Give to Receive: Nkoaranga Orphanage

Two years ago, we raised enough money to send four children to school for an entire year and employ a "mama" at the Nkoraranga Orphanage in Tanzania.
Mama Pendo Mama Pendo, baby cuddler. 
This year on behalf of Bekka (who runs the orphanage and is an amazing woman and mama) and The Small Things, I'm asking for your help once again. Let's send Isaak, Queen and Auntie to school in 2014! And while we're at it? Let's help The Small Things reach their Give to Receive goal! (You can read more about the fundraiser, here, learn more about the kids and Nkoaranga here.)
auntie Auntie, age five - waiting for school sponsorship
Queen and lulu Queen, age 5 holding baby Lulu (both need sponsorship) 
Isaak Isaak, age 6 (Auntie's brother) awaiting school sponsorship

In The Small Things words:

As always, we have a group of children who need sponsorship to start school in January – we call this Project Education. They are our first priority – Loveness, Pray and Anna are already sponsored, but Queen, Isaak and Auntie still need your help... If they can get sponsors, they will be starting at a fantastic local school called Amani (Peace) Academy, which has ranked highest in the region on national tests for the last several years, and in fact ranked within the top 25 schools in all of Tanzania! Unlike in prior years, however, they won't be going as boarders – they will instead be cared for in a family-style pilot house, run on the same model we plan to use in the children's village, with 6 children and a set of volunteers and mamas working together to create a happy, healthy environment that is as close to a family structure as possible. In the long term, our goal is to have all of the orphanage children living in similar houses in our children's village.

This year, we are also trying to find sponsors for all of the orphanage children... As each child gets a sponsor, we will add their ornament to the tree, so you can see the progress we are making. Let's fill it up!

Alright, guys. Let's do this! Click here to donate. You can also support the children of Nkoaranga Orphanage by donating items for their February auction benefiting Nkoaranga as well as the many vulnerable children in surrounding communities. Thank you in advance for your generosity and a beautiful day to all.