Cold Front

"Uh, Fable. Are you warm enough?


"But it's 39 degrees out here."


"It's freezing. It's abnormally freezing and you're not used to this kind of freezing and aren't you freezing?"


"Where's your coat?"

"I took it off."

"But it's so cold!"

"I'm hot."

"Come on."

"What? I'm not cold at all. It isn't cold."

"How can you say that? I have seventeen layers on and I'm still freezing."

"Then you should wear a coat."

"I am! And a hat and boots. And a scarf."

"Here. I'll put my hood up. There. Happy?"



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I trek back into the house under the weight of forty-seven blankets, nine pairs of snow boots and sixteen ski masks. 

Fable rolls up her sleeves.