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Alright alright, I'll get in on this festive holiday action. 

I've been kind of a Scrooge up until last Friday when I did all my shopping in one fell swoop c/o this thing called shopping online which is something I have never taken advantage of until now. Not for Christmas shopping, anyway. (Welcome to the future. Pull up a hovercraft and stay a while.) Anyway, that happened, and then this weekend we decorated cookies for five straight hours while listening to Christmas music next to the decorative Poinsettia plant whilst the kids performed their holiday music numbers and BAM, just like that, I was a goner. 
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I am legit typing this in red and green and all I want to do is pull the kids out of school early and watch Elf on repeat until we all pass out. I'm not even annoyed with the Elf on the Shelf Pinstagram explosion anymore! Keep your Elf Memes coming, people! Don't ever stop. 

We had an "Elf on the Shelf" growing up except it wasn't an "Elf on the Shelf" it was just "Pixie" the Elf who regularly fell off the shelf. After a decade falling off of things, Pixie eventually succumbed to Beingporcelainitis. 

Pixie was later replaced with Trixie who has both arms (knock wood) but is currently legless (this is why Elves on the Shelf are not porcelain) and is now my kids' Elf.  ED: We will be joining Trixie at my parents' house shortly. This is him waiting for us: 
Anyway, back to music. Sweet, sweet holiday music. Here's a song we're jamming to hardcore at the moment. And by hardcore, I mean, snapping our fingers and swaying to the beat as we do homework and lose marker caps under the couch. (Meanwhile, Bo is jamming hardcore to pretty much everything at all times.)

Between this, Bing Crosby's White Christmas, Ave Maria (we're about to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary wtf), Lorde's Team (family anthem, 2013), The Maccabeats (Archer and Fable are obsessed), and iTunes "Holiday Hits" radio, we're pretty much set on all fronts. 

How about you guys? Do you have a holiday jam(s)? Are you listening to something festive on your headphones right now? Do you have a 2013 personal anthem?

189. All My Bells are Ringing by: Lenka 


Merry Monday to all and to all a good day.