Eat Well: Go-To Dinner Salad

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Oh, hi. It's me again. (Whenever I attempt an Eat Well post I feel like I'm stealing my mom's car or something. Like, WOOO! I HAVE A FAKE ID LET'S HIT UP REVOLUCION!)

This is actually a follow up to my go-to lunch salad post and I figured, since this is the time of year where we have little time/many boxes of treats in the pantry, I'd post another super simple easy healthy quick delicious filling feel good salad recipe (recipe?) which is more or less what Hal and I eat for dinner every single night. A pile of greens covered with stuff.

Here is what you need to make such a thing:
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- Bag of herb salad mix from Trader Joes (if you do not have a TJs, you can use any kind of greens but please add dill and spinach leaves to the mix if you can. The dill is VERY IMPORTANT because dill + brown lentils = the perfect complement.

- Pre-made lentils. (I also buy these at Trader Joes. Actually, Hal does. He does the household grocery shopping. They are a timesaver/lifesaver/dietary staple in our house.)
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- Artichoke hearts and/or hearts of palm OR garbanzo beans + avocado OR goat cheese and cranberries (pictured above).
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil + Balsamic Vinegar
- Seasoning. If possible, this, because there is nothing better in all the land. (My mom has written about it before. It's avail at her Farmer's Market and online, here.)
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(This one comes in second place.)
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ED: Use as many greens as you can fit on the plate. Portion control does not apply when it comes to green leafy things. 

ED #2: Bo and Revi will eat this salad. Fable and Archer will not because they are "allergic to salad, gosh."

ED #3: xoxoxo.