:20 PM

My chunky man is outgrowing his Moby Wrap, just sayin' :P

Bettereveryday | 10:02 PM

Wow! Way to rock two Ergos at the same time. I didn't know that was possible.

Rully | 10:21 PM

I hope I can win this Ergobaby, usually we carry our baby with traditional long clothes jarik from Indonesia. Now she's getting bigger, so I hope I can win one.

Coryell | 4:59 AM

You are totally rockin in that last picture! I'm due with #2 in OCT and would love an ergo.

Jamie | 5:07 AM

Ergo carriers are the best!

Althea | 5:59 AM

I have a one month old that NEEDS to be held all the time. My wrists are super cramped...fingers crookedly crossed....

RoaringS | 7:54 AM

As a Mom of 10 month old twins I totally get the need to wear one. I'd love an Ergo!

Liz | 7:59 AM

I would love an Ergo!

throughtheglassblog AT gmail DOT com

Melissa Faye | 9:10 AM

Crossed fingers

Jennifer B | 10:29 AM

My 16-month-old still loves being carried and the Bjorn just isn't cutting it anymore. I LOVE the ergo and I would love to win!

Donna Jenkins | 10:51 AM

I've wanted an Ergo for so long!

Mandy | 10:59 AM

The Ergo carrier rocks!

Renee | 11:19 AM

The ergo is the best piece of baby gear....EVER. Good for you wearing them both - rock it

pyeoneer | 12:44 PM

I am due in feb and am very much looking forward to baby wearing!

Anonymous | 1:24 PM

Ergo looks awesome!
robinkatebartlett at

egbrat | 1:58 PM

Love it! My turkey arrives on Thanksgiving and this would be a great treat for me!

Liesel | 2:17 PM

Love this! Double babes..I would love one for our little guy. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

Amanda | 2:37 PM

Great post, I'd love an Ergo - thanks!

Irene | 6:14 PM

I just love that family photo. I wish I would have worn my baby girl when she was younger. Every time I try now, she wants out so she can explore.

kristi | 8:50 PM

we have a moby wrap that i'm afraid my baby is to big for, but would love to try the ergo!

Melissa Joff | 10:40 PM

LOVE the Ergo! I had no idea you could wear two in an Ergo. I'll have to investigate!

Suzanne | 6:00 AM

I am so excited for this! I have been wearing my baby since birth, but the Baby Bjorn is no good (just heard about the hip thing) and she's getting too big for my sling. I spend a lot of time walking in stroller-unfriendly places (the sidewalks in Richmond are heaved up in a lot of places, plus they're all 100-year-old brick which is not smooth). Fingers crossed!

Bridgett | 7:39 AM

Hi Rebecca! I am expecting my first in February and would love to try this baby carrier. Love your pics!

jillymags | 8:17 AM

You've inspired me!! I have twin 7 month old boys and carry them all the time (one at a time) in my ergo. Now I plan on getting another and wear them both! You had help getting them loaded, right?

Kristina S | 9:41 AM

Wearing both babies = awesome!

Alisha | 11:12 AM

Hoping to have another reason to need a Ergo in the coming year.

Unknown | 11:16 AM
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chisparoja | 11:30 AM

this would be great for the babe on the way!

ursula | 11:38 AM

Ergo carrier seems to be the best!!!!

Mrs. Z | 12:26 PM

I would love an Ergo! I borrowed one from my SIL, but have to give it back once her baby #2 comes :(

Kristen O | 12:58 PM

Wow you are one busy mama! I would love an ergo so I could wrangle my 3yo while wearing my 15 day old newborn

B. Wilson | 2:21 PM

That is crazy incredible to see a front and back shot with babies! Nice work, mama! I'd love to win this for a friend who also needs her hands. :)

Jessica | 3:38 PM

love my ring sling but have been dying to switch to the comfy ergo! fingers crossed! jessayoub at gmail

Kari Rutter | 3:47 PM

I love baby wearing, wish I could have more of it! How wonderful to have them both on you....never would have thought of that!

Miranda | 4:07 PM

I hope this isn't a duplicate comment, I had trouble commenting from my phone last week. Anyway, I've been wanting to try an ERGO carrier with my son but have a Bjorn from when my daughter was little and haven't been able to justify the expense.

Robin Casey | 5:17 PM

What a timely giveaway! I've been borrowing my friend's Ergo for my 2nd baby and I'm hopelessly addicted to it. Now I just found out that she's expecting her second. So right after congratulating her the next words out of my mouth were lamenting the fact that I have to give back the Ergo. I'm not ready to give it up! I so love carrying my little sweat pea. Pretty please pick me!

heather | 6:27 PM

Love my ergo and you could tell by looking at it :) It is hard to wear two babies at once! I did it while watching a friends baby and I almost fell over. You have strong legs!

Ellie | 6:29 PM

You're rocking the double baby wearing! I've heard Ergo is the way to go for baby and mommy comfort. I'd definitely like to check one out.

Katie | 7:01 PM

I love babywearing and find it essential now that I have 2.

mary fran | 7:07 PM

love the ergo, would love a new one.

LaurelAnne | 7:18 PM

So lovely seeing you with all four kids!

Anonymous | 7:28 PM

Wow! An Ergo for my little one would be awesome!! Fingers crossed. Thanks!

Laura F

Pilar Ramos | 7:29 PM

I love my Ergo and carry my baby around in it during her naps- it has become the only thing she'll sleep in during the day!

Anne Marie | 7:44 PM

I'd love an Ergo! Thanks for the contest.

Elizabeth | 9:50 PM

Would love this!!!!!!!


Corrine Young | 9:53 PM

Thanks for the giveaway! The ergo is great.

Corrine Young | 9:54 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
B | 9:55 PM

You are doing it <3

(Ergo is great, I agree!)

Holly | 1:09 AM

Really want an Ergo for my little baby boy and not sure if I am going to be able to afford one! Would be a dream to win, thanks for the chance :)

Wading Patiently | 5:43 AM

Oh my... I HAVE to have this!!! I dream of Ergo.

Jule Ann Wakeman | 7:23 AM

I love my Ergo! I still strap my four-year-old on occasionally.

I love seeing you with all your children gathered around you. What an amazing feeling that must be!

wanderingcheerios | 7:25 AM

Love your pictures! I was just trying to imagine the other day how to wear twins... you did it (and just like I imagined). Thanks for posting! Can't wait til I can have baby #2 (and tho I hear it's lots of work - an understatement - I'd love twins!).

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