So long, Farewell... 2013

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This is the New Years "card" I never got around to sending because all of the pictures were outtakes. They always are, aren't they? And then you're like, OH, GOT IT, that's kind of the point. Life is a posed portrait we all "fail" at because we're not supposed to pose.
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Tonight, we'll be ringing in the New Year watching Sound of Music for the 787987981th time. The kids will stay up way too late and Hal and I will wake up constipated from eating too much cheese and even though nothing will have changed come tomorrow, everything that wants to will feel like it can. And all of that hope will mean something because it has to. It's too beautiful a thing not to dance with, Julie Andrews style, across the hills.

Our arms are open, 2014. Let's do this thing. 
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Thank you for your support and kindness in 2013. May the new year bring you endless magic, abundant joy and a sane amount of crazy. Love and light to all... 
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