#mykindofholiday = making it up as we go

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We are not very holiday tradition-y. We light the menorah every night, the kids open little Hanukkah gifts, fall asleep playing with them, and then for Christmas we celebrate at my parents' house. (This year we had big plans to purchase our first "holiday" tree but then decided it would be too much with the little ones Bo. Maybe next year?)

Anyway, when asked to participate in this campaign and come up with something "my kind of holiday -y" I was royally stumped because I don't really do anything traditional this time of year which I kind of feel bad about. I mean, we drink hot chocolate and watch White Christmas and read The Polar Express every other night but other than that... yeah, no. These halls are not decked. This kitchen does not smell of fresh baked gingerbreadpeople. Not that we don't decorate in our way and/or bake the occasional cookie. We do things this time of year, I'm just not sure what exactly. 

And that's what I ended up going with for this little video project of ours. Our kind of holiday? Making it up as we go along/figuring it out together, as a family of six googly-eyed cottonballs.

How about you guys? Any special traditions? Lack thereof?



julie | 9:33 AM

My daughter is divorced and she and her 4 year old daughter have lived with me since before the baby was born. Last year when I realized granddaughter would be with her Daddy for Christmas, I was really sad so to make up for it I decided that Christmas would last all month. My tree is up the weekend of Thanksgiving. We eat on Christmas dishes every meal in December, Christmas movies, music and books all month. We'll do Christmas gifts when it seems right. Turns out spreading the joy all month makes for a very relaxing holiday and we don't feel like we missed anything. Granddaughter doesn't get too excited to enjoy the holiday because there's not so much anticipation for one big day. Works for us! Happy Holidays!